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Desiree Lopez Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


You are mine

Desiree L, curvy, horny and very willing Latina with a healthy appetite for sex was very happy when our schedules finally seemed to click and she could come in for her first session. She had heard about us a while ago which made her very curious to find out for herself what everybody was raving about. Desiree should soon find out how blissful and satisfying it can be to completely let go and to surrender at all cost. Let's see how far we can take her on her journey into her deepest hidden sexual fantasies. Enjoy

Before long, her well rounded body started to twitch here and there which was a sure sign that she was where I needed and wanted her to be. Under my "spell" and ready to be played with. Needless to say, I take my time to inspect her big breasts, perform some eye checks and mess with her limp body while asking her some questions

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Desiree Lopez Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You have control over me master

I am cuming for you master, I am nothing more than your slave

Desiree learns that her body and mind slowly but surely slide under my command. Her hands move between her legs as if they have a mind of their own while her horny young body starts to quiver and shake. Our little girl cannot help but to make herself cum without having any say over it. She keeps screaming, you have control ol over me master. Of course that is all just the beginning. Her eyes slowly open while she is driven into another round of uncontrollable orgasms. I can feel that she is ready to call me master.

Looks like we put her to sleeep for a bit so that we can take another close look at her limp body, perform some eye checks and make her orgasm again in her sleeep. Of course there is more. Placed on her knees, our little girl now learns that she cannot orgasm whenever she feels like it and that it is all up to me to decide when she is allowed to explode. Orgasms on command, limp body manipulation, eye checks, first yes masters, open eyed orgasms, blank stares and.



Desiree Lopez Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your orgasm slut master

Mantra : I am your empty mindless slave master

First freeze and control-led orgasm training, zombie pose, slow repetition of mantra, waving hand, crawling while spreading her ass cheeks, yes masters, neck play an more.

The above mentioned are just a few high lights that describe some of the "rollercoaster ride" she is taken on,. Desiree is taken from intense sexual bliss to dim mindlessness and back until she has no more will of her own.



Desiree Lopez Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me your foot slave master

Yes this one is mainly about feet and foot slave training throughout which we get to enjoy watching her seductively posing her body while showing off her feet, mindlessly yet sensually massage, lick suck and kiss them for us. Needless to say, there is more than just that. We start off with her crawling while being made to feel fucked and used and eventually orgasmed at will. Finally our little girl is put to sleep while I remove her shoes and play/inspect her sexy and very well taken care of feet.



Desiree Lopez Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be controlled by my master

Time for the final takeover. More intensified masturbation, breath control-led orgasm training, mindless posing and lots of limp body manipulation including mouth, neck, feet and so on. Towards the end, I have her wake up a couple of times and then send her slowly back to sleep which makes it perfectly clear to her who is in control of her....  




Desiree Lopez Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
where is my club cash-out

Desiree, who believes to be a stripper, shows up at the club to demand the money she is owed for quite some time now by the manager who, (needless to say) comes up with all kinds of excuses why he cannot pay her today either. What can I say, she insists on getting her money or else she will simply take the managers expensive guitar as collateral. Honey that is not a good idea if you ask me but of course she does not listen.

As soon as she strikes the first cord on the guitar, her little body freezes up and she drifts into mindless stillness. Looks like this is a great time to expose her tits, freeze her finger in her mouth, mess with her otherwise before waking her up while still frozen. Poor thing is not only confused but also a bit dumbfounded about all this and yes, offering her the cash now where she is unable to grab it, might add insult to injury but hey, that is how it goes. Oh well, let's strike another cord on the guitar and send her back into mindless stillness.

Next time she wakes up, she believes that she owes me money and that she would rather pay me with sexual favors than with cold hard cash. Imagine her shock when I turn her down (at first) Now she really tries to seduce me and all my excuses seem meaningless to her. Poor thing goes as far as giving me a blow job right then and there but as soon as she goes on her knees, her little body freezes up yet again. Will she reconsider her offer once she becomes aware of what she just did and how will she explain all this. Slow sleep and limp body manipulation still to come.




Desiree Lopez Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I have something better than that

Desiree, our sexy young stripper, still believes that she owes me money but this time she offers to pay me back by offering me her feet in a very seductive way. She slowly removes her boots while telling me how much fun this could be for both of us. Of course it does not end here. Her feet slowly move up to her face and she starts to lick, suck and kiss them while slowly showing signs of arousal. She even goes as far as posing her well rounded body while showing of those well taken care of feet. I have to say, I almost gave in to her seductive advances but then she freezes up again and as soon as her mind comes back, she seems to reconsider her offer. Needless to say this is all just the beginning, there is still the mindless foot slave training, intensified orgasm training and lot's of limp body and foot play yet to cum. Neck brace and more.  




Desiree Lopez Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Traditional does not work for me

Many of you seem to like the limp body manipulation in combination with mind control and some of you have sent us suggestions for the following segment.

Desiree, who believes to be seeing the famous hypnotist Dr. Frank, complains about her nervousness. In fact, she seems so nervous that she even insists on being given something that will "calm her down" before the session begins. Of course I try to talk her out of it but, as mentioned, she insists. Well have it your way honey. As soon as she sniffs the supposed medication (air) she drops into lala land. Now I can take my time to strip her, move her, perform eye checks, mess with her mouth, pull her up and drop her, check her feet and, and, and....  



Desiree Lopez Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mechanical toy

Desiree, who still believes to be at the doc's office, now complains about her nervousness as well as her shyness and that those are longstanding problems. Well, looks like we need to change some of those subconscious programs and replace them with some more suitable "robot programs." It is a long story but it will all make sense once you watch this segment. Anyway, before she really knows what hits her, all nervousness is gone and her responses are robotic. Needless to say, what follows is a lot of programming, mechanical turning in circles, a dildo BJ demonstration, masturbation, yes masters galore, orgasms on command and so many more of your favorites.




Desiree Lopez Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Did I just do that?

In this last segment, Desiree, still at the doc's office, complains about her shyness and how tough it is for her to meet guys. What makes this so funny is that she is masturbating right there in front of me as if it was the most normal thing to do. She even orgasms for a brief moment before being put to sleep. Looks like she is all mine now. After some limp play, she slowly wakes up and sure enough, now she seems to have a compulsive desire to show her ass while spreading her ass cheeks and yes, she still complains about her shyness as well as the dating problem. I know, it is not easy to help somebody like that. Anyway, after another "sleeepy" break and more limp body play, she keeps talking as well as showing off her tits. Looks like that is another indication of her shyness and who would want to date somebody "proper" like her. Wait until you see what happens when awareness hits her. Lots of limp play, mind games, eye checks, confusion and more.




Desiree Lopez Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Want to do some role-play honey?

Frank comes over to his girlfriend, Desiree’s apartment for dinner, while she is running about the apartment finishing up a few chores he decides to have a seat on the couch. As he is about to sit down the camera zooms in on a remote control device. The second he sits down, his Desiree's eyes bug out and her body stiffens. She then proceeds to stiffly march herself directly into a wall.

Frank jumps up to see if she's okay, as  Desiree tries to clear the cobwebs, utterly confused by her own actions.

She announces “I don't know what just happened, I was fine and then I, I, I lost control.”

 Frank jokes: “it's not your fault, that wall jumped right out in front of you.” “Very funny, just have a seat dinner will be ready in a little bit” snaps his less than amused Desiree. Again Frank returns to the couch and takes a seat, but as he does he lands on the remote yet again.

Desiree immediately jolts to attention, dropping the items in her hand and proceeds to rocket straight into the wall for a second time. This time, she appears even more dazed than before. In fact she staggers backwards only to propel herself forward into the wall again and again.

 Frank jumps up from the couch, and grabs her shoulders steadying the unstable and now very confused Desiree.

As she regains her composure, she realizes that she has malfunctioned in front of Frank and quickly makes up an explanation for her strange behavior. "Wow, these new contacts are not working out, I can't see where I'm going at all."

Frank: Hey Babe, what do you say we skip dinner before you kill yourself, besides what I had in mind we can do in the dark.” Frank returns to the couch, this time just missing the remote as he sits. He then slaps his hand on the cushion beside him encouraging  Desiree to  join him. “Come here babe, that is if you think you can make it without a cane and a seeing-eye dog.”

Desiree: Oh you're going to get it"

She threatens “you're going to pay for that one smartass, I think you need to be punished”

Frank: oh really” - Desiree: “yeah really,”

Frank: ouch! Something stabbing me in the back.”

Desiree: In a playful tone she announces, “that's too bad, I told you, you are being punished."  

Desiree is forceful & proceeds to bounce and grind on her hapless Frank. She leans in for a kiss, pausing to boast “Now I gotch ya". 

 Frank yells out:  “ouch what is that?” He pulls an arm free in an attempt to pry loose the remote jabbing him in the back. Abruptly Desiree sits straight up stiff as a board, her hands to the side as she stares off into space.

Her head cocks to decide as she announces :“error, error, command not recognized, unable to comply.”

Frank is shocked by  Desiree's behavior, the confused

Frank forgets about the remote and pushes himself up. he grabs her and shakes her Frank: " Babe, you okay?”

She snaps out of it and immediately resumes her role as the dominatrix.

 She barks “who said you could get up,” as she pushes him back down, but again he falls back on the remote control, causing her to jerk back to attention.

 Again she states “error, error, command not recognized, unable to comply, to comply, to comply.” Her head begins to jerk to the side with each repetition, stopping only when her Frank again raises himself to a seated position and shakes her back to consciousness.

This time she seems aware of what has just transpired, but seems temporarily unaware of her surroundings she begins to speak to her self:  “I don't understand what's happening, I never malfunction, never.”

Frank demands ” malfunction? What are you talking about and what did you mean' Command not recognized?'"  

As Desiree regains her composure, she realizes how close her identity is being compromised.  She then announces that she’s bored with dominatrix game, and wants to roll play, She states “OK I’m a glitchy Pleasurebot and you’re the mad scientist who created her:)  

So Doctor are you for me to show you how I can overload my circuits?  I’m programmed to please”

The two continue the role play game , as Desiree twitches and jerks.  The malfunction become more frequent and severe, some are fake, but others are real and Frank gets suspicious when he begins to smell burnt plastic.   

Frank:  “Are you a robot for real”? 

She tries to play it of “yah baby I’m your sex robot, I think you overloaded my pleasure circuits Doctor” but she begins to jerk and twitch as she repeat “my pleasure circuits, my pleasure circuits, error, system critical, please repair, this isn’t happening, I never malfunction, I never malfunction.  

Frank isn’t buying the role play thing a second longer, and Yells :  “Holy shit, you are a robot.”  

She the states “Warning, Warning Identity compromised, Unit discovered, send recovery team immediately, immediately.... immediate....unit damaged.   

There is a knock at the door as Frank is instructed to open the door and return the damaged unit. 


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