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Diana Knight Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Remember the intensity

Diana Knight, fiery, seductive and very sensual brunet with a more than healthy appetite for sex just had to come back for another round of fun. As you all might remember, Diana had been in for her first session about a year ago and I cannot tell you how many emails I have received since then from guys who wanted to see her again. Well here she is. Diana, as you know, is definitely not your typical sub, in fact she often times is on the other side of the pendulum but something happened during and after her first session that not only made her appreciate but also love to experience and feel her, let's call it, softer side, without being inhibited by the need to control things. I have a feeling that anybody who knows a bit about what I do, understands what I mean by all this. I am so glad that this time we could meet at our studio instead of a hotel room which made the session so much more relaxed yet intense at the same time. Diana is a great subject and the second time around, she went even deeper and with that the entire session turned into a mind blowing experience for her and of course for all of us. Enjoy

Given the fact that it had been a year since her last session, I decided to take her down slowly while using reminders, previous triggers and so on. Lots of flickering eye lids, twitching eye lids during the induction, body language and close ups of her beautiful face as well as her body.

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Diana Knight Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No other choice than to feel and enjoy

Feel how I take control over you again

The nice thing about having a subject return is that all it takes to get them back under your control, is to make the pull up the subconscious memory of their last session and to remind the what it was that made them response the way they did. In Diana's case it certainly was the idea of wanting to be a good girl and to have no other choice than to feel and experience what it is like to have no inhibitions, no control as well as no choice. I don't want to get too deep into the psychology of all this but you will know what I mean once you watch the clip.

Diana's beautiful body starts to quiver and shake as soon as she feels that I am taking all control away from her. I will never forget those sensual, lustful and very sexual moves of hers. It is almost like she cannot get enough of the deep penetration, I make her feel. She knows that she not only has to be a good girl but to also let me feel it. She keeps screaming, I have no control, as her body goes into lustful convulsions. More repetitions of I am a good and obedient slave, drive her even more up the wall. I could go on and on about how intense this segment is and how hard she cums on my command but I think it is better if you go and see for yourself. Diana gets so caught up that she cannot even hear some of what I say the first time around.



Diana Knight Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for taking me back  

Diana is overcome by the desire to masturbate for me and just when I can feel that she is completely consumed by her own lust, I make her open her eyes and stare at the watch in my hand. Unable to think, Diana let's go of her mind and thoughts as they are drifting into the watch, so to speak. As I always say, lust takes care of the conscious mind and with that the subconscious mind can easily be reached. I remind her that I have to make her mindless and empty before she is allowed to serve me. The slow over and over repetition of the word "hypnotized" takes her into an even deeper state of trance and with that, under my control. Now Diana is taken to the verge of a very powerful orgasm than kept there for a while and all of a sudden hit by it and then again and...

Diana has shown that she is back under my control but as you all know, it is never good enough. More slow mind removal and slow repetitions of "I let go of all thought mind and will", finally leaves her staring into nothingness. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and there is no response. Diana is then ordered to stand in front of me, her legs are spread apart as she feels helplessly penetrated and driven into lustful bliss. All I want is to cum for you master. More mind reduction, intense orgasm training on command, stares, many yes masters and repetitions of "I have to learn to be obedient or there is only one master, finally leave her sweaty, exhausted and completely controlled.



Diana Knight Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing more than a mindless horny slave

I remember Diana's beautiful ass which makes me decide to order her to bend over as she feels helplessly fucked from behind. Her big eyes stare back at me as she screams, "you are my master".  Orgasmed at will, Diana's entire body quivers and shakes as her knees seem to give in under the pressure of the orgasm. I keep suggesting that she wants to show me that she is a good, mindless and very obedient little girl and the more I say it the more aroused she gets. Making your subject know and feel that you have taken control of them often times makes them feel their defeat even more and with that they become even more obedient as well as aroused.

Diana is ordered to let go even further and the slow repetitions (mantra) of " I am a mindless slave" take her further down. Her hands suddenly shoot up to her big breasts as she pinches her nipples for me which makes her cum yet again as soon as I allow her to. Now she has to learn that she will from now on orgasm just because I say so and that it will happen when ever I say so. Put on all four, she is made to feel deeply penetrated and used. I am nothing but a slave. Too intense to describe with lots of yes masters.



Diana Knight Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final and unconditional surrender

Watching Diana's final and unconditional surrender is hot and I am having a hard time trying to describe the intensity of this final step of her taming and training. As I often mention, the first four or five segments should really be watched together as they show how the girls are trained and tamed. Due to the lack of my writing ability, some of those clips might sound familiar but believe me, no session is ever alike thanks to the fact that every girl is different and they all need "special care"

Anyway back to Diana. This segment shows how she eventually lets go of even the last bit of mind and will and how she is driven by her own lust into a state of complete submission and surrender. What makes it happen, besides more mind removal, denied orgasms, mantras and stares are the breath controlled orgasms. I cannot tell you enough how powerful those can be.

Making your subject feel that you cannot only orgasm them at will but also make them hold their breath whenever you say so, shows total control and dominance. Go and see what I mean by all this because I am running out of words to describe it. Very intense and not for the weak.



Diana Knight Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are the worst assistant ever

This next segment is one of my favorite freeze, forced orgasm and mind games clip of all times.

Diana is made to believe that she is the curator of a very prestigious wax-museum who is utterly discussed with her assistant who thought that it was a good idea to add some famous porn models to the museum's collection of famous people. Yes, I am the assistant and yes, I disagree with her. I mean, who does not like Ginger who is famous for her movie "even deeper throat" and or Lily, who likes it up the butt.

Anyway, Diana is furious which is probably why she does not hear my warning not to touch them. Sure enough, in the middle of her tirade, she touches Ginger and freezes up instantaneously and in mid sentence. So, so, so sorry. After taking a closer look at my mindless boss and after taking of some of those frumpy clothes, it dawns on me that she fits in quite well with my porn girls. I even mention it to her as soon as her mind comes back but to be honest, I think it kind of makes her feel offended. Oh well, let's have a little fun with her anyways. Needless to say, our sexy curator is very confused and yes, upset with me for trying to help her which is understandable give the fact that my idea of helping her is to strip her and to move her around. First she tells me that I am the worst assistant ever and then she wants me to fix this. Man, is that bossy or what. The conversation about her butt is quite tense as well and the idea of me rendering her mindless by waving my hand in front of her eyes, does not go over too well either but it sure is a lot of fun to watch.

Finally she can move again and sure enough, she goes off on me again until she touches one of the mannequins again. Do they ever learn. As soon as her mind comes back, she fires me which is really too bad because I was just about to help her. Now that changes her mind quickly and sure enough, I have my job back. I think I rather quit the dam job and make her orgasm, like it or not. How does she end up with her finger in her mouth and why does she fall for the hand trick again? Go find out.



Diana Knight Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Being naked in front of you is not funny

Diana, our prudish curator, snaps out of it again and she seems utterly confused and it takes her a bit to figure out where she is and what's going on. The fact that she finds herself naked in front of me does not help to ease the situation either. Of course she does not think that this is funny at all but then again, as soon as I mention the word tickle, she reluctantly goes off and jumps around why bitching at me. All of a sudden the tickling stops but as soon as she starts to bitch again, our little girl is hit by an orgasm.

Now she really gets upset. I mean it is not like she did not enjoy the orgasm but did it have to happen in front of her assistant. After more tickle and orgasm fun, Diana ends up mindlessly frozen with her mouth open and ready to be seen by everybody who comes through the door to take a look at our porn model collection.




Diana Knight Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for watching me play with my feet

Maybe it is not the best idea to go into your bosses office and ask them whether you are allowed to paint their beautiful feet for your art collection. The idea that you have a $200 bet going with your buddies that you will get your sexy boss to allow you to take a look at her feet, usually does not go over too well either. It sure does not go over well with Diana, who thinks that my request is highly unprofessional and inappropriate. I had a feeling that this might happen. Anyway, she is kind enough to accept the beautiful pen I brought her.

The second she hits the top her attitude changes instantaneously. Mindless yet seductive, she all of a sudden has no other desire than to show me her feet and play with them for her master. I love my feet. Very sensual and sexual foot segment, great transformation from boss to foot slave, hot stockings, bare feet, orgasms, stares and plenty of yes masters.

Diana is a very sensual young woman who proofs her love for feet and the need to please her master with them by ..... After turning into seductress who loves to talk about her feet, Diana picks up the phone (deeply entranced) to call in all her employees who want to see her feet. I am officially every bodies foot-slave. Really hot ending...



Diana Knight Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I like reading old magazines

Waiting room from hell

Diana, who is made to believe that she is in her doctor's waiting room seems rather disturbed by my somewhat clumsy attempts to hit on her. It really seems like she is more fascinated by the old magazines that are lying around than by me. It hurts, yes, but what can I do. All of a sudden though, her body seems to go into spasms as if she was penetrated and fucked.

 Of course she denies that there is anything wrong at all and even the unavoidable orgasm does not make her admit that I might be turning her on. In fact, she is so confused but still very snippy and short with me. Could it be that the humming sound she is hearing has anything to do with her being Orgasmed? Who knows but since she is still not interested in me, I might as well put her back to sleep and play with her limp body and neck.



Diana Knight Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
She loves me, she loves me not

Waiting room from hell Part Two

Diana feels very confused and even more embarrassed as soon as I wake her up again. Although breast are out and she does not remember how and why she suddenly went out, she still is not interested in me what so ever which is strange, after all, I am the only person who could shed light on the mystery. Anyway, things change instantaneously as soon as I snap my fingers. All of a sudden, I am the hottest most desirable man she has ever come across and there is nothing she would not do for me.

Yes, she takes out her breasts and seductively plays with them, exposes her wet pussy and pleasures herself, asks me to fuck her and so much more. Unfortunately the next snap of my fingers brings her back to reality and boy, does that change everything. Diana goes off on me and I see no other way to calm her down than to...



Diana Knight Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry but I cannot do that

Waiting room from hell Part three

Our little girl comes back from a brief deepening and I don't know why, but somehow the subject of hypnosis comes up. Well, what can I say, Diana does not believe that it can really have any effect on people and the concept of post hypnotic suggestions goes way over her head. Oh well, I am used to that. What really bugs me though, is that she is still not interested in me and that she does not want me to go in to see the doctor before she does. OK, I know she was here first but I do have an important meeting to go to. No way she way she would let me go ahead of her. What can I do? Snap my fingers? But then what would it do? Make her feel tiered and sleepy to the point where she just goes to sleep. Sure enough, she goes out after some struggle and now it is my time to undress her a bit and then go ahead and see the doc.



Diana Knight Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
How could you!

What is it with you and this hypnosis thing...

Diana, who finally wakes up again, does not seem happy when I mention that she lost her spot and that I went ahead in front of her to see the doctor. Not only is she upset but she is also quite confused and embarrassed which is understandable, given the fact that she just woke up in front of me with her breast exposed and all. Now she is ready to finally see the doctor.

What can I say, she makes it almost all the way off her chair when she suddenly drops like a rock. You should see the surprise and shock in her eyes before she goes down. Wait till you see how upset she is when I tell her that somebody just went to see the doc in front of her. She gets even more irritated when I start talking about hypnosis again. To make a long story short, Diana keeps passing out every time she is ready to finally go in to see the doc and she gets more irritated ever time she comes back up and realizes that she just lost her spot yet again. The way she goes out over and over is hot. You are definitely not a gentlemen.



Diana Knight Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind is running into you master

Diana, my best friend's and business partner's wife, does not seem happy when I unexpectedly show up at her house to talk to her husband, who just screwed me out of a business deal. I know that was a long sentence but hey, it is a long story. Anyway, she pretends not to know anything about the whole thing and besides all that, she is on her way to the fetish con to meet some, let's call it, friends of hers. I guess that would explain why she is wearing that incredibly sexy latex dress. Needless to say, I just cannot help but to hit on her but of course, she is not interested at all. She goes on about that she likes her men weak and submissive which as we all know, is just no my thing at all. Looks like our sexy dominatrix needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, don't you think. Believe me, if you don't think so now, you certainly will agree once you watch the clip.

Diana is quickly entranced by her own mirror and of course by my gentle voice. Mindless and willing our sexy (ex) dominatrix is bent over the bed, helplessly fucked while feeling spanked and orgasmed at will. Of course that is all just the warm up. She keeps screaming, I am an obedient slave from now on. Now it is time to have her expose her beautiful body and of course her wet pussy for her master. As we all know, orgasm training, particularly when the subject is not allowed to orgasm, can be very effective when training a slave to become completely willing less and obedient. Of course, reducing the subjects mind to basically nothing is just as effective and certainly makes them manageable, horny and very submissive. More kneeling, begging and many yes masters finally make her surrender.


Diana Knight Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
The lost clip

Diana session was unfortunately part of a string of shoots we did as my favorite camera was giving up. I will never know why and what happened but we lost some very hot scenes that just weren't usable due to too many dropped frames. Anyway, this clip is a short yet hot part of Diana's obedient robot clip. Diana comes back after having been put to sleep and she believes to be my best friend's wife.

The clip starts with her masturbating for me after having been transformed into an obedient robot. My sexy and very well robot is muted just in the middle of her intense orgasm and then frozen in place while saluting. That is actually the nice thing about robots, all you have to do to make the stop moving, is to hit a button on the remote and there they are, helplessly unable to move. Now that she cannot move it is probably save to have her become aware of her situation and to see what she thinks about all this.

Well, it looks like she is not too happy about having been turned into a robot and the fact that she cannot move now, makes her even more unhappy. Believe it or not, she even threatens to tell her husband about all this. Imagine her reaction when I tell her that she will not remember any of this anyways. Diana is turned back into a robot, her will and mind are turned off and she is left there for her husband to find her like this.



Diana Knight Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
It makes men wild!

Cyber Dream, the new perfume made with real human Pheromones...

fresh, intense and enveloping just like the fragrance, dedicated to a cutting edge, confident and seductive woman and so why we chose  Diana as our super model - her job was easy ...look beautiful and sexy and read off the lines which the perfume manufacturer had prepared for her.

She begins reading the lines like a pro: "Human Euphoria blends real human pheromones with essential oils to create a scent that drives men crazy! Try it for yourself – you’ll notice more men look at you, smile at you, talk to you… and you call the shots on where it goes from there. It’s an amazing confidence-builder!  You’ve never felt sexier!  

We are almost done and all  Diana has to do now is to end the commercial with a beautiful sexy smile as she sprays and takes a breath of the perfume and says: Order Human Euphoria Perfume Today

Surprisingly, instead of her sexy smile, her eyes begin to bug out and she begins to make strange faces every time she has to spray and breathe in the  perfume which is why we had to re-shoot the scenes. She starts to repeat herself, her body becomes rigid and she starts to twitch! Finally it dawned on me that I had a Fembot as a super model on my hands....Under normal circumstances,  I would have called it quits right then and there but the shoot was just too expensive and important for my career.

My repair attempts made things even more complicated and difficult! Now our Fembot model wanted to seduce me and have sex with me! Don't get me wrong, under different circumstances I would have loved to but, the shoot was just too crucial and lucrative to jeopardize.

Lots of back and forth, surprise ending and great malfunctions. Diana is very hot and seductive in this one and definitely even better than the first time around.


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