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Ginger Lee Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
lesson # NINE The importance of having no choice

Frozen mantras, swayed, orgasmed and muted breath controlled orgasms.

Back on the ground, Ginger's arms are rising up and are held up in the air by an invisible force. Her body freezes up again and the vibrator she feels between her legs is driving her up the wall. Of course she is not allowed to orgasm, not yet at least. I sway her frozen body back and forth and increase the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel by making her feel penetrated and fucked. Ginger is screaming for lust and again her nerve endings contract, making her frozen body quiver. At this point, Ginger is completely mindless and still frozen solid. I let her repeat a couple of mantras, like I have no choice and watch her sink into zombie like mindlessness. There is too much going on in this one to describe it all but let me tell you this much, it is female training at its best.



Ginger Lee Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
lesson # Ten Horny school girl with reduced IQ

Ginger believes to be a barely eighteen year old school girl who is at a photo shoot. Knowing that the director has a lot of very well paying shoots coming up our sweet yet not too bright young girl tries to impress him with her cute and almost promiscuous behavior. Her cute innocence and lack of experience almost make up for the fact that she is just not the brightest. Every time I push her a little bit further and make her do things which are not usually part of a legitimate photo shoot, like dance, show me her tits and or masturbate, she only agrees, reluctantly though, after I mention the up coming shoots and her career. Ginger is really phenomenal in this one and her innocent, bimboish and promiscuous behavior is hot to watch.



Ginger Lee Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
lesson # ELEVEN Horny school girl with no IQ

Looks like my little girl is willing to do almost anything to get the job. Put on her back, she first struggles to let go of her little mind and her remaining IQ but that does not last for too long and slowly but surely my sweet southern bell lets go and sinks into mindlessness. Her eyes are wide open, staring into complete nothingness and all she knows how to say is: �yes master�. Some zombie walk at the end, just to make sure she is gone. Her struggle and mindless surrender are exciting and real.


Ginger Lee Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # twelve Oh my, that one tingles

Side effects may include severe loss of IQ and constant pussy wetness.

Who would ever believe that a lipstick could possibly be an aphrodisiac of sorts? Well, our new test subject certainly does not believe it what so ever. Of course our lipstick series was not necessarily designed to be an aphrodisiac and we certainly did not plan on the IQ reducing side effect but some tests have shown that women do react, let's just say, a bit strange after applying it a few times. Charming and cute, our southern bell starts to apply some of the different shades of lipstick and luckily she does not seem affected by any of them. Well, that is what she thinks. It has to be noted though that the test subject's hands seem to wonder between her legs a lot. The test subject seems to also giggle a lot more than at the beginning of the test. It is also noted that the conversation with the subject seems to have become less coherent.

At the beginning of the test, the subject informed us that she studies environmental science which unfortunately, at this point, she seems to have either forgotten about or it does not seem important to her any longer. Concerns about the side effects of our lipsticks rise when the subject suddenly starts to strip and then masturbates. Of course she is excessively sweet and charming through out the whole test and some people could misinterpret her behavior with the so called bimbofication, process but we know better now, don't we? Ginger's transformation is the hottest funniest and sexiest I have seen in a very long time and to watch her play with herself while trying to keep up the appearance of normalcy is sizzling hot.

Ginger Lee Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # thirteen What mind? It has been noted that the decrease of our subject's IQ seems to have become more rapid and when asked whether she feels any changes her answer is vague and sounds something like, Maybe, kind of, sort of and who cares; very alarming, indeed. It is unfortunate and certainly not easy to describe how this well put together; intelligent young woman could, within a relatively short amount of time, turn into a mindless, oversexed fuck toy.

The subject, after inviting me to fuck her begins to orgasm at my demand in front of everyone. The result can only be described as mind blowing or I should say as mind reducing. The subject now refers to herself as a fuck toy. It is also noted that her bubbly behavior has changed to a more somber, slow and monotone kind of behavior which seems to only allow her to repeat short sentences like for example, Yes master or I am your mindless fuck toy master.

After some training and zombie walk the fuck toy is now being put to sleep and her eyes are checked for any sign of intelligence. The ending of this segment is very hot. Ginger is orgasms in her sleep; her body shivers and shakes uncontrollably while her eyes are held open. White eyed lovers dream.

Ginger Lee Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # fourteen Mindless Robot stripper

Ginger, the new stripper at my club does not seem to feel any love for her new boss. Of course she is nice and friendly but that is mainly because she wants to keep her job. Man, that girl is just the cutest and sexiest. The way she dances for me sure makes me feel hot but then again, that is as far as she goes. When I mention my idea of turning her into my obedient and well programmed robot, Ginger almost runs out. Almost that is. All of a sudden though, she stops in her tracks, her arms drop, her eyes stare and all she knows how to say is: �I am just a robot Master�. Sweet don't you think? The first thing my obedient little robot has to learn is that Fembots can only orgasm on command, no matter how good it feels. Forced masturbation, robot training/programming and denied orgasms...


Ginger Lee Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # fifteen Mindless robot in training

This one starts with a bend over ass out masturbation and orgasms on command. Next my reluctant little stripper has to wear her new robot helmet which is quite heavy and does not give her much visibility. I can hear her breathing getting louder and heavier as she gets closer to orgasm for me. At some point I decide to snap her out of it and she almost immediately starts to complain while she is trying to figure out what just happened. I think it is a much better idea to turn her back into my obedient sexbot, what do you think? "I am a robot and I am not allowed to cum"


Ginger Lee Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # Sixteen The dungeon

The importance of the all around female training

Ginger who believes to be in a dungeon is now taken through a series of already learned lessons. Her attempt to protest is stopped on the count of three. All of a sudden mindless and frozen she stops dead in her tracks and is helplessly orgasmed. Followed by severe tickle torture, Ginger now learns that her body feels what ever I want. She is screaming and dancing and finally begs me to stop. Helplessly bound, she is then orgasmed at will. I just love the power of the mind. Of course I have to test some of the previously planted triggers like slave and obedient robot. Works like a charm, Ginger salutes and obeys her master. At some point, my sexy southern bell attempts to leave again but she finds out that about half way up the stairs, her young little body freezes up again and her mind goes who knows where. Lots of action in this one, everything from freeze, tickle, forced orgasms, mindlessness and yes masters. Female training at its best...




Ginger Lee Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you like some hot sex, Sir

In the last segment my new sex toy starts to call me Sir and Master and yes, the masturbation might have been a bit much and yes she malfunctions again but I am still not ready to give up by any means. Look at her and tell me that you would give up that easily. Sure enough after my next modification of her programming, all she seems to want is sex. She even gets herself very wet for me so that all I have to do, is slide in and enjoy. Why does she suddenly start to talk about coffee and safety instructions again, I will never know. Ginger is amazing in this one and most likely one of our best fembots. Slow transformation, glitches, repetitions, malfunctions and very hot girl play.





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