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The journey begins

Gia, beautiful young seductress has an aura of innocence around her that makes her almost irresistible. Her sexy, well rounded body seems to scream, fuck me while her sweet and innocent demeanor seems to make you want to gently take her in your arms first and then f... I think you all know what I am trying to say here. Anyway, as it turned out, Gia needed some extra "deepening" and programming before she was able let go of herself and to trust in the process but as soon as that happened, she turned into a wild one. Enjoy our young girls journey into bliss

At some point during the induction, I realized that she was ready for me to mess with her, perform some eye checks, take off her shoes and move her around before making her feel aroused.

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Gia Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show your surrender

Getting the subject to a "deep state" is one thing but to get her to comply with orders and to "hand herself over" is a whole different kind of challenge. Gia's well rounded body starts to quiver as if she was sitting on a giant vibrator as soon as she felt that things were not under her control anymore. She started to feel the "Licking" I suggested while her legs opened up wide. As I mentioned before, once the subject is in sexual bliss, they are ready for programming as their minds are wonderfully distracted.

Time for her to accept me as her master for the rest of the session and what better way to make her feel that than to "not" allow her to cum whenever she wants to. Gia's eyes open and now she needs to learn that love slaves to not have the privacy to close their eyes during orgasms, as it shows their surrender even more. First yes master, orgasms on command and...



Gia Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't think

First mantra, forced orgasm training, mindlessly posed, lot's of limp play including her sexy little feet, plenty of eye checks while she is out and or just standing there, sleeepy orgasms and more..

Here we get to enjoy our little girl being driven up the wall for lust (standing up forced masturbation) and then being snapped into mindless dimness. Her body just stands there (wobbly) while I perform some eye checks and then pose her like a mannequin. She starts to slowly repeat, I am here to be used master, over and over before being ordered to masturbate herself into bliss. Her arousal seems to increase when she feels my hand on her throat. Time to put her out and to slowly check out her feet, toes and to mess with the rest of her well rounded body. Towards the end we get to enjoy her showing of her feet while...




Gia Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to serve my master

Here we get to enjoy everything from foot slave training, mindless posing, very intense bend over masturbation training, repetitions of mantras, yes masters, lustful screams and more.

Gia had started in the last segment to offer us her sexy well taken care of feet and now we get to enjoy watching her running her fingers through her toes, while showing off those little wrinkles. Of course that is all just warm up. As you all might know by now, all my "foot slaves" are trained to cum on command which can be a touch of my hand and or a simple command. Time for a "nap" which allows me to mess with her limp body and of course those sexy little feet.

Next we have her pose her for us while in deep trance. Now let's see how far we can take her. Bend over the couch with her sexy cherry ass pushed out, she keeps repeating, I am here to serve my master, before she is.......




Gia Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your obedient servant master

Freeze, kneeling masturbation, spread ass cheeks while being orgasmed at will, breath controlled orgasm training, throat/neck play, limp play, yes masters, more posing while deeply entranced and more.

Since Gia has such a nice ass, I decide to have her spread her ass cheeks for us while driving her up the wall for lust, after all, everything her master does to and with her, turns her on. After being orgasmed on command, our little girl is dropped back into zombie like trance and posed while the empty shell of her body is just standing there. Time to immobilize (freeze) her and to let her feel another powerful orgasm which makes it perfectly clear to her who is in control of her body and mind. Of course we are not done yet, after all, there is the kneeling masturbation, the breath controlled orgasms, lot's of limp play and so much more yet to come.




Gia Clip Six & Seven Combined Members - Click here to view this clip
and seven The "Ring" strikes again

I hear and I obey

I first thought to split this clip into two clips as it got a bit longer but then I realized that it is much better to show it all in one segment which really makes it more fun.

Gia, who believes to be my future wife's younger sister, cannot believe that I am hitting on her on the day her sister and I are supposed to get married. I know, it is not nice but hey, I am still free for another couple of hours and besides all that, it would all stay in the family. Anyway, she has not sympathy and or interest which makes me decide to find out what she might think about the "beautiful ring" I bought for more future wife. I guess we all know where this is going.

I hear and I obey master. Now my little sis in law has to learn what it takes to be a good and obedient foot slave. First we have her seductively pose not only her feet but her entire body while giving us a closer look at her sexy body and feet. Btw, if you like a beautiful girl show of her feet in pantyhose, you are going to love this one. Of course that is all just the beginning of her training. Let's put her to sleeep and check those feet from up close while undressing her. Slowly but surely, she becomes more and more aroused again as I allow her to feel my touch on her feet.

Gia's well rounded body quivers and shakes and her screaming becomes louder when she feels the vibrator on her clit. Needless to say, it is still too early for her to orgasm, after all, good slaves have to learn to wait. Looks like this is a good time for me to remove her pantyhose while she is helplessly quivering in bliss. There is a lot more to come before my sexy (almost) sister in law admits how much she really what I do to her. At some point she wakes up, feeling too weak to move which leaves her not only helpless but also incredibly horny. Too much to describe it all.




Gia Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Brainwashed and played with

This next one shows our young bridesmaid being frozen when least expected (sometimes even with a vibrator stuck to her pussy) brainwashed and happy, orgasmed at the touch of my hand on her feet, certainly confused and embarrassed particularly when she just cannot stop masturbating in front of me, put to sleep for extended periods of time (often right before she has a chance to orgasm) and then being played with, frozen yet again, messed with driven up the wall for lust, very bitchy and ready to tell my future wife about all the terrible things I did while she was under my spell, experience sleepy orgasms and so much more. Needless to say, it all ends happy, after all that is what brainwashing is for.




Gia Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Gia, who believes to be my boss, who is in the process of firing me after over twenty years of (sloppy) work, is about to experience a nightmare day at work. I mean firing me does take some guts and as mentioned, she is messing with the wrong guy. First off, we make her take a closer look at my eyes which as it turns out, are mesmerizing and, how can I say this, entrancing. As it turn out, my sexy boss has no defenses against my powers and is put into a brief slumber.

Up and (again) ready to fire me, the poor thing cannot seem to stay away from her big tits as she pulls them out and caresses them. Yes, she is confused about it herself but as mentioned, she has no other choice. Things get even worse in round two, when she suddenly cannot stop playing with her wet pussy while trying to fire me. I know, if you have to get fired, it might as well be like this. Of course she keeps begging me to leave but that certainly does not go nowhere, after all who would leave a horny and embarrassed boss in a situation like this. I told you honey, wrong guy. Did I mention that she is put to sleeep a couple of time so that I can take my time to mess with her limp body while taking a peak at her....




Gia Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
It must be the new meds

Oh my God, what is happening

Things do not quite improve for my "firing happy" boss. Here we get to enjoy her seductively (yet reluctantly) strip for us while firing me. I guess that must be part of my severance package. Things get worse though when she finds herself close to orgasm with a vibrator stuck to her pussy. Yes, she tries hard to remove it but the dam thing seems just clued to her pussy. Of course there are the embarrassing moments, the begging for me to help her and or to leave her alone but none of the above can help her.

Needless to say, she is being put to sleep here and there so that I can have my way with her. How does it all end, you might ask. Believe it or not, she suddenly not only believes that I am the best looking guy she has ever met but that I also deserve a big promotion. Told you honey, you are messing with the wrong guy.



Gia Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Gia the robot

Robots cannot be boss

After our (still unruly) boss gets dressed in a different and actually much cuter outfit (without realizing it) and yes, she wants to still fire me, despite my warning that she might have to be "robotized". What can I say, some people are just slow learners. I decide to take her slowly through the "transformation" after her mind has been put to rest by the "transformer." Needless to say, her silly notion of being a female boss is the first thing we need to "delete" before programming her into being the perfect robot servant and pleasure toy. Of course the fun begins right now and we get to see her....




Gia Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am perfectly trained for this activity

I could not wait to meet the new lab assistant everybody was talking about and sure enough, she was just a beautiful and seductive, in a naive kind of way, as she was described to me. Unfortunately though, she did not seem to be impressed by the fact that I am the boss, nor was she even remotely interested in my help. Oh well, I did warn her about all the highly toxic chemicals in our lab but here again, she insured me in an overly friendly way that she was highly programmed for this kind of work.

I know, the word "programmed" did not sit right with me either and she quickly corrected herself. Anyway, now of course I understand what she meant but at that point in our conversation, I was certainly not aware of the fact that she was a fembot and to be honest, it took me a while to catch on. I am not sure what happened after I left her to her work but as it seems, she try to mix some of the chemicals and that's when she spilled the stuff all over her well rounded chest.

Poor thing tried her best to clean herself up but I guess she was not fast enough and as it turned out, some of the stuff must have penetrated into her system which led to her glitching and eventually malfunction badly. Needless to say, when I came back, she was in bad shape and all I wanted was to help her, at least at first. I am not sure what set it off but all of a sudden she started to talk about a sex program and a need for giving BJ's. I know, the flesh is weak!


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