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Gracie Glam Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Take me down

I started her off with the magnet test and once I saw the veins and muscles in her arms pop as she stared at her hands while trying hard to open them, I just knew that she was the kind of girl I was hoping for. Lots of slow panning and close ups of her entire body, starting with her boots, legs body and of course her face with those twitching eyelids.

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Gracie Glam Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your control, I have no choice

I could feel that Gracie had gone deep during the induction and I had already started to make her feel aroused. Now it is time to find out how she reacts to force and the idea of being at my disposal. Gracie's sexy young hard body starts to lustfully move under my suggestions. I make her body feel helplessly immobilized and unable to get up. Her arms and hands are forcefully pulled behind her head and she feels the deep hard penetration of someone she is unable to see.

Gracie's breathing becomes deeper and more forceful with every word I say. It gets more intense, her body goes into lustful convulsions, she starts to scream and I can see her getting hot. Remember, the first orgasm often sets the stage for the rest of the session. Helplessly fucked and used, Gracie has no choice but to submit. I can feel that she is ready for the take over. Not allowed to come, Gracie is going crazy for lust and that is exactly what makes her give up. The need and desire to orgasm makes her beg and scream. I have no control.



Gracie Glam Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

Anyone here loves intense, mindless stares and slow monotone repetitions? I thought so.

Gracie is still very excited from the last segment. Now it is time to take her to a place she has never been before. A place so deep within herself, she never knew excited. After her first hands free orgasm, she suddenly feels her hands drawn into her pussy and the desire to pleasure herself seems overwhelming. Her wide open eyes stare at the watch while her thoughts, mind and will are slowly removed. Gracie's beautiful hard body goes into convulsions and I can feel her desire to please me. The repetition of the word “Thoughtless" drives her up the wall and shows how much she wants to be good. Her big open eyes glare over, and I can feel her drifting. Time for her to feel the intensity of her first open eyes orgasm (almost all you see is the white in her eyes). This segment is very intense, great mind removal; hands free orgasms, zombie like stares, long hard orgasms and complete surrender.



Gracie Glam Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless slave master

I am a mindless slave

Gracie seems a bit exhausted from the last segment but she is not nearly done yet. Using her exhaustion, I slowly drain the rest of her thoughts mind and will. Her sexy young body starts to helplessly quiver and shake again as she feels hit by the intense vibration of the sybian she is made to feel. Her body rhythmically sways back and forth just as if the machine was actually between her legs. Her eyes are wide open and hazy as she stares up at my finger. I can feel her mind running out as she becomes more aroused and the slow repetition of, I am a mindless slave, takes her down into mindless bliss. Orgasmed on my count of three, Gracie is now learning that she has no control over her orgasms.

Now we want to see and feel how much she wants to please and how submissive she really is. Ordered to masturbate, Gracie has only one thing on her mind and that is to make herself cum as quickly and as hard as she can for me. Again, her body goes into lustful convulsions and she keeps screaming, I am a good little girl. After a series of mindless yet intense orgasms, Gracie is now standing in front of me with her arms stretched out as she feels helplessly fucked and used. Her eyes are empty but the rest of her young body is more than alive, as she quivers and shakes under my suggestions. Very intense, mantras, white eyes, mindless yet hard orgasms and more of your favorites.



Gracie Glam Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final take-over and unconditional surrender

I am under your control now

Now it is time for the final take over. Bent over the couch with her ass pushed out at me, Gracie is now orgasmed into complete oblivion. Her body is twitching and shivering (particularly her cherry ass) until she has no more strength, will and mind left. I can feel her trying to fight it at first but then she gives up and slowly gives it all up. I could feel that her futile attempt to keep some of her strength, only made her feel more aroused. There is no sweeter thing than surrender after at least trying to see who is stronger. Very intense eye checks (both at the same time showing only the white in her eyes) and final orgasm.



Gracie Glam Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant maid tamed and trained

Gracie believes to be our new maid/cleaning lady who has to put up with my advances while my wife is out shopping. I have to say, Gracie takes her new job seriously and it is more than obvious that she is way too proper to give in to my undoubtedly charming ways of trying to get her in the sack. Of course the idea of how I would love to see her try on the sexy little maids costume seems absolutely absurd. Well, let's see what she thinks about the new toy I bought for the k i d s? Looks like she thinks that it is just a silly toy and that it can not be anything other than a toy. Slowly but surely though, my little girl finds out what I mean by the toy having mind reducing powers and that some people experience the feeling of stiffness throughout their entire body. Slowly but surely, her body starts to freeze up, slowly that is.

Gracie's comments are priceless when she figures out that she can not move but by the time the "freeze" hits her head, her mind is gone and she remains mindlessly silent while I play with her stiff body. Of course it would be boring to just have her mindlessly stand there for ever and I decide to have her thoughts and mind come back just to see how she feels. How does she feel? Well, for one, very confused and what makes it even more confusing is my futile attempts to help her. I think the fact that she suddenly realizes that she is in fact wearing the sexy maid costume does not make the whole thing more understandable for her. How did she get into the costume? Oh well, before she can figure things out the waving hand sends her back into obedient oblivion.

Of course, our little girl endures a number of surprises and often not so wanted orgasms, more freeze play, mindless lust, more waving hands in mid sentence, confusion and embarrassment and so much more, during this really great freeze clip. How will I deter her from telling my wife about all this? Will she remain our maid? Will she in fact remember anything? Go find out for yourself.






Gracie Glam Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Landlord needs obedience training

Gracie, my sexy yet very bitchy landlord is fuming about the condition of the apartment after only one year of me living there. The idea that I am moving out without fixing, painting and cleaning it properly seems to upset her more than I could have imagined. Anyway, I think I am done cleaning besides, I think she talks too much and not liking my fembot collection really makes me want to turn her into a mindlessly programmed robot.

Of course that is ridiculous, nobody can do that to her! Oops, here we go; Gracie in the midst of her speech about how she would never go for that snaps at attention and all she knows how to say is, “I am a robot”. Much better, don't you think? Now it is time to deactivate her personality and will, make her clean do some much needed cleaning, while wearing those sexy pantyhose, masturbate herself to orgasm while standing up, salute, spank her own ass, bend over the couch while being orgasmed again, repeat my orders in a slow and robotic manner, pinch her nipples and ....

You all know by now that there is always so much more excitement going on in all the clips and that it would be impossible to describe all of it. So go ahead and watch the taming and programming of our bitchy landlord. Towards the end, we have her come back thinking she is the iron minded landlord and it seems like she still has not quite learned how to properly behave and hat makes me....




Gracie Glam Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Santa Baby and the feather duster

Gracie, our very sexy yet somewhat prudish model, believes to be at a very well paying photo shoot for our Xmas catalog. Of course, being prudish and very professional, our little girl is not interested in posing nude nor does she seem to have time to go out with me after the shoot. I guess, we all know what that means. Anyway, I am pretty sure that there is a way to make her pose the way I would like her to. Let's try the mindless freeze trick on her, shall we. Gracie goes blank and becomes stiff in the middle of her sexy pose before she even knows what hits her. Now seems to be a good time to rearrange her clothes. pull down her panties and to take a close look at every part of her sexy young body.

Snapped out of it again, Gracie seems very confused and embarrassed but she regains her confidence quickly and is ready for more. For more mindless freeze fun that is. Snapped out of it again, Gracie scrambles to cover up her naked breasts and pussy, which believe me, leaves her very confused and yes, even more embarrassed than before. What do you think happens when she wakes up with a feather duster stuck between her butt cheeks? Lots of fun, intense stares and freeze scenes, close ups of her body, confusion and so much more.



Gracie Glam Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa eats feet

Our little Santa model wakes up with no recollection of what has happened so far during her photo shoot from hell. My idea of taking some pictures of her with her feet exposed while maybe even playing or at least holding them, does not go over too well. No, our girl is not a foot model and she simply can not imagine what it would feel like to mindlessly suck, kiss and lick her toes and feet. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her about the power of the waving hand but that just seems to amuse her. Stopped in mid sentence our Santa Baby experiences first hand what waving my hand in front of her face can do. What follows is a whole lot of mindless foot play, including sucking, kissing, worshipping and stroking her own feet. I guess, she deserves to have an orgasm for that one, besides, she is so dam horny by now that allowing her to cum seems to be the nice thing to do. It gets really hot though when she not only demonstrates but also explains in every detail what she would do if I allowed her to give me a foot job.



Gracie Glam Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's be serious, Santa

In this next segment, our sexy little Santa model, seems to be plagued by an irritating feeling of being tickled all over her body. I wonder why. No matter how hard she tries, there is just no way for her to remain serious and professional. Confused and embarrassed, she tries to cover up what is happening to her but that proves to be impossible. Could it be those itchy clothes that cause the tickling or could she be under P H suggestions. No way, that is impossible. Will I be able to help her? Will she end up dropping like a rock in the midst of her begging me to help her?



Gracie Glam Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not that kind of model

Sleep Santa, sleep

Unfortunately our young model, being so very professional and all, is not willing to show a little breast for the pictures. Oh well, then we have to do without that, I guess. At least she is willing to give me some really sexy poses. Here is the deal, every time I snap my fingers; she is supposed to show me a different pose which seems easy enough. Unfortunately, whenever I snap my fingers, Gracie goes in the middle of her sexy posing. It is almost like she got hit by something.

The first time, she even tries to get back up but she drops again. Of course I try to wake her up by pulling her up, dropping her, exposing her breasts and pussy, turning her head and so on but it seems like she is just a sleepy rag doll at this point. Poor thing finally wakes up and realizes that her clothes must have slipped out of place, meaning her pussy and tits are exposed.

Of course the fun is not over yet. Touching her nose to wipe off the little smudge sends her right back to lala land and it is time for me to mess with her sleepy body yet again. At some point, I had to keep her asleep for a while so that I could change tapes. Confused and embarrassed, Gracie tries to regain her posture but as soon as she puts the Santa hat back on, our little girl falls forward flat on her face with her sexy ass up in the air (you got to see this one and no worries, her face ends up on the soft mattress). Really hot sleeping segment showing her go out as if struck by lightning and even some snoring...



Gracie Glam Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I never take any medication    

 It looks like our sexy Santa model still seems to have problems staying awake. Of course at first, she is confused and very apologetic about her exposed breasts and pussy but, as we all know, these cheesy costumes never fit right and they all seem to slide down real easily. Well, that is her excuse and being the nice guy that I am, I am going along with it.

Before long though, it becomes very obvious that our “oh so professional” model, who still does not want to show any nudity BTW, seems to have a hard time staying awake. Wonder why that might be? It almost seems like; she has just taken a heavy duty sleeping pill which is slowly but surely knocking her out. Gracie sure tries to stay awake and she definitely tries to hide the fact that she can not stop yawning. What can I say; she loses just another useless struggle and eventually goes out like a baby. 

What comes next are some very hot eye checks (both eyes at the same time) as well as some "rag doll" play and another intense orgasm in her sleep.



Gracie Glam Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sleepiest of them all?

Gracie wakes up after a brief deepening and is beside herself. I guess the fact that she is almost naked, somewhat confused and definitely not interested in doing any nude poses; can do that to a girl. I can not help but to hit on her again but unfortunately, the answer is still no. My idea of hypnotizing her so she would go out with me, makes her laugh, “That would never work”. Ok, I understand, not everybody can be hypnotized. I think its time to take some pictures of our sexy Santa as she looks at herself in the mirror. Gracie seems mesmerized by her own image in the mirror and before long, her thoughts, mind and will drift into the mirror, leaving her deeply entranced. I don't think she deserves it but after exposing her body for me, I do allow her to orgasm in a somewhat uncomfortable position. Snapped out of it, Gracie can not seem to wait to go out with me and guess where I am taking her? You guessed right, we are going to a place called lala land.


Gracie Glam Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
This all does not work

Gracie believes that our session has just started and that the only reason she is here, is because of a bet between her and her girlfriend, who has told her about the session and that she wants to prove that it will not work on her. The idea that people can be under post hypnotic suggestions which eventually can make them do things they normally would not do, seems way too far fetched. I wonder why she gets up at some point, slowly turns around, flashes her ass and pulls her butt cheeks apart or why she all of a sudden thinks that I am incredibly handsome or why she orgasms while exposing her pussy and tits or even better why she keeps talking about her cute feet while she is massaging them and why she can not stop playing with her breasts? Too many questions to answer! What makes the whole thing even more confusing is the fact that she does not seem to realize what is going on. Looks like she is not a good candidate for what I do and she might be better off in lala land. The sleep command drops her like a rock. Time again to play with her limp body, run my hands over her long neck and do some eye checks...



Gracie Glam Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Your card has already been charged

This weeks fembot segment is about a beautiful call girl who somehow ends up at the wrong house at the wrong time. Determined and convinced that she never makes mistakes, she is set on showing the wrong guy the best time he has ever seen. The problem with all that is that the guy has no clue as to what she really is and what makes it even worse is the fact that he expects his wife and even more importantly, his mother in law, to come back from shopping at any time. Will he be strong enough to resist her seductive moves? Will he be done having fun before his family returns. Could it be possible that the perfect being in his living room malfunctions and needs his help to function again? Will there be sex for the guy? Really fun segment and I think Gracie really bagged this one.




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