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Isabella Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Sliding deeper and deeper

Isabella, beautiful and extremely cute young girl with beautiful long black hair had never done anything even remotely close to what she experienced that afternoon at our place. I am not saying that she had never done any fetish fun stuff before but never anything as explicit as our sessions. Well, as it turned out, our sweet young girl went down like a rock and after that there was no holding back. It felt like her deepest most inner fantasies were brought out and she was finally able to let herself go, completely that is. As I always say, some girls are naturally horny and Isabella is certainly one of those girls and all it took was some deep, you know what, and she dropped under my control. Enjoy the first public display of her raw sexual energy as it is unleashed.

You will see when you watch this how she gradually drops deeper and deeper as her body displays this very well throughout this segment.

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Isabella Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly aroused and limp

For my masters pleasure only

Isabella sexy young body slowly slides off the couch as her limp body becomes more and more aroused. It does not take long and she starts to quiver and shake under her first orgasm (while I am holding her hazy eyes wide open) I have her slowly open her eyes before hitting her with another orgasm. Still, her body seems to have no strength as she slides off the couch. I can feel that she is deep but, as we all know, there is always a deeper level. Isabella drops again with every snap of my fingers until her limp body just stands there in front of me. Her hands feel helplessly drawn between her legs and she keeps repeating, I follow and obey. Zombie pose, limp body, orgasms on command, dim stares, slow repetitions.



Isabella Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Just float under my spell

Isabella's limp body just stands there in the sleep walker position. It seems like she is just floating (intense stares btw) while I keep programming her. Again, her mind is distracted by another intense orgasm. Next we have her show that she is already a good little girl who makes herself cum for her masters pleasure. Isabella goes nuts while trying to proof how good she is and how much she has accepted being controlled. Orgasmed on three, she keeps screaming, I am cuming for you master. Time for more deepening and the removal of her remaining will and thoughts. Her big eyes are glued to the light in her face and she drops deeper at the snap of my fingers. I am your mindless slave master. Her limp body kneels in front of me and I can feel that she is ready for me to intensify her training. Like every good love slave, she has to learn to crawl and beg. Bend over the couch, she is made to feel fucked and used until orgasmed at will. Guys wanna look at her (raised) feet while we have her on her knees? I thought so.



Isabella Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
All I am good for is to please you

Want more foot action, intense freeze while being swayed, entranced limp body play, mindless stares, slow repetitions, some nipple torture and more. I thought so.

This one starts off with Isabella learning to please us with her sexy little feet while on her knees as well as on her back (spread eagle style) After looking at her spread toes, wrinkles and so on, it is now time to introduce her to those sensitive spots under her feet that make her instantaneously orgasm for us. Our little girl is learning that her little feet are here to please all of us. OK, let's freeze her beautiful body while she is orgasmed again and then make her helplessly fall forward into my arms. Needless to say, there is a lot more to come after all this.



Isabella Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp body play

I am horny for you master

Needless to say, there is more going on than just the limp body play but at some point, I decide to let her lose all strength in her body so that I can move her around, do some eye checks and orgasm her limp body in her sleep. It gets even hotter when I have her wake up a couple of times and then slowly go back to sleep after 30 seconds or so. At some point she even starts to masturbate but after less than a minute, her body gets limp and she drops back under. As you can see in the pictures, she is also trained to believe her hands are nipple clamps and that the exquisite pain she feels is making her cum again. It shows that Isabella really likes that one. Some very intense breath controlled orgasms and a slowly repeated mantra while in the zombie position, are also part of this training segment. Rolling eyes, mantra, zombie pose, intensified orgasm training, limp body play and so much more.




Isabella Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Room service

Have you ever fantasized about entrancing a somewhat reluctant Room service waitress and then use her as you personal foot-slave. Well, stop dreaming and watch this hot foot segment. BTW, this one is certainly for our hot stockings lovers as well. Our mindlessly dim young waitress seems to love showing off her feet in those sexy panty hose. Needless to say, we have to take her down via a tricked out remote control which seems to make her almost instantaneously, let's say, very agreeable to my orders. I am sure you all know what I mean by all this. Of course at some point we have her remove the stockings, freeze her legs and feet in place and take another close look at her feet. Like watching her run those hands slowly through her toes, orgasm when touched and more. Sure you do, so go ahead and watch another hot foot segment.



Isabella Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Please freeze me

At first it seems like our sexy room service waitress believes that she can go back to work but that would be way too early. Let's freeze her on her way out and mess with her a bit. Needless to say, she has a different idea of fun but she does admit that the vibrator between her legs does feel nice. How did the vibrator get there and why do I remove it before she has a chance to orgasm? Well it looks like you have to watch the clip to find out. Time to put her to sleep and mess with her limp body ad orgasm her in her sleep. It all ends with her really, really wanting to be frozen by me. Well, what can I say, I am a nice guy and who would turn down a girls desperate wish.





Isabella Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That is quite inappropriate Sir

Have you ever heard of a de-freezer

Needless to say, our room service waitress has had enough fun and it is time to leave. So she thinks. I decide to lighten up the situation by making her feel tickled in the midst of her bitching and complaining. which, btw, does not go over too well. Looks like we need to freeze her again, to get her attention. Again, the vibrator finds its way into her panties and yet again, she complains while trying not to orgasm. Watching her unhappy face when I remove the vibrator (to help her of course) is absolutely priceless. Could it be that lust had changed her mind. The waving hand finally renders her mindlessly obedient and ready for the zombie pose.




Isabella Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Another mirrors of transformation
Isabella, who believes to be my money grabbing EX- wife, shows up (uninvited, I might add) to collect the $900 I owe her. Like most women, she seems to have no compassion for my situation and the fact that I used the money to open my new hypnosis practice, makes her laugh. She say something like, will you ever grow up. To make a long story short, she wants to take my new mirror (imported from Italy) as collateral until I pay her. Big mistake honey, but do they ever listen. Deeply entranced, she is now back under control and ready to be trained even further. It gets even hotter and more intense all of what I just described.




Isabella Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am programmed for you Master

Robot toy and saluting soldier

Isabella, my confused and not too happy wife, wakes up and believe it or not, she thinks that she can just leave. Not so fast honey. Needless to say, my idea to turn her into an obedient robot which has no other prerogative than to serve me, does not make her feel much better but then again, who cares. Poor thing snaps at attention before she even knows what hit her. First we have to program her "nipple buttons" which will from now on make her orgasm as soon as turned and then it is time to test her motor functions, masturbation capabilities, cleaning lady program and more. She even has a "soldier" program which makes her salute on command. Of course there is more but I am afraid you might have to buy the clip to find out.




Isabella Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Never on Mondays

This last segment is all about the "nasty" side effects of smoking and with that it is "smoking hot" Isabella, our featured dancer at the club, goes on and on about her being the featured dancer and that there is no way that she would work on Mondays, no matter what. Well, I do ask her not to smoke in my office but then again, do they ever listen? By the time I come back it is already too late. I guess I should have told her that those cigarettes have nasty side effects and that they can cause excessive and uncontrollable urges to masturbate, increase in lust and vaginal wetness, uninhibited desire to display nudity in public, orgasms that can cause mindlessness and more. Really hot to watch her slowly inhale and exhale while...



Isabella Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Seduction program loading ¬Frank is hitting on his roommate’s Pleasurebot Isabella, while she is upgrading her circuitry with several new processor chips. She reaches under her blouse and jerks free one of the old chips and quickly replaces it with a more advanced chip. She then yanks free the second old chip and is about to reach for the new chip when Frank tosses a book across the room. She turns to investigate the source of noise and as she does Frank takes the chip and dunks it in glass of water, quickly placing the chip back on the table. Isabella: “what was that”? Frank : What was What? Isabella: I thought I heard something, probably just the neighbors upstairs. Whatever, I better finish my upgrade before Mike gets home. She grabs the chip and reaches under her blouse to insert it into the now empty slot. As she presses the chip in her body jolts and stiffens.

Her eyes widen as she lets out a gasp. Isabella: Warning electrical short in Isabella unit…….Hardware Failure…… processor not responding….What’s happening to me? Why are you smiling…..its not funny! Oh my God you did something to my…my...my…processor. Isabella manages to get her hand back under blouse through a series of small jerking motions. Despite her clumsy movement she manages to grasp the damaged chip, yanking it free and tosses it to the floor. Isabella staggers backward on wobbly legs before regaining her composure her head cocks to the side with a blank stare as she announces without emotion Isabella: Processor not found………. processing power has been diminished by 50%.” Isabella snaps out of shaking her head as if she were a bit light headed. She regains her composure and stabs Frank with her icy stare. You slimy little weasel. I should have guessed. Isabella: I told Mike you couldn’t be trusted, When he founds out you tried to sabotage me again you’re going to be looking for a new place to live. That chip was worth more than you make in a month.

Frank: I’m doing him a favor, its not healthy spending every waking hour with some glorified windup doll.He should be getting out and meeting real girls, not screwing a clock radio in fuckme pumps.

Isabella: Do I look like a clock radio, you’re just jealous, because you can’t afford me. You ruined everything, I was going to surprise Mike with my new seduction software. Now thanks to you I don’t have the processing power to run it. You better just accept that I…I…am ….I am …..…processing….processing…. Isabella freezes up unable continue her tirade with only a single processor to run her complex personality program. Isabella: “I am Mike’s girlfriend so deal with it…..and another thing if you ever” Isabella is interrupted my the phone and turns to answer it.

As she picks up the phone Frank dunks her old processor in the water glass and sets back on the table. Isabella picks up the phone and Chimes Isabella: “hey baby….happy birthday………I had a special surprise for you, but Frank ruined it……………………I tell you when you get home…..OK see ya then buhbye.” Isabella turns to Frank with a sly smirk Isabella: “Boy are you gonna get it when Mike gets back. I can’t wait until he finds out…..finds out….out…out……….processing……..processing…..What you………Oh . I better reinstall my original chip before I crash my system. You can just stand over there until I’m done, I’ve had enough of your mischief . Isabella reinserts the chip and again her body jolts and spasms as she clicks the chip into place. Isabella: OH ……You trick…..trick….tricked me………must remove…..remove……before……I…..short…short circuit……short circuiting…………error….error….must remove processor…remove processor….. She again clumsily reaches under her blouse and yanks free the damaged processor Isabella: Warning hardware not found………….electrical short in Isabella……..in Isabella……….I’m Isabella….Isabella…..Hi I’m Isabella do you want to play with me. Isabella flashes her sweetest smile as she cocks her head. Frank is floored by the change in her demeanor and cautiously replies Frank: “uhm ya sure, I guess”. Isabella: Loading Seduction Program, …………program loading………Happy Birthday Sweetie…….I have a surprise for you. You’ll be so pleased with me. I upgraded myself just for you. I have all new processors, Sensor levels set to maximum…..sexual response set to maximum intensity. I am ready to be penetrated.


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