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JC & Esmi Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Preparation and conditioning of two strangers

JC and Esmi, two very sexy and naturally quite horny young women, had no idea what to expect when they first arrived and that made it very exciting for me. The idea of transforming complete strangers into two obedient lovers, who by the time they left, had nothing else on their minds than to keep screwing each other seemed almost too good to be true but that is exactly what happened. What made it even more intense was the fact that they both wanted to come back for more of my, let's just call it, "guidance."

On the first glance, the girls seem to be quite different. JC, a sexy blond with a killer hard body, was certainly the more dominant and experienced one and her natural preference for sexy young girls was exactly what I needed to turn these two beautiful into insatiable and very obedient lovers. Esmi, incredibly sweet, sexy, submissive and naturally very horny young girl with absolutely no experience when it came to screwing another woman, turned out to be exactly what I needed to bring JC under control without her even realizing what hit her. It is amazing what lust can do and the girl’s session certainly proves that. Needless to say, we are all in for another intense and amazing ride, so hold on tight and enjoy.

At the beginning JC was a bit edgy and it did take her longer than Esmi to finally let go and relax but once that happened, her head fell backwards and she was, just like her little friend, drifting under my control. Long balloon test which shows the first signs of the girls being under control and close ups of their bodies and faces during the relaxation part.

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JC & Esmi Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Good girls cum very hard

It feels more intense than you have ever felt it before

Besides it being an exciting way to find out how suggestible and willing to follow the subjects are, it is also quite a turn on to make two beautiful girls you have never met before, beg you to let them orgasm, simply by using your voice and the right kind of suggestions. JC and Esmi are lead through a series of erotic fantasies and pleasures until their young bodies start to quiver and shake and their moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. Both girls get more and more turned on by the idea of having to be good and very pleasing little girls for me with no mind and will of their own. Helpless and turned on by the screaming and begging of the other girl, both surrender into their first forced and incredibly intense orgasm and with that to me. Intense start of the session, in which both girls show how they can mindlessly follow and obey.



JC & Esmi Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my master and I obey

First open eyed mindless orgasms, mantras and intense stares

The girls are incredibly horny from the last segment and I order them to orgasm again while they are taking off their shorts. Why did I do that? Just because I can! Suddenly the girls feel their own misbehaving hands on their wet clits. Without a choice the girls are masturbated into insane lust. All they want now is to follow and obey. Esmi's big dark eyes are wide open as she stares at the swinging watch, her mind, will and thoughts are drained without her being able to resist. Her eyes widen even more and slowly but surely become dull and empty. Obsessed with pleasing me, Esmi drifts into uninhibited, mindless lust and is orgasmed like never before in her life. Now it is JC’s turn to experience the bliss that comes with mindless surrender, “You are my master and I will obey”. Very intense stares, mind reduction uninhibited lust and open surrender to their new master.



JC & Esmi Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am mindless for my master

My two horny girls are placed on their knees and slowly sent into an even deeper trance. Their wide open eyes stare in nothingness while they are repeating, slow and monotone "I am mindless for you." I take Esmi's hand and place it on JC's very wet pussy. JC's eyes cross while she is masturbated by her completely mindless little friend. Esmi seems far out and her absent stare is not easy to describe but believe me, it is intense. JC's skin is starting to glisten as she gets hot. Her body is quivering and shaking under Esmi's gentle touch and I can feel how badly she wants to cum.

The repetition of the word “mindless” seems to increase her lust and she starts to squirm and beg. Her orgasm is intense and because I like watching both of them quiver and shake at the same time, Esmi is ordered to orgasm without being allowed to touch herself. Of course, I have to be fair and now it is JC's turn to mindlessly masturbate her new toy. JC's eyes role all the way back into her head as I take her deeper. Esmi, although in ecstasy, stares into nothingness as she keeps repeating the mantra, "mindless shell." Her body goes into convulsions but her eyes remain empty and wide open. Both girls are orgasmed again while their arms are stretched out, without me having to say it, the girls keep repeating their mantras until the end.



JC & Esmi Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am deeply h-notized

Mindlessly frozen, immobilized and eaten out.

This next one is another hot one with lots of your favorites from rolling eyes, slow and monotone mantras, frozen and or helplessly weakened young bodies, blank stares and waving hands, to complete surrender. JC is placed on top of the couch, her legs are spread, and her body is frozen and helpless while she is licked into mindless surrender. She keeps repeating “I am helpless master” while her sweaty young body is quivering under her little friends tongue between her wide open legs. The intensity of her orgasm on my count of three is impossible to put into words. Esmi, still mindless and empty is put on her back and all strength is removed from her body. Too weak to resist and or to interfere, she has no other choice than to enjoy JC's skilled tongue on her clit. I can feel her dropping deeper every time as she repeats “I am deeply h-notized”. Her repetitions are slow and monotone but her body is shaking like a leaf. The way the girls are turned on by each others’ helplessness and their desire to show who is more submissive and obedient is impossible to describe.



JC & Esmi Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed into deep sleep

Show me who is the better slave

The girls seem exhausted but there are still a few things they have to learn before I allow them to cum so hard that it puts them out. I always love watching two beautiful and very horny girls masturbating each other's pussies. The girls drive each other crazy and they both are eager to show me who the better slave is, who cumms harder and who obeys better. I had a feeling that both girls are more submissive than dominant but the intensity of their submission surprised even me. Now its time for the zombie pose, more mantras and touch free orgasms on my command. Of course that is all just the warm up. The girls have to prove that they are willing to give it all up for their master. My two beauties are orgasmed so hard that they eventually lose all strength and pass out, “Please take all of me master”. Is there more? Of course! How about some sleepy orgasms while I am holding their eyes open and did I mention some of the...???



JC & Esmi Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You will be his slave and do as he wishes (almost nineteen minutes)

He will turn you into his mindlessly obedient slave who will please him as he wishes. He wants you to please other women or be pleased by them while he is watching, orgasm on command, kiss feet and be ready and horny whenever he wants you.

Esmi is trying to find out more about the new mystery man in her life by consulting a psychic reader. Little does she know that her smooth talking psychic has no other intention than to entrance her and then prepare her for the same mystery man she is trying to find more about. Esmi is almost shocked when JC, her psychic, tells her that she foresees her becoming the mystery man's willing less love slave. Unable to believe what she is hearing her eyes wonder over to the flickering flame of the candle in front of her.

By the time she tries to look up, it is already too late. JC's smooth voice has already taken her into a deep trance from which she is unable to escape. JC, who is really amazing in this clip takes her deeper into mindless obedience and teaches her all the things her new master wants her to learn and do. JC trains her mindless yet horny slave how to please her, eat pussy, orgasm on command, kiss her feet and lots more. Of course at some point the mystery man shows up, JC is rendered as mindless and both slaves are put into the zombie position and orgasmed at will. After all, there is only one master. Very intense blank stares, rolling eyes, pussy eating, feet kissing and more...






JC & Esmi Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
My cock is all you ever wanted

This one includes crystal induction, smoking, strap on fucking, mindless yet very exciting submission, yes masters and a surprise ending, in other words, it is a must see clip.

Mr. JC, a well known stud horse in the porn industry, is auditioning for a part in our new hypno- kink movie. Esmi, a very inexperienced and almost shy young actress, is auditioning along side with him, for the part of the young girl who is supposed to get fucked by her new boy friend. Esmi seems a bit nervous, which is understandable, considering the fact that this is her first time she is getting it in front of the camera. Mr. JC on the other hand can not seem to wait and keeps talking about his package and what he is going to do with her. As mentioned part of the movie is for Esmi to get entranced which she seems to think is just all BS anyways. Wrong, Mr. JC is fully prepared. He even brings his own crystal pendulum and before our little Esmi knows what hits her, her big eyes stare into absolute nothingness and all she wants is to get fucked. To watch Mr. JC have his way with her is hot, believe me. After he is done fucking his willing toy any which way he likes, he pulls out the pendulum again and....

This one was the girls favorite segment and it shows that it brought out some of the girls’ deepest hidden fantasies. Don't you love the power of the subconscious mind?




JC & Esmi Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Where the hell is everybody?

Freezes, waving hands, mindless love making and very aware yet helpless moments make this a great clip

JC and Esmi arrive at my house, expecting a fabulous party to be in full swing. Imagine their surprise when they find out that they are the only girls among a bunch of horny guys. Things get even worse when I let them know that they will be the entertainment for the night and that they will soon strip, fuck each other, dance and please anyone who so desires. I guess you might have already figured that our girls prefer to go somewhere else.

Unfortunately though, in the middle of their bitching, their young little bodies freeze up, leaving them helplessly immobilized and to make it even worse, quite mindless. Let's find out what is hidden in the unnecessary bras, shall we? Anyone interested in watching two beautiful girls mindlessly dance and strip and then freeze again while their little inquiring minds slowly come back? Of course they have a lot of questions, mainly about the fact that they are almost naked and can not move.

I think I mentioned before that I am a nice guy and of course I try to help them, but it seems like taking off their bras does not help their ability to move. A sudden orgasm also does not seem to help loosen up their stiff bodies. I think what helps the most is when I wave my hand in front of their eyes which renders them mindless and finally quite. Now it is time to unfreeze their bodies and to watch them mindlessly French kiss, fondle and finally finger fuck each other to orgasm. There is again too much going on to describe it all so go ahead and see for your self.



JC & Esmi Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless foot sucking and kissing is part of every party entertainment

Well maybe it is not part of every party but it sure is part of my kind of party. The girls are still mindless and very willing from the last segment and now they are programmed to love each other’s feet. Esmi, who is just staring into the abyss, is ordered to slowly remove JC’s boots and to seductively suck and kiss her feet. JC, just as willing and mindless, feels Esmi's soft lips and tongue not only on her feet but also deep in her pussy. Esmi seems so turned on by serving her little friend’s feet that it makes her cum as soon as she hears the other girl helplessly orgasm. Very intense foot segment, mindless sucking and kissing and more...




JC & Esmi Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am an obedient robot with no personality or will of my own master

Confusion, apologies, monotone robot repetitions, salutations galore, zombie walk, yes masters and so many more of your favorites make this another must see clip.

The girls still believe that they are at the party and as soon as they wake up, they apologize for being naked. I wonder why they feel so confused and apologetic about being naked but I guess it might have something to do with the, let's call it, short term amnesia, they seem to be experiencing. Of course they try to get out again before making even bigger fools out of themselves but all of a sudden they stop dead in their tracks. Stiff and robotic, my two reluctant party favors are now ready for programming, “I am an obedient robot with no personality or will of my own master”. Of course they have to learn to stand at attention, say yes master after every order received, bend over and masturbate, salute and zombie walk, when asked to do so. There is some French kissing, fondling of each other’s pussies, deactivations and lots more going on.




JC & Esmi Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
The whole male dominant thing kind of sucks anyways

The girls believe to be in an interview about gay sex and love. Of course the show is nationally televised on late night TV. Looks like they have no problem admitting on camera that they are, although not a couple, devoted lesbians who have no patience for any man who tries to tell them what to do or not to do. Naturally they are disgusted by my idea to try a threesome including a man. However, when I mention the word “sleep” in the middle of their anti-male speeches, my little Lesbos drop like rocks and end up in lala land.

After a brief deepening, my quite confused and apologetic love birds try very hard to explain their little nap. Oh well, that should be the least of their problems. Now it seems like they can not seem to keep their hands off each other. Of course being on national TV and all, they certainly try to keep their urge to fuck each other under control but that only goes so far. It seems like they want my permission to fool around while still on camera.

What can I say; I try my best to stop them but as we all know, the flesh is weak. It is really fun to watch the girls squirm and beg to finally be able to give in to the seemingly insurmountable urge to fuck each other. As I mentioned, it turns into some hot love making particularly after JC suddenly passes out. Esmi is absolutely fascinated and turned on by the fact that her friend is out cold and she slides down between JC’s legs and makes her helplessly cum in her deep sleep. After both girls go down for a brief nap they again come back apologizing for being quite naked and what do you know, JC goes out again. Watch the confused yet turned on Esmi, try to wake her up. Believe me that part is hot as well.



JC & Esmi Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The tickling and very itchy interview

The girls, still believing that they are on TV, wake up very confused and apologetic about the position they find themselves in. It turns out that things get even more confusing and somewhat strange. For some reason and I certainly wonder why, as soon as they hear their names, our two Lesbos start feeling this really annoying itch which soon turns into more of a tickling sensation. Not sure whether to laugh and let loose, the girls try their best to stay cool but that does not last for too long. What makes it even more embarrassing is the fact that the tickling seems to have something to do with their clothes. Of course at some point it gets so unbearable that no matter whether they want to or not, the clothes have to come off. To watch the girls giggle, laugh, come up with excuses and finally break down, is just a whole lot of fun.



JC & Esmi Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Monkey toes

Our two Lesbos still believe to be on TV and the interview has just started. I don't know what and why they seem to believe that pleasuring themselves with a vibrator is the most normal thing to do, particularly while being on camera. It seems like, my comments about their inappropriate behavior and the fact that I foresee them having an orgasm on national TV, goes on their nerves. Things get even worse when they start to suck and kiss each other’s feet while the vibrators are starting to drive them out of their minds. I am using the word minds loosely here. Anyway, things get really out of hand when JC teaches Esmi how to use the monkey toes. Great comments and reactions of the girls, hot and steamy foot and vibrator action and of course the monkey toes.



JC & Esmi Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
We love to please our biggest fan

Just my luck, the day I finally met my all time favorite movie star, the world famous JC, I had to find out that I was really in love with a robot for all those years. Who could have ever known? I was a bit confused about her somewhat strange behavior right away but it still took me a while to figure out that she was nothing more than a beautiful shell with lots of wires, chips and processors. If I remember correctly, she must have mistaken me for the repair unit she was waiting for which could have happened because of the stupid blinking badge I picked up in the hallway. At least the badge made me look official and allowed me to get into her private room.

Anyway, she kept going back and forth between flirting with me, her biggest fan, and then talking about some malfunction problem. It all did not make sense to me at that time and I sure did not know how to help her. Finally the cutest repair unit I have ever seen showed up and started to work on her. I think seeing the two together is what gave me the idea to do the unthinkable. I still don't know what made me do it but when Esmi, the repair unit, who was sent by the reputable institute turned down my suggestion to, let's say, reprogram my idol and to turn her into my lover, I just snapped and turned her off without even having a second thought.

With both beauties down and at my disposal it was only a matter of minutes and my wildest sexual experience could now begin. Lots of girl/girl sex, finger fucking, French kissing, glitches, malfunctions, repairs and robotic talk as well as repetitions.









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