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Dre Hazel Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


One Self entrancement

Dre Hazel, incredibly sensual and insatiably horny blond could not wait to come back for more. Dre is definitely among the most sensual and fun loving girls, I have had the pleasure to train and yes, I could not wait for her to come back as well. Just thinking about watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions, her mind go dim and absent, her intense stares and crossing eyes while being trained to perfection and remembering her confused and sometimes embarrassed facial expressions while trying to talk her way out of it, was enough to get me going. I could go on and on about what a great subject Dre is and how she makes every segment of the session special and different as her subconscious mind seems to hold a well of sensual and sexual fantasies but I am sure you guys remember her from her first session.

I am deeply entranced for you master

Show me how much you missed my control over you

Dre loves what I do and although she can be very controlling at times, she ultimately wants to surrender and succumb to the right man. I had a feeling that she would be back which made me program her to "self-entrance" herself the next time she would be in my place. Needless to say, the training starts right away after she puts herself under. I decide to bring out the memory from her last visit and sure enough, she is horny and willing almost right away. Her body starts to quiver under my suggestions and I can feel her desire to orgasm. Of course that would be way too early. Some masturbation, not allowed to orgasm, zombie/sleepwalker pose, orgasm on command, begging, denied orgasm training, repetitions and more. Really intense start of the session.

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Dre Hazel Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel that I make you orgasm

I am going deeper and deeper for my master

First slowly repeated mantras, oh my god, uncontrollable marathon orgasms, slow mind reduction/brain washing, kneeling, begging, denied masturbation, blissful deeply entranced moments, the power of intense sexual suggestions and even more intense open eyed orgasms.

I know, it is a long list but as you all know, female training does include a lot of steps, at least in my book. Dre is taken from intense sexual heights to blissful mindless depth within seconds and then driven up the wall for lust yet again. Her arms are, at times, made to feel forced behind her head as she feels helplessly fucked and used. I can feel that she responds even better now than in her first training. The more she feels my power the more she goes ballistic, her body goes into intense convulsions, particularly when she is orgasmed without being allowed to touch herself. I am your mindless slave master. Probably one of the most intense beginning of the session.



Dre Hazel Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless shell master

Feel how wonderful is not to think

Dre is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. Her mind is empty and she is in this receptive state, which is perfect for my kind of training. I make her feel caressed and played with while having no control over it. Her body quivers and shakes like a leaf but it becomes even more intense when I decide to freeze and immobilize her. Unable to move, she is slowly brought to orgasm. The harder she freezes the harder she feels the orgasms. Nobody else can make me feel like this master. Of course that is still all just warm up training. Time for more brain and mind reduction (laser beam induced) and long and slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your mindless shell master. Still there is lots more to come. Dre is placed on her back and now it is time for her to show and to let me feel that she is a good little girl who has only one thing on her mind and that is, to surrender to her masters power over her. Watching her already hot and sweaty body go into convulsions under my care, her feet twitch and contract after I remove one of her shoes, her intense stares in disbelieve over how intense it feels as well as listening to her screaming hard orgasms on my command, is really, really hot.



Dre Hazel Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Use me as you wish master

Dre has been an amazing subject so far and it is now time to take it up a notch. First though, she has to be take even deeper while her thoughts and attention are absorbed by the intense masturbation. The deeper she sinks, the more intense she is allowed to feel her lust. I tell you, that girl is horny and ready to let her own lust drive her over the edge. She keeps repeating, I am your orgasm slave master until she is ordered to explode. After that, she is placed on all four and made to feel fucked "doggy style" until she screams and begs. Great close ups of her feet, ass and face BTW. Now we need to find out what the fucking chair does to her. I cannot even begin to describe that one. I keep twirling the chair until she drifts into an even deeper trance and the keep her cuming until she almost .

More laser beam mind and will reduction and another round of spinning, finally render her mindlessly open for more programming. Still, the laser training is still to come. Dre's clit feels intensely hot and stimulated when she feels the laser but that is not all. The second she feels the laser on her throat, it stops her breathing until it is removed. Probably one of the most intense breath controlled orgasm I have seen and felt. More mind reduction leaves her zombied out and ready for more programming.



Dre Hazel Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves do not have a choice

Thank you master for training me

This next one is just as intense as the last four segments and it shows her complete surrender and unconditional acceptance of my power over her. Dre is still in chair of transformation. Her most intense and most likely her most hidden sexual fantasy is become a reality as I make her feel it like she could have never imagined it. Dre will from now on orgasm (within 2 minutes) whenever she, just so much as thinks about her most secret and deepest sexual fantasies. Of course I have to make her feel that fantasy, so that it sinks in as a P H suggestion. After that, we take her down into a state of blissful mindlessness for more programming.

Still, we are not quite done with her. After more of the spinning chair, screaming hard orgasms, mantras (slow and monotone) and mind and will reduction, it is now time to take full control. Watching her go out while giving me all of her energy and strength is hot. She keeps cuming and cuming until she eventually with her eyes wide open. I tell you, that girl is trained t perfection. Laser induced breath controlled orgasms, begging, intense stares and....



Dre Hazel Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
How to entrance your man

A bit longer but well worth it. Dre is truly an amazing subject

Dre, a famous book author has published another best seller in which she describes in detail how any woman can easily "entrance" and control her man. Needless to say, she is a bit of a feminist and she has no problems with the fact that some women might misuse their new found power. Our little girl, I mean, our famous author is so convinced and full of herself that she even wants to take on me, the poor reporter who has to write an article about her. Guess what happens when she raises the watch and starts to take me deeper with her soft voice. OK, you guessed it, she goes down and before long, she is ready to be used. I am deeply entranced for you master. I am nothing but your horny slave master.

Her training includes, kneeling, bend over ass out masturbation as well as feeling helplessly fucked, denied orgasms, begging, yes masters, slow repetition of mantras, stares into lala land, orgasms o command, zombie/sleepwalker pose and... It gets even hotter towards the end when she becomes aware of what happened but now she starts to slowly go to sleep. Watching her struggle to stay awake while being very unsure about her powers which leaves her confused, is seriously sizzling hot.




Dre Hazel Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a mindless person

I am not on any meds

Mrs. Hazel, our famous author wakes up, feeling quite embarrassed and somewhat foggy, which under the circumstances seems understandable. Of course she does not want her picture taken like this, I mean, who wants to be on page one of the newspaper, dressed in pantyhose and bra only. Anyway, she does, after getting dressed, want to try to put me under again, after all, this could have only be an unfortunate misunderstanding. What happens next is hilarious and sexy at the same time. The second she starts her second attempt to put me under, she freezes up and goes mindless at the same time. Now the fun begins. Dre snaps out of it still frozen and with her tongue hanging out. Unable to pull her tongue back in, the poor thing tries to explain and or voice her discomfort and embarrassment.

Her comments are so hilarious that Lana was cracking up when she was watching her as she tried to speak. Looks like we need to help her by rendering her mindless again. Of course she does not like that idea when I mention it to her but, does she really have a choice. When I snap her out of it, she finds herself frozen yet again with her hand stuck to her head. No matter what I do, it seems like her body only moves when I manipulate it, which causes her even more discomfort. Wait until you see what happens once she feels the orgasm wand in her pantyhose. Really amazing freeze segment.






Dre Hazel Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
What side effects?

Side effects may include sudden blurry vision, intense arousal, the need to fuck, over sensitivity to stimulation of the genitals, orgasmic behavior, uninhibited offerings of sexual favors, loss of brain function and in some cases even memory loss.

Dre, our eager lab assistant, disobeys a direct order from her boss, which does get her in a whole lot of trouble. Instead of letting the special team analyze the new perfume from France, she takes it upon herself to not only analyze but to also sniff the new fragrance. This one is hot. Dre cannot seem to get enough of the stuff and it makes her feel so uninhibited, horny and out of her mind for lust that nobody can stop her. The way she rolls around on the table plays with herself in a very sensual and seductive matter, is definitely worth seeing. Our little lab assistant goes from being professional and sane to being oversexed, insanely horny, uninhibited, unprofessional (to say the least) and sensually stupid with every drag of the test tubes.




Dre Hazel Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel a breeze on my crotch

No kidding, she feels a breeze on her crotch which might be related to the fact that she is not wearing anything down there. Let's start from the beginning. Dre snaps out of it after her last, let's call it, experience thinking that she is all by herself. Of course she is confused and gets dressed right away before her boss comes back. Needless to say, she denies ever having touched the test veils of the new perfume from France. I think this might be related to the fact that she does not really remember what just happened. What can I say, the second I leave, she sniffs again and this time, the effect is more like laughing g a s. The poor thing laughs her head off and again, she rolls around the table when I come back.

Needless to say, she tries to talk her way out of it but, no luck here. I try to give her the veil with the "antidote" but that does not seem to work. In fact, it makes her freeze up but it does not help much with the laughing problem. Maybe an orgasm might help. No, not really. How about sending her into mindless bliss? Oh well, I think sleep might be the only other option. Boy does she fight that. Our little girl tries so hard to stay awake but at the end....




Dre Hazel Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
They do smell good

Dre, who applies for a sales position has no idea what she is in for. The job she is applying for is all about selling foot lotions to spas all around the country. Of course in order to get the job, she lets herself get talked into trying them out during the interview. One can see that she is not feel all that comfortable about the fact that her new boss is watching her take off her shoes in order to then slowly apply lotion all over her well taken care of feet. I don't know what it could be or why she slowly turns into a very aroused foot lover who cannot seem to stop showing and taking about her pretty feet. Intensely turned on by the fact that I am watching her gently touch her feet and legs while getting aroused. She talks about her wrinkles and how the lotion seems to make them go away and so on. Very sensual foot segment.



Dre Hazel Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Can I give you a foot job please

Want more feet? The segment got a bit longer which made me decide to split it up into two clips

This segment shows our young job applicant being more than eager to give me a combination foot/blow job. Really hot watching her "deep throating" the dildo while making herself cum right there in front of her new boss. Of course her embarrassment is indescribable when finally snap her out of it. Now she begs me for another chance, after all, she is a professional. Of course that is all just the warm up for more mindless foot worship and orgasm training. Would you go mindless for me? What do you mea..... Dre's comments and reactions are priceless.



Dre Hazel Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This is way more than inappropriate

Oops, I almost "ashed" my pussy

Did you buy these with my sisters money dude? Dre, my wife's younger sister makes it no secret that she does not think much of me, her sister's husband, what so ever. A guy who cannot hold down a job for more than three month, is just no good. Anyway, during our not so friendly conversation, my sister in law suddenly asks me for a cigarette and that my friends, was a big mistake. Not for all of us of course. Despite my well meant warnings, our little girl, slowly but surely, turns into an oversexed, smoking little bimbo, who would even be willing to fuck her brother in law. Really hot smoking, bimbofication segment.



Dre Hazel Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your servant master

One more round of fun with our sexy young sister in law. Dre snaps out of it and you just have to see her reaction. Needless to say, she wants to tell my wife about all this and that my friends, is sure not going to happen. My comments about making her my girlfriend or I should better say, my secret fuck bunny, does not defuse the situation at all. Well, looks like there is only one other option and that would be to turn her into an obedient robot. Her brain is removed and replaced with all kinds of circuitry and she is ready for programming. Multiple orgasm program loading. Of course she has to learn to salute, clean the carpet, masturbate, repeat orders and programming, laser induced heat in her pleasure center which eventually leads to multiple orgasms and so much more. Plenty of yes masters.



Dre Hazel Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning

Running the night cleaning crew of a down town office building is certainly not an easy job, particularly when the crew mainly consists of "cleaning ladies". Well, I guess you all know what I mean. Being the night manger and all, it is my job to keep everybody on schedule which why I decided to check in on Dre, who always was one of my favorite cleaning ladies. For some reason, she seemed off schedule that night, which was very unusual. The second I saw her, I had a feeling that something was not quite right with her.

Sure enough, she kept talking about a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner, which I thought was odd. Things got even more bizarre when she used the all purpose cleaner on the carpet which was so not her. I cannot get into all the details here but something happened when she tried to start the dam vacuum cleaner. I am not sure whether she got zapped or what but things got really weird. Malfunctions, reprogramming, some masturbation, robot moves and more. Dre is absolutely amazing in this one.


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