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Hannah Perez Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
The fun interview
Not your typical induction

Hannah is certainly one of my all-time favorites and I am sure many of you agree with me when I say that she is a fantastic subject. Of course the fact that she is beautiful, naturally horny and (when treated right) very submissive, makes it a must to shoot her every time she travels through our area. Enjoy another real, hot and fun session.

Last time we had fun with Hannah was two years ago but as it turned out, all the triggers we had planted were still working just fine. After a brief induction, we have her wake up believing that she is interviewing for a very high paying job. What makes this even more fun is the fact that she believes that the guy who is interviewing her is the best looking man she has ever seen. It is so much fun to watch her turn into a giddy little girl who blushes and giggles every time he says something nice to her.

Of course there is more. She also believes that her clothes are terribly itchy. Poor thing struggles to hide the need to scratch her body while trying to impress and or flirt with the “best looking guy” she has ever seen. After a brief reprogramming, we wake her up and now she believes to be interviewing for a position in a nudist colony. Will she finally be able to get rid of those itchy clothes and… Really a fun and different clip.
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Hannah Perez Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Back under my “spell”
Thank you for having me back master

After a brief deepening, Hannah wakes up and now she sees me as her master who can do with her as he pleases. Of course there is more. Enjoy watching our horny love slave bend over, spread and spank her own ass, masturbate, being driven to orgasm without being allowed to touch herself, slowly repeat mantras while in the sleepwalker position, fall-asleep when I say the word “now”, blankly stare into nothingness while being inspected and so much more


Hannah Perez Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
The Mannequin

Hannah is a perfect subject and turning her into a stiffly frozen mannequin is certainly a thing of beauty to watch. First off we have her seductively pose her body for us so that we get a close look of her perfect curves. She freezes up on my command in mid pose and now her unblinking eyes stare into nothingness. Time to let the camera slowly run (pan) over every inch of her body. Looks like I can take my time to pose my beautiful mannequin into all kinds of different positions before unfreezing her. Hannah experiences a very hard orgasm the second she unfreezes.



Hannah Perez Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
A feet treat

Hannah sure loves to show of her beautiful little feet and it certainly shows in this next segment. First we get to enjoy watching her seductively remove those sexy high heels before enticing us with her feet. Of course she tells us all about her feet and what she can do with those perfectly taken care of toes. It gets even hotter when she removes her pantyhose.

Now we get to see the wrinkles under her bare feet. You will see all the fun stuff she can do with her feet once you catch this segment. At some point we introduce her to the “orgasm spot” located on the bottom of her feet. Hannah's sexy body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as…..



Hannah Perez Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Put to sleep by her own pantyhose

An essential part of Hannah’s slave training is to learn to show the ultimate surrender by allowing her master to do with her as he pleases while she is in a state of un-consciousness. Her young body slowly goes limp, her eyes flicker and roll when I cover her mouth and nose with her pantyhose

Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.


Hannah Perez Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Hannah Bot at your service
I am designed for your pleasure and service

Now we are going to have some fun with our beautiful fembot. First we have to make sure that all the programs work properly which means we activate the “marching in place program, the masturbation program and so on. Of course there are other programs like the “Ditzy Bimbo” program, the “Horny Slut” program and so on. Finally we activate the “Fembot Sales” program and now we get to enjoy watching her trying to sell a fembot (just like herself) me. Hannah is fantastic in this one and her responses are priceless.


Hannah Perez Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I love to be sexy for you

Hannah believes that she is auditioning for a "serious" role in our upcoming movie about a young harems/belli dance girl. Imagine her shock when I mention the foot job scene and the gang bang scene. You guessed it, she is disgusted Needless to say, she wants to leave but that of course is not going to happen.

Before long, she loses herself in my eyes, her head shakes and her eyes flicker in a last attempt to not fall under my spell” but she drops into trance anyway and starts to mindlessly dance for us. As soon as she hears the word “see” she falls asleep for more programming. Up and awake, she has changed her mind (I wonder why) and now she loves to masturbate in front of everybody and the gang bang scene seems to be no longer an issue. I wonder why?


Hannah Perez Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody home

I have been breaking into houses for a long time and I always make sure that there is nobody home but lately it becomes harder and harder to figure out whether or not a home is empty or not. Just the other night I went to this beautiful mansion thinking that the guy was out of town when I stumble into his sexy young wife.

Well, I am using the word wife loosely here. I mean who runs around fully dressed, perfect makeup and awake at three in the morning. I knew right away that Mr. Moneybags here had bought himself one of those new android companions. Like I said, I am doing this for a long time. Anyway, I really don't mind when that happens because I do get a lot more for these androids on the black marked than I could possibly get pawning TV's and other junk. Did I mention that I also have some fun with my "lute" before selling them off. This should be an, let's call it, interesting night.

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