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Giselle Humes Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Grateful to be back under

Giselle H, absolutely beautiful sweetheart with a body to drool over, was one of our early Robolust girls and since then many of you have asked and some of you even begged me to bring her back. Well, here she is, beautiful as ever and ready to take another sensual and extremely sexual journey into the subconscious. Giselle had taken a break from it all and it was not easy to track her down but as soon as she heard that I wanted to do another session with her, she jumped on the plane and came all the way down here. Boy, am I glad she did. Giselle is, besides from being very beautiful, a fun loving, very sweet and naturally submissive young girl who, loves to please and to be made a good little girl. I could go on and on about how sexy she is and that she is an amazingly good subject or how her big beautiful dark eyes (which role a lot BTW) can easily drive a man nuts and how intense and amazing the session was but I am sure you will figure that out for yourself as soon as you watch some of her clips.

After over three years, I thought it might be a good idea to start her off with a nice long induction throughout which, she would remember the intensity of her first experience. The balloon test shows her hands and arms rise at different speeds which is a bit of a variation to the standard test.

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Giselle Humes Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Being obedient makes you feel aroused

My voice is starting to penetrate deeper into her subconscious and I can feel her growing arousal as soon as I suggest that being a good little girl for me, makes her feel aroused. I remember Giselle's deep seeded desire to submit to me and to show me how pleasing she is. Her beautiful body starts to quiver like a leaf under my graphic sexual suggestions. Before long her body goes into lustful convulsions, she starts to scream for lust, her hands claw into the couch and I can feel that she is ready for the takeover, meaning she is ready to be put back under my complete control. As we all know, orgasm control is a great way to make your subject know that what they are allowed to feel and when, is entirely up to you, thus giving them the feeling of being under total control. I let her squirm and quiver for a while before she is allowed to feel her longest orgasm ever.



Giselle Humes Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your slave

This segment includes many of your favorites from long intense stares, slow mind removal, rolling eyes, slow and zombielike repetitions (mantras) screaming hard orgasms on my command, choice less masturbation and more.

“Thank you for making me your slave again master”

It is not easy to describe the dynamic of this segment as it switches from very quite and sensual moments, throughout which her mind is emptied out to very intense sexual intervals where our sexy little girl is ordered to masturbate herself into unknown bliss. First Giselle's eyes are fixated on the watch then on my eyes as her mind is drifting. Her repetitions (mantra) of the words “empty and mindless” are slow and monotone, her eyes role back as she drifts and it is time to make her feel my total control over her which seems to turn her on. All of a sudden, I make her feel helplessly fucked and used and sure enough, her body goes into lustful convulsions. She keeps repeating, “Thank you for making me your slave again”. Of course there is more. After being orgasmed at will, Giselle feels her hands helplessly pulled between her legs and she has no other choice than to masturbate herself to orgasm. More mind reduction, intense stares and rolling eyes and repetitions are still to come “I am your slave”.



Giselle Humes Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I missed having been under my master’s control

“I am cumming for you master” “Nobody else can make me cum like this”.

Show me and let me feel how much you want to please your master. Giselle's unblinking eyes are wide open as she stares at me. Again, her hands feel drawn between her legs, leaving her no other choice than to masturbate herself into mindless bliss. Her repetitions of the words, “mindless slave” are slow yet forceful as she reaches another powerful climax. Placed in the slave position on her knees, my little girl is now taken even further into intense mindless bliss. She screams, “Yes, I missed having been under my master’s control” and her desire to show me how much she wants to please and obey can not be described. Giselle is pretty much naked by the time I have her bend over the couch (we all remember her great ass) and it is time for more orgasm control. The feeling of being helplessly fucked and then not to be allowed to orgasm drives her up the wall. Intense ending, rolling eyes, mindless stares and very lively and intense orgasms...



Giselle Humes Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Fucked by the machine

Are you trying not to orgasm?

This segment is a bit longer but believe me, it is well worth it. There are two parts to this clip which are really much more intense when watched together.

First, I take her deeper. My little girl's eyes role all the way back as she drifts into lala land. Her repetitions of the words, “deep trance” are very slow and monotone, her body kind of wobbles and it is obvious that she has let go of herself. Now it is time to make her feel the fucking machine she is sitting on. The little foot stool becomes the most intense fucking machine she has ever felt and sure enough, her body goes into lustful convulsion and it even intensifies every time I turn it up a notch. Giselle's lustful screams fill the room her body quivers and shakes and her eyes are rolling back again as I make her cum hard for me. Lots of yes masters, BTW

After a brief deepening, Giselle comes back thinking that she is tied up to the machine between her legs and that she is watched by a group of guys. Helpless and somewhat embarrassed, our little girl has no choice but to get pounded by the fucking machine. Yes, she tries not to orgasm in front of everybody but it is obvious that she can not contain her lust. I keep setting the machine to even more powerful settings, her screams fill the room, her yes masters keep pouring out of her and it is obvious that she has lost against the machine. I take her hand and extract all strength and energy from her body as she orgasm herself into complete exhaustion. Limp body play, neck play and eye checks are still to come. As mentioned, lots of yes masters, rolling eyes, bouncing tits and even a glimpse of Lana's sexy feet!



Giselle Humes Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The Harem’s Slave

On her search for a costume for the upcoming company party, Giselle believes to have stumbled upon a small yet very interesting boutique specializing in selling exotic costumes. Of course there is a very helpful salesman, who seems to know exactly what she needs. I don't think you have to guess who the salesman is. Anyway, the belly dancer costume seems to be exactly what she is looking for. In all fairness, I do have to let her know that I just bought it in a small village in the desert near Dubai and that the old lady who reluctantly sold it to me, mentioned that the costume belonged to a real harem’s belly dancer and that whoever tries to wear it, turns into exactly that. Sure, a costume turns women into obedient harem slaves, who would ever believe that?

Giselle sure does not. In fact, she seems to think that I made it all up in order to sell her the costume. Oh well, suit yourself. My attempts to hit on her fail just as miserably as my attempts to warn her and she insists to try the costume. The second she puts the veil over her face though, her posture changes, her eyes stare straight ahead into nothingness and her transformation into an obedient harem slave is instant.

Mindlessly obedient, my sexy little dancer only knows how to say “yes master” and to repeat my orders, which I think, given the circumstances, is more than plenty. First of course, I have her dance for me and boy, that girl knows how to move her hips. Now it is time for some more serious training. Put on her knees, Giselle’s unblinking big eyes a glued to the gold pendant in my hand as the rest of her mind is slowly removed. Of course that is just the warm up. I decide to put her on her back with her legs up in the air where they are frozen in place. Unable to move her legs and or to stop pleasuring herself, my horny slave now experiences the intense pleasures that come with unconditional surrender to her master. Really exciting clip and very intense...



Giselle Humes Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What kind of store is this

My sexy little slave snaps out of it and sure enough, she does not remember exactly what just happened. Poor thing feels kind of funny though and it seems like a good idea to just get the hell out of the store. She keeps talking about a meeting she has to go to while she is waiting for me to leave the room so that she can change back to her clothes. What can I say, I think it is too early for her to leave besides, I really want to see her mindlessly frozen in place. Anybody else here who would like to see that.

Giselle's sexy body freezes up, her mind goes dim and yet again, she is mine to do with as I please. Of course at some point, after messing with her helpless body for a bit, it is time to have her awareness come back. Boy, is she confused about her stiffness and for some reason, she seems to believe that I have something to do with it and or can help her. You all know by now that I am always helpful when it comes to helping the girls in a situation like that but unfortunately it does not always seem to help much at all.

The only thing my help seems to do, is to make her feel even more confused and embarrassed. I have to admit, making her orgasm with the wand, in the middle of her complaining, might not be helpful to her at all, but it sure as hell is fun for me. OK, rendering her mindless by waving my hand in front of her eyes might not be helpful at all but yet again, it is a lot of fun. Giselle's comments are priceless, her confusion is more than funny and of course her orgasms are unwanted yet intense.




Giselle Humes Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That was a big mistake!

Giselle's horror trip to the little boutique is still not over. Snapped out of it again, our little girl is just as, if not more, confused about the situation, she finds herself in. Giselle’s confusion is understandable, considering the fact, that she finds herself waking up to a powerful orgasm. Of course she does not believe me that the orgasm wand, which is still stuck to her pussy, could have possibly made her orgasm. I tell her that all she has to do is, hit the button on it and it will make her orgasm again.

Of course she does not want to do that and believe it or not, she gives it back to me. Big mistake! Now she feels really confused and of course, she tries to get out of the belly dance costume. Unfortunately though, the second she gets out of the dam costume, her body freezes up and her mind goes dim. Her mind comes back at some point but she still seems unable to move. Poor thing, I guess my comments about her hard nipples and or making her orgasm, while frozen does not make her feel in control of her sexy young body either but, it sure is a lot of fun for me.

Actually, Giselle seems to enjoy the orgasms just as much, why else would her body contract so hard that it almost knocks her off her feet. Anyway, my last attempt to help her would be the eye check. You know the one where the frozen girl stares at the gold pendant in your hand and then goes blank on your count of three. I know, not very helpful but a lot of fun. Giselle's eyes role all the way back as she goes under. Why does she think that I am her beloved boyfriend after all this? Go find out.



Giselle Humes Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
What is IQ?

This clip is for our IQ, mind reduction, bimbofication and mindless insurmountable lust fans.

Giselle is one of the first candidates on our new national TV show which is all about testing foods from foreign countries. Today we are testing popsicles from Italy. As we all know, some foreign countries do not have the same strict laws as we do when it comes to their food processing and believe it or not, the manufacturer of the popsicles claims that their product can make, women in particular, feel kind of loving and how can I put this, horny and a bit silly. Of course the idea that a popsicle made of water and sugar can make her lose IQ points while turning her into a horny yet loving bimbo, seems more than far fetched and Giselle has no problems going through with the test. After only a few minutes into the test though, I can not help but notice that our sexy test candidate seems to be devouring the above mentioned food and she seems to be determined to continue the test, she even states that the popsicles in question are delicious.

The fact that she spreads her legs and exposes her panties does not have to mean much but it is certainly worth mentioning to her, after all the test is conducted live on national TV. Our test subject though seems unfazed by my warnings and proceeds to take off her clothes. It has to be noted that by now, her behavior has become increasingly sloppy and the fact that she does not seem to know what IQ stands for, is reason enough to be concerned. What seems even more concerning though, is the fact that the subject is in complete denial as she insists of not feeling anything. Again, she turns down my proposal to end the test right here and now.

Under the circumstances it seems almost normal that the subject, all of a sudden, thinks that I am handsome and that she could fall in love with me, after all she seems to be horny beyond belief. Lustfully caressing her nipples and pussy with the above mention popsicles though, does make it impossible to sell the show even to pay per view stations and again, I try to stop her with no success. At some point the subject pleasures herself and despite my warnings that a powerful orgasm could leave her mindless, our test candidate proceeds to bring herself to orgasm while talking about her loving me. Needless to say, she ends up mindless and in the zombie position. Giselle's transformation from being intelligent to being a horny, oversexed yet loving little bimbo is spectacular “I am a horny Bimbo”.



Giselle Humes Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, tickled, orgasmed and embarrassed!

Our test candidate comes back from her journey into mindless bliss and she seems terribly embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. My comments about how she is costing us a lot of money in production for a TV show, which we most likely won't be able to use due to her nakedness, certainly does not make her feel any better. Of course she promises to behave and take this a lot more seriously. The second she mentions the word serious, our now even more confused test candidate breaks out into uncontrollable laughter as if she felt tickled or something.

What am I supposed to do now? Oh, I know, why not freeze her while she still feels the tickling. Looks like she does not like that a bit but then again, what can she do about it. All of a sudden the tickling seems to have gone away which leaves her with a very confused look on her pretty face. Of course she also promises not to ever orgasm again while being on TV! Of course not… Oops. Really a fun clip with lots of back and forth as well as the famous Yes/no tug of war...



Giselle Humes Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
No really, I don't do that!

Giselle believes to be the star in a commercial for one of our beautiful states. You know the kind of commercials some of the states put together to attract tourists. The idea behind the commercial is to show that people come to our state from all over and that we are very open when it comes to certain fetishes. Well, Giselle finds out, after some very hot posing, that the photographer has a bit of a secret agenda of his own and she seems quite upset when he asks her to seductively play with her feet for him.

Of course not, I am a fashion model and no I am not going out with you either. I make her believe that it is not a big deal and that I want her to continue with the shoot but luck seems to be on my side. The second I hand her the little rattle (prop for the next picture), she drops into mindless obedience. Foot lovers dream with lots of close ups of her sexy feet, spread toes, fingers between her toes, the sexy wrinkles on the bottom of her feet, FJ action, masturbation and of course mindless (great stares BTW) foot play with a happy ending. I know I crammed a lot into that last sentence but there is just too much happening to go into all the details. The way she seductively tries to turn me on and to make me participate is hot.



Giselle Humes Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That is kind of lame…

Our very beautiful yet somewhat reluctant Hawaiian model snaps out of it again and it seems she suffers from short term amnesia. As far as she is concerned, her photo shoot is just about to start. Yes, she is confused about her breast being exposed but that can easily be explained. Given the fact that she does not remember anything, I kind of figure that this might be a good time to hit on her again but just like before, she gives me the boy friend routine. Anyway, let's get to the shoot. I can not help but notice that our young model seems to be quite sleepy and it looks like she has a hard time hiding her constant yawning.

Naturally, she tries to convince me that everything is fine and no, she has not taken a sleeping pill. Giselle's condition deteriorates quickly, her moves while seductively posing become slower and slower and.... Before long, she shows me some hot poses on the couch and it looks like she has hardly any strength left. Poor thing can not even keep herself up anymore and before you know, she drops. Her last attempt to pull herself up fails miserably and she is out. I start messing with her, pulling up her limp body, move her wobbling head around and ... Very hot ending.



Giselle Humes Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
You look a little sleepy

The sleeping power of post hypnotic suggestions

Back up, with no memory of what just happened Giselle is ready for her photo shoot. This time though, she feels fresh and strong but only until I use one of the carefully planted post h suggestions. The second she hears her name for example or the little rattle go off, she drops instantaneously into deep sleep. It is fun to watch her getting hit by it, pause for a split second in disbelief and then drop like a rock. Not easy to describe but really hot. Of course it always hits her in mid sentence or in the middle of her next pose. There is some confusion about her costume which seems to be way out of place every time she wakes up but luckily she does not seem to remember what I did while she was asleep. Hot and fun clip...


Giselle Humes Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Choice less Robot transformation

Another hot "obedient robot" segment... I have to say, Giselle is really an amazing little robot and her moves and speech are spot on and the best part about all this is that it comes from deep within her. Of course our young Hawaiian model does not understand what I am talking about when I tell her that I like to turn sexy young women into obedient robots. All she knows is that it is not her thing and the whole transformation thing seems kind of crazy. I try to make her understand that it really does not take all that much, a little bit of electromagnetic frequency, a couple of minor changes to inhibit the thinking process and most importantly, the right trigger. As we all know, it is really all about the trigger.

Giselle snaps at attention and is ready to be programmed to my specifications. Besides having to kiss and fondle one of the mannequins, my new robot has to learn the art of the standing up, bottomless masturbation and to orgasm when ordered to do so. She is switched from being stiff and robotic to seductive and then back to being just a very sophisticated machine. Unfortunately her last orgasm is cut way short due to the fact that I deactivate her right before it actually happens.



Giselle Humes Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not the time or place to malfunction

I expected a busy and hectic day at the office but nothing could have prepared me for what happened. My new and so far very efficient secretary seemed not quite herself but I did not think much of it at first. As usual, she wrote down all the things I needed her to do for me that day with a big smile on her face and, as I said, everything seemed just fine. All of a sudden though, the picture behind her desk fell of the wall which startled the and got her all upset. What's a doing in the office, you might ask. Well, that is exactly what I asked her and believe it or not, she tried to make me believe that it belongs to a customer.

Of course that was not true and eventually, she had to admit that she brought the dam . Anyway, nothing seemed the same after that. Maybe it was the excitement or maybe I just gave her too many things to do but she seemed to be utterly confused. Instead of making 3 copies she made I don't know how many and then she wanted to call my wife 500 times and so on. I believe she was just as surprised when she realized that she was malfunctioning as I was but never the less, she went down.

As you might know, I am a bit of a wiz when it comes to fixing broken Fembots and yes, I had to try to fix her. What happened was kind of strange though. The second I had her back up, she starts to try to seduce me. She even went as far as offering me a BJ. Of course I like that kind of stuff, don't get me wrong here, but not in the office.

Too much going on and too many switches and surprises to describe it all. Malfunctions, robot walks and talk, glitches, intense masturbation or in other words another hot one with Giselle.



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