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Izmargad Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am my masters horny slave

Izmargad's session starts off with a bang. After a brief rapid induction, we get to enjoy her being played with as well as orgasmed while limp and out of control. Let's see whether the old triggers still work. Oh yes, our little girl responds like "clockwork" Her hands wander between her legs without her having any control over it as she is driven to orgasm while I am playing with her. Izmargad's beautiful body quivers and shakes in my arms and I can feel she is waiting for me to let her cum. Sounds good so far? Wait, there is a lot more to come. Yes master, mindlessly posed mannequin, rolling eyes, entranced unblinking stares, yes masters, more masturbation and, and. I am cuming for you Master.

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Izmargad Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Deeper every time

Foot slave training, limp play (including eye checks, opening her mouth and more) removing her panties while unaware, stares, rolls, sleep and entrancement training, screaming hard orgasms and more

Izmargad's beautiful body is still quivering when she is put to, let's call it, rest and I take my time to inspect and manipulate her so that we get a closer look of sexy curves as well as her tight pussy. That girl has a really beautiful ass. Of course we have to slowly remove her shoes to take a closer look at her well taken care of feet before playing with them as we desire. Of course that is all just warm up.

Izmargad slowly comes to and she is driven by the desire to serve us with her pretty little feet as she spreads her toes curls them and so on. I am sure you remember how much she loves to please and how excited it gets her. Izmargad goes crazy as her body goes into lustful convulsions and I can feel that she is close to explode but here again, she has to wait for her master's permission. Of course there is more. Towards the end, we have her wake up a few times for a few seconds before she slowly goes back down, which btw is a great way to deepen the subjects trance. Well, besides all that, it is really hot to watch those sleepy stares every time she goes under.



Izmargad Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master let me cum

I am deeply entranced for my master

Like to watch a beautiful and very deeply entranced young girl slowly repeat mantras (long) while being placed in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, beg and plead to be allowed to orgasm, being helplessly driven to orgasm over and over, being "snapped" into deep trance while her eyes are checked for signs of remaining will, being mindlessly posed while staring into nothingness, being trained to orgasm when squeezing her nipples for us and of course being played with while "at rest".

This one includes lots of limp body and foot play while she is rolled on her stomach, as mentioned, I love that ass and in combination with her feet, it is just the perfect angle. Of course that is not all. Did I mention the part where she is made to feel tied up and to orgasm by the Hitachi between her legs. Screaming hard orgasms, yes master and more.




Izmargad Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My master commands me

As mentioned, our girl has a beautiful ass which makes me decide to have her masturbate with her ass and feet up in the air before making her cum on my count of three. I tell you guys, watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions is definitely hot and well worth watching. It gets even more intense when she feels my hand touching the "orgasm spot" on the bottom of her sensitive feet. She keeps screaming, I am my master's well trained slave.

Enough of the warm up. Time to watch her crawl in circles while slowly repeating, "my master commands me." Want more? How about the "bend over ass out masturbation and orgasm training before being put to sleep while screaming and begging. Want even more? How about some limp body manipulation, eye checks and some intense mind removal (stare into the rotating light) while slowly repeating, "I am mindlessly entranced master (mantra).

Still want more? How about some intense (kneeling) masturbation while... I am cuming for you Master. More limp play and lifts.



Izmargad Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for taking me back master

The better you follow, the better you are allowed to feel

I am here to be used

This next segment starts off with more limp body play, eye checks while being stripped of more of her (excess) clothing . Again, I take my time to move her around, inspect every inch of her body before making her sleepy body cum in my arms. Let's enjoy her masturbating for us while repeating, thank you for taking me back master.

Needless to say, she is being put to sleep right before she can orgasm which drives her insane and to the point where all she wants is to please and serve. You have to watch this to understand what I am trying to say here, it is hot though. Again, Izmargad goes crazy for lust and the more she feels my control over her the more her body goes into intense lustful convulsions. I

t gets even more intense during the "breath controlled" orgasm training. She is programmed that every orgasm she is allowed to feel, makes her want more which is a great way to turn a subject into an orgasm machine. Lots of screaming hard orgasm training, repetitions, sleepy limp play, eye checks, stares and some foot play.




Izmargad Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Belly dancers are no Harems-slaves, Sir

This next segment was actually perfect for Izmargad. As it turned out, she had taken belly dance classes in the past which makes her dance in this one really hot. I had no idea about any of this but when we talked afterwards, she told me how much she loves to belly-dance.

Of course there is a lot more going on than just a hot belly dance. For example, we get to enjoy the "hypno ring" transformation, sleepy as well as aware foot action, orgasm training while being made to feel stuck to the bed post and of course limp body play, eye checks and more. Really hot.

Izmargad, who believes to be the entertainment for my annual hypno party, does not seem to agree with my point of view that belly dancers make perfect Harems slaves and it seems like she would prefer me to shut up. Anyway, it a long story but as you all know, I have a way to go on the girls nerves here and there. Luckily she falls for the "Ring" trick, meaning, she picks it up and stares into it. Big mistake.

Entranced and "zoned out" she is now ready to be placed into the zombie pose for more programming. After long and slow repetitions of, please command me master, it is now time for her to show us her feet before she is ordered to belly dance for us. Of course that is all just warm up. After some orgasm training (while she is made to feel tied to the bed post) our little girl is put to sleep so that we can inspect her feet, tits and eyes. poor thing wakes up with no strength in her body (unable to move) and it looks like there is nothing she can do about me...




Izmargad Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Too weak, too sleepy, to horny and too....

This next segment is certainly for our sleepy feet play, limp body manipulation, helplessly orgasmed subject, ass and feet, freeze and more, lovers

Izmargad's sexy young body seems limp and weak and there is not much (nothing) she can do about me messing with her. Needless to say, she tries to complain when I place her hand between her legs for some unexpected masturbation. As it turns out, the hand between her legs has a mind of it own and there is no way she can stop it from making her orgasm. Well, almost orgasm that is. Poor thing goes out right before the (embarrassing) orgasm can actually happen. Well honey, maybe later.

 Time to roll her around, check her dim eyes, orgasm her in her sleep and of course play with her feet. As mentioned, our little girl has a great ass and in combination with her feet, this is the perfect position for her, on her stomach with her feet frozen up in the air. Of course there is more but I think you might just want to go ahead and check it out for yourself.





Izmargad Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Harems slave training

Izmargad is well trained by now and overcome by the desire to please her master with her well taken care of feet. The idea that her master is even interested in looking at her feet drives her crazy for lust. Her horny young body quivers and shakes as she is ordered to pleasure herself while seductively offering her feet to be touched and inspected from every angle. She orgasms hard before her body starts to freeze up and she drops into lala land which leaves her helpless yet again. Poor thing is still frozen when she regains consciousness and to make it even harder, she does not seem to remember what just happened. All she knows is that she is quite naked in a strangers bed while being unable to move. I know, this can be confusing and even more so embarrassing.

Needless to say, she tries to make sense of all this but that is not easy. The fact that I am having my way with her feet, place her hand into her wet pussy and mess with her otherwise, does not make this any easier for her but then again, what can she do about all this? Looks like we need to put her out of her situation. The "waving hand" takes (despite her doubt) care of all "movements of the mind." Time to place her on all four with her ass and feet pushed out at us for some more orgasm training and I think we should also program the "orgasm spot" on the bottoms of her feet so that we can use it again later. More limp play (including feet) and more yet to come.



Izmargad Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You are the CUTEST of them all

Want to see a "Superheroine" turn horny bimbo/slut who likes it up her ass? Or maybe who prefer her being frozen while offering her ass and pussy or you might even like it all.

Izmargad, who believes to be Supergirl finds out the hard way that besides me and her nobody seems to have shown up for the Superheroine convention. Of course she does not believe that I am even a superhero in the first place. In fact, she seems to believe that I am just a charlatan with no powers what so ever. Things change quickly though when she cannot seem to resist eating those delicious looking strawberries I had "prepared" for her.

Despite my warning, she munches away and suddenly everything changes. Seems like she is not only horny and insatiably lusty but also crazy about me. OH god, listening to her going on about wanting to suck my dick makes it almost impossible to resist. Things get even steamier when she starts to strip, masturbate and beg me to give it to her. Needless to say, things change immediately when I snap my fingers and she becomes aware of what she just did.

Watch and enjoy her being going from offering me her pussy and eventually her ass to being shocked and embarrassed about her own behavior. Things get even worse when she becomes aware of the fact that she has just offered me her ass while her body is bend over the couch and frozen stiff. Will she get it? There is way too much going on to describe it all but believe me, watching her turn into a horny slut with no brains and then snap back into being the man hating Superheroine who seems helplessly trapped is really hot.




Izmargad Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Helpless little Supergirl

Our horny Supergirl seems too weak to move and she does not have much of a choice when it comes to me playing with her weak, limp young body and feet. The fact that I place a thrusting vibrator right on her wet clit seems more than she can handle and she is brought to orgasm despite her bitching and of course her futile attempts to prevent it. Believe it or not, she still talk about her Supergirl strength and all.

Oh well, let's take a closer look at her helplessly feet, take off her shoes and place the heel between her toes. Shall we drive her close to orgasm before putting her to sleep for some more limp body play and a sleepy orgasm? Of course we should do that. Things get really funny when she wakes up with a finger stuck in her mouth. Enjoy her futile attempts to get that dam finger out of there while telling us how much she is in control of her body.




Izmargad Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa Superheroine

Jingle bells

Freeze, limp play, denied and or uncontrollable orgasms, uncontrollable laughter, mind games and more.

Our Supergirl, who seems to have no recollection of what just happened, wakes up not realizing that she is now dressed in a very hot little Santa number. Needless to say that despite her "tough girl" talk, she does not seem to be particularly intimidating in her sexy little outfit and the fact that she believes that the vibrator in her hand is a sword makes this even funnier. Oh well, here we go again. This time we get to enjoy Santa, I mean Supergirl, getting sleepy and weak after trying some of those delicious strawberries.

Looks like the fight is not fair as she is getting weaker and weaker and... Poor thing seems to have lost all strength in her body which means, I can take my time to expose her tits, mess with her limp body while she (weakly) bitches. Let's put her to sleep and then watch what happens when she wakes up with a thrusting vibrator between her legs. Yes, more bitching and an (almost) orgasm. Next time she comes up, we get to enjoy her wrestling with the vibrator which seems to be stuck on her pussy.

Things get even worse when she is plagued by uncontrollable laughter (jingle bells) at the most inappropriate times. The above described are only a few highlights of this segment and there is certainly a lot more going on.




Izmargad Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Check out these

I have complete control over me

Things do not improve for our Santa/Supergirl in this segment either. Her we get o enjoy her being put to sleep at will (while showing off her ) being orgasmed on command, turned into a mindless and very horny love slave, transformed into an obedient robot toy, frozen in place, forced to masturbate, messed with and so much more. This segment is a really great finale for Izmargad's amazing session and I am sure you will enjoy it. Yes masters, transformations, dim stares, deactivation, lot's of mind games.




Izmargad Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please help yourself

The scene begins toward the end of a sales pitch to a major electronics retailer. A beautiful sales executive from a less than reputable Sexbot manufacturing firm is attempting to sell their latest product line.

Izmargad: So Mr. Madison, as you can see the CyberMate X series constitutes a huge technological leap forward in the field of personal robotic companions. With a 10,000 unit commitment from MasterTech, we would like to begin production of the new line and have the units on your showroom floors by March of next year.

Frank: It all sounds very impressive Ms Small, but have you forgotten that the W series was an absolute disaster. 45% of the units sold were returned with in 3 months. Aside from the obvious technical defects the damn things looked so fake and that most of them never left the showroom floor to begin with.

My own wife said and I quote " that they looked like a bunch of demented Barbie dolls." I'm sorry but those plastic wind-up dolls have cost this company enough money. Now you expect us to invest in this new line of companion droids, as you call them. I'm sorry Ms Small, but I think its time for Cybermate and Mastertech Electronics to part ways.

Izmargad: Please call me Izmargad

Frank: Well then I'm sorry Izmargad, but I received many of these same assurances when your predecessor pitched the W series to me 3 years ago.

Izmargad: We are all too aware of the w series short comings. That is why we have scrapped the entire line and started from scratch with the X series. We have since recruited the best programmers in the industry along with top robotics specialist from M. I. T. and what they have created is nothing short of miraculous.

• A hyper sophisticated AI program, capable of generating an appropriate response to nearly any social situation. • A fully articulated and flexible endoskeleton, driven by an advance whisper hydraulic system. • Natural and emotive facial expressions made possible by dozens of strategically placed servo motors, all linked directly to the most advance central processing unit ever created.

These new units will feature an ultra-realistic silicon-based dermal covering that is nearly identical to human skin. And last but not least and an emotive personality matrix capable of simulating a genuine emotional interaction. These are hyper-realistic thinking companion droids not some plastic-looking, Sexbot parroting back a bunch of preprogrammed responses. They are designed and programmed to function as the ideal companion.

Frank: I'm intrigued Ms., I mean Izmargad, but I just can't take the chance. The board is pushing for a deal with Robotech.

Izmargad: Mr. Madison I assure these new units are indistinguishable from a real girl. Why you could be standing right next to one our companion droids never even know it. They're really are quite remarkable.

Frank: Maybe they are as remarkable as you say or maybe they aren't. Just like before you show up here expecting us to fund your entire production line without so much as working prototype.

Izmargad: Oh, But Mr. Madison, you've all ready seen our prototype. Frank: I'm not talking about a bunch of schematics and artist renderings, I mean an actual functioning demonstration model.

Izmargad: I see, you would like to assess the x series capabilities for yourself.

Frank: Exactly

Izmargad: Oh I think that can be arranged.

Frank: How soon can you have a working model in my office?

Izmargad: Very Soon……Very soon indeed Mr. Madison

Izmargad begins to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Frank: Ms. Small, what do you think you're doing? Izmargad: I really am a remarkable piece of technology, wouldn't you agree?

Frank: What are you talking about?

Izmargad: Its like I said, you have already seen a functioning prototype, you just didn't know it. I'm quite life-like don't you think?

Frank: You! You're the prototype?

Izmargad: Affirmative……Shall I demonstrate my features.

Frank: Sorry Darling, I'm not buying it. …Cybermate, must be really desperate to try a stunt like this………I wasn't born yesterday.

Izmargad: I assure you Mr. Madison, that while I may appear to be human, I am quite synthetic. Come closer. You will find that I am very well constructed. Would you like to inspect my body for visible seems?

Frank: If you think I'm going to be seduced into a multi-million dollar business arrangement you have another thing coming.

Izmargad: But you said that you wanted to personally assess the capabilities of functioning demonstration model. I assure you Mr. Madison that I am fully functional.

Frank: Ms. Small I think it's time for you to leave.

Izmargad: I can see that you're going to take some convincing. Izmargad turns her back to Frank and raises her hands to chest yet again. She drops her hands stiffly to her side again and turns to face Frank. Frank begins to admonish her further but stops mid sentence when he notices a blinking light emanating from her cleavage.

Frank: You can tell your Employers that this little stunt is not how we conduct business at Mast…….Your...Your chest its, Its blinking.

Izmargad: Yes Mr. Madison….it's my CPU indicator light. When it flashes it means the my system is functioning at optimum efficiency. You know what that means?

Frank: No what? Izmargad: It means that I'm ready to please you now………Come Closer…….I'm programmed for your pleasure.

You know when it seems to good to be true it often is. Go see what went wrong!


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