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Galas Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


The harder you fight it the stronger and more intense it will hit you

Galas, beautiful, sexy and most importantly very horny blond with the biggest eyes I have seen in a long time, came in for the ride of her life. Being a bondage model, Galas is certainly no stranger to the concept of submission but the idea of total control, meaning body and mind control was more than exciting and intriguing to her. Used to being dominated in a physical way, the thought of being controlled by the mind seemed as I mentioned exciting but it also made her feel quite nervous. I actually like it when the girls are nervous, once the adrenalin rush stops it makes them come down so much harder during the relaxation part of the session.

Was she ready for the ultimate control? Would she be able to surrender with even more intensity then ever before? Is the mind stronger than any ties could ever be? Watch her clips, hear her screaming, listen to her begging, and enjoy her repeating mantras, role her eyes and you will know what the ultimate training can do.

I started the first part of the session a bit differently by having her lay down on the bed which not only made for a comfortable position but also made for great close-ups of her naked feet. It took a while before Galas closed her eyes, trying to find out how long she could resist the power of the mind, my mind that is. As soon as her eyes closed and her eyelids started to flicker, I knew that this would be another good one.

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Galas  Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Try to fight me

I have no choice

Galas, feels her legs being forced apart, her hands and arms are secured behind her head while the vibrator on the tip of her clit is starting to make her silky young body writher all over the bed. I want her to fight me and suggest that the harder she fights the harder she will feel it. I can feel her arousal growing with every word I say. By adding the feeling of her nipples being pinched while her wet little pussy is spanked, I drive her even more nuts. I keep challenging her to resist only making her feel her subsequent surrender with even more intensity. She keeps repeating over and over: "I have no choice."



Galas  Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Just because I say so

First open eyed freeze and surrender

First I have her take off her dress by making her feel warm. Why would I do that? Well, I wanted to see her naked, that's why. Anyway, Galas is still wet and excited from the earlier training. Her sexy little body is still shaking and I decide to take it up a notch. I have her open her eyes and take her even deeper. With her big beautiful dark eyes wide open, Galas is starting to give her wet pussy a workout. The desire to masturbate for me is starting to consume her. Why, you might ask? Well because I said so. To make it even more interesting, I start freezing her entire body, except the hand between her legs. Unable to move and helplessly masturbated by her own hand, Galas is now kept on the verge of her orgasm. Her big eyes are staring at me with an amazing intensity and I can see her giving in to her own lust, thus to me. It shows that Galas wants to be a good little girl but first she has to feel who the boss is. Very intense wide open eyed surrender with repetitions and lots of power play.



Galas Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me obey, master

I orgasm for you, master

Galas, feels the pleasure of control I hold over her body and mind. Using my finger on her forehead, I slowly drain every ounce of mind and will. Her glazed eyes rolled up in trance, tears running down her cheeks from holding her big dark eyes wide open for me, she responds to my commands in complete submission. She begs me to control her; mind and body. The idea of showing me her complete surrender through her wide open eyes drives her even wilder. Rising to her knees, I make her slip the vibrator beneath her panties into her wet pussy. Her begging eyes reveal the intense desire of surrender. She wants nothing less than to please her master. Gasping, heavy breath, soft moans of pleasure, Galas feels the vibrator attached to her clit sending wild sensation through her quivering body. I can see that even on her knees, her body is frozen in the helpless bondage of her desire. Repeating my mantra; "Please control me. Please make me obey".



Galas  Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

The mantra: "I am your helpless slave master" is driving her insane for lust.

Galas' mindless stare and her still quivering body shows that she is ready for more training. I decide to have her pinch her own nipple while she is masturbating, thus intensifying her lust. I can see and feel her squeezing her nipples harder and harder while her hand is moving faster and faster. By using the blue crystal, I keep taking the rest of her own thoughts, inhibitions and will. All my little girl wants to do now is to please me. Mindless and horny, Galas starts to repeat mantras which take her further into blissful oblivion. Her big eyes are still tearing from being open for that long but she is too far gone and way too horny to even notice.



Galas  Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Unaware frozen flasher does not want to strip

Galas not remembering didly about what has happened so far in our session has the rather silly notion that she is probably not the best subject for what I do. Well, let's find out about that. The second I snap my fingers, my poor subject jumps up, flashes her ass at me and orgasms. OK, I guess that worked. Of course she does not remember what just happened. We keep talking about all kinds of stuff and for some reason as soon as I mention the word "cold", my poor subject goes blank and freezes up. It is fun watching her get stiff while her eyes turn dull and distant. OK, I guess that worked too. Let's try the word "HOT". Oh I see that makes her strip out of one piece of clothing every time I mention it. Still she insists on being a rather poor subject. Let's try the word cold again. All that moves in her body is those little twitching nerves. Great stares, lots of confusion and fun.



Galas  Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want to fuck me? And where the hell are my breasts?

Still not remembering what has happened to her, Galas goes on about being not very interested in the session. That's too bad, Galas. Oh I almost forgot, as soon as I mention her name, my poor subject suddenly seems to have the urge to fuck me, thinking that I am the best looking guy she has met in a long time; Galas blatantly asks me to fuck her. Well, looks like that one worked as well. After a brief deepening, Galas comes back and it seems like she can not find her breasts! Does that confuse and concern her? Absolutely. Being the nice guy that I am, I try my best to help her but that only leads to more confusion and a lot of pushed out ass action. You know, the bending over, trying to find stuff.




Galas  Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just too weird

I have no more mind master, I have you.

Galas wakes up and it looks like she has the insurmountable desire to masturbate. The problem is that she is absolutely not aware of what she is doing. Naturally when I ask her to masturbate for me, she tells me that it would be weird, particularly given the fact that we just met. Looks like that one worked as well. Of course I have to help her a bit by intensifying her arousal with the red laser light. OK, that's enough play. By waving my hand in front of her eyes, I render her mindless. Galas just sits there with a zombie like stare and repeats very slowly and monotone: "I have no more mind master, I have you". Time to put her slowly back to sleep. I always like to see the slow struggle before they finally go out. Eye check anybody?




Galas  Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Finding the inner goddess

Female needs to be trained, master

Galas finds herself at a book store. She believes to be looking for the new book on tapes by Suzanne Somebody, called "finding your inner Goddess". You know the kind of books that help women find their inner power. Of course I can help her with that and I even offer her to listen into it before buying it. We want to make sure that she likes it, right? Galas puts on the headset and starts to listen. After listening for only a minute or so her eyes seem dull and empty, she stands up like a zombie and all she can say is: "Female has to be trained".

Wonder what subliminal stuff she must have listened to? Let me help you find that inner power, honey. First I have her masturbate, standing up and bottomless of course, before making her orgasm herself for me, "Female has to be trained". That and "yes master" is pretty much all she knows how to say and I think that is plenty, don't you agree? Galas finds more of her female power on her knees while she is orgasmed again. How to properly bow to her master is the next thing she has to learn in order to find her inner power. Forced vibrator masturbation is certainly another "must" in finding inner power. I think everybody knows that, right?



Galas  Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Inner goddess still not found

Muted, breath controlled and forced to orgasm helps finding the true inner powers...

In her second round of intense female training, Galas learns that she orgasms whenever I want and that breathing is sometimes not an option. First though I have her crawl a bit, which I think is always very empowering. Put on her back, Galas is now ordered to put the powerful vibrator right on the tip of her clit. Her lips are wide open and I have her force the vibrator on her wet clit until it drives her nuts. Now comes the part where she learns that even her breathing is under my control. Muted and not allowed to breath, Galas is now orgasmed until her entire body shivers and shakes and her face turns beet red. After putting her back to sleep, Galas is orgasmed again and it seems like she can not stop Cumming. Let's do some eye check to make sure she is out...




Galas  Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to my specifications

�I have something I need to get out of you�. Galas becomes my obedient robot. Want to know why and how? Dressed in an incredibly erotic black latex dress, her cocky attempts to put me under using the same crystal I used on her backfires without her even noticing it. By the time her hand drops my sexy interrogator is already in mindless bliss. Finding herself in a very deep trance with her big eyes staring at me, she now becomes my mindless robot. Programmed to obey me, and exactly to my specifications, she now mindlessly follows each and every one of my commands. During her programming, Galas learns to find intense orgasm from the mere suggestion of the whip. Fully indoctrinated, my pretty girl stands frozen before me masturbating herself into mindless obedience: �I am just a robot�, is her mantra as she pinches her nipples, massages her clit, and follows my commands. Lots of action, zombie walk, forced orgasms and open-eyed stares.




Galas Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Final mindless robot surrender

Taken to the dungeon, my robot is ready to give me all her secrets. Her lust and passion make her beg me to give away all her secrets. First though, she must receive a little more indoctrination, and most importantly she has to learn that it is not up to her when or how to reach her innermost desires: �I am just a horny robot, master�. Galas, willingly follows my instructions to deactivate herself so that she may receive further programming. After this brief deepening, Galas wakes up thinking she is the interrogator who was just caught. She finds her hands bound over her head and her legs spread open and frozen in place.

She is helplessly tied up with mind control ropes the only thing holding tied is my control over her mind! "What did you do to me?" Her futile struggle to free herself only makes her feel more excited. The thrusting vibrator I make her feel between her legs eventually breaks her resistance. She melts in orgasmic defeat; finally begging me to hear her secrets. Using the camera lens as a point of focus, I drain her mind and will, leaving her a horny, empty shell of herself.




Galas  Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen stiff and yet so ticklish

Galas still not convinced that what I do really works, starts to jump around, laugh her head off and wiggle her cute little feet at the snap of my fingers. Looks like somebody is tickling her. I think we should let her enjoy this moment a bit longer and what better way is there to prolong the sweet pain of being tickled than to experience it while frozen solid. Unable to move and still tickled, my little girl is virtually speechless. After a brief deepening, Galas comes back and still feels tickled. Something tells her that, although she is not a good subject, I might have something to do with all this. Now the begging starts. Please stop, please, please. What can I say, being the nice guy that I am, I decide to...


Galas  Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny feet and a constantly passing out subject

Please do not put me to sleep again

Galas back up is now all of a sudden obsessed with her feet. She keeps playing with them and it seems like her foot play makes her almost cum. Why almost? Well I think my hand on her chin had something to do with her falling asleep right before she orgasms. Let's try this again. Not much better, this time my poor little girl goes out with her orgasm. Eventually, I let her figure out that I might have something to do with her sudden sleep attacks and by now she is so horny and orgasmic that she starts begging me not to put her out again. At least not before she has a chance to orgasm. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to.



Galas  Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Mistress Galas

It started off my day as usual normal work day but before long it all turned into a nightmare of a day. I guess I better start at the beginning. Being in the sex industry, I have seen quite a lot but what happened today was a new one, even for me. Due to some budget cuts, my producer came up with the great idea to use one actress for two different kinds of fetishes, meaning one girl was supposed to be a Dominatrix and then switch to being a Submissive. It did not sound too tough at first, particularly given the fact that all we were planning on doing today was to shoot some pictures and maybe a few minutes of video. Assuming that the producer had mentioned any of this to the model was yet another one of my mistakes I made that day.

Again, it all started just fine, Mistress Galas was right on, and her posing was sexy and intimidating at the same time. Watching her handle the whip made me wish we were done with this segment. Believe it or not but I am more into the submissive type women. Anyway, the second I mentioned the part about her turning into a submissive, Galas slowly but surely started to fall apart. She started talking about not having any valid programs for this and some other nonsense that did not make any sense to me at the time. She goes back and forth between being Mistress Galas and not knowing what to do next. Her twitches and odd comments get worse and by the time she malfunctions and eventually freezes up, I am stunt and very confused. Could she be a fembot?








Galas  Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

The title is just a tad misleading although for the most part my, let's say, unorthodox programming and repair attempts seem to have worked. Mistress Galas was quite obedient and promiscuous and I could finally go on with my work. Having her masturbate and play with the vibrator was not necessarily part of the shoot but hey, she would never know and I was in the mood. All of a sudden things changed again and in the middle of her pleasuring herself, she started to talk about not having the right programming and that she is a mistress and not a sub. At least she orgasmed a few times on my command and I was still convinced that she was salvageable. Like they said in the old Rome "erare humanum est": Humans are often wrong.



Galas  Robot Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a fuck doll

OK, I finally had it. Enough with the nonsense, let's turn her into a sexy little fuck doll and have some fun with her. Now that seemed to have worked, the second she came back up, my little doll offered me her pussy. It seemed like that playing was all that she could think of. The fact that she was a bit stiff did not really matter to me nor did it make me feel concerned. Maybe it should have. I had her change into a sexy little doll outfit and the fun was just about to begin when she started talking about the mistress Galas programming again. Luckily I was prepared for that one, so I thought at least.

Very sensual doll segment and not just for our Robo lovers.





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