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I am under your control, I am under your power master

Emmanuelle London, drop gorgeous temptress with not only the biggest tits but also the biggest eyes I have seen in a while had been trained by me about a year ago and we keep getting emails since then to get her back for another round of fun. Well, here she is, sexy, soft spoken, incredible pleasing, sensual and wonderful to work with as ever. I am sure you all remember her stares, her soft and gentle ways to show her surrender and of course some of those intense orgasms among many other intense moments throughout her first trainings session.

Emmanuelle, who believes to be waiting for me, cannot seem to resist picking up the pocket watch on the dresser in front of her and after only a few seconds, her eyes get stuck staring at it and it is only a question of time before she takes herself down. After that I decide to enhance her trance and to take her even deeper by making her lose herself even further in the light in my hand. I cannot wait for her to take of her dress and to stretch out her arms in front of her body, just like an obedient slave. I am your mindless slave master. Looks like it is time now for some slow repetitions of mantras like, I am under your control master and or I am under your power master, while making her crawl in circles.

Emmanuelle almost immediately gets horny and excited again as soon as she is ordered to masturbate for her master and to show me that she is back under my control. Yes masters, mind-reduction, mantras and first stares.

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Emmanuelle London Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Remember how good it feels to be under my control?

I am back under your complete control master

Emmanuelle went already deep in the last segment but I am not satisfied yet. I remembered that she needs to feel a lot of strength and authority or in other words, a strong hand, in order for her to surrender. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Remember you are my orgasm slave. As soon as she feels that she has no other choice but to succumb to my will, she goes nuts. Ordered to masturbate while her mind, will and thoughts are sucked out by the light and or course through my suggestions, her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake and eventually goes into lustful convulsions. It shows that she wants to prove to me that she is a good little girl for her master and that she is ready to be used again.

She screams, all I want to do is to cum for you master. After I make her orgasm on my count of three, it is now time for her to take off her shoes and to show me her feet. Of course showing me her feet is not enough and my little girl experiences an orgasm just because I am touching her feet but that is not all, holding and caressing her own feet eventually turns her on so much that she cannot stop cuming. She keeps repeating, I am nothing without my master and it seems to drive her insane for lust. Many yes masters, slow repetitions, forced orgasms, begging, over and over orgasms on command just because I say so and so much more. Great and very intense transformation which shows her going completely under my control.



Emmanuelle London Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your entranced love slave master

Mantras, intense breath controlled orgasm which are a great tool to tame little girls who need to feel overpowered, yes masters, mind reduction and stillness, rolling eyes, stares, zombie pose and immobilized hands and arms.

As mentioned, Emmanuelle needs a strong hand which makes me decide to start her off with a long mindless mantra. "I am your obedient mindless slave master." All of a sudden the repetitions are turning her on and I do allow her to get close to orgasm but then she has to wait. Now it is time to make her hold her breath on command. Her skin turns red, her eyes widen and I can feel that she is very horny by now and ready to explode for me. Very intense, believe me. More repetitions of, I am nothing without my master, while her mind, thoughts and will are sucked out by the flashing light in front of her wide open eyes which are starting to roll back.

Suddenly her arms and hands feel pulled behind her back while her pussy feels penetrated and caressed. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes and finally goes into lustful convulsions as she seems to love the feeling of being helplessly fucked and taken. Of course there is still another slowly repeated mantra yet to come. With her arms stretched out in front of her body, she sinks deeper while repeating, I am your entranced slave master.



Emmanuelle London Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your blank-minded slave master

You have complete control over me master

Emmanuelle still feels helplessly fucked (see end of clip three) and now it is time for her to learn that she is orgasmed for as long and as often as her master feels like it. Watching her quivering and shaking little body while being orgasmed over and over is seriously hot..."Nobody has ever made me cum like this master." Every touch of my "magic" wand intensifies her arousal ten times, twenty times......more. Time to take her back down again. Her eyes slowly get dim until she just mindlessly stares into who knows where. Her repetitions of, I am your blank minded slave, become slower and slower. Of course this is still just the warm up for more intense training.

Emmanuelle is ordered to stand up and to masturbate for her master. She keeps repeating, I want to show you that I am your orgasm slave master and I make myself cum for you. Emmanuelle, like most girls, had never felt an orgasm simply through touching, pinching and caressing her own tits. Needless to say, her eyes widen as if she was struck by lightning, when she realizes that touching her big breasts makes her feel fucked and licked hard between her legs and she orgasm even harder than before. Don't you love the power of the mind? Yes masters galore



Emmanuelle London Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for letting me come back master

As I always say, the first few segments are really one segment in which my subjects go through their initial training and surrender to the point where they are willing and ready to give it all up. Well, this last part of her initial training takes her to exactly that point. Of course there are slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your hypnotized slave master while walking back and forth through the room with her arms straight out in front of her, slow mind removal, begging to be allowed to cum for her master, yes masters, the touch of the ever so intensifying magic wand, the removal of all her physical strength and energy, screaming hard orgasms and more begging as well as her complete surrender along the way. I know, that was another long one.

Repetitions like, Thank you for letting me come back master, I am your mindless horny slave and, and, and help her along the way to let go of herself while dropping under my power. As you can see in the pictures, this one is another intense one and watching her beautiful body go nuts during her training is sizzling hot. Eye checks, neck play and final orgasm while I am holding her eyes open. Did I mention the close ups of her body and feet while she is "resting"



Emmanuelle London Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This might not your day honey

Emmanuelle, our beautiful young jogger, who got lost in my neighborhood, stops by my house to ask for directions. I cannot help but notice that she seems fascinated by all the stuff that's laying around on the table. Somehow we get to talk about what I do for a living and it seems like she does not really believe that people can be frozen while rendered mindless at the same time.

Our conversation is too long to describe but our sexy young jogger is warned not to touch anything on the table (the mask in particular) while I am running to my office to google the directions to her house. What can I say, the urge to play with the stuff is just too great and as soon as she puts the mask on her, she freezes up. Looks like it is not your day honey. Let's see what she is hiding underneath that flimsy top of hers.

Emmanuelle's reactions when I let her become aware of her situation are funny and yes, she does try to lie about having touched anything which makes it particularly funny as she is still holding the mask. Lot's more freeze fun, the magic hand, the out of control hand, the not so wanted yet appreciated orgasms, mindless stillness, some negotiating and, and, and are still to come. Really great freeze clip with lots of twists and turns.



Emmanuelle London Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not her day

Still does not believe that what I do might work

Please fuck me

Our inquisitive young and very sexy jogger snaps out of it feeling all by herself and she gets dressed as quickly as possible before I come back. (so she thinks anyways) Of course I bring the wrong directions which means, I have to leave again. Well, what can I say, I did a little programming and now she still feels drawn to picking up the mask but this time, it makes her feel excessively horny. Her feelings of arousal become stronger with every breath of (nothing).

It gets to the point where she just has to use the vibrator which also happens to be on my fun-table. By the time I come back it is already too late to stop her as she keeps pleasuring herself while breathing in (nothing) through the mask. What makes it even better is the fact that she keeps begging me to fuck her. What a change in attitude that is. Watch the clips and you will know what I mean by that. Watching her turn into an oversexed fuck toy is hot but hearing her say it is even more sizzling hot.



Emmanuelle London Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is definitely not your day honey

I have the cute factor going for me

Let's try this again. Emmanuelle snaps out of it again and after getting dressed she is ready and programmed for another round of fun. This time, she walks up to the table and grabs the mask despite my warning and sure enough, it makes her laugh and scream as if she felt tickled or something. Boy I tell you, these girls need to start listening. Anyway, soon thereafter she finds herself frozen and still tickled. As you can see in the pictures, she somehow ends up with a vibrator between her legs while experiencing her first orgasm while feeling tickled. Of course she believes that because of the "cute factor" she has going for herself that she gets away easily but that is not going to happen. Too much going on to describe it all but it gets really good towards the end when she freezes up again as soon as she tries to drink from her own water bottle.



Emmanuelle London Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
The sexual exploitation of females

Sex on TV as well as the internet should not be allowed after all, it might lead to the sexual exploitation of females.

As we all know, I don't really believe in that but our somewhat prudish talk show guest Emmanuelle seems to do so.

Of course when I mention sites like Robolust and or strip clubs, our guest seems to think that all that should be banned. To make a long story short, Emmanuelle is programmed to flash her ass when she hears the word red, blue makes her show her tits. Of course that is all just the beginning. Wait until you see what she does when I ask her what "the number one thing" women should do when in public, might be. Why does she turn into a horny stripper who suddenly feels terribly embarrassed about her behavior and why the hell does she go blank. Go find out



Emmanuelle London Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The sexual exploitation of women is a wonderful thing

I always know what I am going

Our prudish talk show guest is still adamant about the fact that even fetishes should not be portrait in public and or via the internet as it often times exploits women. The fact that she is sitting there only wearing a bra, pantyhose and boots, seems to elude her completely. Of course my kind of fetish as well as foot fetishes are the worst, in her opinion. Suddenly though she seems to have a change of hart (mind) and it looks like she just has to show off her feet in those sexy pantyhose, she is wearing. And if that was not enough, she even feels compelled to take of the pantyhose and then to drive herself insane for lust by touching her feet while we are all watching. She even admits that being exploited that way, feels intensely arousing. See, I always love to cure young girls of their sexual inhibitions, that's just what nice guys do. Let's watch her orgasm while being watched by everybody.

Of course, being the nice guy that I am, I have to touch her feet and show her where one of those very sensitive spots is that makes orgasm over and over. Now it is time to switch her back into the prudish young lady who would never do what she just did. Unfortunately for her though, at this point she has no strength left in her body which makes it impossible for her to move and or resist. Will she orgasm again when I touch that sensitive spot under her feet again? More mindless foot play, eye checks and a completely transformed or I should better say, cured young lady who loves being played with are still to come. I am a horny foot slave.




Emmanuelle London Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Deactivate my will

Emmanuelle, who believes to be at my house after our second date or so, does not seem to enthusiastic about the evening we spent together. In fact she goes as far as texting a guy she went on a date with a couple of days ago. I don't know about you but I think that her behavior just screams for an attitude adjustment. Of course she does not necessarily see it that way but then again, who cares. Needless to say that my idea of getting a 100% percent of her attention can only be achieved by turning her into an obedient robot with no mind and or will of its own, seem a bit far out there. Well, after a sharp mind altering "click", things change instantaneously. Emmanuelle jumps up and assumes the robot position. Robot Emmanuelle deactivating her will. Some highlights of her programming include stiff robot walk, yes masters and repetition of orders in a slow and robotic manner, nipple deactivation, blowjob simulation with a dildo, orgasm program activation and testing, masturbation while kneeling, crawling and so much more.



Emmanuelle London Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a stripper

Emmanuelle has been trained not to remember what just happened so that we can all have another round of fun with her.

Taking a girl to a strip club on the first date is maybe not the best idea and Emmanuelle certainly agrees with me on that one. In fact she feels a bit perturbed about the evening and makes it perfectly clear that she is no stripper. Needless to say that my dream of having a girl friend who is also a stripper, seems rather disgusting to her and she makes it perfectly clear that she is not a stripper. At the sap of my fingers, all that nonsense changes as she turns into a very seductive and sensual stripper. After a while of her mindlessly stripping, I make her feel and believe that she is watched by a bunch of guys behind the mirrors which are all around her. Emmanuelle gets turned on by the idea of being desired by all these men and her dance turns even more sexual (to the point where she brings herself to orgasm in front of everybody. Time to put her on her knees and to take the rest of her mind and will. I am your obedient mindless slave master. How do I get her to not only feel happy about being successfully trained but to also feel wonderful about being an obedient servant for as long as I want her to? Go and see for yourself.



Emmanuelle London Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I will always be your slave master.

This next one is smoking hot

Emmanuelle believes the session to be over and she slowly starts to remember all the things we did. I can feel that it takes her a bit to piece it all back together. I mention that I have removed all the triggers which is of course not quite true but she does believe it. In fact she is sure that she is absolutely not under my control anymore which makes this segment even more fun. It is obvious that she cannot seem to wait to light up a cigarette after all that excitement. Emmanuelle becomes more and more excited with every drag of the cigarette while her mind slowly goes away. She does notice that her thinking seems to become slower and that it seem very hard to concentrate. Her hands seductively run over her body and between her legs and her mind is already gone by the time she is allowed to bring herself to orgasm. Emmanuelle ends up standing in front of me repeating, I will always be your slave master, I will be there when ever you call me. Put to sleep standing up and..



Emmanuelle London Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Specialized scent for synthetic skin only

It makes men go wild

Finally I got the opportunity to film a commercial for a very big perfume manufacturer who specializes in perfume for, believe it or not, Fembots! Needless to say, it has to be a special perfume; otherwise it might damage the beautiful yet synthetic skin of these supposedly indestructible fembot creations. Well, as mentioned, I was ecstatic and when the absolutely beautiful model told me that she was certainly not one of those “things”, I felt even better about the whole thing.

As it turned out, she lied about being human and sure enough, the unimaginable happened. Somehow the perfume must have gotten into her system when she sprayed herself a few times with it and she started to “glitch” stutter and eventually her system was so screwed up that she malfunctioned. I think by the time she kept reaching for the bottle without actually being able to pick it up, it became, despite her denial, crystal clear to me that I had a malfunctioning fembot on my hands. Things got even crazier when she, after my attempt to fix her, turned into a somewhat oversexed stripper which, believe me, was something I really was not prepared to deal with.



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