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Whitney Morgan Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Back under my masters “care”
Complete Surrender

I am sure you all remember Whitney Morgan (one of my all-time favorites) and are as thrilled as I am to see that she is back. Whitney Morgan, extremely horny and very kinky young woman, loves all kind of fetishes, like foot worship, tickling and of course her favorite, bondage. I have to say, I like that in a girl and usually it makes them great subjects as they are used to the idea of submission. Of course that does not mean it is always easy, let's not forget, we are talking about total control of body and mind here but as mentioned, it makes for a dam good start.

In Whitney's case it certainly proved to be true though and I am sure you will agree with me, once you watched some of the clips that our little girl makes a great subject. Needless to say, the fact that Whitney is kinky as hell, almost guaranties a sizzling hot battle of will and undeniable surrender. Enjoy lots of rolling eyes, dead pan zombiefied expressions, intense and very sensual masturbation as well as explosive orgasms on my command. Did I mention the yes masters, slowly repeated mantras and.......... all of your other favorites? Whitney seemed to go down quickly as soon as I gave her the sleep trigger.
As soon as she is back under my control, I can take my time to bring her to orgasm (multiple times) render her mindless for some slow repetitions of “Thank you for training me again” while in the zombie pose and so much more. Great stares, zoned out mindless states and more.
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Whitney Morgan Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The Audition

I decided to start a little differently by making her believe that she is auditioning for a sexy role in a feature film. Oh boy, it sure seems like she really wants that role and by the looks of it, she has no problems using her powers of seduction as well as her beautiful body to make it clear that the role should be hers. Of course it helps that she believes that I am one of the best looking guys she has ever met. Whitney goes on and on about why she would be the perfect cast while slowly taking off more clothes than the role requires.

Needless to say, I don’t stop he, after all, her poses a incredibly sexy and…. Really seductive and very hot. At some point we freeze her on all four and now we make her believe that she is actually auditioning for a position in the church choir. Poor thing goes almost crazy trying to explain her inappropriate behavior.
Very funny


Whitney Morgan Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Love slave training
I was put on this earth to be your sexual puppet Master

After having had so much fun with her in the last segment, I decide to “program” her back into being merely a love/sex slave in training. Whitney is an amazingly good subject and it shows right away how she transforms into a subservient love slave who would never dare to orgasm without her master’s order. Now we get to enjoy watching her crawl in circles, kneel and beg while trying to please us.

Of course we get to watch her masturbate on her knees while begging to be allowed to orgasm. Of course there is a lot more going on here. Whitney is taken from intense sexual heights into complete mindless dimness in a matter of a split second. Lots of yes masters, mindless stares, some rolling eyes, intense breath controlled orgasms and more. Also nice slow close ups



Whitney Morgan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

In this next segment we get to enjoy watching Robot Whitney in action. First off we have to activate her and then we need to do some programming before we can have even more fun with her. I don’t think I have to explain much here as we all know, Whitney makes a fantastic robot toy.



Whitney Morgan Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant Stripper

This next one is really hot and we get to see Whitney in action as she tries to seduce us. First we make her believe to be a well-known stripper who is auditioning at a fancy new club. Wow, it sure looks like she really wants the job. The way she seductively moves and poses her beautiful body while telling us about her obvious qualifications, is truly hot. It gets really hot when she is asked to masturbate, which is something strippers never do in front of their customers. Despite her saying no, her hands wonder between her legs and she starts to reluctantly pleasure herself. She even asks how I was able to make her do this. Whitney slowly goes crazy for lust and by now she can’t stop pleasuring herself. It gets even hotter than that, so go ahead and enjoy


Whitney Morgan Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet are yours

Whitney loves to show off her beautiful feet while seductively posing her body. Of course we take our time to inspect those sexy spread toes while she seductively rolls around on the couch. Like I mentioned, Whitney has a foot fetish herself and she sure knows how to entice a man with her perfectly taken care off feet. Enjoy watching her lick and kiss as well as arch her feet, run her fingers through her toes, masturbate and orgasm on command and so much more. Of course it gets even hotter than that so go ahead and enjoy.


Whitney Morgan Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Down for the count

An essential part of Whitney’s slave training is to learn to show the ultimate surrender by allowing her master to do with her as he pleases while she is in a state of un-consciousness. Her young body slowly goes limp, her eyes flicker and roll when I ...


Whitney Morgan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
College Prom……

Hi Mr. Mathews:)))
Frank: Hi Whitney, you look absolutely stunning, That dress has Prom Queen written all over it.

Whitney: Ahh thanks Mr. Mathews, your such a sweetie pie.

Frank: Is Gregg still upstairs? I figured that the two of you would already be on your way to the dance. Besides isn’t the guy supposed to wait on the girl, not the other way around?

Whitney: Oh Mr. wait-until-the-last-possible-minute, just left to go pick up his tux.

Frank: You mean he still has to run all the way out to Anderson’s Formal?

Whitney: Yes! Can you believe it?

Frank: That’s an hour roundtrip. I’m afraid you two are going to be late.

Whitney: I Love him, but sometimes he makes me so!….so…he makes…makes..makes me so ….so mad.

Frank: Whitney honey, do you feel alright?

Whitney: Oh yes sir…. I feel..I feel…I feel very soft to the touch……just like a real girl…..just like a real girl…..

Frank: Whitney honey, your scaring me?

Whitney: Oh Sorry Mr. Mathews……..sometimes I get a little glitchy when I’ upset. I definitely need a new E.R.C.

Frank: E.R.C., what are you talking about.

Whitney: My Emotional Response Chip……It hasn’t been working properly for several weeks now. Gregg, is so bad about keeping up with my maintenance.

Frank: Your maintenance

Whitney: He knows I need to be serviced, and what does he do? He buys a brand new sound system for his car. It will serve him right If I start to malfunc…to malfunc. to malfunction right on the dance floor in front of all his friends.

Frank: Malfunction?

Whitney: Why wouldn’t I malfunction I’m not a toaster oven for crying out loud, I’m a sophisticated piece of machinery. If he wants me to remain functional he better servicing me on a regular basis. A girl has to take care of her circuitry don’t you agree?
Frank: Whitney am I to understand that you’re some kind of a robot?

Whitney: Didn’t You Know? I don’t understand, I was purchased with your credit card, how could you not know? Oh no! I wasn’t supposed to tell….. I’m not supposed to tell…..supposed to tell……not supposed to tell…

Whitney’s system licks up and she freezes staring off into space

Frank: That little shit, bought a sexbot using my credit card, I’m guessing that new sound system will be showing up on my bill as well. I’ll have to say, he does have good taste, can’t deny she’s gorgeous.


Suddenly Whitney springs back to life and flashes disarming smile.

Fooled you Mr. Mathews, I really had you going there for minute. Didn’t I did…did…didn’t I……
Oh no sir, .I’m not a robot. I mean really look at me do I look like a robot to you?

Whitney twirls in her dress, to show off her body to off further proof of her being human and not a robot!

Frank: Sorry Whitney, I’m not buying…..you were just malfunctioning, and I hate to tell you, but I Know that you’re a robot.

Whitney: Don’t say that!…I’m not a robot….Say that I’m not a robot! Everyone must think that I’m a real girl….think that I’m a real girl…a real girl……Hi I’m Whitney..I’m a real girl….Here fell my skin, It’s very soft…just like a real girl….a real girl…… Would you like to touch my breast? They are very soft, just like..just like a real girl….I can make them jig…jig..jiggle….

Frank: Whitney, darlin are you Ok? Is there anything I can do you?

Whitney’s head jerks to the side, as repeats herself, stuck in an endless loop. Frank walks up behind her slaps her in the back, like a Television on the Fritz.

Oh Thank you Mr. Mathews, I couldn’t stop. I think that I’m malfunctioning……am I malfunctioning….….am I malfunction…..Please help me Mr. Mathews……I think that I am….That I am..I am malfunctioning……It’s time to go to the dance…time to .go to the dance…Don’t you just love my dress……..love my dress…..I think it’s very sexy……very sexy……..shall I take it off…I will take it off….take it off…………What am I doing? ..why am I naked……help Mr. Mathews, I need to be serviced…..I need to be…to be…I need to fucked….I’m designed to to be fucked…Fuck me Mr. Mathews…Fuck me like a real girl.


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