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Heather & Taylor Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Heather and Taylor, two beautiful women ready and willing to be trained, what could be better than that? Heather, with an insatiable appetite for kinky sex, is certainly the more submissive type. I am sure you remember her first two very sexual and sensual sessions (lactating and squirting were her most sold clips). Taylor, just as naturally horny and sensual, would best be described as somewhat dominant and more aggressive than her friend Heather.

Now when I say her friend Heather, that does not mean the two knew each other very well and certainly not in a sexual way. In fact, Heather had not told Taylor a lot about the session at all. I guess she might have thought it would be more of a surprise that way and believe me, Taylor was very surprised, particularly when she found out how submissive she really is. It turned into a steamy and very hot session with lots of futile fights followed by complete submission and obedience. In other words, it turned into my kind of favorite session, not too easy, lots of sex and a couple of good little girls at the end.

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Heather & Taylor Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
The relaxation part started off just the way I thought it would. Taylor tried to resist as long as possible but then had to give in and drop just as deep as Heather. There is a lot of eyelid movement and even rolling eyes going on in this one. Great full body, face and eye close ups throughout.




Heather & Taylor Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Being a good girl makes you horny

"All I want to do is be a good girl for you master"

I started making the girls feel aroused towards the end of the induction already and it is now time to take them over the edge. To make your subject feel sexual pleasures, it often helps to first get them to let go of inhibitions and the fear of letting go of control. Slowly but surely, I get both of them to allow themselves to feel good. Ever noticed that most people do not allow themselves to just feel good. Think about it and you will know what I mean. Anyway, the girls are now fixated on my voice and I start to lead them into a sexual adventure completely unknown to them.

I can feel their growing arousal and the suggestion that being a good girl makes it feel even more intense, certainly seems to work. I keep rewarding them and the more I invoke the desire in them to be good for me, the more aroused they seem to feel. It does not take long and both of them feel whatever sexual feeling and pleasure I suggest, with an incredible intensity. At this point it is hard to tell who moans and groans louder or who's body is quivering and shaking harder and the best thing about all this is that they seem to thrive on each others lust. Of course now that they are where I want them to be, my two horny girls not only have to wait but also have to beg for me to let them come. Naturally there is a lot of mantra repetition involved. "Please master help me to become a good girl for you".







Heather & Taylor Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Licked into senselessness

The girls are out cold and I start with some eye checks. Both of them are in deep trance and when I open their eyes all I see is the white in their eyes. Taylor's hands are twitching and floating and I can feel how she keeps dwindling deeper. Heather is exactly where I want her and after some questions and answers, she drops even more. I decide to make her my assistant and send her down between Taylor's legs. Taylor now is forced to open her eyes while Heather's tongue is driving her out of her mind. I still feel her resistance but not for long. Exhausted, mindless and in bliss, Taylor finally let's go. Very intense experience for both girls. It is very exciting to watch the change in Taylor.




Heather & Taylor Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
let go of all my will for you master

Heather's job as my assistant is not done yet. She now has to not only masturbate but also play with the sleeping Taylor.  Heather's hands seem all over the place, trying to orgasm herself and Taylor at the same time. It is very exciting to watch Heather, empty minded and blank, while she is playing with herself and her helpless little friend at the same time. That's not all though, at some point I wake both of them up to do some more mind removal. "I let go of all my mind for you master." After lots of screaming, it is time for the girls to go back to sleep and let me play with their supple bodies and wobbling heads.




Heather & Taylor Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
This must be one of your fantasies.

Sneezing lovers

My two sweethearts wake up not remembering much of anything. For some reason, both of them seem to believe that it is polite to sit in front of a stranger with their legs spread far apart. That's not all though, both of them seem to have the urge to play with the other girl's pussy but neither one seems to be aware of what they are doing to each other. Strange, don't you think? Still it gets even stranger, as soon as I mention the word allergies, both of them start to sneeze and then wipe their noses with their panties. It certainly is not easy to have a decent conversation about what I do with these two horny yet completely unaware love birds. Fun clip and the way the girls try to keep up the conversation while getting horny is certainly worth watching. They even make fun of me for suggesting some girl/girl sex. That must be one of your fantasies...




Heather & Taylor Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am so wet, thank you for controlling me master

This segment starts with the girls telling me how wonderful the session felt so far and that they are ready for more. OK, we can certainly do that. After a brief deepening, I have them make love to each other with their eyes wide open. Deeply entranced, Heather and Taylor, start to finger each other's pussies. I can feel their growing arousal and decide to take them even deeper. With their eyes fixated on the light shaker, the girls are now ready to relinquish the rest of their own will.

All they seem to feel is lust for each other and the more they let go the more intense they seem to feel it. Mantras like "please train me master", "take all of my mind", seem to drive them even more nuts. Driven to the brink of their orgasms and then kept there for a while, the girls seem crazy for lust. Their eyes are wide open and roll into the back of their heads. Finally allowed to cum, both are thanking me for allowing them to orgasm. Send to their knees, the training now intensifies. This one is certainly for our mantra lovers.




Heather & Taylor Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The mirror of transformation

Please master command me, make me your love slave

In this next segment, I have the girls believe that they are models who stop by the novelty museum on their way to a photo shoot. Naturally, they do not seem to be interested in me, the tour guide. In fact they are start to make fun of me in sort of a cruel kind of way. What they are interested in though is the only thing they are not supposed to look at and that would be the mirror covered behind a black veil. I warn them, despite their laughter, not to directly look at the mirror.

Again, I seem to make them laugh when I tell the that the mirror was used by a famous magician/hypnotist in order to get young minds like theirs under his control. What do you know, the second I leave to make a phone call, my two beauties unveil the mirror and soon they both seem to turn into staring statues. The girls' struggle to avoid enslavement in the face of overwhelming pleasure begins.

Stripped down to their boots, pantyhose and bras, both of my initially not so kind angels masturbate themselves into mindless submission. Mantras like "please command me master and make me your love slave" only seem to drive them even more over the edge. There is too much action going on in this one to describe it all. Great struggle and finally a sweet surrender, particularly for Taylor who tried to resist just a tat longer than Heather.



Heather & Taylor Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The mirror transformation continues...

Both girls have proven their willingness to let go of themselves in order to experience unknown pleasures. Now it is time to deepen the experience. Put on their knees the girls are mindlessly masturbating each other's wet pussies. Again, their arousal seems to become stronger with every word I say, particularly when I order them to show me and let me feel how wet they are for me. Now it is time to teach these two excessively horny girls something very new and intense. One at a time, the girls are driven to the brink of their orgasms, denied to breath and orgasmed with their eyes wide open. Watch the transformation in their eyes and skin and you will know what I mean by intense.




Heather & Taylor Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The mirror transformation is completed.

I split this long clip into three smaller segments to accommodate those of you with slower computers - This segment has the girls standing up while masturbating each other again. It is quite dramatic to watch them while having the rest of their minds drained out into the mirror. The girls' wide open eyes are fixated on their own reflection while they are becoming increasingly dim. More mantras, forced orgasms and begging concludes their training. I put them out again and after they drop to the floor, it is time for me to slowly take off their boots and play with their limp yet still very orgasmic bodies. All three clips show the struggle and the blissful transformation at the end.




Heather & Taylor Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Made in "who knows where"!

It certainly did take a while but finally the long awaited package has arrived. Our new household robot S44a is here and it seems like she is all charged and ready to go. I should really say my wife's new fembot has arrived, after all she is the one using her the most. It is always a gamble to order from a foreign country and you never quite know what you will get.

Anyway, my wife seems overjoyed and I am the one who is stuck with the owners manual. You know the kind of retarded sounding owners manuals which was obviously the work of a half witted foreigner who translated his language word by word into English. OK, I see you have all been there. Well, let's see what our new fembot can do. After some easy exercise like walking, moving her arms and so on, my wife suddenly discovers that her new help has a full blown sex program! It gets even better, she is preprogrammed to eat pussy.

All of a sudden my wife seems to be in heaven and she is more than eager to have her new toy suck her big titts and to command her to go between her legs. The girls are making out and going down on each other...things are looking up... or maybe that was overdoing it just a bit?!





Heather & Taylor Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Returned to who knows where!

I am glad, that I know a little bit about fixing these things, otherwise I would be in trouble right now. The weird thing is that my "wife" now all of a sudden seems to be effected as well. Could it be because I got her from the same country? Things were looking just great until a minute ago, the girls were making out and started to go down on each other, when all of a sudden Heather (that's what we named our new fembot) starts to go haywire again. Losing her would not have been too bad I guess, I mean I can always return her. I just hope she will not take down my pride and joy with her (no not that, I am talking about my wife here)!






Heather & Taylor Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your fortune

This next one is quite amazing and Heather does an incredibly hot job, entrancing her unsuspecting victim. Made to believe that she is a fortune teller who is only interested in turning her sexy young customer into her love slave. Heather foresees a beautiful women in her not so interested customer's future. She guides the unsuspecting Taylor to look at her fluorescent light and her soft voice takes her deep down before she even knows what hits her. Heather seems to have learned a lot during her last two sessions and the way she entrances Taylor is compelling and real.

Taylor drops and has no choice other than to obey her new mistress. Again, Heather knows how to treat a love slave. First, she drives her slave crazy for lust, has her massage and lick as well as suck her feet and toes and then serve her. After cumming in her slave's hand, she makes her drink her cum right out of her pussy. Of course her slave has to thank her for being allowed to do so. Taylor is forced to masturbate, suck fingers and experience intense and enslaving pleasures. Heather even puts her back to sleep and plays with her unconscious slave.





Heather & Taylor Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your fortune

See description of clip twelve. I split up clip twelve into two shorter segments to facilitate those of you with slower computers. For full effect, clips twelve and thirteen should be watched together.

Again, Heather knows how to treat a love slave. First, she drives her slave crazy for lust, has her massage and lick as well as suck her feet and toes and then serve her. After cumming in her slave's hand, she makes her drink her cum right out of her pussy. Of course her slave has to thank her for being allowed to do so. Taylor is forced to masturbate, suck fingers and experience extreme yet enslaving pleasures. Heather even puts her back to sleep and plays with her unconscious slave.




Heather & Taylor Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Now "I am" your fortune

Taylor remembers what just happened and how she was turned into Heather's slave. Under my control, she is now allowed to take care of Heather and help me drive the phony fortune teller out of her mind. First, I have Taylor finger fuck herself into submission, just to make sure that she remembers who her real master is. Now is time for Taylor to take care of Heather, who is deeply entranced waiting until she is spoken to.

Taylor can not seem to wait to strip down Heather to her bra and pantyhose and then give her a mind-reducing tongue lashing. Both girls are orgasmed at the same time, while thanking me over and over, for making them love slaves. Heather is now ordered to suck and lick Taylor's feet while masturbating. Both girls are driven into another exhausting orgasm. More mind reduction and rolling eyes are to come before I send them back to sleep. Both girls drop like rocks and I now take my time to play with them as well as orgasm them in their sleep. Really hot and way too much action to describe it all.




Heather & Taylor Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Bent over, ass out and frozen

What can you do about a couple of prissy models who just do not want to take off their clothes. You guessed it, simply freeze them into sexy little statues and then let them go blank. I tell you it makes all the difference in the world and is a lot of fun on top of that. Taking off some of their excess clothing is also part of the fun and snapping the two prissy models out of it with no recollection really adds to the enjoyment, particularly when they thank you for your great work as a photographer. The girls are frozen and played with in all kinds of different poses, including the bent over ass pushed out, undressed, mindless, confused and grateful. Of course there is some bitching and the I "would not do this" kind of talk but as we all know that does not get them too far.



Heather & Taylor Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
So very close and yet so very far

My two prissy models wake up frozen and stiff yet incredibly horny. Unable to touch themselves both of them start begging me to help them. It seems like the more the girls realize that they can not do anything to find relief the more excited they become. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help them as much as possible by getting their hands really close to their wet little pussies but that seems to make it even worse.

The begging continues until I decide to give them a break and let them go blank. Nice of me , isn't it? Snapping them out of it, not remembering what just happened only makes them feel incredibly awkward about the position they find themselves in and the fact that they are half naked does not seem to help the situation either. Let's freeze them again, shall we?



Heather & Taylor Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, blank and finger fucked

First we have the girls unfreeze and then undress as if that was the most natural thing to do. Now that I have them naked it would be a waste of time to let them switch into a different outfit, don't you think? All of a sudden Taylor is frozen again, which seems to make Heather feel very attracted to her. Naturally Heather is a bit concerned about her friend and starts touching her, or should I say fondling her. Either way Heather gets horny and starts to finger fuck her helpless horny and very mindless friend. You all know that I am very fair and it seems only right to give Taylor a chance to finger fuck the now mindless and helpless Heather. It is very hot to watch the girls taking advantage of each other. Open eyed stares, empty minds and wet pussies what a great combination.



Heather & Taylor Clip XVIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Why did she go out on me?

Please, please no do not put us to... Why did she go out on me? Mainly because I programmed her. Of course that is not what I tell the girls. Both of my not so prissy models are now incredibly horny and all they have on their mind is to make love to each other. I do not know, maybe it got a bit too hot or it could have been my touch or even something I said, but all of a sudden Heather seems to pass out.

Limp and sleepy, she now rests in Taylor's arms. Taylor, still horny, tries to wake her up by playing with her even harder. Poor thing does not know what hits her but just like Heather, she goes out like a light. Fun continues as I switch back and forth and even more fun to put them to sleep right at the point where they are soooo ready to orgasm. I think the highlight for our two horny yet sleepy lovers is when they finally end up in the 69 position. I wonder, will they be able to lick each other to orgasm before going out again?

Seems like the girls have figured out that I have something to do with their "sleepy behavior". Still excessively horny both of them start to beg me not to put them out again and to let them fuck each other. Lots of hot action in this one as well. The girls seem absolutely crazy about each other's pussies. Will it be enough though!?







Heather & Taylor Clip XIX Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickled senseless, frozen stiff, blank and too tiered to cum

After having been put out in the 69 position, the girls are now coming back up. What a rude awakening though, my two horny love birds now feel tickled under their feet and all over their bodies. Jumping and screaming, they beg me to stop the tickling torture but I think that's way too early. We are just starting to have fun, right? Let's freeze them and see what happens.

Both are still laughing their heads off but now they are unable to move on top of all this. Of course that's the best time to play with their bodies, don't you agree? Being the nice guy that I am I do decide at some point to help them out by sending them back to sleep. The second I let them come back from their little nap, they start making love but there seems to be another problem. It almost looks like the closer they get to a "happy ending" the more tiered they get. Time for some eye checks and so on.




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