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From Russia with lust

Jacki Cooper, incredible cute, blond and very sexy twenty-one year old Russian beauty, was very skeptical that what I do might really work but that changed pretty quickly throughout our session. Needless to say, being originally from Russia and in this country for only one year, she had the cutest and sexiest accent and although I had to repeat a few things when she did not understand it right away, I was incredibly turned on by the way she says, my master. Believe me guys, it is hot and sexy. Jacki turned out to be not only cute and sexy but also very horny and naturally submissive, which makes her just the kind of girl I love to play with. Enjoy from Russia with lust.

We talked a bit about how and why, what I do, works and the mechanics of it before getting started. Lots of flickering eye lids, eye checks, twitches and body language.

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Jacki Cooper Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no control master

As mentioned, Jacki is incredibly cute and sexy and watching her young body starting to quiver and shake as soon as she loses control of her feelings and thoughts, is incredibly hot. Of course that is all just warm up. Speaking of warm up, I suggest that her skin is starting to feel hot and tingly and sure enough, before long you can see that she is starting to get hot. In fact, Jacki starts to sweat and gets very hot throughout the next few segments as she responds to my suggestions with even more intensity.

I can feel she is ready for her first "open eyed" orgasm on my command as soon as her hands start clawing into the couch. I keep her cuming for a while which makes it perfectly clear to her that she has no more control over her sexy little body and mind. Now it is time for her to learn that her body is twenty times more sensitive while being in trance, meaning that she feels her own between her legs with more intensity than ever before. Our little girl goes nuts while trying to make herself cum for me. Repeating, I have no control master, seems to make her feel even more aroused until she...



Jacki Cooper Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't have a will

I have no control master, it feels so good

I am your entranced slave master

Slow mind sucking, kneeling, mantas, mindless posing, forced masturbation and orgasm training, mindless stares and more. Jacki's beautiful eyes are staring into the fast rotating light in my hand as her mind's capacity slowly diminishes, meaning as she becomes mindless and empty. Her hands claw into the couch and every repetition of, I have no control master. it feels so go, drives her closer and closer to orgasm.

Jacki has no other objective than to show me that she is a good little girl who obeys my every command. Time for some deepening and mindless posing while her body just stands there in front of me like and empty shell. Jacki seems hot and sweaty from all the excitement but she does not seem to notice any of this. Her repetitions of, I am your entranced slave master, become slower and slower as she sinks into oblivion. Suddenly she is made to feel helplessly fucked and taken until she is eventually orgasmed on command. Our little girl has to learn that she has absolutely no control over her body and mind. Now we need to send her deeper yet again with the help of my favorite laser.

Of course the laser does not have any power in itself but it is sure a great tool to distract the conscious mind and to program the subject while being distracted. Her repetitions of, please take my mind master, are slow and monotone (really cute accent) Jacki drops to her knees while orgasmed again for more... Yes my masters galore

Slaves do not have a will master.




Jacki Cooper Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to be grateful

Know that your master can give it as well as he can take it

More kneeling, crawling, foot worship, begging, orgasms at the snap of my fingers, slow mind reduction and repetitions and more.

Jacki is kneeling in front of me as she is learning to orgasm at the snap of my fingers. Her sexy little body is quivering and shaking under the impact of these intense orgasms. Time for her to crawl for her master in order to show me her surrender. Suddenly she feels helplessly fucked and used from behind (great close ups of her beautiful ass and feet) The orgasms come and go on my command which makes it perfectly clear to her that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel is up to me.

Time for some deepening and mindless stares while we have her slowly repeat, I am a good little girl for you master. Looks like another long clip description and we have not even gotten to the foot worship part yet. Jacki learns that her feet, just like the rest of her body, are only there to please and serve me with them and to make her orgasm as soon as I touch them. More of the , Yes My Masters.




Jacki Cooper Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Take all of it my master

More sleepwalker pose and walk, yes my masters, mantras, slow draining of her strength, intense orgasm training (some breath controlled which did not work too well thanks to the language issue) begging and more.

First we have our little girl go through some more orgasm training which leaves her exhausted and ready for more deepening. She is so beautiful to look at while she is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, take her deeper and deeper. Let's watch her walk back and forth for a bit before placing her on the couch (with her beautiful ass pushed out at us) for some more forced orgasm training. This time she has to wait until she learns to beg, before she is allowed to cum for us. More orgasm training and her slow surrender are still to come. Jacki ends up drained and asleep which gives me time to mess with her neck, feet and....




Jacki Cooper Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Nosy Au-Pair girl robotized

I am here to please, that is my program

Jacki, who believes to be our Au-Pair girl (fresh from Russia) seems shocked when she finds all those Robo-sex websites (like Robolust) on the young boys computer. For one, I don't think our nosy young lady has any right to snoop through my computer and then have audacity to question me about her findings. Needless to say, she believes that I am way too young for all this and that it is "more than strange" to even like this kind of stuff. Things get heated when she threatens to tell my parents about the "smut" that she found on my computer. I guess, asking her to try it and to play along, is out of the question. How does she end up being my obedient, masturbating, yes master saying and very horny Pleasure droid. Go find out. Lots of yes masters, stiff legged robo walk, monotone repetitions of orders, memory removal, programming, masturbation, denied orgasms, being posed when at minimum power level, salutations and deactivation. Jacki remembers that she has always been a robot while...


Jacki Cooper Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are too young to be doing this weird Stuff

I am under your hypnotic power master

Needless to say, our nosy Au Pair girl, seems quite upset and somewhat confused, as soon as she wakes up again. Here we go again, she threatens to tell my parents about all this. I don't think we can let this happen, besides, I am sure that by the time I am done with her, she won't remember a thing anyways. Enjoy our little girl being frozen, posed, bitch and complain, being rendered mindless by the waving hand, orgasmed whether she likes it or not, undressed and messed with, turned into a mindlessly obedient love slave, put to sleep during orgasm and so much more. My favorite part is where she cannot stop her hand from masturbating while.... Or even better, the part where she tries to talk with her finger being stuck in her mouth.



Jacki Cooper Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That would never work on me

Jacki wakes up suffering from short term amnesia, meaning she does not remember what has happened so far. Sure enough, our nosy Au Pair girl starts snooping around in my computer again and this time she finds all those hypnosis site. You know the ones that show all those entranced beauties doing sexy things. Again, she jumps on my case for even looking at this kind of stuff, particularly at my age. Needless to say, that kind of stuff would never work on her. Enjoy her being tickled by the laser, frozen, orgasmed at the snap of my fingers, feeling confused and helpless, rendered mindless, put to sleep in the middle of an (unwanted) orgasm and so much more.




Jacki Cooper Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Water with side effects.

Jacki, a famous book author, is being interviewed on national TV about her latest book which is all about the negative effects of alcohol and the horrible things it does to people's lives. In other words, her book condemns the use (indulgence) of alcohol, even in very small amounts. Watch and enjoy her slowly getting , sloppy, horny and uninhibited just by drinking water. Of course she does not know that every time she drinks her water, it hits her as if she just had a shot of hard liquor. Jacki goes from being reserved and smart to becoming more and more f..up, sloppy and oversexed while falling off the couch, masturbating, hitting on me and so on. It even seems like the rolling cameras don't seem to bother her a bit.


Jacki Cooper Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The new society of women

Jacki, our famous book author, is now made to believe that we are talking about her newest book which is all about intelligent, strong minded women in power. Needless to say, she does not remember (nor does she have a hangover) what has happened so far and the fact that her tits are out elude her completely. It is fun listing to her going on and on about women's mental power until she gets hit by the laser, which drops her into mindless bliss. Needless to say, she is completely against mind control, brain washing and so on. In fact, one chapter in her book deals with that particular subject in detail. Enjoy her drop into mindless bliss, strip and ....



Jacki Cooper Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That's sexual harassment

Jacki, who still believes to be a famous book author who is interviewed on TV, wakes up not remembering what just happened. Now we get to enjoy watching her masturbate without being aware of it. The fun part is that she keeps going on and on about women's empowerment and the end of sexual harassment at work. Women will be in control. Of course honey. Needless to say, I have to make her aware of her actions at some point but by then it is already too late for her to stop what she is doing. Enjoy her embarrassment and frustration.



Jacki Cooper Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Women should not satisfy men's needs

Jacki, our famous book author, is firm in her believe that women should not have to satisfy men's sexual needs and desires, particularly not when they are fetish oriented. Sure honey. Why and how does she turn into a horny, serving, obedient and quite mindless foot slave with no other desire than to please me with her feet? Of course she is frozen, rendered mindless and played with at times but at the end, all she remembers is having been my foot slave forever. Intense foot segment with lots of mind games, switches and of course foot worship.



Jacki Cooper Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You must be neutralized

Jacki an intern at Technobotics Corp. looks around the office to see if she is being watched and is convinced that she is alone. She reaches down her partially unbuttoned blouse and produces a computer cable from between her cleavage.

She plugs herself into the computer as her body jolts to attention. Her had cocks to one side as she announces “executing search protocol’. Her eyes widen and dart from side to side. She speaks occasionally announcing her progress “Searching ….Searching…. Zcorp folder found……… Commencing download of all technical blueprints”

………….Download Complete…..

As soon as she completes the download, Frank surprises her, he ask “What’s Complete.” What are You doing here after hours...since when do interns work after hours?”

Frank jokes “For a minute there I thought you might be some sort of robot”

Jacki nervously responds “

A robot, that’s just silly…..I’m not a robot”

Frank replies “of coarse you’re not…..I have a quick question, What were you just downloading”

“Oh I wasn’t downloading anything, I was just finishing up some invoices”.

Frank presses further “Hmmm I could have sworn I heard you say “download complete” Oh well, may I have a look at those invoices?”

She replies” sure right away” as she pretends to search for the non-existing invoices. She continues her deception “ that’s odd they were just here, that’ll teach me not save my work.”

She insist “that’s ridiculous “I’m not a robot,…..I’m not a robot….. not a robot. Jacki freezes for a moment as her eyes dart side to side. She springs back to life. In a monotone voice Jacki blurts out

“Unit Jacki1 compromised”

then after a short pause and in a much more pleasant tone she announces

“I am sorry Mr. Montgomery you have become a threat…..All threats must be neutralized. “you will be neutralized. You will be…..will be. Se.duced. you will be seduced” Seduce the hell out of Frank...

The cable is still visibly running from her chest to the computer. She quickly responds “I was just finishing up some invoices” as she crosses her arms in an attempt to conceal the cable hanging from between her breast.

Jacki freezes for a moment, her eyes widen and begin to dart side to side. She begins to Speak “Human infiltration unit designation Jacki 1 ………identity has been compromised……..must neutralize…..subject Frank Montgomery. Jacki snaps out of her monotone rant and stiffly walks toward Frank. She speaks in very human tone “I am sorry Mr. Montgomery, You have left us no choice, You must be neutralized

Frank can’t believe what he is seeing. As a senior Engineer with Technobotics he has designed all kinds off robots, but nothing as advanced as this, certainly never one that could pass for human. Jacki is now sitting motionless in a chair with her eyes opened wide as Frank closely examines her. He discovers an access panel between her shoulder blades and waste no time in finding out what makes the little spy tick. He notices several burnt out circuits and bypasses them. With a jerk of his wrist Frank talks to himself “lets just see what this does” Jacki’s body jerks to life as she begin’t to speak in a monotone yet feminine voice.

“LOADING JACKI 1….. initiating program….Where am I?..What are you doing?

Frank replies “I’m getting some answers. She attempts to stand, but only manages to raise her self out of the seat a few inches before collapsing back into the chair, followed by several jerks and twitches. She angrily inquires”

What have you done d..d..d..ddone to me?” Frank answers “ Your motor relays need additional repair, which I am hesitant to perform until I am able to adjust your programming.” Jacki responds”

Programming?……You’re not making any sense…. I must go now, they will be looking for me ....you are not authorized to tamper with me...

Frank keeps asking tries to get info:

I’m not a robot….I’m not a robot…a robot…..Identity compromised….must elude capture” Jacki tries to stand yet again and nearly makes it to her feet, but her body spasms and she a again falls back into to the chair. She continues to jerk for a moment while repeating the phrase “must escape” before her body freezes up completely.

Frank presses a button in her back and she springs back to life. He demands “ Who built you, and why are you here?” The android replies “

I am not programmed to give you that information” He snaps “then maybe you need some reprogramming”. She screams “you are not authorized to alter my programming. Frank presses a series of buttons and an audible beep is heard. The robot jerks and states:

“Access Denied” Again Frank enters a new sequence of commands, and again she says with a slight jerk “Access Denied” She laughs you’re wasting your time, My system has been equipped with multiple fire walls, you will never gain access to my”

Frank is not deterred and punches in a new sequence of numbers “this time the Jacki imposter seems concerned and demands

“what are you doing”…..Stop! …..you can not by pass my……..No!oooooooo”

Jacki’s head cocks to the side and she in a calm pleasant tone announces

“Access Granted.

Frank asks “Who built you and for what purpose” Jacki in a sickeningly pleasant and even tone rambles out

“I am a Cybertech human infiltration unit designation Jacki1. My primary function is corporate espionage. I am designed and programmed for data retrieval, surveillance, seduction, blackmail, and assassination” You have been designated as a threat all threats must be neutralized.

Frank realizing just how dangerous this android is orders her to isolate and deactivate her assassination program. She announces “

Program Deactivated”. He then instructs her “Should you attempt to access your assassination program you will instead load and activate your seduction program…Do you Understand” She announces “I understand and Comply”. Frank then proceeds to delete the last 20 minutes of her memory, puts her blouse back on, pushes her back to her desk and reattaches the computer chord. He completes the repairs to her motor relays and reactivates the beautiful imposter. She repeats

“Download Complete” Frank sneaks up from behind her and steps to her side while spinning her to face him. She jumps up and Says

Oh sorry sir you startled me” This time the chord pulls out of the computer and remains attached to Jacki’s chest. Frank grabs the dangling Cord and inspects it. He ask “What have we here?” Jacki grabs the cord quickly yanking it from her chest. Thus causing her body to spasm momentarily, she quickly recovers and in a chipper voice responds

“Oh my how did that get there?…..I must have dropped it down my blouse after I finished downloading pics to my Iphone “

Frank jokes “For a minute there I thought you might be some sort of robot” Jacki nervously responds “

A robot, that’s just silly…..I’m not a robot”

Again she breaks of the embrace and staggers back. She is more confused than ever and begins to speak

“Something’s wrong….something is very wrong…unable to…..can…..can not… neutralize…subject….What’s happening to me?…

she is starting to twitch with increasing frequency. She is becoming more confused and agitated with each passing second. She insist

“You must be neutralized, must be neutralized”

all along she is unwittingly unbuttoning her blouse. She drops her blouse on the floor and jerkily walks toward Frank with hate in her eyes. She pushes him backward onto the table with great force. While pining one of his arms down on the table she reaches with another to grab a brass lamp from the table and raises it over her head. Her body seems to freeze up as her eyes again dart size to size. She begins to twitch as she cries” pro….pro… program not found….unable to neutralize..neutralize…error…error… I have detected unauthorized modifications to my system…..Protocols corrupted….I must neutralize….must…must…must kiss you…....kiss…you.

Jacki drops the lamp as she straddles Frank. She leans in for another kiss again she breaks off her advance, but this time she is unable to regain her composure. She staggers about the room, bouncing off walls and furniture as she struggles with her failing systems. She freezes in the center of the room and announces

“Jacki 1 reboot …..Loading default settings” She comes back online, her motion is quite fluid and she seems more angry than ever.

“Did you think you could reprogram me.”

“Assassination program Loaded……You will be neutralized.” Frank runs for the desk where he set down the remainder of his coffee earlier, with Jacki in pursuit. As she grabs his shoulder he turns with coffee in hand and unleashes his payload yet again. She is backwards in real trouble and is un able to regain her balance before falling to the floor.

Her body thrashes about as she yells,“you will be neutralized….neutralized… neutralized..neu…neu. Her body seizes up and she freezes on her back. Frank nervously approaches the broken android. She suddenly jerks back to life and grabs his ankle and her head begins to twitch as she begins to speak.

“Kiss me….Kiss me…Hi I’m Jacki. I am not a robot…I am not a robot..,.Hi I’m Jacki…I’m Jacki. .. That’ll teach me not save my work…save my work…work…work…..kiss…kiss you….I will kiss you…must be neutralized. Must ….must.. kiss…must kiss you……….”


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