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Chloe Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Dropped into bliss

Chloe, beautiful young blond with a sexy little hard body, was certainly one of my more curious subjects. I noticed right away when she started asking all kinds of questions that she was very interested in how the (subconscious) mind works and why hyp---no works so well. Needless to say she was curious to find out for herself.

Chloe turned out to be a good subject and her initial nervousness wore off quickly. I was feeling a little under the weather that day and almost cancelled the shoot but luckily I decided to go ahead with it and I am very glad I did. Chloe is so much fun to “play” with and I sure hope you guys enjoy her as much as I did. I used a mix of rapid and slow induction to put her under. Dropping the watch in mid-sentence caught her off guard and with that her mind went into flight and….
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Chloe Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Uninhibited lust

I had already started in the last segment to slowly make her feel aroused and now she is made to helplessly feel how her hands wonder between her legs and then touch her clit without her being able to stop it. Her sexy young body starts to quiver as she feels her clit gently being "teased".

The feeling of not being in control and thus not being responsible for what is happening makes her let go of all inhibitions. I can feel that she wants to bring herself to orgasm for us. Suddenly her hands are pulled up behind her head and she is made to feel helplessly bound while still feeling the hand on her clit. Her beautiful body goes into convulsions while she climaxes. Let’s drop her back into mindless stillness before ordering her to slowly remove her dress and….


Chloe Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
The Mannequin

Chloe is deeply entranced and unable to move on her own. She is just standing there like a Mannequin when I slowly start to move and pose her beautiful body. Needless to say, the camera slowly moves over every inch of her body and her face which shows no expression. Her eyes are wide open as she stares into nothingness. I take my time to inspect her ass, her pussy and her nipples (great close ups of every detail) Enjoy watching our zoned out girl being manipulated and….



Chloe Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please enjoy my body

Now we get to enjoy watching our entranced little girl pose and model her beautiful hard body for us. It is obvious that Chloe loves showing off her curves in order to entice her master. At some point I decide to make her orgasm out of the blue. Meaning, she is just hit by a powerful orgasm.
Of course there is more. Next we get to enjoy watching her masturbate for us (legs spread wide) Needless to say, she has to wait before we finally allow her to climax over and over.



Chloe Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Kneel and obey
I am your horny love slave Master

Chloe is placed on her knees on ordered to pleasure herself for us. Her sexy body goes into lustful convulsions while I slowly drive her to orgasm on my count of three. I can feel that all she wants is to be allowed to orgasm. Time to freeze her in place and to inspect her still quivering body.
It gets really intense when she is placed on all four while being made to feel fucked and used from behind. Again, her body rocks and trembles from being pounded from behind while….


Chloe Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Suck your toes

Now it is time to train her to become an obedient foot slave. Chloe had never done anything like this but as it turned out, our little girl definitively has a foot fetish (which she was not aware of) I can feel that showing off her feet from every angle while spreading her toes, wrinkle her feet and so on, is making her horny. Let’s enjoy watching her show off her sexy hard body and feet for us.

Of course she soaks them in her spit while licking sucking and kissing them. I cannot describe all the details but as mentioned, it’s hot. At some point we make her believe (and feel) that when she licks and sucks her toes, she feels as if her clit was licked. Needless to say, she goes crazy while her tongue rolls over her toes. Towards the end we have her harden her nipples for us (which she enjoyed tremendously) while pinching and rubbing them hard.


Chloe Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless sex slave

Chloe is deeply entranced and now we have her turn in circles before placing her into the sleepwalker position for the slow repetitions of: “I am your sex slave master.” Her repetitions become increasingly slower as she becomes more and more mindless and empty. Time for some programming.
Enjoy watching her slowly turn into a robot as she feels overcome by nano-bots. Before long, Robot Chloe is ready for testing which includes marching on the spot, robot pose, sleepwalker pose and so much more. Towards the end we activate her doll program which makes her jump for joy and….


Chloe Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
A fembot reports to a repair center regarding a recall concerning a possible flaw in one of her sexual components.

The technician explains that due to mishap in quality control she may be one of a handful of robots that had the defective sexual component installed and that he must examine the serial number on her chip to verify that her chip didn't come from the faulty batch.

She removes her blouse and opens her rear panel - "Rear Panel Opening"

When Frank inspects the chip it is missing the sticker that list the serial number, so his examination is inconclusive.

She explains that she has never been used sexually, and that she was only recently activated and is being used as demonstration model for a fembot dealership down the road where she functions as both a floor model and a spokes model.

The chip only causes problems during sexual interaction, so there is no way to determine whether or not she has a faulty chip.

She is concerned, but the chip is too expensive to replace on a whim. The technician offers to help test her sexual functions....

He tells her to start pleasuring herself...
and instructs her to stop at the first sign of trouble, but she insist that she is programmed to please her user at any cost, before disengaging. Her system eventually crashes and Frank reboots her once more

Chloe is reactivated as her flirtatious self, eager to test her pleasure functions.

She is still smiling as she turns her head left then right. She then looks at her chest and then back up to the camera. She seems to be trying to regain her bearings

You have to buy me first silly………Only my owner may access my pleasure functions." Chloe's smile fades and then turns to a look of concern She yells" Wait what are you doing?

Don't touch that you're not authorized to alter my default settings. Stop I'm not programmed for you….not programmed for you…..not pro…pro…not programmmmmmmed...


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