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Hannah Perez Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The Jedi Mind trick

Her best ever

Hannah, beautiful young seductress with long black hair had been in for her last a while ago and I am certain that you guys all remember her. Sexy, sensual, bubbly, definitely wild and sexual. Those were some of the words I used back then to describe her and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that our little girl is even more beautiful and vibrant . I am sure you remember Hannah being an amazingly good subject and although it might be hard to imagine that this session could be even better, more fun and more exciting than her last one but it might just be.

I actually did tried a lot of new "stuff" with her which made this session even more fun as Hannah went right along with it. Like I said, she is a great subject

I missed being under your control master

Hannah went down like a rock as soon as my hand waved across her eyes (some of you guys refer to that as the Jedi Mind trick) Her eyes went blank while her arms slowly rose up (zombie pose) for a long mantra. " I missed your control master."

Of course that is all just the beginning. Next we get to enjoy watching her seductively pose (auto pose mannequin) and then we switch her to show us the timid pose, angry pose, dominant pose and so on.

Want more? How about some seductive strip dancing? How about enjoying her being posed while completely blank and mindless? Would you like to see her walk and talk like a robot which likes to be owned and programmed.

Really intense start with great stares, some rolling eyes, yes masters, slow monotone repetitions, seductive dancing and posing and so much more.

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Hannah Perez Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Deep trance masturbation

Of course there is more going on than just the deep trance masturbation. Jazmine is completely zoned out as she is ordered to caress her beautiful body. Her hands slowly work their way down between her legs and bring her to orgasm as if they (her hands) had a mind of their own.

No more mister nice guy. Suddenly she feels her hands being pulled behind her back while a thrusting vibrator is showed between her legs. Time to sensitize her clit and to bring her to another real hard climax. Jazmine's beautiful body is still quivering when I send her back into deep mindlessness. Her eyes are wide open and so are her legs when her hands wander back between her legs. Our little girl goes crazy for lust but this time she has to beg me to let her orgasm. Lot's more going on here including begging, yes masters, entranced masturbation, sensitized clit and slow sleep.




Hannah Perez Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleeping beauty

Let's check out (very slowly) that beautiful body of hers, shall we. Not it is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Time to make her feel intensely aroused in her sleep.

It gets even more intense when I allow her to wake up only to realize that she has no control over her muscles, which means, she just lays there with her eyes wide open, fully aware yet no way to do anything. Her pupils widen briefly as soon as she feels the thrusting vibrator on her clit which brings her to orgasm while being helplessly limp.




Hannah Perez Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please love my feet master

Jazmine really loves feet, particularly when it comes to showing off her beautiful and very well taken care of feet, she goes all out. I wish I could describe the intensity of this segment more adequately but here it goes. Our entranced beauty slowly wakes up and her hands seductively wander down to her feet while she starts to tell us how she takes care of them and how much she wants me to enjoy them. Her fingers run through her toes, she spreads them and wrinkles them for us while her dreamy eyes stare off into nothingness. Her desire for me to touch her feet becomes stronger and stronger and so do her feelings of lust. Hannah uses her entire body to pose her feet and to entice us with her sexy curves. Masturbation, yes masters, slow and long limp foot play and so much more excitement yet to come.




Hannah Perez Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel like I am going to orgasm soon.

I decided to do something a little differently and who would be a better subject to try it with than Jazmine.

Can we please talk about my pussy

Jazmine slowly wakes up not remembering that the session has already started. As far as she is concerned, she just sat down on the couch and all of a sudden, she feels an very intense orgasm slowly building up in her body (for no apparent reason) Yes, she seems confused about it but it gets even more intense when she feels yet another orgasm slowly building up in her body. What can I say, she is programmed to feel orgasm after orgasm without being able to stop them and or knowing why she feels that way. Unable to stop, our dreamy (entranced) and quite confused beauty orgasms over and over while admitting that she just cannot stop it from happening.

Pussy talk

After a brief deepening, our beauty wakes up again and now all she wants is to talk about her wet pussy and that she wants us to take a closer look. Yes, she is confused again but what makes her feel even more confused is the fact that I can make her orgasm simply by touching the palm of her hand. Well, at first she does not believe it, after all, she has not been hypnotized yet.

Want more? I can't freeze until you hypnotize me. That was her last sentence before her body freezes up and becomes stiff and...




Hannah Perez Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel like I am being moved by something

This is another different and amazing one. Don't miss it.

Transformations from doll to puppet to Birthday present stripper

Jazmine wakes up after a brief deepening and now she believes to be a cute, sexy and playful Doll which loves to talk, in her mechanical doll voice, about all the things we can do to her and how" bendy" she is. Of course she loves to masturbate with a big smile on her face, after all, masturbation feels sooooo good.

After a short "freeze break" she comes back as a ragdoll/puppet on strings which waves her little hands and arms, walks awkwardly (like a puppet and...

What makes this really hot is when I let her become aware of her situation while she still feels trapped in her puppet body. Yes, our entranced beauty is confused again, particularly when I "pull" those strings that make her arms wave, her head tilt and so on. All she can say is." I feel like I am being moved by something."

After another "freeze" break, she now believes to be a stripper who has been send by my friends as my birthday present. Oh god, Jazmine is incredibly sexy and seductive while trying to please me with her dance and.... Like all professional strippers, she draws the line when it comes to masturbating in front of her customer but that changes quickly when she feels her hands magically drawn between her legs as if they had a mind of their own. I get really hot from here.




Hannah Perez Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Timid slave girl

Upon waking up, Jazmine now believes to be a very willing, eager and pleasing yet very timid slave girl. First we have her tell us why we should keep her as a slave girl. Sounds like she has a lot of good ideas how to please us and how to take care of her masters needs. Let's enjoy watching her crawl on all four, bow to her master, beg, show gratitude, orgasm (some breath controlled) on her masters command and so much more. Jazmine is unbelievably sexy and submissive in this one and the "timid part" of her personality is really amazing and super hot. Towards the end, we render her mindless with the Jedi hand wave and then..... More limp play yet to come.




Hannah Perez Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Runaway Secretary

This week's robot story is about a very expansive runaway fembot/secretary which has been tracked down by her owner in the nick of time. As unbelievable as it may sound but our runaway fembot had gone through extensive changes in regards to her appearance as well as her programming which made it very hard to track her down and to identify her as the missing property.

 Luckily her owner had installed a tracking device connected to a transponder which eventually let him to her hiding place. Still, even when he found her, it was not easy to make a positive ID, thanks to the physical modifications she had made to her appearance. It is not easy to figure out why she no longer wanted to be owned and programmed by a human but maybe these machines' are closer to developing human characteristics than we think and or give them credit for. Hannah really nails this one. Monotone robotic speech, glitches, malfunctions, sensual posing, some masturbation and so much more


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