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Diana Prince Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Diana, gorgeous, long legged exotic brunette was more than doubtful about what I do but one look at her and I was willing to give it a shot. I mean look at her, 5'11 tall, perfectly proportioned, long black hair and eyes to dream of, who would not say yes to having some fun with her? Of course being new to all this and somewhat skeptical should make it a bit more challenging but then again look at her. I think I already said that! Diana is actually a very sweet person and not overly submissive nor dominant which is rare in its self and in my opinion well worth giving it a shot. It turned out to be another very exciting and sexually charged afternoon, just the way we all like it.

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Diana Prince Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
The first part of our session starts off great as Diana's hands lock right away, pretty much to her own surprise and amazement which shows in her face. After some crystal eye fixation her eyelids begin to flicker and I know she is on the right way, the way down that is. Having her handover her mind and thoughts, by raising her arms towards the end of this segment, sealed the deal.





Diana Prince Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
You have no choice over how you feel

The power of arousal

Diana is about to find out that there are no limits to how good she can feel once she lets go. Uninhibited and sensitized with absolutely no choice over what and how she feels, her body is shivering and shaking all over while her hands are clawing into the couch. I make her feel her sensitized clit, skin and breasts being caressed with an intensity unlike ever felt before. The suggestion that she has no choice over any of this seems to drive her up the wall and her first surrender is inevitable. "I have no choice."




Diana Prince Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Blissful surrender after a futile fight

I have no more mind, master

Diana, still deep but with her big dark eyes wide open is forced to masturbate herself into a state of unknown bliss. Having to be a good and obedient little girl seems to make her feel even more aroused. After her first orgasm and surrender it is now time to take it up a notch. I have a feeling that Diana is still trying to fight me and I decide that it is time to remove her mind and will. Her legs are spread wide and again she is ordered to give her wet pussy another workout while her mind is slowly drained. Unaware and consumed by her own lust, Diana finally runs empty, her big eyes are staring into the distance and I can feel her letting go. Of course mantras like I have no more mind master, only help her to blissfully succumb.




Diana Prince Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
They won't come off

Believing that the session just started, Diana is convinced not to be a good subject for what I do. Well, let's see about that. It does not take long and she starts to feel the itching all over her beautiful body. Naturally, she tries to hide her discomfort but at some point there is no holding back anymore. I can feel her frustration and disbelief about what is happening to her. It is quite amazing to watch the different reaction of each girl too, for example, the itchy clothes suggestion. Some freak and some try to desperately figure out what's going on. Anyway, Diana is frustrated and it gets even worse. When I finally allow her to take her clothes off, she does not seem to remember how to do that. Even more frustrated, she tries to tell me that it would be silly not to remember how to take off her clothes. Imagine how weird she feels when the clothes finally come off and her body goes into orgasmic convulsions.





Diana Prince Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Fitness instructor with a weight problem

Diana believes to be in a job interview to become the new fitness instructor at our gym. Being as grossly overweight as she is, it is certainly a challenge to get the job. She desperately tries to convince me that she is in good shape but her clumsy attempts to touch her toes or to do crunches on the ball, certainly prove that she is having a hard time moving her overweight and out of shape body around. The poor girl even has a hard time just getting up off the couch. Strangely enough she does not seem to be too offended when I mention her weight problem.

It is fun playing with Diana who for some strange reason believes to be overweight but does not want to admit it.




Diana Prince Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
My wife the Harem slave

My wife, again not in the mood for you all know what, is going to bed early. All of a sudden the phone rings and she decides to pick it up. Big mistake, "I hear and obey," is her only response. Empty minded and obedient she now follows my instructions. Before her training begins, I have her change into a more appropriate harem costume while she has to repeat: "I am just a harem slave." It is amazing what a simple post H trigger can do. Diana is all of a sudden promiscuous, horny and obedient. Like every good harems slave girl, she has to learn what it means to selflessly please. Her training includes a very sensual dance on the bed, nipple pinching, forced and denied orgasms, crawling and bowing for her master followed by lots of "yes masters" as well as other repetitions.



Diana Prince Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
My wife the Harem slave and a second call

Diana is forced to orgasm. The vibrator between her legs is driving her crazy for lust and I can feel the rest of her mind and will leaving. Bow to your master, my little harems girl. Next comes the muted and breath controlled orgasms which leaves her completely exhausted. "I am just a harems slave, master."

Of course that's not all of her training as we all know there is always more, including a second phone call. Lots of yes masters, mantras and obedience training in both clips.



Diana Prince Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Slow frozen stripper with an attitude

Thinking that she is the new stripper in my high dollar club, Diana is more than willing to give me a sample of her dance routine. Unfortunately, she is not too interested in going out with me. She thinks that it would be weird to have an affair with the boss. Well honey, let me show you what's weird. Diana's very sensual dance is starting to slow down, it almost seems like her body is slowly losing the ability to move. In other words she is slowly freezing up.

Does that concern her and or make her feel strange? Absolutely, but what makes it a lot easier for her is that once she is frozen, her mind is gone as well. No more wondering, no more feeling weird. Now is of course time for me to take care of all the excess clothing she is wearing. Snapped out of it, Diana keeps going with her dancing as if nothing had happened. I wonder why? Before long, she finds herself frozen again, this time completely aware of it though. Now that is weird, right? Does she like me teasing her titts with the vibrator? Yes and no.




Diana Prince Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmic frozen stripper with a much better attitude

Still frozen and aware, Diana seems very aroused yet still not convinced that she should be frozen. You think that a few forced orgasms might help change her attitude, or maybe even a little begging? Let's find out. Much better, Diana is even willing to go out with me although do I have a feeling that her change of heart might have something to do with the fact that she is still frozen and played with? Snapped out of it, Diana goes on as if nothing had happened just to be frozen again.




Diana Prince Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Stripper

Diana, still believing she is a stripper at my club, snaps out of it again. This time she remembers all of what has happened and you can imagine that she is not too happy about having been frozen and played with. Now imagine her reaction when I tell her that the freezing was just the beginning and that I will now transform her into an obedient robot. Yes you are right, she is trying to pick up her shit and leave.

All I have to say is the word: "robot" and Diana instantaneously transforms: "Yes master, I will be a good robot now", which is certainly something she says a lot from that point on. The fun begins and robot Diana turns out to be perfectly programmed. Cleaning, crawling, standing at attention, masturbating and cumming on command are just some of her standard pleasure programs.




Diana Prince Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
More of everything

Made to believe that the session just started, Diana has to undergo a series of tests to find out whether she is a good subject or not. Of course she believes to be one of the worst subjects but when I say "tickle" she looks at me for a split second and then jumps around like a chicken with her head cut off. All of a sudden she gets hit by a very powerful orgasm while she still feels the tickling. Really fun to watch her in that scene. Next come the robot transformation and what do you know, my obedient Robo stripper is right back. After some fun with that, I decide to switch her back to being my love slave, who certainly needs more training. Snapped out of it and aware, Diana finds herself frozen and orgasmed again, under protest that is. Looks like the girl just can not win. Anyway, back to being my saluting robot who needs more programming. Lot's of freeze and tickle action, eye checks, I hear and obey and yes master in this one.



Diana Prince Robot Clip Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
You are fired

What do you mean I am fired? Can you imagine what it feels like to get that kind of news on a Friday afternoon? Well, let's say it sucks. Naturally, I was more than upset but I certainly did not mean to knock over the glass of water on my boss's desk, it just happened when I tried to point out a clause in my contract to her.

First, I thought she was overreacting when she started to yell at me but then her body started to spasm and it almost seemed like she was losing it. Well, that is exactly what ends up happening eventually and that was pretty much the moment when it dawns on me that my boss is a fembot. Watching her malfunction suddenly turns into a real turn on and the idea to tinker with her programming is born right then and there.

Who could blame me, I mean who would not want to mess around with a beautiful, inactive and shutdown boss who just tried to fire you? I have to say, I certainly like her behavior after I "repair" her much better. Sexy and programmed to serve me my bitchy ex-boss goes to work on her pussy, I mean pleasure center and she even keeps promising to be good now.

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Diana Prince Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
 I will be back on Monday

Looks like I made a couple of mistakes and after another shutdown it took some more extensive repairs. Luckily though I did get her back up and the idea of having her screw herself with a vibrator while her ass was pushed out at me was more that incentive enough to keep on "fixing" her. Man, I just wish they had her programmed like that from the beginning, instead of having her run around as my bitchy boss. I never liked the idea of having a woman as my supervisor anyways and now it was my time to order her around. Naked and hot, she started to give me trouble again but then again, to see a naked fembot malfunction, is sure a treat in itself. I don't want to tell you the whole story but one thing is for sure, I will be back here on Monday.

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