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Ginary Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


You have no choice

Ginary (Gina-ry), absolutely wild, certainly beautiful and definitely bi-sexual young woman stated the session by telling me that she had a hard time letting go and that having an orgasm in front of a stranger, particularly a man like me, might not happen. Oh boy, that does not sound good, right. Well, it turned out that Ginary went down deeper and a lot faster than many of my subjects. I believe that, at least most things happen for a reason and there was definitely a reason for her to agree to come in for a fun session.

Many of us have a hard time letting go of control which makes it oftentimes tough to experience pleasure in an uninhibited kind of a way. I don't want to get too deep into it here but once Ginary excepted the fact that letting go of control and choice, made her feel good, she dropped like a rock and that made her experience herself, her sexuality and her deep hidden desires in a way she never even dreamed of. I could feel, she was ready for the ride of her live and that is exactly what I took her on, a ride she would never forget.

As mentioned, Ginary went down fast and hard. Even her body slides off the couch during the induction which does not happen too often. In fact her clip one is quite different and very intense right from the start. I was surprised myself but something told me that she must have, at least subconsciously, been waiting or even longing for an opportunity like this. Flickering eye lids, head wobble, open eyes as she goes deeper and more.

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Ginary Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel my control over your body and mind

This first segment after her initial induction shows already how intensely sexual, horny and willing to surrender, our little girl is. Her fingers slam into her wet pussy as she feels her body helplessly responding to my suggestions. I keep driving her up the wall by intensifying her feelings of powerlessness, The suggestion that her nerves are sensitized while being in trance and that it makes her feel every physical sensation ten times more intense than usual, seems to drive her nuts. Now she has to show me how badly she wants to make herself cum for me.

Her beautiful natural body givers and shakes before it goes into lustful convulsions, every time I order her to cum for me. Now it is time to remove her thoughts and will. Ginary sinks to her knees, her eyes are wide open and empty as she stares (zombie like) into nothingness. Her head wobbles as if she had lost all strength. You can really feel that she is going down deeper and that she has no thought of her own left. Of course that is just the beginning. Time to drive her up the wall again by removing the rest of her will which makes her finger- fuck herself so hard that it almost knocks her down.

It is obvious how much she wants to show me that she is a good little girl. More touch free orgasms make it clear to her that it is not even necessary to touch herself in order to orgasm for her master. I am cuming for you master. Ginary is so deeply involved that she does not even hear and or notice Lana's briefly barking, about you knows what, in the background. Very intense, great stares.



Ginary Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny slave master

This segment is just as hot as the last one and if you like very slow and lengthy repetitions of mantras, intense stares, zombie/sleep walker pose, hard and loud orgasms on command, entranced and "zoned out" look on a pretty girls face, some crawling and deep felt surrender, than this one is for you. There is way too much going on to describe it all. Here are some of the highlights. Ginary slowly repeats, you are my master, over and over until she is completely under and then the same repetitions make her orgasm uncontrollably.

Ginary has to learn that she has no control over any of this and that I can do with her as I please. All of a sudden she feels helplessly licked and penetrated like never before and she keeps screaming, I am your horny slave, which seems to make her feel even more aroused. As mentioned, Ginary gets off on being helpless and with that, not responsible for her intense feelings of lust. With her arms stretched out in front of her body, she slowly repeats, all I need is you master. I can feel her dropping deeper with every slow and monotone repetition. As mentioned, the above described is only a small part of what is going on in this intense training clip. I am an obedient slave.



Ginary Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I do whatever my master wants me to do

Ginary has to learn that she is nothing more than her masters orgasm slave and that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel is entirely up to me. First, I decide to take her down again. Her head wobbles, her eyes stare into the abyss as she slowly repeats, I do whatever my master wants. Ginary keeps repeating my orders without me having to mention it and I can feel how it turns her on. Now she has to learn that a mindless horny slave like herself, wants nothing more than to please her master. Ginary is going nuts and I can hear her finger slamming into her wet pussy as she tries to please me by cuming harder than ever before.

She keeps repeating, I am your mindless horny slave, which makes her orgasm even harder. Time to take her down again. Her eyes are fixated on the flashing light in her face as I zap the rest of her mind and will. Finally, she just stands there, staring into who knows where, empty and ready for more programming. Her eyes briefly role back as she slowly repeats, control me, over and over. Time to freeze her and to send her through another series of intense and screaming hard orgasms. The second I unfreeze her, Ginary drops to the ground as her quivering and shaking young body, loses all strength. Too many slow repetitions, stares, orgasms, mind and will reduction and so on to describe but believe me, it is another intense one



Ginary Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I have met my master
This is the most intense wonderful time I have ever had

Time for our little girl to let me feel her unconditional surrender. The intensity of this one is not easy to describe. Ginary seems in ecstasy and there are even a couple of happy tears as she finally releases all that bottled up sexual energy that had been suppressed for a long time. It is always fascinating to watch a subject explode into bliss, so to speak and all it took to get them to do that, was to make them feel out of control. You will know what I am trying to say here once you watch the first five clips of her session. There is only one master and I have met mine.

Of course there is a lot more going on in this one as well and believe me, if you like female training, breath controlled orgasms (more intense than most) unblinking stares, tears, slow repetitions/mantras, unconditional surrender, orgasms on command, programming that prepares her for the rest of the session, mind and will removal, eye checks, sleepy orgasms and, and, and, then this one is for you. Enjoy her journey from being inhibited and afraid to becoming a horny sub who loves to please and finds her freedom.



Ginary Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I will never tell you

The power of the vibrating chair

Ginary believes to be an agent who is trying to figure out, or I should better say, investigate what is going on at my place. You know, young girls going in and out at the strangest times and so on. Of course, being a secret agent and all, she is not willing to tell me what she know and how far the investigation is. Anyway, who cares but there is still the need to get her under control and play with her which is why she is programmed to find those fresh fruits on the table, irresistible, despite my well meant warnings.

Ginary takes one of the fruits and it hits her while she is chewing that something is not right. Of course her attempts to fight the effects of the fruits are futile as she sinks into mindless bliss. Helplessly entranced, she has no other choice than to let Lana expose her body for me. Needless to say, by the time her mind comes back, she tries to resist but the chair is magically holding her captive. Suddenly the chair starts to vibrate and to her it feels like a powerful Hitachi between her legs. Now the real struggle begins and I have a feeling that you all might know already how it ends. Will she be willing to tell me what I want to know?



Ginary Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
It cannot just be in the mind
You cannot render people mindless...

This segment shows that our sexy young agent is a bit of a slow learner. Up and awake again, she seems to still be drawn to the forbidden fruits and again, my warnings not to touch them, go unheard. In fact, she seems to feel that she has the upper hand until she bites into another one of those delicious looking strawberries. Frozen and mindless, our agent stares into nothingness while Lana continues to play with her. This segment is for our yes/no, forced orgasms, freeze and mindless stares lovers. Ginary still does not believe that what I do works and she tries her best to resist not only being frozen and orgasmed but also to be rendered mindless. It is fun watching her body shiver and shake while she is unable to move.




Ginary Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is just a stupid toy

Ginary, my older brothers girlfriend, is not only surprised but also a bit upset, when I enter my brothers room without knocking. Of course the fact that I am hitting on her, does not defuse the situation. My idea to let me take a closer look of her feet, seems to upset her even more and, believe it or not, she tries to get rid of me right then and there. Enough of the foreplay. Looks like it is time for our reluctant young lady to face the light shaker which as we all know, changes behavior pattern, once the subject is entranced. Ginary drops into deep mindless trance and now her feet become the most erogenous parts of her body. Her stares are so intense that at some point her eyes start to tear. Ginary starts to slowly worship her feet, spreads her toes, takes off one of the stockings, feels helplessly penetrated and eventually orgasmed. Very hot foot as well as entrancement segment which leaves her without any strength and with that, unable to move. Of course I had to orgasm her by touching those "sensitive" spots under her sexy little feet.



Ginary Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be yours

You are my master

Ginary is too weak to move and although fully aware, she has no other choice than to let Lana orgasm her by touching the sensitive spots under her feet. Her sexy young body quivers and shakes under Lana's touch until she has to admits that it feels soooooooooo good. Ginary is driven up the wall for lust until she finally wants to be with me only instead of being with my brother. Of course that is all just foreplay.

After being brought to orgasm by Lana, Ginary is put to sleep and briefly programmed. The second she comes up again, she feels confused and embarrassed about what just happened. Let's see what she does when feeling tickled, frozen and orgasmed without warning. Things get very intense as her sexy body trembles and finally goes into lustful convulsions. Suddenly the phone rings and which sends her instantaneously into mindless trance. Still there is a lot more to come. Sorry guys, this is not my best week for writing but believe me, it is a hot one.



Ginary Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Countdown to orgasm
Activate obedience program

Ginary believes to be a serious actress who must have somehow gotten into the wrong audition. She seems to believe that the wardrobe people must have made a mistake when they put her into that hideous outfit, after all, what kind of serious movie could that possibly be. Unfortunately the director (guess who that is) is not of much help either. In fact he keeps talking about a science fiction movie in which the she is supposed to play the role of a fembot. The fact that her brain would have had to be deactivated and replaced with a mother board, does not seem to go over to well with her either but then, she makes the mistake and hits the space . Instantaneous transformation, programming, slow robotic speech and repetition of orders, bottomless masturbation, stiff movement as well as walk (arms out), blank stares, intense orgasms and or denied orgasms after countdown, many yes masters, mantra- I am owned and more.



Ginary Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just wrong

Ginary believes to be auditioning for a part in a movie which is financed by the church. The movie is all about the evils of hypnosis and being church funded, it has to be PG 13, if you know what I mean. Poor girl has no clue that she is programmed to do exactly the opposite of what I say, or tell her to do. Guess what happens when I mention that we cannot have any nudity, nipples, exposed bottoms and so on. Of course, we all know that some evil hypnotists make young girls masturbate in public and even get off in front of everybody but that could of course never happen to her.



Ginary Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I show you buster

Here we have our little girl very upset and to show me that she is upset, she throws her clothes at me, one piece at a time that is. I know, it is a cruel but that is what I have to deal with in my sessions. After a brief deepening, our aspiring young actress wakes up and she does not seem to realize that she is butt naked and to make things even funnier, she begs me to allow her to take her clothes off. Of course I cannot do that, after all this is a PG rated show. You should hear her begging and pleading. She even goes as far as offering me a blow job if I just let her take her clothes off. Please, please, please.

Our little girl even goes as far as to masturbate for me and she almost orgasms but as soon as I count to three, she falls into mindless bliss. That one was actually suggested by one of our viewers. After another quick sleepy break, Ginary snaps out of it and now she begs me to finally hypnotize her. She even tries to get rough when I say no but then she decides to offer me pretty much anything I want. I will be more obedient, a better girl and so on. Really a fun clip with lots of action.



Ginary Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
A dream come true

Current battery life at 40% connect to S X 9000 rock star, designation; Ginary

A dream come true, is what I first thought when I stumbled into my all time favorite rock stars dressing room. I had dreamed about her for years and to finally run into her was more than I could have ever wished for. I still don't know how it happened but there she was, beautiful as ever and all alone. Of course I noticed right away that I disturbed her in the middle of doing something very important but she tried at least to be friendly.

In fact, she seemed almost too friendly for a bad ass heavy metal rock star like her who loves to shock her fans with her wild and always changing looks. To make a long story short, I disturbed her while she was trying to charge her battery during her concert brake and that should cause a lot of problems for me. Was I surprised and even shocked when I found out that she was a fembot? Oh yes but it also gave me an opportunity to get really close to her, particularly after she malfunctioned. Maybe not my most ethical move but reprogramming her from being a rock star to being my porn star, was a hell of a lot of fun. OK, the malfunctions, particularly during her intense masturbation, weren't pleasant but at least, I got to see her naked. Surprise ending including my sexy assistant Lana who finally...


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