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Stripped off all inhibitions

Izybella Blu, hot, soft-spoken 20-year-old brunette with a bit of an attitude, mesmerizing eyes and a natural body with perfect-sized tits and a sweet ass. Izy had already heard about my sessions through some of her friends but she just could not imagine that it could ever happen to her. I mean, come on, orgasms without even so much as being touched, deeper more intense orgasms than ever experienced before, being trained to obey and to let go of all that you have ever learned about sex before in order to feel something so new and intense that it might change your beliefs about yourself. I know it sounds a bit far out there but then again it happens. Did Izy (short for Izybella) come in being a non believer? Yes, absolutely. Did she leave not only being a believer but also a fan? Yes, absolutely. If you don't believe me check out her own testimony in clip five. Anyway, Izy's session was intense, to say the least and yes she is another one of my favorite subjects who came in to just check it out and who left, let's just say, with the biggest smile on her face.

The magnetic hands test already showed that Izy, even with her eyes open, could not get her hands apart, despite her efforts and the slow swinging crystal took her down into the abyss. Lots of body language throughout the induction, great close ups of her entire body and face, slow closing eye lids and more.

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IzyBellaBlu Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I just want to cum

Izy told me before the session that her orgasms are usually quiet yet intense. Call it a hunch but the second she mentioned it, I just knew that there was something holding her back from letting it all out and to enjoy herself. After you watch this clip, I am sure you will agree with me that Izy is a screamer and her orgasms are anything but quiet. Her body starts to shiver and shake the more she feels helplessly fucked and used. Her inhibitions are stripped away and the thrusting vibrator she is made to feel on her clit is driving her crazy. Unable to do anything about the merciless yet intensely arousing stimulation of her clit, Izy slowly but surely let's go and surrenders to the intense stimulation. Izy learns that the more she begs the better it feels. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams, her young body goes into convulsions while she is begging me to let her explode. Once allowed to cum for me, Izy experiences her longest lasting orgasm ever. Very intense start of the session.



IzyBellaBlu Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless lust

"It feels wonderful to surrender to you." I let go of all my thoughts mind and will.

Izy is still intensely aroused from before and being ordered to take off her panties seems to turn her on even more. Her hands are magically drawn between her legs. Unable to stop her hands from driving her crazy, Izy's body goes into lustful convulsions again. Time for her to learn the intensity of her first mindless and empty orgasm. Her attention is focused on the spinning light in front of her wide open eyes. Did I mention that Izy's eyes are big, dark and mesmerizing? She keeps repeating, "I am letting go of all my mind and will".

Drained of all disturbing thoughts and the need to control, Izy experiences her first mindless and completely uninhibited orgasm. Of course that is just the warm up. All she wants now, is to cum for me again and I keep driving her right to the verge of another orgasm without letting her cum. By now her lustful screams fill the room, her quivering body is getting hot and moist. Izy has to learn that she has to let go of herself first in order to be allowed to orgasm for me. She keeps repeating, "it feels wonderful to surrender", which turns her on even more. The end of the segment is too intense to even describe. Intense mind sucking and deep felt surrender.



IzyBellaBlu Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You control my body and mind

Please master make me your slave

This clip is not only for our mantra, master and hands free forced orgasm lovers. I start her off standing in front of me. Izy's focus is directed on only one thing and that is to please her master. My little girl is hot, her body is helplessly shivering and shaking and her big eyes are wide open as she stares at the light shaker in my hand. I can feel her letting go of her mind and will and the slow repetition of the mantra, "You control my body and mind" makes her orgasm harder than ever before. She keeps repeating that she has never cum this hard before as her quivering body sinks to the ground. Of course that was just the warm up.

On her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her, Izy experiences the most intense penetration ever. Again her body goes into lustful convulsions as she feels penetrated yet again. Mindless and empty, she keeps repeating, "I am a mindless shell". Izy is orgasmed at will until she finally begs to be made a slave. Intense segment and believe me there is way too much going on to describe it all.



IzyBellaBlu Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a little girl, I need to be trained

Frozen, swayed, rendered mindless and in bliss. This one includes a short interview at the end.

Izy's horny young body slowly freezes up, leaving her helplessly immobilized. I can tell that the feeling of complete helplessness is turning her on. Her soft skin is glistening under the lights. Just mentioning that she is helpless and that I control her makes her want to orgasm again but of course she has to wait. I keep swaying her rock solid and stiff body back and forth and now she is ordered to orgasm for me.

Finally I decide to unfreeze her but that does not mean that I am done with her just yet. I use the light wand to suck out the rest of her will and then to touch and jiggle her breasts to orgasm her, (really hot) "I am a little girl master, I need to be trained". I can feel her being exhausted and it is probably a good time to finish her off. Izy's little hand is in mine and all energy is leaving her body until she slowly goes to the ground where she is orgasmed into deep sleep. (again, the way she twitches and shakes as she goes out is really hot) Of course we have to do some eye and body checks after that. This segment ends with Izy telling us how the first part of her training session felt and how it made her feel.



IzyBellaBlu Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Get this stupid thing out of here

Izy believes to be my boss's real snooty wife who is very surprised to find me at her house. I guess her husband forgot to mention that I would stop by to install the new rotating crystal. Thinking that I work as a handyman in her husband's company, she does not seem to have much respect for me and the fact that she does not like the "monstrosity" hanging from her ceiling, does not make my job any easier.

Who does not like a beautiful feng shui crystal in the middle of their living room? Anyway, she seems to be ready and on her way to a party and all she wants is for me to take the crystal down and get the hell out. When I start hitting on her, she gets even more pissed off and threatens to mention it to her husband. I guess, I have no other choice than to show her what the slow rotation of the crystal in combination with my soft and gentle voice can do to her mind, will and thoughts.

By the time she slowly realizes what is happening, it is already too late and although she tries to take her eyes off the crystal, her decent into my control is unavoidable. In other words, she sinks into deep trance and is now ready to be played with.

Her voice sounds real slow and monotone when she says, "Please control me" and or "yes master I have been a bad girl". Of course now is the time to see what the boss's wife looks like naked and even more importantly what she looks like when she masturbates and orgasms for me. Next comes the nipple pinching orgasm on my command. This is a really hot segment with lots of training, hard and hot orgasms, slow and monotone repetitions which really shows how deep our little girl is and how much she loves to follow and obey. Lots of yes masters.





IzyBellaBlu Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I will follow and obey master

My boss's sexy and by now very horny wife is way too hot to let her go just yet. I make her take off her boots and pantyhose, nice and slow that is and then order her to use the vibrator on her wide open pussy. Repeating the word, "mindless", in a slow and monotone manner, slowly drives her into an even deeper trance. Her young body is quivering and shaking but she is not allowed to orgasm just yet, "I am a disobedient female, I need to be trained". Just saying it makes her feel even more aroused. I love it when they are naturally obedient without even knowing it. Finally after more begging, I decide to let her orgasm for me. Of course that is all just the warm up. Next comes the bend over, ass out, hands free orgasm training. Izy's firm body goes into convulsions while she feels fucked deeper than ever before. Her body keeps shivering and her legs are shaking long after her orgasm.

Are we done training our little girl yet? Absolutely not. With her arms first straight out in front of her and then pulled behind her head, Izy is going through another round of intense training which eventually puts her out and makes her drop into deep sleep. Are we done training her yet? Absolutely not. Try some sleepy orgasms while her eyes are held open and................Izy's beautiful body is a delight to look at, her repetitions are slow and monotone and her mindless surrender is honest and deep.




IzyBellaBlu Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry but I can not help you with that

Yes you can, you just do not know it just yet. Izy, is the quite prudish librarian at our local library and it seems like she has never heard about the book I am so desperately looking for. A book that describes how to turn unsuspecting young women into obedient, submissive and well programmed robot servants. Of course she has never heard about such a book and I unfortunately can not seem to remember the exact title either. Izy seems helpful at first but the more I describe the content of the book the more apprehensive she seems to get.

She even goes as far as sending me to the k i d s section. All of a sudden, this intense vibrating sound seems to appear out of nowhere. Her hands shoot up to her ears but even that does not seem to help her. Izy's head shakes a bit, her body stiffens up, her eyes widen and she slowly gets up. Mechanically, slow and monotone she says something like "I am a robot" while her stiff body stands at attention. (Really perfect transformation) I decide to do some testing first, like make her open her mouth, close her mouth, acknowledge every order by saying yes master, have her take off her clothes, masturbate and so on... "System is being programmed to obey, master."

My new toy is driven up the wall for lust but then her system prevents her from having an orgasm. Poor thing, I guess it takes more programming or should I say training. I must have struck one of Izy's hidden fantasies, her repetitions are robotic and slow, her bottomless vibrator masturbation drives her insane and the denied orgasms are driving her crazy. As usual lots of monotone yes masters during the intense training.




IzyBellaBlu Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette

Cigarettes can not cause a girl to lose her IQ and turn into a loopy, oversexed bimbo, that is BS.

Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette but as we all know, that is certainly not the case in my sessions. Izy comes back from a brief deepening and for some reason she seems to have this overwhelming urge to smoke a cigarette before the session finally starts. The girl just does not seem to believe that what I do might actually work on her but she is willing to give it a try anyways. I tell you, these non-believers make my life quite tough sometimes. Anyways, my warning that my cigarettes might be a bit strong and that some of the girls have experienced, let's just call it, "side effects" does not seem to bother her at all. Confident about her over 130 IQ, Izy lights up and ahhh, it feels so good.

We keep talking about her education and the fact that she is not ready to show me her breasts (too early in the session) when I can not help but notice that she seems to keep giggling about nothing. Things get even more weird when my little non believer, starts running her hands all over her body. Now it gets really funny. After a few more drags, Izy seems to realize that she is getting increasingly stupid but that she can not seem to do anything about it. She keeps mentioning that her brain seems lopsided and that she feels kind of silly. By now the little girl is giggling and masturbating away and all that seems to be on her mind, is to get fucked. Fun and intense ending.



IzyBellaBlu Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master can you put me under

Please, please, please master, I will be a much better little girl for you

Izy wakes up with this insurmountable desire to get hypnotized. Unfortunately though, I am not in the mood today and I have to ask her to put it off until another time. Of course that is not good enough for her and at first she tries to be cute and flirtatious to get what she wants. When that does not help the begging starts and when that fails the tits come out. Poor thing seems to really need it bad which is probably why her begging becomes more intense. You know, I will be a better girl for you, little girls need to be...and so on. Still, I am not in the mood to fulfill her needs, besides by now I really want to see how far she would go. All of a sudden, she starts to call me master without really knowing why and think her promiscuous gesture can only be interpreted as her offering me...



IzyBellaBlu Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
There is nothing funny about this

My little non-believer wakes up again feeling a bit confused about the fact that she is not wearing much. Again, she keeps talking about being a poor subject and that she is really just here to try it out. She also tells me that she is a pretty serious person and that there are not too many things in life that make her laugh. Well, I guess, snapping my fingers is one of the few things that do make her laugh, "what the hell is tickling me"? I don't know but could it be your clothes. It seems like she can not get out of her dress, bra and panties fast enough but unfortunately that does not seem to help much either. Of course being slowly frozen and then tickled again does not seem to make it any better either.



IzyBellaBlu Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen non-believer

Izy is just not that interested to get h-notized anymore and despite her confusion or maybe because of her confusion, she decides to leave. Of course in order to do that she has to get dressed first. She keeps apologizing just like in the last segment about her strange behavior but nevertheless, she is ready for something new. Here we go again. Her tight little body starts to slowly freeze up again and with that her mind seems to stop functioning. Blank and frozen, Izy does not even notice that I help her out of these warm clothes, she is wearing again. I let her become aware of her situation just to see and hear what she thinks about all this. It is quite interesting but Izy seems to be finally catching on and she seems to have figured out that what I do might actually work on her. Of course having an instantaneous orgasm while frozen is not going to happen. One, two and three...Oops. Izy was actually turned on by the fact that she was helplessly immobilized. I take her back and forth between being aware and unaware by using the waving hand.



IzyBellaBlu Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
This can not be happening

Still frozen yet fully aware our confused little girl is now finding out what it feels like to be orgasmed without being able to move. Does that surprise her and does it make her feel funny? Well, listen to what she has to say and you will know. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to unfreeze her but for some reason her new found freedom does not seem to last for too long. All of a sudden and certainly to her surprise her body starts to slowly freeze up again and to make things worse, her mind seems to be leaving again. Well, let's unfreeze her and bend her over the couch to have a nice look at her from behind. Oops, looks like the second her mind comes back, she freezes up again. Should we let her feel one more orgasm before sending her to sleep so that we can play with her limp body for a while, do some eye checks and so on?



IzyBellaBlu Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't know what got into me that day but watching her updating some of her software and programs made me just want to grab her and fuck the hell out of her. A beautiful T300, nurse edition, had finally arrived at my hospital and I could not wait to check her out. I liked the old T 299 but we were promised that this one was even better, in every aspect. Imagine my surprise or I should better say my shock when she politely mentioned that she had no sex program what so ever. I know, she was supposed to work here as a nurse and not as a sex toy but then again I was used to my old T299 who came with some extra perks for the doctors.

First I thought they might have just forgotten to activate all of her programs but it turned out she really was just a nurse. As I mentioned before, I don't know what I was thinking but to send her to the next room to get me my stethoscope and to mess with her laptop while she was gone, seemed to be the thing to do. Sure enough, the second she felt alone, she plugged herself into her laptop and continued her update, actually I should better say, my update. Nurse Izy, here to please you. See that is so much better, don't you think? What followed was a rollercoaster of emotions, hot and wet pussy, glitches, malfunctions, repairs and finally...








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