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Dillion Carter Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper than ever

Dillion Carter, beautiful tall and most importantly, busty (natural double D's plus) is most certainly one of the horniest and sweetest girls and it was an absolute delight to, let's say, take her under my wings. Naturally horny, submissive and willing to try out new ways to feel pleasure while being controlled, makes her a great subject, once you figure out that she likes it rough that is. Yeap, no soft gloves here. Well, I could go on and on about how exciting it was to bring out her raw sexual energy and how much fun we had but I am sure you will see all that once you watch some (or better yet, all) of her clips. So go ahead and enjoy.

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Dillion Carter Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Whatever my master does...

Dillion session starts off with a bang. I could feel that our little girl was ready to show her submission. As for some highlights of this segment, we have intense repetitions of, I am cuming for you master, yes masters (on her own) plenty of limp body, including feet and neck play, forced orgasm training, unblinking blank stares, waving hand, eye checks while deeply entranced, masturbation with intensified orgasms and more. After playing with her limp body ( including taking off her shoes to inspect her feet) while slowly bringing her to orgasm, it is now time to take her through her first rollercoaster of emotions, all the way from intense feelings of arousal to willingness, mindless trance and back.



Dillion Carter Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Females need to be trained

Dillion's sexy young body is still quivering after her last orgasm and it is now time to have her remove the (unnecessary) dress she is wearing so that we get a better look at her beautifully rounded body. Of course all that seems more exciting when the subject has been placed into trance while slowly repeating, please master train me (mantra) Time to teach her who is in control of her body and mind. Driven to the brink of her next orgasm, Dillion finds out that there is no pleasure without her masters permission, meaning she is not allowed to orgasm until I say so. Poor thing goes nuts but she still has to wait for my count of three.

Time to drop her deep again and to sensually touch her long neck, open her mouth and move her while she is just standing there, staring into nothingness. Suddenly her hands and arms feel forced behind her back while she is made to feel a thrusting Hitachi on her pleasure center. Again, her body quivers and shakes like crazy before she is orgasmed at will. Let's drop her into mindless bliss and enjoy those unblinking blank stares while programming her that every time she feels my hand on her throat, she goes to sleep. Dillion goes down and now I can take quite some time to enjoy messing with her feet, neck, eyes (checks) while moving her sleepy little body around.




Dillion Carter Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I will obey

I am an empty shell, here to obey you

This next segment is certainly for our foot slave, limp body manipulation, mindlessly repeated mantras, sleepy feet and neck play and mindlessly posed subjects lovers. Of course those are just some highlights. Dillion seems crazy for lust and the idea that her master is even interested in her offering her feet drives her even further up the wall. What drives her over the edge though is when I finally introduce her to the "orgasm spot" on the bare bottoms of her feet. Looks like our little girl needs a bit of a "rest" while I inspect her feet, move her around, jiggle her tits and gently touch her neck. Of course there is more. Placed in the sleepwalker position, she now mindlessly repeats, you are my master, I will obey (mantra) Want more? How about some mind reduction while making her repeat, I am an empty shell, here to obey you. Did I mention the "mindless posing of or empty subject, the blank stares, the yes masters and, and, and




Dillion Carter Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master fuck me

I am your willing toy master

Again, Dillion is driven up the wall for lust until she begs me to fuck and use her and the it is time for her to feel my hand on her throat which sends her to sleep for some slow limp body manipulation. Of course there is time to check and inspect her little feet, neck, eyes and jiggle her tits (with her own hand) Before all this happens though, Dillion has to learn that slaves, kneel, crawl while being made to feel fucked and orgasmed, masturbate, beg and scream for lust and or being orgasmed without being allowed to breath. Absolutely intense stares, yes masters and more of your favorites.




Dillion Carter Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a female, I need to be trained

Dillion, who believes to be my boss, has the nerve to fire me because of a couple of bad weeks. I mean, how am I supposed to pay off all those Christmas presents and all. Oh well, looks like my sexy young boss needs a bit of an attitude adjustment. Let's see what happens when she takes a closer look at the Christmas present I bought for her. Sure enough, she drops like a rock into deep trance and now she is ready to be trained to become my newest foot slave. What better way to start her off than to place her on the desk on all four before freezing her in place.

Let's take off her shoes and take a closer look at her feet in those pantyhose. Our little girl is getting aroused but as we all know, that is all just warm up. Wait until you see her go crazy for lust before she is dropped into mindless obedience again. At some point my confused boss seems quite aware of her dilemma but, unfortunately for her, she is frozen stiff and has no other choice than to witness (under protest) how I take my time to cut her pantyhose, inspect her feet and pussy and orgasm her.

Needless to say, she wants to call security which leaves me no other choice than to use the "waving hand" to render her mindlessly quiet. Did I mention the part where she really wants to show and offer us her feet while enticing us to.... I am your obedient foot slave master. Limp and sleepy foot and body manipulation, intense and screaming hard orgasms, confusion, bitching and begging, yes masters and as usual, way too much to describe it all.




Dillion Carter Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
My hand on your throat

I need to move

This next segment is just as hot. Here we get to enjoy my (not quite so) full of herself boss being put out every time she feels my hand touching her throat. Her eyes kind of turn as her body becomes limp and lose in my arms, her bitching subsides, leaving her helplessly... Of course there is more, like the part where she finds herself frozen and played with while I undress her, check her tits and... Yes, she bitches but then again, who listens anyways. Needless to say, my hand gently touching her throat, sends her back into lala land. Of course there is more. At some point, my poor boss wakes up and now she seems too weak to move which of course is a great time to mess with her even more.




Dillion Carter Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
It must be the new Meds

Dillion, my stern boss who just fired me, wakes up not remembering exactly what happened. Confused and embarrassed, she gets dressed as quickly as she can. Poor thing does not even realize that I switched outfits on her. Let's have another round of fun with our tough girl, shall we. Now she believes that I came back just too make sure she was not kidding about firing me a couple days after Christmas. Of course she was not kidding. You are so fired are her last words before breaking out in uncontrollable laughter. Needless to say, that does not seem to make her very believable, now does it. Anyway, the "laughing attacks get worse over time and they certainly leave her dumbfounded and confused.

Things get even worse, for her that is, when she suddenly (despite her disbelieve) finds herself frozen and dim. Looks like this is a good time to undress her and mess with her limp body for a bit. Things get really heated though when she wakes up and finds out that her hands seemed to be stuck behind the back of the chair, which btw, leaves her quite vulnerable and in no shape to stop me from...




Dillion Carter Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Slow learner

Some bosses just don't get it and Dillion seems to be one of them. Believe it or not, she still insists on firing me, despite my warning that she might end up as my horny love slave. Needless to say, she has no choice and before she knows what hits her, she drops into obedient mindlessness. What follows is a slow zombie walk, a very hot dildo blowjob demonstration and an almost orgasm. Suddenly she freezes up with the dildo in her mouth. Imagine her embarrassment when she becomes aware and then tries to explain how she got into this situation and or why she cannot seem to remove the dildo from her mouth. Really hot watching her squirm while trying to get that thing out of her mouth. Time to put her to rest and to have some fun with her limp body and her long neck. Things don/t seem to improve for her when she finally comes to again. Now she seems not only incredibly horny but also too weak to move which again, makes her quite vulnerable and in no shape to stop me from...




Dillion Carter Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not negotiable

Dillion, who believes to be a realtor, tries to sell me a 3.5 Mio dollar house, seems quite snooty when I mention that the prize might be a bit lofty. She seems even more amused though when she tells me that the former owner was some hypnotist guy who made his money with something that does not really work. Well, that is what she thinks anyways. To make a long story short, in my opinion she seems to be asking for an attitude adjustment. I don't know about you guys but I think the "robot game" is in order. At first she seems to think that I am out of my mind for even suggesting it but that changes almost instantaneously.

Suddenly her body becomes ridged, her arms angle, her shoulders straighten and her voice becomes monotone. We all know what that means. Time to program her to my voice and to perform some motor-skill tests, like arm raises, stripping, open and close her mouth, turn in circles, jiggle her tits for us and respond to my orders with a precise yes master. Needless to say, we have to test her masturbation, arousal and orgasm program among some more testing. Towards the end, we have our robot believe that she is actually a human realtor who is being used by one of her potential clients. Wait until you see what happens when I shut her down, just because I can.




Dillion Carter Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Deal of a lifetime

Dillion, our snooty realtor, seems to be suffering from short term amnesia when she wakes up feeling quite confused. Poor think does not realize that I switched dresses on her. She gets done getting dressed right when I come back from the bathroom (that is what she is made to believe anyway) and now she is ready to deal. Who does not like to collect a hefty commission for an overprized house. Anyway, to make a long story short, our ambitious young realtor seems to be very, very tiered and it seems to get worse every time she uses the little fan on top of her pen. I cannot tell you how hard she tries to stay awake to close her "big deal" but in the end it does not help her at all.

Time to take some time to fully undress her, move and manipulate her limp body and drop her back into the couch. Still, there is more. Up and awake again, she does not seem to realize that she is butt naked which makes it hard for me to focus on the negotiation, particularly when she turns around to read the... A lot more limp body manipulation, foot play, eye checks and more yet to come.



Dillion Carter Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Out of control realtor

Dillion, who slowly wakes up not remembering what we (I) just did, is still set to sell me the house but then again, every time she tells me how serious she is about the prize, she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter. Things get worse when she freezes up again and finally realizes that she is butt naked. I mean, I am used to naked women but my wife might show up any minute to look at the house. Poor thing is so embarrassed and apologetic and no, she did not do it to hit on me and or to make me fuck her. Hard to believe. Anyway, I decide to have some fun with her before placing my hand on her neck which, as we all know by now, sends her to sleep. Let spend some quality time to mess with her helplessly limp body, orgasm her in her sleep and enjoy her long neck by gently....



Dillion Carter Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Dillion: Hey what's going on? Is this how you treat all your guest.

 Frank: Do you know why we asked you back here?

 Dillion: Asked!! more like dragged……I demand to see the manager.

 Mr. Demarco takes a very dim view of card-counting in his casino.

 Dillion: Card Counting? that's ridiculous.  Just because a girl wins a few hands, doesn't  make her a cheater.  I'm sure if I lost those hands you would have been all too happy to take my money, but since its the houses turn to pay, now there's a problem.

 Frank: A few hands, Ms.??

 Dillion: Carter

 Frank: Ms. Carter I'd say you won more than a few hands. Why don't you just save us the trouble of searching you and tell us where the device is.

 Dillion: What device, what are you talking about?

 Frank: The device you're using to count cards. I've met allot of card counters in my day, but no one is that good. Its obvious that you're using some sort of computer. So what is it? perhaps a smart phone with a probability app?  All electronic devices are strictly prohibited on the casino floor. Just surrender the device and this time we'll let you off  the hook with just a warning.

Dillion: Look I don't have any device, I just had a lucky streak. Now if you don't mind I would like to cash in my chips and be on my way.

 Frank: No device huh, Well see about that……….

 (Frank Walks over to a table and picks up a wand. Dillion appears visibly concerned by his actions)

 Dillion: Hey what is that?  Get away from me………..you have no right to just detain someone without their permission. I assure you that you'll be hearing from my attorney about this

 (Frank Approaches Dillion and begins to wave the Wand up and down her body) 

Frank: What ever you're using it must be small, I don't imagine you could hide a laptop in that dress

(Frank waves the wand and is surprised when the wand flashes consistently indicating strongest electronic signature and completely turns off when he pulls it away from Dillion.

Frank:  What the hell is going on with this thing?

Frank:  Okay lady, why don't you save the trouble of searching you just give me whatever device it is that you're hiding under that dress.

Dillion:   I do know it's wrong with your little gadget thingy, but the only thing under the this dress is me.

Frank: You think you're kidding, you're giving off the strongest electronic signature that I've ever seen.

Dillion:    That's ridiculous, you're just waiting for an excuse to get me and my address pervert. I'm not about to let…. let…let…let… You strip-searched me you little creep.

 Frank: What the hell, could it be, no way, I mean  it's impossible

 Dillion: Impossible? What are you talking about

 (Frank then waves the wand up and down Dillion's bare legs and arms. Again the wand flashes strongly with each wave)

 Dillion:     See I told you that thing was broken, now can I go?

 Frank:  You're not hiding an electronic device, you are an electronic device.

 Frank:  Wow she looks so real, I can't even see any seems. There's got to be an access panel or something.

 (Dillion backs away and seems very uncomfortable with Frank's inspection)

 Dillion:    Get away from me, watch sci-fi channel much? Oh My God this is your big revelation? 1st I am hiding a computer, and now I am a computer? If that's the best that you can come up with, I think I'll be on my way.

(Frank is stumped, as Dillion gathers her things to leave. He's convinced that she is a robot and formulates a plan to prove his theory)

Frank:   Don't forget your chips ma'am.

Dillion:   I didn't plan to. After all I won them fair and square.

Frank grabs the chips and intentionally releases the chips too soon, allowing them to fall to the floor. Dillion gives him a dirty look. As Dillion grabs that the scattered chips Frank grabs a glass of water from his desk and pours it all over Dillion's chest.

 Dillion:       What…….What have you done to me…. warning….. Warning…… I am short-circuiting….This unit… Is short-circuiting… look what you did… what you  did…. I am not designed for water….not designed for water…….I am an electronic device…an electronic device…….I need to be repaired…Error…….Error….Dillion... Unit is shorting out….short...shorting out…


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