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Diana Knight Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel the other side and enjoy

Diana Knight, fiery, seductive and very beautiful young brunette, is used to being on the other side of the pendulum, meaning that she is usually the one doing the entrancing. Now that is a first. Why would she want to experience how it might feel to be on the other side? Why a woman as dominant as she believes to be would want to experience what it is like to submit? Well, Diana attended this year’s Fetishcon and she ran into a bunch of her friends who had already seen me for a session and all she heard from them was how great and amazing it was. Did that make her less skeptical or more believing that it might work? Probably not but it sure made her curious enough to give it a try. Turned out, Diana was, deep down inside, looking for a way to experience herself without the limiting notion of having to be in control at all times.

I chose a slow, relaxing induction which works best with subjects who think they like to be in control. By giving them the feeling of "allowing it to happen" they often times let down their guard and go along, which after all, is what this is all about.

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Diana Knight Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
From allowing it to begging for it

As I mentioned, when dealing with subject who have a hard time of letting go, it is always a good idea to make them feel like they are allowing it to happen. By letting them enjoy their own lust without the feeling of having to give back for what is received, they often feel something they never knew was there, which is uninhibited pleasure. I can feel her letting go when her body starts to move under the thrusting tongue I make her feel between her wide open legs. Her moaning and groaning becomes louder and more intense with every word I say and before long, her hands claw into the chair. Now is the time to take all control and will away from her and that actually hits her harder than I thought it might. Her body goes into convulsions and she starts begging me to let her cum. Of course, that has to be earned first. I keep driving her up the wall and take more and more control away from her before I let her feel a wave of seemingly never ending orgasms.



Diana Knight Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a good girl now

Resistance to pleasure is futile

This segment is just as intense and I am sure our wide open eyed stares, zombie, crystal mind and will reduction, masturbation and or hands free orgasm lovers will enjoy. This segment also shows that Diana loves the feeling of being over powered at times. I am sure you will know what I mean by that once you watch this segment. The suggestion that her shirt feels hot and uncomfortable makes her rip it off her body. Half naked and horny,

Diana is overcome by the insurmountable desire to pleasure herself. Her hands feel pulled between her legs and I can feel, she is ready to orgasm but that would be way too early, as I mentioned, she has to earn it first. When I finally let her cum, she explodes so hard that her trance weakens and I decide to take her even deeper. Mindless and zombie like, Diana is now placed on the bed in the spread eagle position. Her eyes are staring at the crystal in my hand as she lets go of her mind and will. I can feel, she has a hard time keeping her eyes open and that is when I discover the part where she wants to be overpowered.

Really hot, believe me. After she feels her first open eyed orgasm, she seems insatiably hungry for more. Diana's body goes into convulsions and her lust intensifies as she feels completely out of control. Now comes the part where she is not allowed to touch herself and boy, that sure sends her through the roof. Diana orgasms over and over as she feels helplessly fucked and used.



Diana Knight Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mantras lead to mindless, zombie like bliss

You are my master and I will obey

Diana's body is still twitching and shaking from the orgasms she just experienced and I let her slowly calm down. Her big eyes are staring at me as her mind slowly drifts into me. Focused only on my eyes, Diana is drained of her remaining will and the slow repetition of the word mindless, takes her down even further. Mindless and empty, she orgasms on my command. Diana is sent down on her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her and she has to repeat another mantra, "you are my master". Her repetitions are slow and monotone as she is ordered to play with her breasts for me. Her eyes are still focused only on me as her will and mind drift over to her master. More repetitions of, "mindless slave," make her an empty shell of a beautiful woman. Orgasmed at the snap of my fingers, her body goes into convulsions again until she finally ends up completely still, mindless, strength less and empty. I play a bit with her lifeless body as it is just sitting there, wave my hand in front of her wide open eyes and finally send her back to sleep. There is really too much going on to describe it all but believe me it is intense from beginning to end.



Diana Knight Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to tie up your ass

Freeze, stockings, feet, yes master and re-induction lovers special

Diana believes to be hired for a bondage shoot and she sure looks the part. Dominant, strong and very sexy, she seems ready to tie up some poor slob who likes to have his ass kicked. Nothing wrong with that, just not my cup of tea, as you know. Anyway, she seems surprised and ready to walk out when I tell her that we are a foot fetish site and that she is supposed to worship her own feet. That can only be a misunderstanding and no I do not do that kind of stuff. Well, it looks like we need the magic "light wand". First Diana seems curious as I hold up the wand, then she tries to take her eyes off of it but it is too late. Mesmerized by the light and the hissing sound of the wand, Diana slowly freezes up. Helplessly immobilized she slowly loses the ability to speak. I did this intentionally slow so that she would feel every step of the transformation. Her mind slowly goes away, her eyes turn dim as she turns into a petrified statue. Now she is reprogrammed and taken to bed. Diana is turned on by her own feet and all she wants to do is to seductively touch them, and to show them off in every imaginable way, "I am your mindless foot slave master". She slowly starts to peel off her boots and then the stockings and..... Diana is a very sensual woman and she sure knows how to drive men crazy with her feet. Amazing how some women are born to be seductresses.



Diana Knight Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless, seductive and arousing foot worship until frozen

Thanks to Diana, this might very well be one of my best foot segments. Diana is indescribably sensual as she mindlessly yet very seductively kisses and licks her beautiful feet. The way she slowly, almost teasingly shows them off from every possible angle is just too hot. She caresses, massages and strokes them for us as she holds them up towards the camera. Needless to say subconsciously Diana does have a foot fetish and she loves to show it. Of course there is more than just that. Diana gets so turned on that she starts to masturbate her wide open pussy as she fondles her feet and orgasms so intense that it almost knocks her out. Diana is still not done.

Her feet suddenly wander up to her breasts and now she caresses her tits with her feet. Well, I guess it is time to freeze her again and to let her become aware. What is going on, I can not move! I tickle her feet for a bit and then it is time to render her mindless again, you know, the waving hand trick.



Diana Knight Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
That is so for the weak minded

As soon as she opens her eyes and slowly comes to, our little girl seems confused and embarrassed about the fact that her big breasts are exposed. Slowly but surely, her memory seems to come back and with that, the bitching begins. She says something like, son of a b. and that her agent will get an ear full regarding the shoot. I wonder why she feels that way. Oh well, it might have something to do with the last segment or maybe because of the way she is programmed. Of course she has to get dressed again which I think is quite unnecessary but what can you do. Oh I know what might make her stop. How about making her feel tickled? Yeah, that worked and now my little girl is laughing and screaming her little head off.

We all need some laughter in our lives, right? Of course it gets a lot more intense when her body freezes up into a laughing statue. Being the nice guy that I am, I give her some relief by waving my hand in front of her eyes and although it does not stop the tickling, it at least renders her mindless. Diana is frozen, tickled, played with and rendered mindless many times throughout this segment and I think the best part is where she leaves happy and without....




Diana Knight Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me show you the way, Sir

Diana believes to be a member of one of those prudish women's groups who pass out flyers to all the people who attend the Fetishcon. (It actually has happened before) You know the kind of flyers that tell everybody how degrading the whole "sex thing" is for your soul and decency, etc… Anyway, she keeps going on and on about women's empowerment and that she wants to show me a better way. Of course I try to explain what I do and how wonderful it feels but that does not seem to sway her.

Looks like the only thing I can do is give her a short demonstration of how it works. At first, it seems like she tries to take her eyes off the swinging crystal but before long, those beautiful eyes of hers get hazy and glued to the crystal and we all know where that leads. Her head shakes a couple of times in another futile attempt to prevent the inevitable, “I have no more will of my own master”. Now it is time to have her, slowly, take off her glasses, let down her long dark hair and strip out of those unbecoming clothes. What a transformation.

Diana looks incredibly hot in her pantyhose and bra as she is staring into who knows where and it is now time to train her to perfection and show her the way, “I am your mindless slave master”. Put on the bed in the spread eagle position and ordered to masturbate, my little prude is starting to feel the bliss that comes with what I do. Her wonderfully rounded body starts to slowly quiver and shake, her chest is heaving as her breathing becomes deeper and she ..... Lots of yes masters, really great transformation and intense mindless stares...




Diana Knight Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Your ways are the best, Sir

This next segment is the continuation of clip eight. Our prudish young lady, still in the spread eagle position, is learning about the bliss that comes with complete surrender to my ways. Driven by lust, Diana slowly but surely turns into a horny, promiscuous and very obedient love slave with only one desire and that is to please me. What does it take to make that happen? Well, start with a naturally horny young woman, send her through a series of intense breath controlled, mute and or screaming hard and loud orgasms, make her crawl on all four till she is dizzy, put her on her knees and make her pleasure herself until she forgets everything else, add many yes masters, drain her thoughts, add some orgasmic breast play and put her to sleep whenever seen fit and voila. This segment is just as intense as the last one and Diana's transformation is very sensual and extremely sexual. The way she let’s loose, gets into it and finally surrenders is very hot to watch.



Diana Knight Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Why am I in this outfit?

Why am I in this outfit? That is a good question and the answer is that I am in the mood to play the robot game. Yap, it is as simple as that, I will turn you into a robot now. Given the fact that Diana believes we just got started with the session and that she has no clue as to what has happened before, her reaction might be understandable but never the less, it is going to happen. Diana does not really have much of a say in this matter and as soon as the light shaker (the one that also makes the hissing sound) flashes in front of her eyes, as her intense transformation begins, “I am a Robot, master”. See, told you...

Of course any well programmed robot has to learn to stand at attention, acknowledge orders by saying yes master, salute and masturbate for her owner, orgasm on command and be silent when muted. Of course there is a lot more she has to learn, like ironing my shirt and cleaning up after herself. Some fans sent me the suggestion to switch my robots into different modes and I decided to use it in this segment. Diana is switched via remote control into the cleaning mode, orgasm mode, bimbo mode, silent mode and more.




Diana Knight Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Now that is just silly

Diana just can not seem to get her head around the idea that she can be made to do things just because I say so. Somehow she believes that what I do will just not work on her. Looks like she has forgotten what has happened here today. Anyway, the idea that she could mindlessly freeze up in mid sentence just because I snap my fingers seems absurd to her. Oops. Snapped out if it again, she seems a bit embarrassed about her tits hanging out but still the idea that she might go mindless, in mid sentence, just because I clap my hands, seems silly. Oops. Of course I have to wave my hand in front of her eyes and expose her beautiful big tits again, just to make sure that she actually is in lala land. More embarrassment as she tries to piece it all together. Diana is so convinced that all this could never happen and her reactions when it hits her are priceless.



Diana Knight Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
That could not happen to me

Diana, still clueless, is absolutely convinced that she could ever turn into my love slave. That is just not possible, right? Oops, here she drops on her knees, her arms go out straight in front of her and all she knows how to say is “yes master”. More than plenty, I think. After being orgasmed on command, she snaps out of it again and boy you should see how she scrambles to get dressed again. Still, turning into an empty shell, is out of the question. Dam, what happened here? Mindless and dim, my little girl has no ideas as to what is going on. OK, that was fun but will she turn into an obedient, saluting, intensely masturbating robot? Of course not! “Orgasm mode engaged, master”. Intense transformations and a very confused non believer...



Diana Knight Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing more than a glorified windup Doll

I am Omni7; I can not be defeated

This time the boys, over at Cybertron, really outdid themselves. Who would ever come up with the idea to program a beautiful fembot into believing she is some kind of "super heroine" slash avenger? Well, that is exactly what they did and I have to admit, she did eventually find me, which I never thought was possible.

Fuming over the loss of her lover, the late Stargirl Omnicron 6 she tried to take me down that day. Why was she after me, you might ask. Well, it is actually a long story but in short, I did actually have something to do with the, let's call it, disappearance of her friend Stargirl. I guess they never should have fired me in the first place. Anyway, here she was, upset and ready to take me in when she suddenly noticed the universal fembot remote control on my table. You should have seen her face lighting up as soon as she got her hands on the remote but that sure did not last long. As if struck by lightning, her posture changed and she started to slowly go down.

Now she was helplessly mine and nothing could prevent her from being programmed to my specifications, “I am Omni7; I am here to fulfill your desires”. Of course you are honey; there is simply no other use for Fembots than to serve me. Of course Cybertron did not send her out completely defenseless and yes I had to over come a few, let say challenges and malfunctions before she finally....





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