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Vera Bliss Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Vera Bliss, extremely cute, sexy and most importantly, naturally horny blond was quite new to all this but, unlike most of my girls, she was not the least bit nervous. Wow, that is rare. In fact, she could not wait to get started. The idea to fall under a strangers; let’s call it spell, sounded extremely exciting to her. Needless to say, it turned into another fantastic session. Our little girl melted and dropped under my control in no time and from there it was all just fun and….

We started off with a rapid induction which dropped her into deep trance. Let’s see how far we can take her. When I saw her body starting to quiver and shake as soon as I made it clear that she was not in control over her body and mind, I knew she was ready to let her deepest desires come out. Time to slowly drive her up the proverbial wall and to slowly make her orgasm (multiple times) while suggesting that she has no other choice.

Of course there is more to all this. Vera’s hands slowly move between her legs as if they have a mind of their own and she starts to finger fuck herself to orgasm on my command

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Vera Bliss Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am deeply hypnotized for you Master

Vera is deeply entranced by now and I decide to place her into the sleepwalker position. Her repetitions of, “I am deeply hypnotized for you master,” are slow and monotone (mantra) Next we have her turn in circles (arms out) so that we can get a good look of her sexy young hard body. Time to take it up a notch by making her feel tied up (hands on back) while being forced to orgasm. More orgasm training, finger fucking and more yet to come.




Vera Bliss Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, posed, used and orgasmed at will
Now we get to enjoy watching our deeply entranced blond being posed and moved like a mannequin and or being made to seductively pose for us while she is completely zoned out. At some point we make her feel touched and messed with while her kneeling body is frozen in place. Her sexy young hard body quivers and I can feel her cuming hard. Of course that’s not all. Placed on all four, with her legs spread wide, she is made to feel fucked and used by her master until she is ordered to orgasm again. Time to send her back into deep trance so that we can slowly inspect her naked body, remove her shoes and….



Vera Bliss Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot seduction
Now it is time to train her to become an obedient foot slave. Again, Vera proves to be an amazing subject who all of a sudden loves to show off her well taken care of feet in the most seductive ways. She also loves to suck and kiss her feet while running her fingers through her toes. It gets even better as soon as I sensitize her feet......Lots more to come. Watch her beautiful feet from up-close (arches, wrinkles and all) Enjoy close ups of her spread toes, wrinkles, arches and so much more. Did I mention that our horny girl can’t wait to finger fuck herself to orgasm



Vera Bliss Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Knocked out and willing
Vera’s young hard body slowly goes limp as she drops to the couch.
Part of her slave training is to learn to show the ultimate surrender by allowing her master to do with her as her pleases while she is in a state of un-consciousness. Her young body becomes limp and...
Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.

Vera Bliss Clip Five MP4


Vera Bliss Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Objectified and enjoyed
Vera wakes up with a powerful orgasm that just hits her the moment she opens her eyes. Let’s have some fun with our entranced beauty. First we make her believe that she is a cute doll who loves to smile and have fun. Want more transformation? How about a sexy Fembot, a marching Toy soldier and or a remote controlled mannequin? Sounds good. Of course there are some remote controlled orgasms, some sexy posing, jumping and so much more. Towards the end we make her believe to be a timid love slave who loves to serve, masturbate, go into the “sleepwalker pose and so much more. Still more to come



Vera Bliss Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Don’t mess with the Tudor
Your mind becomes a sponge for my teachings

Looks like Vera, who seems so sweet at first can be quite the little shit... Here we get to believe that she is waiting for her Tudor, to finally make it to her house. Believe it or not but she gives the guy, who offered to help her for free, a hard time for being late. Guess who the Tudor is. Anyway, not only does she bitch about him being late; she also turns down his (well meant) offer to go for pizza afterwards. Oh well, you will see and hear her nasty comments once you watch this.

Anyway, the poor guy introduces her to new learning method which includes looking at his watch (to enhance focus). I have a feeling you all know where this is going. Vera, at first reluctant, suddenly drifts under his, let's call it, spell. Time for her to learn a thing or two about obedience and servitude. Her training includes the repetition of mantras like, I am proud to be your horny slave master, standing up masturbation on command, having to bend over while spreading her ass cheeks and so much more.


Vera Bliss Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Neighborly Love
I thought it was a good idea to introduce myself to my new neighbors after buying my new condo. After all, it is nice to know who else lives in the same building. So one day I decided to make the rounds and visit them one by one. It all went very well until I got to the lady who lives right below me. Gosh, she was so beautiful and almost too friendly. To this day I am not sure what the he… happened but all of a sudden she started to repeat herself and… I can’t describe all the details here but imagine my surprise when she< all of a sudden, started to seduce me. Unfortunately her malfunctions got worse but it was still the best day of my life

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