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Lesson # ONE   Surrender without foreplay

Ginger Lee, drop dead gorgeous and delightfully charming southern bell, certainly belongs into the group of my favorite subjects. What makes her so special is the fact that she is naturally sweet yet spunky, intelligent and imaginative and most importantly extremely horny. Besides all that, Ginger is very sensual and sexual (my favorite combination by the way) and given the right circumstances, she is no stranger to submission and the pleasures that come with that. All in all the afternoon turned into an explosive sexual experience which I am sure neither Ginger, I nor you all will ever forget.

I had a feeling that Ginger would be a great subject and the way she responded to the locking hands test made me decide to deviate from my more typical inductions and to take her right into her first fight and surrender. I kept going with the locked hands and included her feet and knees. By making her feel helplessly bound, I easily got her to feel aroused and letting her feel the vibrator and a glass dildo in her pussy made her squirm and fight. Repeating, I am helpless, made her feel even more excited and I just knew I had her. It became obvious by watching her squirm and shiver that she was close to giving up her initial fight and surrender to her own lust. After being helplessly orgasmed on the count of three, made her admit, "It feels good to be under your control." You better believe it girl.



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Lesson # TWO Learn to beg

Please allow me to cum. I have no choice; I am under your control.

Ginger's tight hard body goes into convulsions in this segment and her hands uncontrollably flutter after an orgasm that takes her out cold. I make her feel the penetration with even more intensity. The need and desire to show me her firm and perky breasts makes her squeeze her nipples with an amazing intensity. All she has on her little mind is to orgasm and her body goes into very intense convulsions. I prepare her for an orgasm that will take all strength and energy out of her. Ginger starts to beg me to let her cum but I keep pushing her even further. Kept at the brink of the orgasm for a while, Ginger seems to be going nuts. Ready to do anything, my sweet southern bell is orgasmed into exhaustion. Very intense and believe me nobody can fake this good.


Ginger Lee Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # THREE Beg to Learn

Mindless masturbation and surrender to bliss

Now it is time for Ginger to learn that pleasing me makes her feel even more aroused. I have her strip out of her panties and top to get a better look at her young hard body. Ginger's need to please me and to masturbate for me seems to consume her entire being. I wonder whether that has anything to do with the suggestions I am giving her. I make her feel like her entire body is floating and increase the sensitivity of her nerve endings. The feeling of pleasure becomes almost unbearable and it is obvious that my sexy blond is ready to explode, thus mindlessly surrender. I let her wait until the desire to please me makes her give up and you will see when you watch her explosion that it was well worth it.


Ginger Lee Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # FOUR Learn to let go of all control

Please use me master, take my mind

Ginger's thoughts and mind are draining out of her while her young body goes into another round of convulsions. There seems to be some resistance in the beginning but my horny blond does not seem to have much of a chance. Her mind is running out and her big wide open eyes show her drifting into blissful mindlessness. Ginger starts to beg me to take all of her mind and ends up empty and zombie like. Her hands are still uncontrollably fluttering while the rest of her body seems drained and exhausted. Please use me master. Lesson learned. All of Ginger's clips are intense and this one is for the mindless stare and complete surrender lovers.


Ginger Lee Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # FIVE Why it is so important for good little girls to be trainotized

The use of slow and monotone repetition of mantras together with mind reduction while the subject is excessively horny is certainly one of the best female training methods that I can think of.

We all know what trainotized really means and Ginger is learning how important it is for good little girls to be in that particular state of mind. In fact the first mantra I have her repeat is good little girls need to be hypnotized. Ginger is again distracted by her own lust. Her masturbation becomes more and more intense and I can hear the wetness in her tight pussy building up. Her big eyes are staring at me and I can feel her mind running out. Orgasmed and mindless, Ginger is in obvious empty bliss, ready to obey. The way she repeats the mantra: "mindless" in a slow monotone with a sexy southern drawl which I have never heard before


Ginger Lee Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # SIX Why being a helpless party toy leads to better behavior

Ginger is made to believe that she is the center of a party. Her hands, just like in the first segment are held together by two powerful magnets, her head is pulled back and tied to her hands and her feet are stuck to the ground. Helplessly used and orgasmed at will, my hot southern bell learns how important it is to obey her master and to feel what ever I say. The nipple clamps I make her feel increase her lust even more and although she tries to resist and struggle, her futile fight is soon over and she surrenders to the pleasure. Believe me her surrender is not only sweet but also very, very intense and deep felt.


Ginger Lee Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # SEVEN Why being used makes you better

Ginger still believes to be the center of the party. This time she is put on all four and fucked three ways. The nipple clamps are even tighter and she feels the penetration in her pussy and ass at the sometime. Guess what's in her mouth? Her tight young body sways back and forth while she is shivering and shaking for lust. Her lustful screams become louder and her body goes into another series of convulsions. After being orgasmed over and over, Ginger finally drops into oblivion. Mantras like: �I am here to be used� and �I am just a party toy� make her feel her helplessness and certainly increase her lust even more.




Ginger Lee Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # EIGHT Why being helplessly frozen and mindless is part of every female training

Ginger's horny young hard body is frozen solid and I sway her in every which direction I please. Her orgasms seem to intensify the more she freezes up. I decide to pick her up while she orgasms and swing her naked stiff body in front of the camera. I can feel her growing excitement in my hands. Her nerve endings are contracting and I can feel her getting hot. Ginger almost slipped out of my hands when I put her back down. Really hot segment with great freeze scenes and forced orgasms...


Ginger Lee Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you like some hot coffee, Sir

This certainly looks like it is going to be a great day. For the first time in my life I am finally able to charter a plain to get to my business meeting and what makes it even better is the fact that my very own stewardess is an absolute knockout. The idea of being up there for three hours with a gorgeous girl like this makes my heart race and I can not wait to get the take off out of the way.

Everything seems perfectly fine and she assures me that we will be on time, despite the nasty rain storm that is roaring outside. After the lengthy safety instructions, she finally offers me some coffee and knowing what I know now, I should just said no. The second she tries to put the cup into the microwave, the dam thing sparks and sure enough my sexy little stewardess seems hurt. Of course being a professional, she pretends that everything is just fine but I am having my doubts about all that, particularly when she serves me an empty cup.

It is not easy to describe but her behavior is gradually changing and she keeps repeating herself. Her sexy little body seems to have a life of its own and she seems just not as coherent as before. It finally dawns on me, she is a fembot and having been struck by electricity seems to have damaged some of her circuits. Things deteriorate quickly and she breaks down completely. I guess looking at her helplessly frozen body is more than I can handle and the decision to mess with her programming seems the thing to do. I mean, why not have some fun with her, she will not remember anything anyways. What a change a few programming tricks can make. From stewardess to sex stewardess in 30 seconds. The fun begins and believe me for somebody as promiscuous and pleasing as she is (after my programming that is) fun seems to be the only thing she wants now.








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