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Esmi Lee Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Back where you belong

Esmi Lee, gorgeous blond with a beautiful hard body, finally made it back to where it all started years ago. Esmi was in (with JC) for a trainings session a few years back and I always wondered when she would make the call. Well, she finally did and man, am I glad she did. Back than it was one of her very first shoots at barely eighteen but I noticed even than what a great subject she was and I could not wait for her to come back for a solo session.

What can I say, Esmi is even more beautiful and vibrant than before and training her turned into yet another absolutely amazing experience for all of us. Watch her clips and you will know that I am not exaggerating here, Esmi is definitely one of my all time favorite subject. What made this session so special is the fact that Esmi is by nature quite dominant and for her to completely surrender the way she did, is really quite something. Watch and you will see what I am talking about here. Each segment is intense, real, sexual and very sensual and I just could not tell you which segment is my favorite one as they all are absolutely amazing. Enjoy and tell me if you disagree.

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Esmi Lee Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no other choice

As mentioned, each and every segment is intense, real, sexual and very sensual. Esmi's beautiful young body does not take long before feeling the intense pleasure I suggest. Her moaning and groaning turns into lust screams, her body goes into convulsions which makes her slide off the couch without her even realizing it. At some point, I decide to hold her eyes wide open to see that moment in which she gives in and surrenders her body and mind to me. Of course that is all just warm up. Time for some deepening. Esmi body is just standing there and it it obvious that there is nobody home.

After waving my hand in front of her wide open eyes a few times, I decide to undress her a bit more and then have her assume the sleepwalker position. Her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, are slow and monotone (mantra). Suddenly her arms feel pulled up in the air while her wet pussy is penetrated. I remembered that feeling helplessly fucked and used, turns her on and sure enough, it works like a charm. Still, there is more. Esmi's hands are slowly forced between her legs and they start to undress her (puppet on strings) Now it is time to remove the rest of her thoughts in order to make her even more obedient. I obey you master, I do anything you say. Too intense to describe all the details



Esmi Lee Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No more will of your own

I don't even know where to begin to describe this one. Esmi is intensely aroused and willing to do anything, which is a perfect time for more programming. She keeps repeating, I obey you master, while I drive her even further up the wall. Now we need to take her deeper again. Esmi's beautiful body just stands there like an empty shell, while I open her mouth, pose her arms and wave my hand in front of her eyes. Time for her to undress and to show me that she is a good little girl.

Finally, the jeans are off and now we get to enjoy watching her masturbating with her wet pussy wide open for us to see. Esmi goes nuts when I don't allow her to cum just yet. Her eyes are glued to the light in her face, her mind is distracted and her next orgasm will place her under my control for good. She is allowed to cum on my count of three, after lot's of begging that is. I intensify her orgasm with every snap of my fingers which makes her body go into lustful convulsions. She keeps screaming, I am your controlled orgasm slave master. Time to put her on all four and to make her crawl (long time) and to then watch her feeling fucked and used while being bend over the couch.



Esmi Lee Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
You are owned by your master

Esmi's sexy young hard body is still bend over the couch an when she is finally allowed to cum for us. Her body goes into intense convulsions again as she almost collapses after this one. Time to take her down again and to watch her sensually dance for us while getting more and more aroused. I can feel that being watched by everybody out there is turning her on and the feeling of being owned by her master is driving her over the edge. Being owned by her master also means that she can be given away by her master. I am sure I hit some kind of deep hidden fantasy of her as her reaction is very intense and sure shows how turned on she is.

Just like before, I intensify her orgasm with every snap of my fingers until she goes down on her knees. Once on her back, Esmi is now ready for some more deepening. With her arms straight out in front of her body, she slowly repeats, please train me master. (mantra) Of course there is more, after all, Esmi has to learn to please all of us with her sexy little feet. Slow and intense foot worship and orgasm at the touch of my hands.



Esmi Lee Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your power master

More intense stares, mantras, sleepwalker pose, posing while mindless, intense orgasms, breath controlled orgasm training and her final unconditional surrender.

Trying to describe the intensity of Esmi's session is quite impossible and this segment is definitely no exception. First we watch her as she brings herself to orgasm for us while still on her back. Of course that is still just warm up. After some more deepening, Esmi is just standing there, mindlessly staring into nothingness while I open her mouth and pose her body. Once in the right position, I start to sensitize her body using the light sword.

 Her body starts to quiver and shake while the sword is slowly going up and down her body, from her breasts to her pussy. I can feel her increasing arousal but she is not yet allowed to cum. The sword slowly finds its way between her legs and now she is ordered to cum. The little girl cums so hard that it puts her on her knees. Still just warm up. Back up, she is taken deep again while slowly repeating, I am under your power master. (zombie pose mantra) As mentioned, trying to describe the intensity of her reactions, is impossible and I have not even begun to describe the intense breath controlled orgasm, her final surrender and... Eye checks.




Esmi Lee Clip Six Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
I won't even feel it

Esmi believes to be the top contender on a famous game show. Smart as she is, she has made it to the final round and now she gets to either win a shi.. load of money or lose it all. Now when I say lose it all, that means she could lose not only the money but also many of her oh so cherished IQ points. That's right, every time she answers the question wrong, she has to gaze into the " IQ Reducer." Esmi, who, btw, really is very intelligent, sees no problem with the IQ Reducer, after all, she is smart and she has made it so far throughout the show.

I cannot describe all the details here as this would take way too long but believe me, her answers and the way she goes from smart and confident to stupid, oversexed and slutty, is absolutely hot and funny as hell. As expected, she ends up dim and mindless but that is not the end. Watch what happens when she wakes up remembering what she just did. I have not seen anybody run this fast to get away from.... I am a horny bimbo.


Esmi Lee Clip Six Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip





Esmi Lee Clip Seven Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
I earned it

Esmi, our beautiful young news caster, has stolen my evening news spot and what makes it even worse is the fact that she absolutely does not seem to care about my feelings. In fact, she seem triumphant and not the least bit sorry for me. We all know how the shi.. got my job but even that does not seem to faze her. Se clip seven part two to find out how she got the job. Anyway, we keep going back and forth for a bit but she insists to start reading tonight's news. Needless to say, that was a mistake, after all, tonight's breaking news is about a man who goes around town entrancing young and unsuspecting women into becoming his mindless slaves. Esmi slowly goes down and now she is ready to show the entire TV nation her beautiful naked body. Esmi had a hard time reading my hand writing but it worked great anyways.


Esmi Lee Clip Seven Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip




Esmi Lee Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Everybody wants one for Christmas

This next segment shows our sexy news caster, who does not remember anything from before, talking (and demonstrating) about the newest Christmas crazy everybody seems to want this year as a gift. You guessed it, it is "The Flashing Ring" everybody seems to want this year and yes, it does take her down into lala land again. Esmi eyes turn dim and all she knows how to say is yes master. Enjoy our little brat being turned into an oversexed foot slave in front of the entire nation. Esmi really loves feet and the way she entices all of us with them is spectacular. The idea that she can be given away by her master and that she is now becoming a horny foot slave for everybody who is watching, drives her over the edge. I cannot describe the intensity of this segment but trust me, it is different and very hot. I am under your power master. Plenty of yes masters, some freeze scenes, zoned out stares, foot worship, humiliation and...




Esmi Lee Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think this is normal

Esmi, our young news caster, is now made to believe that I am the new director for the evening news and that all of our microphones are out. The only microphone that still seems to work is the old fashioned hand held one and yes, you guessed it, it is really a dildo. Of course Esmi does not realize that, to her it looks like a microphone. What makes this all even funnier is the fact that every time she starts reading the news, She cracks up laughing as if she had just heard the funniest joke ever.

Esmi laughs so hard that at some point, she slams the dildo on the desk before sliding off her chair. You got to see this. Needless to say, being he director and all, I have to give her a hard time about the stupid laughing but that seems to make it worse. Listen to her excuses, hilarious. Anyway, at some point she ends up frozen and played with before she comes right back laughing her ass off. Wait until you see what happens when she wakes up (in front of the TV cameras) with a dildo in her mouth and a Santa hat on her head. Very humiliating. I don't think I have seen anybody run this fast. I accidentally turned off the camera for a split second during the scene.



Esmi Lee Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I'll crush your balls!

I always wanted to turn a dominatrix into an obedient robot toy

Esmi, a professional dominatrix/escort, seems surprised when her roommates customer suddenly shows up in her living room. Guess who the customer is. Anyway, I as we all know, I am not into having my balls crushed which is why I like her roommate, who is, just like me, into robots. Needless to say, Esmi has no interest in playing the robot game. In fact she goes on and on about all the stuff she would do to me, if I was her customer. I think telling her that I will now turn her into an obedient robot/ horny toy, did upset her but by the time she hears the "robot voice" it is all over for her anyway.

Her beautiful body becomes stiff and ridged, her voice is now monotone and her eyes turn empty. After removing her will and mind, it is now time for her to download the obedience program. I am your horny toy master. Let's watch our new toy bend over and spread her ass cheeks, salute, stand at attention and masturbate. Robot Esmi than changes into a much more appropriate and very cute little costume. Too much to list.




Esmi Lee Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Please not the old man

Esmi snaps out of it and now, our somewhat humbled, dominatrix is more than upset, particularly when I tell her that I had just robotized her. Needless to say, she goes off on me and it seems like she wants to use her whip on me. Luckily though for me, the freeze trigger (Christmas  bell) works like a charm and stops her in mid track. Of course, finding herself (right after her awareness comes back) with her own whip stuck in her mouth, is not her idea of fun but then again, who cares. To top it off, I start to undress her stiff little body. Yes, there is a lot of bitching going on throughout the segment.

What really gets her going though is when I stick the "Old Man" which is actually a Santa vibrator, down her panties. Of course it makes her cum under much protest but, here again, who cares. What makes this all even more exciting is when she entrances and or freezes herself by accidentally looking at the blinking necklace she is wearing. Really amazing segment with lots of unexpected twists and turns, stares, embarrassment, bitching and entrancement.



Esmi Lee Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That was close Honey

Let's have one last round of fun with Esmi, shall we. This next segment shows her waking up feeling just as cranky and upset about what just happened. Needless to say, she still thinks that she can win this one, particularly after threatening with all kinds things. It is fun watching her getting more and more frustrated about her own helplessness. Anyway, before she can kick my ass though, she suddenly feels tickled all over her body and if that was not bad enough, she freezes up on top of all that. Being spanked with her own whip is not really her idea of fun but then again, who cares. There are too many details to describe but I really think this as an amazing clip with lots of freezes, tickling, orgasm, mindless dimness and a very cranky Esmi who almost got me at the end. Almost that is.


Esmi Lee Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a perversion Esmi Lee clip The Robot Movie I am not a perversion

Secretary Lana: Congressman Smith Ms. Lee from NoBot just arrived.

Congressman Smith:

Please send her in, we might as well get this over with.

Congressman Smith:

Afternoon Ms. Lee, it's a beautiful day isn't it, I trust you had no difficulty parking.

Esmi: Please Congressman you can skip the pleasantries, this isn't a social call. As the official spokesperson for NoBot I represent the concerns of thousands of Americans.

Congressman Smith: Yes of course, what can I do for you?

Esmi: We are calling for the ban , no we demand the ban of all domestic and service robots particularly the new AI series. You know the ones that are designed to be indistinguishable from human beings.

Congressman Smith: You can't be serious Ms. Lee, the manufacturing and distribution of AI units is a $40 billion a year industry.

Esmi: Oh I assure you, we are very serious. We have collected over 1,000,000 signatures and we will not rest until these abominations are dismantled and turned into scrap.. They may look human, but I assure you these so called synthetic humans are a threat to humanity.

Congressman Smith: Mr. Lee don't you think your demands are little extreme. There's never been a single documented case of an android harming a human. The consumer product safety board oversees the manufacturing and programming of all synthetics and would alert the public of any danger.

Esmi: They don't have to attack anyone to cause harm, they're taking away jobs from human workers that can't hope to match the productivity of these damn machines. Have you seen the new so-called "domestic units" As if we don't know what they're really for. These Sexbots are a perversion. How are real women supposed to compete with an entire production line supermodels programmed to cater to a man's every whim. It is the end of the American family as we know it.
Congressman Smith: Ms. Lee, I think your fears are unwarranted. The high-end androids that you are describing are luxury items that only a handful of very wealthy people could ever hope to afford. It seems unlikely that the widespread usage of sex bots as you call them, is likely to ever occur, yet alone reach epidemic proportions.

Esmi: I don't see how you can just sit by in the face of such decadence. Surely you must see, how dangerous these robots are. As technology progresses they will become more and more affordable. Every man will opt for an obedient robot companion instead of a real woman….a real woman…real woman, woman, woman. These androids must be destroyed before its too late…..too late…..too late.

Congressman Smith: Ms. Lee, are you feeling alright.

Esmi: Of course I'm, alright, why wouldn't I be alright? ……Can't you see Congressman?……the androids must be destroyed….. they must be de…de…destroyed………must be destroyed………must be e…de…de….destroyed………Error……Error…What's happening to me……..I feel strange…….Malfunction…….malfunction……impossible… impossible….I…I can't be an android…….

Congressman Smith: you sure as hell act like one

Impossible……I am Esmi…I am not a machine…..

Congressman Smith: I hate to tell you, but I think you're malfunctioning

but only androids malfunction…only androids malfunction…androids malfunction, I am malfunctioning……….I'm an android….……All android must be destroyed……I'm an android…….all androids must be destroyed……..I'm an android…….I must be destroyed………I must...I must…be destroyed…I must be destroyed

Esmi reaches down her blouse and fumbles to open a hidden access panel. With several sharp pulls, she finally manages to yank free a handful of wires. Her body spasms as she stumbles on stiff wobbly legs.

Congressman Smith: Holy , what are doing?

Esmi collapses to her knees and topples onto her side. She thrashes and jerks until she ends up on her back staring at the ceiling.

Esmi: I am...I am I am a perversion……a perversion……….would you like to play with me…..I am programmed to please…..to please...please….please help me……
Of course the story goes on from here, wait till you see what happens next!


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