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Whitney Morgan  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Too nosy for your own good

Whitney, a nosy reporter, is caught snooping around our building while taking pictures. Could it be that she is another one of those nosy girls who are trying to find out what happens in our building behind closed doors? I guess so. Well, let’s invite her inside and find out what she really wants. The clip actually starts inside. Anyway, to make a long story short, Whitney loses herself in my “mind sucking,” lense after making the mistake of looking into it for just a short while.

There she is, deeply entranced and ready to be messed with. Needless to say, we have to check her for wires and hidden microphones (remove her blouse and check the content of her bra) and so on. Of course that is all just the beginning. Next we wake her up and to her dismay, she feels helplessly tied up to the couch. It gets even better when the “the couch turns into a giant vibrator.” Poor thing, squirms, begs and screams (mainly for lust) and bitches but in the end, she has to give up and…..


Whitney Morgan  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
D R U N K as a………
Whitney, our snoopy reporter now believes to interview me in regards to those beautiful girls that seem to be going in and out of my place ( an usually leave with a happy smile on their faces)…
Poor thing has no idea what's happening but with every snap of my fingers, she has a tall shot of her favorite liquor. Looks like she is one of those girls who just cannot hold their liquor too well and she gets kind of stupid and drunk quickly. Poor thing gets so fuck-ed up that she stumbles, falls, rolls around and eventually passes out.. Of course she maintains to the bitter end that hypnosis is...


Whitney Morgan  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Is this some kind of fucked up reflexology

Whitney, our nosy reporter, is still not ready to give it up and she now really insists on finding out what is going on at my place. Now she believes that seductively posing (unbelievably hot) stripping and seducing me, is the way to get all secrets out of me. What makes this even better is that she believes her feet are the key to get me to open up. We all know what Whitney can do with her feet. Well, I am not sure that she can get any secrets out of me but I sure as he.. let her try it for quite some time.

I have to say though, resisting her was not easy at all, the way she slowly peels herself out of those pantyhose while using her high heels to rip them apart, is very hot. Of course there is a lot more foot worship yet to come. At some point we let our entranced beauty become aware of what is going on. Poor thing is completely aware yet stiffly frozen (with her feet up in the air) and has no say over what I am going to do with her next. Let’s introduce her to the orgasm spot under her feet and then watch her trying to avoid the inevitable orgasms.


Whitney Morgan  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing sexual in the neighborhood

Whitney, our nosy reporter, is still not ready to give it up and she now really insists on finding out what is going on at my place. Well, she might feel tough but the fact that she feels penetrated and or orgasmed (every time I snap my fingers and or mention the word) does not really make it easy to have a serious conversation. Of course she tries to hide what is happening and even explain some of it but that does not go too far. Needless to say, when I mention that she is hy-pno t, she tells me I am nuts. Enjoy watching her squirm and shiver while trying to keep her cool.


Whitney Morgan  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
To cum or not to cum
Have some sort of mercy with me.

Looks like our "inquisitive" reporter who is now more than eager to leave, has to go through one more round of fun, confusion and her final surrender. Here we get to enjoy watching her being tormented by nasty “freeze attacks” right in the middle of her ranting and raving. Enjoy watching her being frozen (including on all four) brought to orgasm (various ways) and rendered mindless by the waving hand. Of course we get to enjoy watching her mindlessly pose and or being posed and so much more.


Whitney Morgan  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your creation master

Whitney, is now made to believe that she is a famous actress who recently portrait a fembot in a box-office hit. For some strange reason, she seems to feel odd about the role and the idea that women are portrait as programmed robots, despite the fact that the role made her hugely famous. She goes on and on about the social and moral implications, blablabla until it hits her, out of the blue. What hits her? You will see. Anyway, what remains of her is a nicely programmed fembot with no will or mind of her own.

Needless to say, we need to eliminate the (pesky) human program and replace it with the obedience program. Of course there is the stiff robot walk, the monotone repetition of my orders, the masturbation and intense orgasms on command, crawling in circles, posing and dancing and so much more to look forward to. Whitney ends up believing to be my fembot (with and actress program) who now works only for me.


Whitney Morgan Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
A star is born

Whitney, a beautiful young actress has landed her very first box office hit and now she is being interviewed by the local newspaper reporter. Poor thing has no idea that the guy she is talking to is not really a reporter and that he certainly has no intention to just talk to her. Our young actress goes on and on about her achievements (as if she was a big star already) when it suddenly hit her.

What the he…. Is he spraying into her face? Before she knows what hits her, her eyes start to flicker and roll until her body drops down on the couch. Time for our sneaky intruder to take his time with her limp and helpless body. Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.


Whitney Morgan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
College Prom……

Hi Mr. Mathews:)))
Frank: Hi Whitney, you look absolutely stunning, That dress has Prom Queen written all over it.

Whitney: Ahh thanks Mr. Mathews, your such a sweetie pie.

Frank: Is Gregg still upstairs? I figured that the two of you would already be on your way to the dance. Besides isn’t the guy supposed to wait on the girl, not the other way around?

Whitney: Oh Mr. wait-until-the-last-possible-minute, just left to go pick up his tux.

Frank: You mean he still has to run all the way out to Anderson’s Formal?

Whitney: Yes! Can you believe it?

Frank: That’s an hour roundtrip. I’m afraid you two are going to be late.

Whitney: I Love him, but sometimes he makes me so!….so…he makes…makes..makes me so ….so mad.

Frank: Whitney honey, do you feel alright?

Whitney: Oh yes sir…. I feel..I feel…I feel very soft to the touch……just like a real girl…..just like a real girl…..

Frank: Whitney honey, your scaring me?

Whitney: Oh Sorry Mr. Mathews……..sometimes I get a little glitchy when I’ upset. I definitely need a new E.R.C.

Frank: E.R.C., what are you talking about.

Whitney: My Emotional Response Chip……It hasn’t been working properly for several weeks now. Gregg, is so bad about keeping up with my maintenance.

Frank: Your maintenance

Whitney: He knows I need to be serviced, and what does he do? He buys a brand new sound system for his car. It will serve him right If I start to malfunc…to malfunc. to malfunction right on the dance floor in front of all his friends.

Frank: Malfunction?

Whitney: Why wouldn’t I malfunction I’m not a toaster oven for crying out loud, I’m a sophisticated piece of machinery. If he wants me to remain functional he better servicing me on a regular basis. A girl has to take care of her circuitry don’t you agree?
Frank: Whitney am I to understand that you’re some kind of a robot?

Whitney: Didn’t You Know? I don’t understand, I was purchased with your credit card, how could you not know? Oh no! I wasn’t supposed to tell….. I’m not supposed to tell…..supposed to tell……not supposed to tell…

Whitney’s system licks up and she freezes staring off into space

Frank: That little shit, bought a sexbot using my credit card, I’m guessing that new sound system will be showing up on my bill as well. I’ll have to say, he does have good taste, can’t deny she’s gorgeous.


Suddenly Whitney springs back to life and flashes disarming smile.

Fooled you Mr. Mathews, I really had you going there for minute. Didn’t I did…did…didn’t I……
Oh no sir, .I’m not a robot. I mean really look at me do I look like a robot to you?

Whitney twirls in her dress, to show off her body to off further proof of her being human and not a robot!

Frank: Sorry Whitney, I’m not buying…..you were just malfunctioning, and I hate to tell you, but I Know that you’re a robot.

Whitney: Don’t say that!…I’m not a robot….Say that I’m not a robot! Everyone must think that I’m a real girl….think that I’m a real girl…a real girl……Hi I’m Whitney..I’m a real girl….Here fell my skin, It’s very soft…just like a real girl….a real girl…… Would you like to touch my breast? They are very soft, just like..just like a real girl….I can make them jig…jig..jiggle….

Frank: Whitney, darlin are you Ok? Is there anything I can do you?

Whitney’s head jerks to the side, as repeats herself, stuck in an endless loop. Frank walks up behind her slaps her in the back, like a Television on the Fritz.

Oh Thank you Mr. Mathews, I couldn’t stop. I think that I’m malfunctioning……am I malfunctioning….….am I malfunction…..Please help me Mr. Mathews……I think that I am….That I am..I am malfunctioning……It’s time to go to the dance…time to .go to the dance…Don’t you just love my dress……..love my dress…..I think it’s very sexy……very sexy……..shall I take it off…I will take it off….take it off…………What am I doing? ..why am I naked……help Mr. Mathews, I need to be serviced…..I need to be…to be…I need to fucked….I’m designed to to be fucked…Fuck me Mr. Mathews…Fuck me like a real girl.


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