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Journey into the subconscious world

Emily, hot blooded sexy Russian beauty with the most sensual raspy voice, was referred to us by Tatiana Petrova, who we certainly remember from her solo as well as her girl/girl sessions. Believe it or not when I first saw Emily the way she talked, walked and carried herself, I really thought she was a hot Latina who has tried out a different hair color.

Turned out she grew up in South Florida which explains pretty much all her mannerism. What a mix, Russian with a hint of Latina, who could say no to that? Besides her great attitude, her big tits and her desire for uninhibited sexual ecstasy, Emily has this deep seeded need to please, which BTW, she did not even now about when we started the session. Of course it took a bit to bring it out in her but as we all know, I never turn down a challenge, particularly not a good looking one like this.

Emily's trip down into the realm of her subconscious went smooth and when I saw her eyelids flicker, her head wobble and her posture relax after only a few minutes in, I knew she was going down.

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Emily Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to relinquish all control

Emily's training begins slow and gentle. I start teasing her by letting her feel the vibration of my voice as a gentle stimulation on her clit. Her body starts to twitch under my voice and she slowly opens her legs ever so slowly. I know right then and there, that she is very suggestible which makes me want to drive her further into bliss. Slowly but surely, I keep intensifying the sexual stimulation of her quivering body while programming her to let go of her mind, will and thoughts. The more she lets go the more intense she feels the love making. Absorbed by lust and the pleasure she is feeling, Emily is now wide open for her obedience training.

The love making becomes more forceful and the better she obeys the more intense she is allowed to feel it. All of a sudden Emily starts to expose her body without me even mentioning it. The feeling of being naked and exposed turns her on even more. She is begging me to let her cum but that would be way too early. I have her stare at the crystal pyramid in my hand until her eyes start to role all the way back. Drained of her thoughts, mind and will, Emily surrenders into a series of orgasms.



Emily Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your empty shell master

More for our mantra, mindless stare, hands free orgasm, bend over ass out masturbation and zombie pose lovers.

There is only one master, becomes her first mantra as she is staring at me with wide open empty eyes. Now it is time to have her stand up with her arms stretched out straight in front of her. Emily's sexy little body seems to have no strength as she slowly gets up and then just stands there in front of me. The slow and monotone repetition of “there is only one master” keeps taking her into an even deeper and more oblivious trance. (BTW, the way she pronounces the word master is really hot). Her big dark eye start to role back again as she slowly and very sensually pleasures herself.

Emily's mind is absorbed by the repetition of the mantra and her slow masturbation which makes it a perfect time to program her even further. Mindless and empty, Emily is ordered to bend over the couch so we all can enjoy her ass. I can feel that she wants to be a good little girl for me. I make her feel helplessly fucked from behind and I can feel how the feeling of being used turns her on. “I am mindless for you, master” - Very dramatic ending.



Emily Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed out

If you have watched the first few clips of Emily's training, you have certainly noticed that her eyes drift all the way back into her head every time I take her deeper and I know many of you like the white eyed trance. Well, here is a lot more of that. Emily's sexy young body is still quivering from the last segment as I order her to go down on her knees. Sure enough her eyes role all the way back again the second I deepen her trance and they remain there for the better part of the clip. Her body goes into lustful convulsions as she is driven into another series of very intense orgasms. I can feel that she is almost done as her body starts to go down and now its time for Emily to give it all up. Emily ends up twitching and shivering until she goes out completely. It is really hot to watch her orgasm as she is drifting deeper with her eyes rolling back. Intense and certainly not only for our white eyed trance lovers.



Emily Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to serve you master

You could never do that to me!

Thinking that she is my dad's new girlfriend our little girl seems to have no interest in me, his son. Of course dad's money has nothing to do with it and the fact that he is almost fifty years older than she is, seems quite all right to her. Of course dad never mentioned the robot game to her and he certainly did not mention that I am into that kind of stuff as well. What are you talking about, obedient robot, programmed to serve? She keeps going on about women and brains, independence blablabla and that something like that could not happen to her until, Bam; she snaps at attention and salutes her master. Finally quiet, she is ordered to go down on her knees so that she can clean the carpet with her clothes which look much better in her hands than on her body, if you know what I mean.

Of course that is all just the warm up. My little robot is now ordered to pleasure herself without being allowed to cum. I keep driving her close and then order her to stop. Emily's hot body is quivering and shaking, her eyes role back again as she drops further into mindless robotic bliss. Of course there is still more, many yes masters later, Emily is finally ordered to orgasm for me and this one almost knocks her off her feet. Very intense, lots of slow robotic repetitions, yes masters, instantaneous transformation, salutes and more of your favorites.



Emily Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
You better fix me

Emily believes to be a room service waitress at a 5 star hotel and that she is serving me my afternoon coffee in my room. Doesn't she look sexy in her little uniform. No wonder I can't keep my eyes off of her but unfortunately, as usual, she has a jealous boyfriend and is not the least bit interested in me. What a shame. Of course she is very polite about it, which I believe has to do with the fact that she might expect a nice tip. Oh well, at least she is nice enough to hand me the TV remote from across the room. I should actually better say, she tries to hand me the remote. Half way across the room, she suddenly stops as if her legs could not move the way they were supposed to.

Could it be that she was slowly freezing up? No, how could that possibly happen. Poor thing rambles on about her legs being stiff and then her arms and then....You should see the look in her eyes when she realizes that her entire body is slowly starting to freeze up. Of course I try to help her but before I can do anything, she is just standing there, frozen and mindless. I think this is a good time to take a closer look and find out what's hiding under the sexy little uniform. Her mind returns right when I take the remote out of her hand and stick it into a more appropriate location. Does she wonder about her position and the fact that she can not move. You bet ya but then again, whop cares. For some reason it seems like she believes that I might have something to do with her predicament and I am sure that the fact that I am taking a closer look at her cherry ass, convinces her even more so.

Again, my little girl keeps going on about me better fixing her and blablabla. Of course being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her by waving my hand in front of her big eyes but that unfortunately only sends her back into mindless bliss. The segment ends with Emily just mindlessly sitting there on the couch as the camera slowly zooms over her body. Great mindless stares BWT.



Emily Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you think that could happen

This one has it all, mindless freezes galore, rolling eyes, aware and quite bitchy moments, mindless masturbation turns into the in the inability to stop masturbating and of course a happy ending.

The situation has not improved for our little waitress. After having mindlessly taken off the rest of her clothes, she finds herself frozen again and this time with her arms stretched out in front of her. Letting her become aware only leads to another bitch session but then again who could blame her, after all it is a bit strange be helplessly frozen in a strangers hotel room. Let's try the waving hand again, shall we. No, again it does not work all she feels now is obedient mindless bliss. How about some masturbation as her mind is gradually coming back. Wow, that really got her going, now she can stop fingering herself, no matter how hard she tries. Let's try taking her deeper. Well that only makes her role her eyes as she is still pleasuring herself. Maybe we should freeze her again. Of course all this is just a small part of what is going on in this segment.




Emily Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am way too sophisticated

Sleepy little non believer learns her lesson

Emily snaps out of it after a brief deepening and for some reason, she believes that the session just started. We start talking about what I do and the session to come and I can not help but notice that she does not seem to believe in hypnosis at all. The little girl has quite an attitude when she tells me that she is way too sophisticated for that kind of stuff. About for seconds later though, she passes out and drops like a rock. I wonder why. She does not even notice that I am playing with her like a little ragdoll. You know, pulling her up, letting her drop and so on. Anyway, let's wake her up and see whether she learned her lesson. No, not at all. Now she rambles on about how much control she has over her mind. Oops, there she drops again. Let's see what happens when I take off her dress while she is out. Will she notice when she wakes up and remember what just happened?



Emily Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
What's with the dam bugs

Emily is quite clueless about the fact that she is half naked and she certainly does not seem to remember the session at all. Unfortunately, she still does not seem to believe that she can be entranced. Oh boy, this is going to be a touch one. All of a sudden though she seems to have a hard time concentrating. Something is crawling all over her skin. She keeps slapping and robbing her arms and body as she complains about the bugs driving her nuts. Of course, I can not see any bugs. Could it be allergies? No, no, I have no allergies, no nothing. I think the only way to help her is to....



Emily Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh, that felt good

Emily does not believe that I might be able to help her with her orgasm problems. Some girls are just slow learners, don't you think. Why would I orgasm right here in front of you? Good question, girl. Somehow though, she seems very thirsty and what do you know, there is a glass of water right next to her on the table. Something very strange happens the second she drinks the water. Her sexy little body starts to shiver and shake and despite her desperate attempts to hide what is happening, my little sweetie orgasms, right there in front of me. Let's try it again, after all it can not be the water that made her cum. Oops, here we go again. Let's try something else. How about, I count to three and you will orgasm again. No way, no how. Of course we all know what happens next. You think the girl is confused enough by now. Well, judging from her rolling eyes, I would say yes. I think, I take her down again and enjoy the white in her empty and mindless eyes. You think she believes that I can actually do that to her. Of course not, after all, she is way too sophisticated for that kind of stuff. Great eye rolling as she goes out, yet again.



Emily Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean, fucked by two cowboys

I am a horny slave master

Emily is auditioning for the part of a cowgirl in our latest xxx rated movie. Unfortunately though, she does not seem to be aware of the fact that she is auditioning for a part in an xxx rated movie. Imagine her shock and surprise when I mention the masturbation scene and of course the one where she is going to be fucked by two cowboys at the same time. No way, I am a serious actress and I don't do that kind of stuff. The little girl is almost speechless and ready to leave as she suddenly sees the light shaker flashing in front of her eyes. She does not seem to be too impressed and or concerned about anything until her eyes just can not seem to look away. Emily is taken back down into deep and very obedient trance. Her eyes role back as a sign of her sinking very deep and she is ready to be trained. You are my master and I am your horny slave. Ordered to masturbate with one arm stretched out in front of her and the other one between her legs, Emily shivers and shakes so hard that it almost puts her to the ground. She keeps sinking with her eyes rolling back all the way to the end of the segment. The clip ends with her just standing there, mindless and empty while I undress her even further. Many yes masters, BTW



Emily Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean, turned on by feet

This segment starts with Emily just standing there, with her eyes rolled back as she is programmed. Snapped out of it, our little cowgirl feels quite embarrasses about the fact that her breast must have fallen out of her top. I am so sorry, I don't know what...blablabla. Things don't seem to get any easier for our little girl. As soon as she has overcome the initial surprise, I start telling her about her part in the movie where she falls in lust with her own feet. I even mention that her feet will drive her crazy for lust and that she will orgasm just because I say so. No way, I don't do that kind of stuff. All of a sudden, a smile appears on her face and the foot worship can begin.



Emily Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean, laugh and freeze for me

Nothing sexual, I am a serious...... Our little cowgirl comes back to and still does not seem to have a clue as to what is going on. She even thanks me when I compliment her on her beautiful dress. I know, what dress. Anyway, our little cowgirl does not seem to like her role in our movie. Come on who does not like to get fucked by a couple of cow wranglers. Looks like the only way to make her smile or even outright laugh again, is to tickle her. Of course we all know that my kind of tickling does not involve any touch. Emily starts to slither and quiver all over the place until she begs me to make it stop. Please, please..... Of course I try to help her but I think that I must have gotten my suggestions mixed up and she freezes up as the tickling becomes more intense. Begging, laughing, lot's of uncomfortable freezes, eye checks and so much more.


Emily Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be taking care of you tonight

I remember, I was in the mood for Italian that night and to be perfectly honest, I was dying to check out the waitress everybody was talking about at the new Italian joint right around the corner from my house. Man, what a knock out she was and her friendly attitude sure made her irresistible. I could not wait for her to come to my table to take my order and tell me about the specials of the day. I never eat the so called "specials" because that is usually the stuff that needs to go but in her case, I was so enamored by her low sultry voice that I could have listened to her talking even when she was reciting the phonebook!

My attempts to take her out for a date seemed to bother her a bit, it was actually almost like, she did not really know what I was talking about. When she started to ask me about whether I wanted red or white wine, At first, I did not think much of it but when she repeated the question five times, I did get perturbed! I mean, I liked her voice but not that much. Anyway things should get even more bizarre when she kept repeating the specials and after that asked me the same stupid question regarding the wine order again.

I am still not sure whether it was her battery that screwed her up or some type of internal memory glitch but man, I tell you, she went down hard. Who could have known that a beautiful thing like her was a fembot? I sure did not but when I found out, I could not help messing with her. Needless to say, I had a great time turning her into a sex obsessed nymph who loves to pleasure herself and of course me. The question remains though, why did I end up having Chinese that night?! Well, go and see for yourself.






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