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Dre Hazel Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Good girls don't need a mind

Dre Hazel, extremely sexual and naturally submissive blond turned out to be one of my best subjects, after having overcome the initial nervousness of course. Most of the girls are a bit nervous to begin with and our beautiful Dre was no exception but once we got started, she dropped like a rock and I was able to take her places and make her do things that I wanted to do for a long time. You will know what I mean once you watch some of her amazingly hot clips. Dre is a delight to work with and her zest for live and the need for pleasure combined with her natural submissiveness makes each and every segment of her update sexually charged and, for the lack of a better word, hot.

We met Dre at this year's fetish con but due to some scheduling problems we had to wait a few weeks for her to be able to come to our studio, which is what I like better anyways. What else is there to say about Dre? Well, maybe I should mention that she has a day job and that she does these kind of shoots only here and there, which is something that makes her the closest to the proverbial "girl next door" one can get to. OK, enough said, go and see for yourself.

Slow eye closing, balloon test, lots of breathing and body language.

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Dre Hazel Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Scream for your master

As I always say, giving them their first orgasm of the session is always exciting and that certainly holds true in Dre's case. The way her sexy young body goes into lustful convulsions, the way she spreads her legs as if she could not get it in deep enough, her low moaning and groaning which slowly turns into lustful screams and the intensity of her orgasms is extremely sexual and it shows already how much she wants to surrender to her new master. The idea of losing control is what seems to drive her into insane lust and suggestions like the harder you try not to...the harder it hits you, is what makes her give up.



Dre Hazel Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and I obey your will

Dre has shown already that she needs and wants to be controlled and now it is time for her to prove it. Her young body is still intensely shivering and shaking from the last round of her training and I decide to make her cum just like that, with no foreplay or in other words, just because I say so. Next comes her first open eyed orgasm after the proper mind and will reduction, that is. Her eyes are clued to the watch in my hand, she keeps repeating, I follow and I obey, as she is driven into even more intense feelings of lust. Finally, the slow repetitions make her orgasm as she stares into nothingness. I make her feel and know that she has no control over any of this. More repetitions of, I am a mindless slave, take her even deeper and with that, under my control. Suddenly her hands feel helplessly pulled behind her head and her legs are forced apart. Dre is going nuts as her body goes into lustful convulsions again. She keeps screaming, I have no control and I follow and obey your will master as I keep her cuming for a long time. Finally empty and mindless, my horny little girl admits that her body and mind are under my control. Too hot to describe it all.



Dre Hazel Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
You have turned me into a mindless slave master

You are my master, use me as you wish

Dre is starting to get hot and I can see the first drops of her sweet sweat running down her chest. Her body seems out of control as she feels helplessly fucked and used by her master. She keeps repeating the words, obedient slave, and again, her body goes into lustful convulsions. I have no choice, no control, I am a mindless slave. Time to place her on her knees for some more slow mind and will reduction. Her eyes are focused on the watch and the repetitions of the mantra, reduce my thoughts and mind master, become slower and slower. All of a sudden our little girl feels deeply penetrated and fucked again and she is orgasmed at will.

Of course we are not quite done with her. Still on her knees, our horny little girl is ordered to masturbate while pinching her own nipples. Again, the slightest use of force seems to drive her crazy for lust as her body keeps quivering and shaking under my suggestions that she not only feels fucked but also spanked at the same time. Dre ends up, after more mantras and mind-reduction that is, completely empty and mindless as she stares right through my waving hand in front of her eyes. Seriously hot and again, too much to describe. Intense mindless stares, slow mantras, forced orgasms and many more of your favorites.



Dre Hazel Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Only you can orgasm me master

I am sorry master for having been disobedient

This next segment starts with Dre still mindlessly repeating (see the end of clip four) please make me a mindless slave. All of a sudden though she feels the deep intense penetration again and three more repetitions of her mantra make her cum again. Our sexy young girl is a sweaty and extremely horny mess by now and it seems to be a good time to finish her up, if you know what I mean? First she has to learn that only her master decides when and for how long she orgasms, after all, the degree of pleasure she is allowed to feel is entirely up to her master. Dre is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her as she stares into nothingness. I have no thoughts and no mind of my own, I have you master. Now is a good time to take her even deeper into a completely mindless trance from which she will awake only when I allow her to.

Dre's next orgasm is so intense that it knocks her off her feet and she goes to the ground. Of course that is all just warm up. What comes next is not easy to put into words. Dre learns about the power of the breath controlled orgasms and with that she experiences the most intense orgasms of her young live. Our little girl is completely exhausted and her surrender is complete and unconditional. More intense mindless stares, slow mind reduction, screaming hard orgasms, slow mantras, lots of repetitions and, and, and...



Dre Hazel Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Have you been a bad boy today

As mentioned, Dre is an amazingly good subject and this next segment, which is very different from our usual updates, certainly proves it. Dre, who believes to be my boss, sees no other way than to fire me for having run up the companies phone bill by more than $2000 in order to satisfy my need to have phone sex during office hours. Come on, I just called a couple of those 900 numbers and it did not really take all that long. Certainly no reason to fire me. I even offer to pay it back, over the next four years or so. What can I say, Dre has no compassion and or understanding for someone who calls these kind of phone sex hotlines in the first place.

Luckily in the middle of our conversation her phone rings and the second she picks it up, everything changes. My stern boss turns into the sexiest, most sensual phone sex operator imaginable. The way she seductively talks to her customer on the other end of the line, her moves, the way she describes every detail of what she wants him to do with her and the way she actually finishes herself off by the end of the call is so extremely hot that I just don't know how to describe it all but I bet you, she is going to get you to cum by the end of the clip, if not earlier. Dre is so amazing that I did not say a word until she was done with her amazing act of seduction.



Dre Hazel Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless horny slut

Let's turn on the intercom system so everybody can hear what the boss is up to.

Dre, our prudish boss, wakes up remembering what just happened. Oh my god, is she confused and embarrassed or what? Of course the first thing on her mind is to call the client, who she just so skillfully seduced over the phone, back. After all, she needs to apologize for what she just did. Naturally, she tries to get rid of me first but as soon as she puts the receiver on her ear, it happens again.

Dre sinks into a mindless trance and my horny oversexed phone sex operator is back. This time though, she believes to hear my voice through the phone. Again, what comes next is not easy to describe. Seductive and extremely horny, my little slave switches on the intercom and shares with everybody that she is a mindless, horny slut who will now orgasm for her master. Of course that is all just the beginning, There is a whole lot of masturbation, repetitions, stares, forced and denied orgasms, mind reduction and, and and.. going on. At some point, our little girl orgasm simply because she feels the phone receiver between her legs. Lots of yes masters as well. Really hot and again, it shows how good of a subject our little girl is.




Dre Hazel Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is the best thing I have ever felt in my live

If you like feet and even more importantly a girl, who goes nuts over her feet, feels penetrated when she takes them deep into her mouth, begs to have them touched by her master because it makes her cum instantaneously, becomes insanely aroused just by touching and or licking them and who loves to talk about every detail of her cute little feet, than this next segment is definitely for you. Of course that is all just the beginning. Dre, my oh so unforgiving boss, snaps out of it again and what can I say, she feels even more embarrassed and confused than before. Of course she has to call the client, who she just served as a love slave, back in order to apologize for her behavior. Oops, here we go again.

 Our little girl drops instantaneously back into a deep mindless trance and now all she wants is to please with her feet and yes, the intercom is still on for everybody to hear what she has to say about her soft feet, her wrinkles and how it vibrates in her pussy as soon as she licks and sucks them. She seductively tears the pantyhose apart and frees her feet so that she can take them deep into her mouth. I am now cuming for my master. At some point, our sexy foot slave is not allowed to touch her feet which drives her crazy for lust and she begs me to just barely touch them so she can orgasm. Too much going on to explain it all but believe me, this one is hot. To all employees please know that I am my master foot and orgasm slave.



Dre Hazel Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Burlesque is an art form

Eating the forbidden fruit leads to the inability to move

Dre, who believes to have just landed a job at the new Burlesque club, has come to see me to have her pictures taken for the new program book. As we all know, Burlesque dancers or performers practice the art of showing nothing while revealing a lot. If you don't exactly know what it is, I suggest goggling it. Anyway, it is obvious that she is not impressed by the photographer and she is definitely not willing to give me a private show. Oh well, I am used to it. All of a sudden she spots the beautiful grapes, which are for decoration only. Needless to say, Dre loves grapes and she is seemingly upset when I tell her that the grapes are an "experiment gone wrong" and that she is not allowed to eat them. What can be so bad about grapes, particularly when they look as beautiful and tasty as the ones in my studio.

 To make a long story short, the second I leave the room to get a new battery for my camera, Dre just cannot resist. Sure enough, the second she eats one of the grapes her body freezes up while her mind seizes to function. Told you so, didn't I? Well, let's have her mind come back and see what she thinks about all this. Of course that leads to some confusion and yes, a bit of frustration on her part and my idea of making her orgasm on my count of three, does not defuse the situation one bit. Maybe we need to see what is hidden under the sexy Burlesque costume before making her cum again. Or maybe we should move her around a bit which might help her to find her mobility. No, that wasn't it either. Lots of freeze fun and mind games.



Dre Hazel Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I would not swallow that if I were you

Part one: Our sexy burlesque dancer wakes up again as she is hit by a very powerful orgasm. Unable to stop it, she finally surrenders and enjoys the simple pleasures of being able to move while being orgasmed. Poor thing really does not know what is going on and her idea to leave seems the next best thing to do, given the embarrassing circumstances and all. Unfortunately though, the grapes seems to have another nasty side effect which is that they re-activate, so to speak and with that, her body freezes up again. Of course she does not believe me when I tell her that this will happen but two minutes later, she is just standing there, stiff and ridged without a worry in the world (mindless people don't worry). After playing with her a bit, I decide to have her mind come back and place yet another grape in her mouth. Of course she is warned that eating the grape will make her orgasm while her mind will go away. Will she eat the grape or can she resist the forbidden fruit?

Part two of this segment starts with Dre coming back from a brief deepening and believe it or not, the second I leave the room, she has yet another grape. Looks like she forgot what happened the first time. Anyway, this time the grape makes her laugh uncontrollably. It is almost like she feels tickled or so. Of course she lies about having had one of the grapes. Dre is going nuts and her only way out of this torture is to take off her dress. Well, I kind of lied, I mean the tickling sort of stopped but then she has to orgasm, which was not what she had in mind when she went for the deal. At some point, she even loses all control over her muscles and that is when I....... Lots of freeze, tickle, forced orgasm and even more mind control.



Dre Hazel Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless Being

The Stepfo...d syndrome

Aware yet unable to get out of the robot programming

Dre, a dancer at the local strip has been sent to me by her boss, to help her with her routine and to work on her attitude. Being a bit of a trouble maker, our young stripper does not seem to believe that her routine needs any help from a two-bit dance instructor like me and the idea of being send here for an attitude adjustment, certainly makes her mad. Looks like she believes that women should have a mind of their own and that talking back is their god given right. Well, I think this calls for the brain wave converter, don't you think? Of course she does not believe that I can just turn off her mind with the device I am holding but the second it goes off, our little trouble maker instantaneously snaps at attention as she turns into an obedient robot, with no mind of her own. Much better.

Of course she has to be programmed now to acknowledge my orders by saying, yes master, and the fact that her nipples are switches which can be used to change her programming. The left nipple for example activates her "Stepford Wife" program which turns her into the perfect house keeper, while the right nipple activates her bimbo/slut program which turn her into the perfect sex toy. After some intense bend over, ass out masturbation with denied orgasm training, our sexy dancer becomes aware of who she is but it is impossible for her to get out of her "obedient robot programming" which makes her comply with my orders and the fact that the rest of her mind has to be removed while being aware of it. Really hot and different.



Dre Hazel Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
My dad tried to be one of those too

Our sexy yet unruly dancer wakes up after a moment of mindless silence and it seems like her attitude is back to being . Of course, me mentioning that I am not only a dance instructor but also a female trainer and that I promised her boss to send her back to him in a, let's just call it, different frame of mind, does not help much to change her rebellious behavior either. In fact it might make her feel even more apprehensive. She talks about me being on pipe dreams and that her dad tried to train her and so on but in the middle of her rambling on about "whatever", she is suddenly hit by the effects of my new light shaker. Finally, mindless silence fills the room.

Dre just stands there and stares mindlessly into nothingness. Time for some masturbation with her arm up in the air. You know, just to make it a bit more uncomfortable. Believe it or not but the second her mind returns, our little girl decides to leave which I have no problem with. Unfortunately for her though, she suddenly freezes up. Why can't I move my butt? Can things get worse for her? Try turning to "Jell-O" while having a vibrator stuck between your legs. Dre's liquefied body seems to have no strength and she goes, despite her best efforts to stay up, slowly to the ground while...



Dre Hazel Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Final attitude adjustment

Dre wakes up feeling quite confused about what just happened and believe it or not, she still has not learned her lesson. Some girls are slow learners and it looks like Dre is one of them. Anyway, she tries to leave again but unfortunately for her, she does not seem to have the strength to do so. In fact her body gets weaker and weaker and she slowly goes down again. Of course the idea that I might play with her limp body while she is asleep, keeps her up as long as possible but eventually, she has to give up and surrender to her fate. Our sleeping beauty, still unable to move, wakes up with a very powerful orgasm. Poor thing is too weak to get up and the vibrator I am holding between her legs makes her beg for an orgasm but it also takes even more strength out of her body, particularly when she is finally allowed to explode. Of course there are a few more futile attempts to leave and of course her final surrender to come. Hot and different.



Dre Hazel Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Fuck me while I am hot

Dre, my beautiful date actually agreed to come home with me. I know it might not sound like a big deal but to me it was, after all most of my dates have no interest what so ever to come home with me, particularly not after the first date. Well the story below was suggested by one of our most loyal and helpful viewers and we did try to get as close to his suggestion as possible. Some of the dialog might be slightly different but as I mentioned, we tried to stay as close as possible to the storyline.

 Dre is sensational and believe me you can feel that she really enjoys herself in this one. Frank Wait, there’s something I have to tell you. I'm, I’m not a real girl, I'm synthetic, an artificial human. Sure you are and I'm Darth Vader, Dre I'm a robot, I only look like a real girl. I was designed to appear and function as a human female. Frank Wow you take your role-playing seriously Dre But I'm telling you the truth. I'm an experimental android prototype. I hit on you at the bar because your friend told me that you repair robots for a living and there’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Frank Like you said I fix robots for a living, and I happen to know that they're’ big bulky things they use to spot weld car seats or cut sheet metal. Dre unbuttons a button halfway down her sweater and separates the fabric to reveal exposed wires and blinking lights. Frank Whoa, Holy Crap, you are a robot, I can’t believe it you seem so real. Dre I was designed that way. I am one of 10 infiltration units programmed to blend in with the human population part of a government experiment. My existence is highly classified. Frank Then why are you telling me?

 Dre Like I said, there’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Frank Try What? Dre My friend Cindy is android like me. Last week she was damaged in a car accident and had to be taken in for repair. While she was malfunctioning on the table, the repair technician took advantage of her. Frank That’s messed up Dre He was fired after the incident, but Cindy told me that Malfunction during sex was the most sensual feeling that she has ever experienced I just have to experience it for my self. Don’t you see your perfect, your cute and you can fix robots. You mean you want me to …you know….while your short circuiting ? Dre Well Yah, Don’t you want to? Don’t like my body. I was designed and programmed to please a man. Oh come on , it’ll be fun…….I promise. Dre flashes a flirtatious smile, reaches over her body with her right hand and begins to fondle her left breast. Frank I don't know, it still seems pretty risky. I've never worked on anything as advanced as you. What if I can’t fix you afterwards? Dre Most of my components are pretty basic We’ll just be careful to avoid tampering with anything too vital. Frank Are You Sure you want to do this? Dre It's okay, just remember what we talked about. Touch only secondary circuits and nonessential wiring. We just need to be careful to stay away from vital components like my motherboard and my CPU. Dre Alright here goes nothing

 Dre reaches into her sweater and grabs a small bundle of wires. Take several deep breaths, trying to find her courage. Eventually she tightens her and yanks with all her might. She lets out indiscernible gasp as her body spasms in her eyes widen from the shock to her system. Error…Error……..Auxiliary relays damaged, signal interrupted, unable to reroute. Please initiate repair……………. Whoa… I feel pretty strange.... Pretty strange……. Oh ! I think I…. Think I…. Accidentally….. Pulled the wrong wire…….. The wrong wire……… The wrong wire…….. wire. The wrong wire……. The wrong……….Wow that freaky Frank Do You want to stop? Should I repair the damage> Dre Negative, Negative, Please fuck me I am designed to be fucked. Her hands are exploring her body as her mind returns. And Dre Don't you just love my breast? Touch my body I feel like real girl, but I'm totally synthetic…….Totally synthetic………. Synthetic. Dre begins to unbutton her sweater as Mike enters her (remember I envisioned a virtual simulation, but feel free to rewrite if either you or the actress is uncomfortable with this approach) she begins to slowly writhe in response to Mike’s attention. Dre Do with me what you will, I’m just a machine, I’m just a machine, a machine…….. Some what concerned by Dre’s odd behavior Mike pauses a moment. Frank Are you ok? Dre Don't stop! Penetrate me, faster, faster….. Overload my circuits….. I want you to make me short-circuit…. To short-circuit…….. to short-circuit. Mike adheres to Dre’s demands and picks up his pace. She cries out in pleasure as her body moves rhythmically back and forth in response to Mike's efforts. Her eyes open so wide that they appear as if they might pop out of her head. Her expression transitions back and forth between a ditzy smile, pure ecstasy, and occasional moments of shock and concern. Mike decides to escalate things a bit, reaching underneath Dre’s back and Yanking free of large bundle of wires. She spasms uncontrollably for a moment, then her head against a jerk to the left and back repeatedly as she cries out warning and error messages. Dre Malfunction… Malfunction……Dre unit damaged ….Oh my God what did you do to me…… do to me….? Don’t stop……. Faster ….Faster…… Oh God that feels incredible….I’m starting to short circuit…….to short circuit………sto short circuit. Fuck me harder………overload my circuits……………overload my circuits…I’m designed to be fucked. Short me out baby…..Short ….short…….short me out. As Dre jerks and writhes she begins to feverishly pull wires and boards from her body indiscriminately.

She reaches down with both hands out of the camera frame, peering to fumble for a moment before jerking free and large circuit board. Frank Holy crap, I'm pretty damn sure that was a vital component. Dre Shut up and Fuck me, Fuck me baby, Overload my processors. Dre I think we better think a bout stopping and making some repairs Dre Fuck me now fix me later…….I want to short circuit..with you inside of me….Its hap…hap….happening. Oh God Cindy was right its incredible….I’m going to O…to ..O…..O….overload……..Overload…..Oh..Oh no ….Oh no!..........Fatal Error in Dre…………pleeeeeeeease fix meeeeeeeeeeee. Dre Cries out in ecstasy and collapses. Frank I knew this was a bad idea, I’m going to have program some common sense into once I get you repaired.


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