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Honey Lu Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip



Honey L, beautiful, exotic mix with long black hair and a fantastic body, turned out to become one of my all time favorite girl/subject in a matter of minutes. I am not sure why but I had a hunch the second I saw her that she would be exactly the kind of girl I was looking for. Well, as mentioned, her session turned out to be amazing, absolute real and intensely sexual and sensual. Honey dropped right back under my spell in each and every segment, no matter what. I could go on and on about how fantastic she was and how genuine her responses were but I am sure you will see all that once you watch her clips. Enjoy, among many other things, her rolling eyes, zoned out stares, the intense freeze segments, her intense hard orgasms and most importantly her deep felt surrender to....

I chose a different induction and towards the end we already get a pretty good idea of how naturally horny our little girl is. I made her body feel heavy and unable to move while messing with her, check her tits, check her eyes, move her wobbly body and so on while slowly making her feel aroused.

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Honey Lu Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls cum dripping wet

First white eyed entrancement, oh my gods, intense finger fucking while her eyes roll back, begging, yes masters, entranced slow answers and....

When I saw her slowly falling off the couch when I made her helplessly orgasm for the first time, I just new, I had a winner. I could go on and on about how intense her session started but that would still not do it any justice. Honey's beautiful body quivers and shakes while her hands claw into the couch and it is obvious that she is in this very deep state of bliss that makes her obey everyone of my suggestions. Her hot body wobbles in my arms while she not only becomes more and more aroused but also more entranced.

Even I was surprised when she suddenly started to rip her pantyhose wide open to get to her wet pussy. She goes nuts from there. Her fingers slam into her wet pussy, her eyes turn white and she keeps begging me to let her orgasm. It really is amazing to watch her as she cannot seem to stop cuming over and over. It feels good to be a good little girl. There is a lot more (white eyed) entrancement, limp play, dim stares and more yet to come.



Honey Lu Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Sensitized, frozen and used

Frozen, sensitized, rendered mindless, orgasmed in her sleep (with the Hitachi) ordered to repeat mantra while in the zombie pose, mindless masturbation, orgasmed like never before which leaves her hot and sweaty and... This next one is a great example of how effective it is to take a perfect subject like her from intense sexual heights into deep mindless trance and back which then, makes them even better. As I always say, a blissful mind can easily be programmed. Anyway, Honeys eyes gently flicker (between half way open and rolled back) while I take her deeper yet. There is actually a lot of programming going on in this one and I cannot get into all the details here but part of the programming is to increase the sensitivity of her body.

A lot of girls are not used to having that many orgasms which makes a suggestion like, "every orgasm makes you want more," very useful, to say the least. Honey's beautiful body falls off the couch again as she orgasms even harder than before. Of course we don't stop here, after all, she has to learn that even the length of her orgasm is not under her control. Again, Honey goes crazy and I can already feel that her uncontrollable feelings of lust have driven her into complete surrender. Wait until you see what happens when she is helplessly frozen and...

Well, I don't want to spoil it so go ahead and see for yourself. At some point she is put to sleeep and now it is my turn to tease and eventually orgasm her with the Hitachi. It is a long clip description but it still only tells the Proverbial tip of the iceberg.




Honey Lu Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless obedience training

I think by now, you all know how real and amazing Honey's session was and I might just stick to some of the highlights. Masturbation into mindless oblivion, white eyed stares, intense finger fucking, foot slave training, being used and played with while in lala land, sleepy orgasm, yes master, intense blank stares and more

This segment has a lot to do with foot slave training but I decided to add a twist to it. Honey's eyes slowly open as she stares entranced and blank into nothingness. Her desire to show her feet, lick suck and kiss them seems insurmountable but what really drives her crazy is my suggestion that the harder she licks her feet, the harder she feels the same licking between her legs. Our little girl cannot wait to strip out of her pantyhose. I can feel her sinking into mindless lust and her entranced eyes show how far gone she is. As mentioned, to describe the action is quite impossible as it could never get even close to describing the intensity.




Honey Lu Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Show your master your pink....

One of the suggestions I gave her in this one was that the wider she spreads her ass cheeks, the harder she would feel fucked and orgasmed, turned out to be another winner. Again, our little girl goes crazy but that sure is not all that is going on here. Let me give you some of the highlights here :

Orgasmed while she is holding her pussy wide open for our viewing pleasure, kneeling, crawling, entranced while in zombie pose, white eyed entrancement, mindlessly posed mannequin driven to orgasm by..., frozen and forced to cum by the Hitachi, breath controlled orgasm training that makes her pass-out, orgasm on my touch of her feet and so much more.  



Honey Lu Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my Severance package

BTW, I split clip six and seven due to the length of the segment but I certainly recommend to watch them both.

Some people in our community seem to believe that the role play segments seem to take away from the realism while other just love them. Well, check this one and you will see that they are just as real as they are entertaining. The stories might be similar but the way they come out depends on the girl and her subconscious interpretation of the situation. Well, this one is one of my personal favorites as it leaves Honey trembling and shaking for lust while surrendering to.... Of course there are the intense white as well as cross eyed stares, the torn pantyhose, the intense finger fucking, the entranced zoned out stares and her admission to be ....

It all starts off with Honey, who believes to be my boss, trying to fire me after 23 years on the job. I guess it always hits the oldest and highest paid ones. Anyway, she seems to have no compassion for my situation and she even laughs when I ask her for my severance package. Looks like she will become my "severance package." Limp body play and more  




Honey Lu Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The bosses admission to be unable to remove the thrusting vibrator from her clit although she knows that it will drive her into complete surrender, is just the beginning of her training to becoming my....

To watch her complete surrender slowly unfolding while she kicks and screams is more than intense. It all starts with her being out while I slowly make her cum with the Hitachi. Her eyes open, roll up and all that shows is the white in her eyes while she is driven insane for lust all. It gets even more intense when she comes to and realizes that...

I have no control, I am a helpless slave...




Honey Lu Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I have nothing to lose Honey

Do you mind if I entrance you now?

Must give blow job, I must impress my master

Deep throat anyone?

Here we get to enjoy "my bosses" battle to stop herself from sucking the dildo in her mouth despite the fact that she hates doing it. Well, I know that sounds confusing and yes, there is a lot more to the story. I have to say though, this is one of the most intense ones (along the story lines), I have done in a while.

Honey, my unruly boss who does not remember what has happened so far, tries to fire me yet again. What makes this funny is the fact that she believes that the dildo in her hand is a pen and on top of all that, she has that nasty habit of chewing on her pen. She even wants me to sign my dismissal papers with it. Looks like I have nothing to lose, being fired and all, so why not ask her for a blow job. Needless to say, that does not go over too well which means, I have to use my "magic" on her yet again. It gets really steaming hot from here.

Entranced her (white) eyes stare into the abyss while she "deep throats" the dildo. Honey goes absolutely crazy for lust again and she even begs me to allow her to blow me as she is falling in love with me. I make her pick up the phone and invite everybody who works for her to cum by for a blow job. I cannot describe it all but towards the end, I switch her and now she feels like my boss again who really hates giving head but she just cannot stop, despite... Intense orgasms and




Honey Lu Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Robotized, reprogrammed and....

Here we get to enjoy watching Honey's amazing (real) transformation fro, believing to be my boss to becoming a well programmed robot (pleasure toy) that orgasms whenever it touches her nipples (for the rest of her life) gets turned on when turning in circles with her arms stretched out, masturbates while cleaning, repeats orders and more. As mentioned, the story might sound familiar but the way Honey is consumed and turned on by being a programmed android is sensational. Of course there is more to the story. Towards the end we let her become aware of her robot existence (while being set to minimum power) and believe it or not, she begs me for help. Sorry honey, I don't work here anymore



Honey Lu Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Too much Botox

Freeze, confusion, futile attempts to escape my..., intense orgasms and a lot of fun

Honey, who believes to be waiting in a famous (and quite fancy) plastic surgeon's office/waiting room, seems a bit annoyed by some guy who is also waiting to pick up his wife after she is done with whatever procedure she is having done. What makes the situation even more annoying is the fact that the guy keeps asking her to join in for a threesome with his wife and him. I know, that was maybe not a politically correct way to hit on her and to tell her that I had to hypnotize my wife so that she would also enjoy my need for threesomes with other women, did certainly not defuse the situation either.

To make a long story short, Honey seems to really like to get rid of me but that of course is not going to happen. Just like before, Honey drops into deep trance and wakes up FROZEN stiff. Poor thing cannot move at all. Needless to say, I have to mess with her and orgasm her by tapping her forehead 3 times. I know that does not usually make people orgasm but it sure works when they are under your control. Honey, who is really under cannot seem to believe what is happening to her. Time to tell her that I am going to have even more fun with her once she loses all strength in her body and thus becomes my helpless little rag-doll. I can feel that having lost all control is turning her on again and sure enough she orgasms (despite her struggle) on command and it gets crazy from there.



Honey Lu Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Threesome Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

You want my number right? Posing, begging, embarrassment (like I have not seen in a while) nipple orgasm trigger, white rolling eyes and the Chlo...hand

This next one is just as fun and amazing and it sure shows Honey's suggestibility. Up and awake, she now begs to be h-. In fact she not only begs but also tries to offer her phone number and a hot and heavy threesome, if I take her down. It is amazing what a girl who really wants it does to get her way. All of a sudden, posing, stripping and offering sexual favors seem no problem as long as she gets it. Let's test whether the "nipple orgasm" trigger still works. Sure does, Honey orgasm hard while she suddenly becomes aware of what she just did. Thinking that she is still in the waiting room with a stranger, she suddenly feels terribly embarrassed.

Needless to say, the threesome is out. Honey does not have too much time to contemplate what's going on because now she puts herself to sleep with her own hand with is drenched in Chlo..... Needless to say, she seems a bit upset when she wakes up and my comment that she is under my control does not help the situation. Time to use her "Hand" to put her out and to slowly inspect her ragdoll body and those while rolled up eyes. More orgasms, sleeepy play and her surrender. Thank you master for what you have done.



Honey Lu Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, please, please look at them

Honey's waiting room experience from hell...is not quite over yet. Now we have her wake up with the insurmountable desire to show me (the stranger in the waiting room) her feet and not only that, she also wants to talk about them. I don't know how to describe this but the more I turn her down, the crazier she gets. Honey cannot seem to get enough of her own pretty feet as is licking and sucking them, masturbates with them and so much more. Needless to say, she goes crazy for lust and explodes again into a series of wet and intense orgasms.



Honey Lu Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
One last round of fun

More of the Chlo..hand, remote tickling and orgasm, limp ragdoll play, more fun with her bare feet while she is in lala land, sleeepy orgasms, mind games and so much more

Honey's session ends on a very hot and intense note and it shows one more time that she is definitely one of my top ten subjects. Up and aware, she still does not seem to like the guy in the waiting room all that much and there is certainly no threesome in the picture. Of course she does not believe me that she is under my control and that I will introduce her to my method of remote tickling while being brought to orgasm. Well believe it or not, it is going to happen.

Honey goes off like crazy and sure enough, she cannot help but orgasm while she feels tickled all over her body. Did I mention that she puts herself to sleep again with the "hand" and that is orgasmed through her sensitive feet. One touch orgasm. More limp play, feet and those intense white eyed stares  




Honey Lu Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Sex is not a household function

I am experiencing a malfunction, please fu....

I was kind of wondering why my wife hired such a beautiful maid particularly given the fact that she does not quite trust me when it comes to me keeping my hands off the help. Well, I should find out soon enough. Needless to say, the second she left to see her mother for a few days, I tried my luck with our beautiful new maid. Looking back at it now, I should have known that she was "too perfect" to be true. The fact that she never seemed to eat or drink should have made me think but I guess, I was too consumed by her stunning looks and my subsequent fantasies.

Anyway, at first I thought she was too polite to tell me that she was not interested in me but then it dawned on me that all that talking about her household work and her duties was in fact the way she was programmed. Yes, you did read this right, she was a brand new household/maid android with no sex program what so ever. Looks like my wife did it again and I can just see her face when she imagines me finding out that our beautiful Maid is nothing more than a tease. What my wife did not know though is the fact that I do know quite a bit about robots and that they can be reprogrammed relatively easily. OK, maybe not that easily but go ahead and see what happened that fun filled night at the....  


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