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Kendra Heart  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Have fun with me master

Squirting hot orgasms, freeze and foot fun
Kendra, who believes to have gone lost in her new neighborhood while jogging, ends up at the wrong house. Impressed by the house but not necessarily the owner of the place, our curious young lady seems to be very attracted to the antic and quite fragile watch that’s laying around on the couch. Anyway, she keeps going on and on about her cell phone being dead and that she is lost without her GPS blablabla. I guess we have to help her.

As soon as the owner of the house (guess who that is) leaves to get directions, she grabs the antique watches and looks at it for just a tiny bit too long. (Great unblinking stares btw)
Of course my soft voice does the rest and before you know it, she is entranced and ready to show us her soft feet. Kendra slowly removes her sneaker and exposes her bare feet for us to enjoy. Like I mentioned, Kendra seems to have a foot fetish and she sure knows what to do with those feet to entice us. It gets really hot though when I freeze her with her feet up in the air. Now I can take my time to inspect her feet while forc-ing a Hitachi on her wide open pussy. Needless to say, our little girl goes crazy for lust and before long, she squirts all over the couch.

Of course we are not done yet. Next we place the Hitachi in her frozen hand while placing it on her clit. By now our little jogger is fully aware yet completely helpless. More squirting orgasms.



Kendra Heart  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Forced to squirt

Kendra, our lost jogger, seems to have had it and all she wants is to leave but (unfortunately for her) she freezes up in mid stride. Looks like I can take my time to slowly inspect every inch of her stiffly frozen body while her unblinking eyes stare into the abyss. (Slow camera zoom) Of course we don’t stop here. Time to let her become aware of her predicament. Yes, she complains but that does not stop me from placing the Hitachi on her clit. Poor thing tries to stoop it but before long she has to give in and squirt all over the carpet.


Kendra Heart  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Unable to stop

More freeze fun and wet orgasms while fully aware
Kendra, our sexy young jogger, finds herself bend over the couch and frozen stiff. Unable to remove the Hitachi which seems to be stuck to her clit, she has no other choice (despite her complaining as well as desperate attempts not to orgasm) then to squirt for us again and again. Really hot to watch her go from not wanting to orgasm to blissfully surrendering.


Kendra Heart  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
OH GOD What is going on
I really need cock right now

Looks like our young joggers day just isn’t improving. Now she is incredibly horny and unable to stop pleasuring herself despite her desperate attempts to stop herself. I mean, who wants to masturbate while talking about her swollen and very sensitive clit in front of a total stranger. It gets so bad that all she wants is to get fucked by anybody who happens to be around. Can it get any worse? Go and find out


Kendra Heart  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip

Looks like our young joggers day is getting even worse. Now she is told that she was injected with nano-bots while she was out and that she will soon be taken over by those bots. Poor thing slowly transforms while her body stiffens, her arms rise and…. “ Fembot Kendra is ready for programming and testing master.” Now we make her download programs and responses to various situations, sit on a chair with her pussy wide open while pleasuring herself and so much more



Kendra Heart Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not just an android

Kendra, a beautiful young woman accidentally overhears her husband's phone conversation with one of the sales guys at the Cybertech center. What the hell is he talking about and what does he mean by wanting to trade her in because of some recent problems with her soft- ware which makes her "glitchy". This can all just be a misunderstanding or does he want a younger woman? Confused and upset, she confronts her husband who, despite his best efforts, cannot deny the conversation and his explanations sound ludicrous to her, after all, she is not an android. Unfortunately for her though, his concerns seem to be right on and even she has to slowly but surely admit to her true nature.


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