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Gina & Tweety Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Hidden desires

Gina and Tweety, two sexy and very horny young girls were probably the most nervous subjects I have had in a long time. Why were they so particularly nervous? Well, here it goes. Both of them had very little to absolutely no experience when it came to fooling around with another girl. Gina, sweet and a tad bratty at the same time, came right out telling me that she had never tried pussy before and that she was not even sure whether she might like it. Sounds like a challenge, doesn't it? Tweety, (long story how and why she picked that name) equally sweet and extremely cute girl next door, had a bit more experience but was equally nervous mainly because the two had never met before.

The question was, do I send them home or do I try to turn them into a couple of horny lovers who will not only appreciate good pussy but also learn to love it. I am a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason and when that holds true, there must have been something deep down inside of them that made this session happen.

Maybe there was some latent and deeply hidden desire to at least try it out in both of them. Again, question remains would I be able to bring out those hidden desires and not only get them to eat pussy and to surrender to me but also make them enjoy it without any inhibitions? Were they a couple of "in the closet" bi-sexual girls who just needed a bit of a push, so to speak? Follow their journey into the subconscious world and the blissful wonder of hypnosis and find out. I don't want to say too much about the outcome here but believe me, I am glad I took the challenge.

Surprisingly enough, Gina seemed to have dropped first, followed by a completely relaxed Tweety who eventually had to give in as well. Slow induction with lots of programming for what was to come.

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Gina & Tweety Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Taking away all control makes for good subjects

Needless to say, that my two sexy little girls needed to be sexually charged up before letting them play with each other. As I always say, a good subject is a horny subject besides it makes programming them so much easier.

Both of them start to react well to my suggestions and their bodies start to first move and then quiver and shake under the intense vibration I make them feel between their legs. By describing every sensation, from being helplessly touched between their legs to being deeply penetrated by the vibrator, in detail, I finally get them to moan and groan as their young bodies shiver and shake intensely. Now it’s time to take things up a notch and to take all control over what is happening away from the girls. I keep driving them up the wall for lust and the idea of having no control and or choice over any of this starts to take effect.

Their lustful screams become louder as their bodies start to go into convulsions. Still the girls are not quite where I want them to be, which is out of their minds for lust. As we all know, it is only a matter of time before they start to scream and beg. Both are kept on the verge of the impeding orgasms without being allowed to cum. With every snap of my fingers, the girls are driven closer to their first surrender. The repetition of, “I have no control” drives them over the edge and into a very long orgasm. Now is time to program and to prepare them even more for what is to come.



Gina & Tweety Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to orgasm for me

I want to cum for you

Now it is time for the girls to learn how the bitter sweet feeling of surrender not only turns them on but also makes them good little girls. I noticed in the last segment that both of my horny sweeties love to please and to be good but now they have to learn that that is not enough. Ordering them to masturbate is easy but to drive them to the point where all they want to do is please me, orgasm for me and unconditionally surrender to me is the trick. I keep driving them up the wall until both girls scream for lust as their young bodies go into ecstatic convulsions. Gina slides off the couch without even realizing what is happening. The repetition of, “I want to come for you”, drives them further into bliss. After letting them wait for a while, I finally decide not only to let them cum but to send them through a series of intense orgasms. I can feel that all they want to do is please me and now it is time to teach and program them to become completely obedient, “I follow and obey”. Intense orgasm control finally takes them over the edge.



Gina & Tweety Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed by a woman's touch

You are my master, I want to follow and obey

The girls are almost ready to touch each other for the first time. First tough I decide to take them even deeper and to clean out their minds. It is one thing to get a woman to orgasm for you but it is sure a whole different thing to get her to explode for you while she is mindlessly staring at you. The girls’ eyes are fixated on the watch in my hand and I can see their desire to let go in their wide open eyes. Both are horny beyond belief which is the perfect time to take over their minds. Instant gratification often helps to make the subject accept the suggestions given to them. The girls learn that cumming for me with their eyes open, makes them orgasm harder than anything they have experienced before.

Now it is time to let Gina feel the bliss that comes with being orgasmed by another woman. Gina is staring at me and the mantra, “I want to follow and obey”, drops her even deeper. Tweety's hand on Gina’s wet pussy is starting to drive her literally out of her mind. For a second it almost feels like she is trying to hide that she is feeling pleasure but then she gives in almost immediately to her uncontrollable lust. Gina orgasms so hard on my command that it almost makes her go down.

Of course we are not done yet. Gina still has to learn to return the favor. Tweety's arms are stuck behind her head as she stares at me with her big empty eyes. Gina's hand touches Tweety’s wet pussy and her body starts to shiver and shake like a leaf. Over and over repetitions of, “follow and obey” drive her into mindless surrender. The girls end up with their arms stretched out in front of them as they feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed at my will, “I follow and obey”. Lots of repetitions, intense orgasms, stares and so much more...



Gina & Tweety Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
First time being eaten out

I had a feeling from the very beginning that there was something deep down inside of Gina that made her want to at least try this but what I did not expect was the intensity with which she seemed to enjoy being eaten out by another girl. First though, she is placed on the couch and taken into even deeper bliss. Her eyes are open as she stares into nothingness; her body starts to freeze up all the way to her shoulders and neck. Tweety is rendered mindless and then ordered to go down on her horny little friend. Gina starts to shiver and shake and repeating the mantra, "helpless," seems to intensify her pleasure. The intensity of her long and screaming hard orgasm is almost impossible to describe. More repetitions of, “I am mindless for you master” and “I will follow and obey” finally sends her into blissful oblivion.



Gina & Tweety Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
First time eating pussy

I was born to be your slave master

There is a whole lot going on in this clip. First Tweety is placed on her back; her mind is cleared out as she stares at the watch again. Repeating “I let go of all control” takes her into mindless obedience. Now it is time to find out whether Gina is ready to eat pussy for the first time in her life. Oh my god. The second Gina's tongue hits her clit; Tweety's entire body goes into lustful convulsions. Looks like Gina has found a new passion, which is to eat out little girls. Tweety still has to learn to unconditionally surrender and what better way is there than to make her feel the power of the breath controlled orgasm.

Tweety as well orgasms hard under Gina's tongue and it looks like the girls are a horny couple by now. Of course that is all just the warm up. Tweety is orgasmed again without being so much as touched. I make her feel Gina's tongue without it actually being there. Both girls repeat, “You are my master” as they are orgasmed again. There is still more. Now I want to see them mindlessly masturbating each other while kneeling in front of their master. More slow and monotone repetitions and a final orgasm that puts them helplessly to sleep, concludes this very intense segment of the girls’ journey into their subconscious.



Gina & Tweety Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Strictly dickly

She has a cute body but I am not a lesbian

This next one is really a lot of fun to watch. The girls believe to be guests on a new late night reality TV show. The show is all about testing new foods while chatting with the host about all kinds of interesting subjects. Today we are testing a new candy which, to be honest, has been tested before but the results were not conclusive enough to conclude the study. Former tests seem to have indicated that women in particular seemed to have experienced some side effects after consuming the candy.

The girls almost immediately break out in laughter and make fun of me when I mention some of the side effects the candy might have. Nobody gets , or becomes extremely horny and loving from eating candy and how on earth could it possibly affect your IQ and or other brain functions? Well, I guess, the girls have a point. Anyway the girls seem to like the candy but unfortunately they don't seem to like the idea of me going out with them after the show and they sure seem to hate the idea of a threesome with me.

Both girls and Gina in particular insist that they are strictly dickly, which means no pussy in their mouth. OK, so no threesome, how about if I watch them masturbate? No, that is out too. Of course there seems to be no side effects from the candy although it is getting a little warm in here which is the only reason the girls are using their dresses to fan air between their legs. I think the giggling and slightly slurred speech is caused by the good mood they are in and certainly not by the candy. OK, they are starting to find each others’ bodies cute, take off their dresses, French kiss while being completely amazed about what they just did, finally fondle each others’ bodies and giggle about pretty much everything but both still agree: “no, there are no side effects at all”.





Gina & Tweety Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I swear, I am not a lesbian

The girls finally end up on the floor and Tweety starts to lick Gina's juicy pussy. Looks like Gina enjoys it but then she suddenly keeps talking about not being a lesbian. I think by now it is too late for either one of them to turn back. Naked, , horny and quite silly the two are not really interested in the TV show anymore. The nice thing about all this is that they seem to really think that I am extremely sexy and lovable. The fun part though is that they still try to maintain their strictly dickly attitude. Tweety finally gets her way with Gina and licks her into orgasmic oblivion. Gina's face and the way she says, I just totally came, is priceless and shows how a strictly dickly girl can easily be turned into a horny lesbian with the help of a little IQ reduction. Anyway, Gina is more than eager to return the favor and to make her new toy Tweety scream and orgasm for her. The girls seem, besides being fucked up, very horny, giggly and very eager bimbos who have only sex on their remaining minds. Speaking of minds, I think it is time to make them lose the little bit that might be left and then send them to sleep. Put on their backs and ordered to masturbate each other, the girls get more and more fucked up with every snap of my fingers until they beg me to take their minds and allow them to cum.



Gina & Tweety Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is she staring like a deer in the headlights?

The girls wake up, without a hangover from their last experience and to keep it fun, neither one seems to remember exactly what has happened, besides the candy testing of course. The girls are very embarrassed and even more confused about the fact that they are butt naked. They don't seem to waste any time when it comes to getting dressed again which is something I don't really like. Who needs to wear all those clothes anyway? I wait until they are almost dressed and ready to head out before I freeze their little bodies in place. Mindlessly frozen my two statues are just standing there as their eyes stare off into emptiness.

Now it’s my job to help them out of their warm clothes. First I have Tweety's awareness come back so that she can see what is going on with her little friend. Of course I have to move her head first so that she can actually see Gina who is just standing beside her mindlessly frozen. Naturally, Tweety complains about being unable to move and the fact that her friend does not seem to "be home" does confuse her quite a bit. Oh well, let's see whether she wants to orgasm. No, not really but then it happens anyway on my count to three.

Gina who is allowed to become aware seems just as confused about all this and the fact that I remove some of the restricting clothes she is wearing does not seem to be appreciated either. What can I say; it looks like we need to have the girls look at the "waving hand" again, to get some peace around here. Both of my sexy little girls end up with their arms stretched out in front of them. Lots of aware and unaware freezes to follow.



Gina & Tweety Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and eaten out

The TV show from hell continues…

This segment is short and sweet. Gina who seems to really enjoy playing with girls by now is placed in a chair, rendered mindless and the frozen. With her legs spread wide she has no choice than to let Tweety's tongue on her clit drive her up the wall. All of a sudden her awareness comes back as her body is still frozen solid. Being the nice guy that I am, I ask her whether she wants me to stop Tweety from pleasing her but, although she feels awkward, it is already too late. She still complains about not being able to move but that goes away quickly as she goes nuts under Tweety’s care.



Gina & Tweety Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I can not even get my finger out of my face

This is a fun freeze and tickle segment. The girls still believe to be on TV and just like before they are terribly embarrassed about being naked. They have a hard time remembering how and why this might have happened and they certainly do not believe that I can tickle them without even touching them! Well, how could anybody believe that, right? Three seconds later, my two non-believers are rolling around the floor while trying to get out of their clothes. Can it get any worse for our girls? Try being frozen stiff and tickled senseless, “I can not breathe, please make it stop”. What can I say, the second I snap them out of it, they want to get dressed again!



Gina & Tweety Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
We are not puppies!

The girls wake up feeling very strange and surprised about the fact that they are wearing these cute doll outfits, something they would have never chosen to wear. I guess I can see why they might feel a bit strange, after all as far as they remember, the session has just begun and we have all just met. Imagine their surprise when I mention that I will now turn them into a couple of well trained and programmed Robots! No way, we are not puppies, besides nobody can do that anyways. I let them complain for a bit but then, in mid sentence, I use the P H trigger I had carefully planted earlier, to turn them instantaneously into my new robot toys. "I am a Robot, I have no mind of my own, I have a master." The girls’ programming includes, slow repetitions, bottomless masturbation while standing in front of their master, zombielike turning in circles with their arms stretched out in front of them, denied orgasms, forced orgasms, salutations and so much more. Really great transformation…



Gina & Tweety Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a mindless puppet

After a brief deepening, the girls snap out of it again not remembering their intense robot training. Of course the girls do not believe it is possible for me to turn them into a couple of horny little puppets. In fact, not only do they not believe me, they also make fun of me. Believe it or not, even when they feel the "puppet strings" slowly taking over their bodies, my two non-believers continue to think that they have some kind of control over all this. Slowly but surely and certainly to their surprise, the girls find themselves helplessly strung up, just like a couple of puppets. Suddenly their body begins to move without them being able to stop it from happening. Looks like even the girls have to agree that this is very peculiar, to say the least. Now if you think that is odd, imagine the girls slowly losing their minds. Now we have a couple of mindless little puppets masturbating the hell out of their wet pussies. Lots of back and forth, waving hands, orgasms and puppet play.


Gina & Tweety Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to render you mindless

Gina, our sexy cop, who believes to have finally found the fugitive, she has been looking for, has absolutely no intentions to arrest her pray. Without much warning, she waves her hand in front of Tweety's eyes, thus rendering her unsuspecting victim mindless and helpless. Now our villain has to learn to please and to obey her mistress. Gina, who at the beginning of the session, was definitely not sure whether she was into girls, can not seem to get enough of fucking the hell out of the little girl, make her kiss her body and even force her to cum. I had a hard time filming this, first I ran out of tape and then the battery in the camera went down but it’s such a fun end exciting strap on fucking scene which really shows not only hot girl/girl action but also Gina's transformation into being...



Gina & Tweety Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a movie star, I am not a Ro...

Gina, our new makeup artist was overjoyed when she found out that she was the one who was responsible for our lead actress's hair and makeup. Not only was Tweety the female lead actress in our movie but she was also Gina's idol for as long as she could remember. For Gina, to be the makeup artist for a superstar like Tweety was always her biggest dream and she was determined to do a great job. Things could not have gone any better.

The girls were chatting along as Gina was working on her idol's hair when something strange happened. Tweety almost went ballistic when she realized that Gina had just sprayed her hair with hair spray. I was not really there at that point but from what I understand, Tweety kept talking about not being supposed to get wet and that her hair was fine. Well, by the time I got to Tweety's dressing room, our sexy young super star was already malfunctioning. I don't know what was worse, watching her malfunction or having to deal with

Gina's reaction when she found out that her favorite actress was a robot. I did not think that things could get any worse but the it happened. Stressed and overloaded by what had happened, Gina all of a sudden started to malfunction as well. Now that I did not know! Two robots in one room and neither one of them was functioning properly. What was I supposed to do? Repair them, reprogram them and then fuck both of them? Maybe I was not supposed to do that but it sure seemed like a great idea at the time. I did succeed in getting them to believe that I was the leading man in the movie and that I would get to sleep with both of them but then all of a sudden...


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