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Izmargad Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip



Izmargad, beautiful brunet seductress with a killer hard body and the most beautiful emerald green eyes, had never done anything like this before and, needless to say,  I feel honored to have been the first guy to, well let's call it, break her in. I could only imagine how exciting it might be to not only take off all clothes in public but to also let it all go and enjoy whatever is done to me.

As it turned out, our sexy young girl had no problems to let herself go, in fact, she dropped right under my control and after that it was like watching a volcano explode, if you know what I mean. If you are into loud and hard orgasm training, zoned out stares, freeze fun and more, than this session is going to be right up your alley. Tighten your seatbelt and enjoy Izmargad's journey into blissful surrender. BTW, Izmargad is the Hebrew word for emerald which is the color of her beautiful eyes.   

Izmargad started showing signs of arousal already towards the end of the induction which is definitely a (great) sign for things to cum, oops, I mean come.  

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Izmargad Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

More sexual and sensual than ever  

Please train me master   

Highlights : Intense zoned out stares, played with while being taken deeper into you know what, mindlessly posed, begging, intense masturbation and orgasm training.

Izmargad's young hard body is starting to quiver and shake while I gently messing with her clothes as well as perform some eye checks. I keep taking her deeper while making her feel aroused at the same time. Slowly but surely her body goes into lustful convulsions and she starts to beg me to let her come. Well, like all my girls, she has to learn that she is here to be trained and that the degree of lust and pleasure she feels depends on her obedience as well as my... Her hands feel drawn between her legs and she now learns that those hands of hers are under my control as well.

 Enough warm up. Time to take her to that place where all thinking stops and all that is left is a beautiful empty shell which can be posed and played with (open her mouth, turn her head)  All of a sudden she is ordered to make herself cum over and over so that we can all enjoy her quivering out of control body while she is ordered to climax. Every orgasm your are allowed to feel makes you want more. 




Izmargad Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip

Used and played with love slave   

This next segment is all about feet, entranced stares, limp body manipulation (including removing her shoes, panties, bra) while out, eye checks, yes masters, screaming hard orgasms, foot worship and orgasm training and more.    

I am not sure whether I mentioned it yet but every segment of her session is certainly incredibly intense as she becomes more and more uninhibited and submissive. Trying to describe the intensity of her training seems quite impossible. As mentioned above, Izmargad learns that her reason to be here is to learn to please a man. Sleepy and away, she has no clue that I slowly take off her shoes, panties and bra for a better look at her goodies.

Needless to say, I take my time to check out and mess with her feet before making her feel aroused again. Still unaware, her hands move between her legs and we all know what they are doing down there. Still too weak to fully wake up, her sexy body quivers under her hands and she cums hard and loud as soon as I touch "The Spot" under her feet. Still all just warm up. See what she can do with her feet and... Lot's more to cum. I am cuming for you master.



Izmargad Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

I never cum this hard    

I have no control master  

I am your entranced slave master 

Highlights : Zombie/sleep walker pose while repeating a mantra, waving hand, yes masters, slow limp body manipulation so we see all of her body, front and back, hypno bondage while kneeling, bend over ass out masturbation (that girl has the most beautiful ass) while feeling fucked doggy style,  sleepy foot play, hard orgasms on command, eye checks during orgasm, eye fixation and mind removal, intense dim stares and so much more. 

I am here to learn to obey 

Trying to explain all of what is going on in this segment would take forever but believe me, it is another incredibly hot one.




Izmargad Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip

I am your controlled slave master    

Want more intense orgasm training (some breath controlled) repetition of mantra while in zombie pose, limp body and feet manipulation, FREEZE while being swayed, rocked and orgasmed, mindlessly posed statue, entranced stares, yes masters and so much more? Of course you do, so go ahead, it is another intense one. 

Izmargad has proven to be an amazingly good subject and this segment shows it just as the first four segments did. Trying to describe the intensity of her screaming hard orgasms, the  depth of trance, the blankness of her zoned out stares and or her unconditional surrender would be quite impossible.




Izmargad Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip

This never happened before          

Izmargad believes to be the luckiest reporter in town as she is the only one who gets to interview a very famous politician who is just about to reveal a major political scandal. Guess who the famous politician is. Anyway, our young reporter seems very eager and grateful for the opportunity she has been given and she promises to do her best.

Before long, it becomes more and more obvious though that our young and certainly eager reporter seems to have problems focusing on the conversation. Could it be that she, despite her best efforts, is slowly going to sleep. No way, nobody would fall asleep while being given the interview (opportunity) of a lifetime. Is she really yawning right there in front of me? No way she...

Well, it looks like this would be a great opportunity to mess Slowly) with her limp little body and to undress her, after all, it is way too hot in here for her to wear all this stuff. Needless to say, Izmargad has no clue as to what happened when she wakes up and I take my time to make her aware of the fact that she is almost naked. Imagine her shock when she realizes how this might look. I mean, being almost naked in front of a married stranger. Could it be that she was hitting on me? (I get that a lot ha-ha) Let's put her back to sleep and mess...




Izmargad Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip

This could be dangerous 

I am no slacker Sir  

Izmargad's interview from hell continues as we take her through a number of embarrassing and even more confusing moments like the unaware masturbation, sleep trigger enforcement and limp body play, mind fucking and so much more .

Izmargad, our young and still more than eager reporter wakes up and apologizes for her "dozing off" during our important conversation. All of a sudden though, she starts to masturbate as if it was the most normal thing to do when interviewing a high profile politician. Our eager reporter even went through the trouble of having read my newest book on the art of mind control and although it seems like she cannot really wrap her mind around the idea that people can easily be controlled, she is polite enough to go along. 

It gets even better when she is made to believe that her ass is her Press-pass and I think it is needless to say that we have to check her credentials (ass) a few times very carefully to make sure that she really is who she claims to be. I mean, one cannot be careful enough, after all, I am about to expose a political scandal. Anyway, things get worse for her when she is put to sleep again (while telling me how eager and awake she is) for more limp body manipulation and fun. Poor thing wakes up with a very intense orgasm which was certainly induced by the vibrator I stuck into her panties while she was in lala land. Can it get worse? Try falling asleep a second before I reveal the name of the .....




Izmargad Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

I would never hit on your Sir  

Frozen, muted, orgasmed, put to sleep and played with, tickled and more  

Izmargad, our eager reporter just cannot seem to win this one either. First she is played with in her sleep which of course she would never know but things get embarrassing when she wakes up and now she cannot seem to find her pen. I know, not very professional. Anyway, being the nice guy that I am, I offer her my "ducky pen." Sounds funny, I know but wait till you see her freeze up in mid sentence.

All right, having her become aware with her finger stuck in her mouth, might not have been so nice but it is a lot of fun watching her trying to explain her "frozenness." Things get even funnier when I make her aware of her nakedness. Here again, she does not seem to think that hypnosis might help with her problem which is why she remains frozen while I am inserting the vibrator into her panties. I know, it does not help her with the moving problem but here again, it is fun to watch her in agony. Of course she vehemently denies that she is hitting on me, a married man that is. Well let's put our cute "professional" to sleep and then mess with her a bit.

The second she wakes up, it becomes obvious that she has yet another problem. Now she seems mute and no matter how hard she tries, there is just nothing coming out of her mouth. I think it is time to look at her "press-pass" again (see clip seven to see what I mean by press-pass) Up and awake, she seems to have yet another problem. Believe it or not, now she makes fun of me by laughing at me at the most inappropriate times. 

Too many details to describe it all but really worth watching, lots of fun guarantied.




Izmargad Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Please there has to be a way   

One more round of fun with our sexy, yet unfocused, reporter. Izmargad slowly wakes up with no memory of what just happened. Believe it or not, now she starts to seduce me while dancing and stripping for me. I mean what can I say, I am married and that is sure not very professional. Poor thing tries so hard to get me to fuck her but as mentioned, I am a man of my convictions (well, sort of) Anyway, suddenly in the midst of her begging while masturbating the hell out of her tight pussy, she freezes up again. Oh, oh that does not look good.

The problem is that our sexy reporter now becomes aware of the fact that she was begging me to fuck her and that certainly makes her feel embarrassed. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her that I am actually ready to fuck her, as a favor that is. Oh no, Sir, I was blablabla. The apologies and excuses are just flying out of her mouth. Seems like she is not too serious about the whole thing though, I mean, why else would she keep laughing her ass off at the most inappropriate times. Luckily the waving hand renders her mindless and peaceful. Wait until you see her on all four on the couch (that girl really has a beautiful ass) while I am, yet agreeing to fuck her from behind.




Izmargad Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Space warrior      

Izmargad, who believes to be auditioning for yet another sequel of the famous star-war flicks, seems offended when I mention that we are actually filming a spoof type movie in which the famous heroes from yesteryears are Robots which are programmed to render sexual favors. Izmargad was certainly the wrong person to ask to do something like that as she (in her real life) is a diehard fan of the original star-wars movies. Yes, you read this right, our girl is a "Trecky" Anyway, time to let her try out the "light saber" which knocks out her memory and all that is left is a nicely programmed pleasure toy. In other words, she is my personal robot toy now and as that she will be programmed to perfection. I am here to protect my master. Lots of programming, erasing of personality and memory, masturbation, Robo walk and talk. Of course there is the moment where she seems to believe that she might be human but as we all know, that is just a program.




Izmargad Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Harms slave training   

This next one is short and sweet. Izmargad wakes up believing that she is my harems slave has been captured and trained to perfection. My new slave has to learn to crawl while being led by her master (chain) of course there is some very intense masturbation, limp body manipulation and more going on in this one. As mentioned, short but intense. Towards the end, our horny slave is being put to sleep with her own chain by ...



Izmargad Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip


Izmargad, our young aspiring actress, seems to have forgotten everything that has happened so far. As far as she is concerned, the audition just started and again, she seems terribly offended when I mention that we are more interested in her feet than in her acting abilities. I guess we just tell her the truth, which is that she we be my devoted foot slave in a seconds from now. She does not believe it but then again, she does not know what hit her before it is too late.

Our star-girl goes down into lala land and now I can take my time to take off her boots and then play with her (sleepy) feet. Of course our little (deeply entranced) girl has to slowly and seductively offer us her feet while giving her pussy a nice hard workout. Izmargad goes crazy for lust and eventually cums all over the place. Time to send her back to sleep for some more sleepy foot worship, if you know what I mean.

Needless to say there is a lot more to come. Izmargad who slowly wakes up, realizes that she is too weak to move and that I have my way with her feet. Yes, she does orgasm when I touch her sensitive feet (against her...) Let's take a closer look at her beautiful ass and feet while she is crawling in circles, shall we. Of course there is a lot more limp body and feet manipulation and so much more yet to come. 




Izmargad Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

We are better humans  

Planning to take over the world androids begin kidnapping world leaders. A prominent politician, Frank is kidnapped and guarded by a beautiful fembot, Izmargad. Frank tries to spark up a conversation with her in hopes that she will let down her guard long enough for him to escape. The beautiful robot goes on and on about how inferior human beings are compared to androids. She boasts of her superior speed, superior strength, her perfect face, her perfect body, and her superior intellect.

Playing on the robots ego, Frank claims that he has seen, human women with much better figures than hers.  He then goes on to add, of course I guess it's possible that outfit you wearing, is just unflattering.  The android is obsessed with proving her point and eventually strips down to her lingerie.

Frank then claims that androids are terrible lovers, compared to human women.  She adamantly denies his statement, bragging about how she is programmed for pleasure. She continues to boast about how many different sexual techniques are stored in her memory banks. She demonstrates her superior flexibility and brags about her endurance. 

Izmargad comments that the temperature exceeds her operational thresholds.  She stops to complain about the heat and Frank snipes “you robots have no tolerance for the heat” the android continues on, but begins to experience more and more glitches as she overheats. Frank then claims “no endurance, that's why androids are terrible at sex” She claims “that impossible, I am superior in every way to a human female” 

 Izmargad continues to seduce Frank by striping, masturbating, dancing …. Stating: “I will please you now ….she whispers in her most seductive sultry voice “I'm better than a real woman.” 

Suddenly, Izmargad’s head begins to turn to the left and her body spasms she cries out “I'm getting too hot, much too hot…….. My circuits are overheating……… Circuits overheating……..  Frank asks her to stop, stating that he understands that androids lack the stamina for sex. She refuses to stop and quickens the pace instead in an attempt to demonstrate her superiority.  She thrust her hips up and down in a feverish pace this cries out “I will please you…you will know what it is to be pleased……… I'm better than a real girl…….. Better than a real girl…….. Do I make you hot? …… Hot… Hot…. Much too hot……. Error…… Error… Circuits are overheating…….. This cannot be happening……. I am superior…… I am superior……….. You are inferior……… You can not destroy me….. I am superior…… I am perfect......  my body's perfect…… My legs are perfect…… My eyes are perfect…….. My breasts are perfect… I am superior in every way….. in every way….. I’m perfect…… I am perfect……. I am…… Am………. Am………  How can this be?......... short.. Short….. Shorting out….. But.. But…… I'm perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect.

Illogical… Illogical……. I am perfect……. I am perfect…….. My body is perfect, my lips are perfectly kissable, I am the ideal female form, the ideal female form, you must kiss me, I am not programmed for rejection……. This does not compute……. Touch me…….. I'm designed to be touched… I'm ready to please you now 

Tell teWill Frank get away and save all of humanity?


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