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Jada & Nicole Grant Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


The downward spiral

Nicole and Jada, two young, bi sexual, very sexy and terribly cute California girls did not know each other until they met at my place that afternoon. Of course both of them were nervous and somewhat anxious and it seemed like that both of them were quite skeptical in regards to what I do. Neither one of them had ever been put under but the idea of having uninhibited, passionate sex with a stranger seemed to be quite the turn on for both of them. Luckily both girls are naturally horny and as I mentioned bi-sexual. That and the fact that both of them are no strangers to being dominated certainly made for another one of my sizzling hot and wet afternoons. You all know what I mean by that.

I started them off with a variation of the balloon test and I noticed right then that Nicole seemed to be the better subject. Don't get me wrong, Jada turned out to be just as good, it just took a bit longer for her to achieve the same depth which made for a really interesting and challenging session or in other words it turned into a hot and heavy session, throughout which both girls learned what they really are all about. Interesting remarks from both girls after the balloon test.


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Jada & Nicole Grant Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
No choice but to allow it to happen

With subjects who are nervous, it is often better to start by giving them the feeling that they have a choice and that all they have to do is to allow it to happen. Let's face it, how often do we really allow ourselves to let go and feel good and to just enjoy our feelings? Nicole and Jada are taken into a state of bliss where they are allowed to feel their bodies unlike ever before. Imagine two young and horny girls whose sexy bodies are slowly starting to quiver and shake under your voice. Driven into lustful passion, both begin to feel what ever I suggest and it becomes more and more obvious that they are starting to let go and sink into a blissful state. As I always say, the first one is important and it often sets the stage for the rest of the session.




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Open eyed and wet surrender

After the above important warm-up it is now time to let the girls feel with even more intensity what the session is all about. Starting with Nicole I have them take off their panties and masturbate. Forced to open their eyes, both girls are starting to let go of their little minds. Nicole is fucking herself so hard that I can hear the juices squirting out of her tight pussy, her eyes are open and her stare becomes more and more mindless: "I will follow and obey you." Her orgasm on my count of three is hard and deep and I can feel her drifting deep. Now it is Jada's turn to surrender. Her body quivers and the mind reduction begins; Mindless and orgasmed out.



Jada & Nicole Grant Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my master, I will do as you say

Bow to your master and thank him

It is now time to get an even better look at my two horny little girls. I decide to have them stand up and mindlessly masturbate each others' wet pussies. Of course there are many repetitions aka mindless mantras: like �I am so mindless for you� and or �please control me� which makes the girls drift even further. Wet and horny, the girls are ready to orgasm on three. I can feel their excitement and decide to put them on their knees for another round of mindless masturbation and surrender. More mantras and forced orgasms until I decide to give them a break and put them to sleep.



Jada & Nicole Grant Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly licked into mindless obedience

I am using Nicole to help me extract Jada's mind and will. Nicole, believing that she is my assistant, is more than eager to go down on Jada who is helplessly weak and unable to move. Nicole's tongue on Jada's clit does the trick. Horny and helpless, Jada lets go of her mind and will as she drifts into obedient bliss: "I have no more mind master." Jada told me after the session that the orgasm she felt was deeper and more intense than her usual orgasms. It is amazing what letting go can do. Edited for time...



Jada & Nicole Grant Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless orgasms lead to exhaustion

Now it is Nicole's turn to surrender her mind and will. Jada's tongue lashing seems to be driving her crazy and her short and futile fight ends right then and there. The repetition of: �master please control me�, drives her even further into blissful surrender. I can feel that she still has some energy left in her and I instruct Jada to orgasm her again until it is all out. Blissful mindlessness...



Jada & Nicole Grant Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
All I need is you master

Mindless and horny the girls are sitting up on the couch, finger fucking and masturbating the hell out of their wet pussies. I can hear their wetness and it seems to become even more intense when I mute them. Not allowed to breath the girls are driven into a series of very intense orgasms, leaving them empty and exhausted. The intensity of this segment is not easy to put into words. The mantra: �all I need is you� makes them scream for lust and the breath controlled orgasm leads to their mindless surrender. The segment ends with a close up of a big wet spot on the couch, showing how horny and wet the girls are. Jada's legs kept shaking even after I put her back under.




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Train ride with orgasmic complications

My two sexy little beauties believe to be on a train ride. Absolutely not interested in each other or me for that matter, the two seem almost rude when I start hitting on them. Come on, who could blame me for at least trying, I mean look at them. Well, as I mentioned, they are just not interested in me. Things immediately come alive when the girls hear the click. Suddenly, they seem to feel oral sex. Naturally they are trying to hide those feelings from me but that does not seem to work too well. Things get worse when my two reluctant sweethearts hear the "monkey sound." Now they are all over their chairs. Can it get any worse? Absolutely, let's try the red laser light. Programmed to feel penetration and oral sex at the same time, the girls are now quivering and shaking. Now the apologies start but for some reason they still think that it has nothing to do with me. Too bad, let's try their name and the word: �orgasm.� Jada seems to think that it is very strange for Nicole to just orgasm but before long it happens to her as well. Still, it has nothing to do with me. Besides a couple of lost frames, this turned out to be a fun clip with lots of apologies, awkwardness, surprise behavior and mind fucks. Starting with only a short part of the induction and going right into the action...




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless love making on the train

The power of subliminal messages

After a brief deepening, my two young beauties wake up, still absolutely not interested in me or in each other for that matter. It seems like the conversation bores the hell out of them and they decide to rudely pick up the head sets and listen to some music in the middle of our conversation. It doesn't even seem to bother them the least bit to interrupt our conversation. Just a few seconds later, their eyes open blankly and all they seem to want to do is, make love to each other. I wonder what gave them that idea! Mindless and completely absorbed the two orgasm each other several times until I decide to put them back to sleep. What follows next are some very slow eye checks, showing the white in the girls� eyes and some fun limp body play. Part of the induction and slightly edited for time. Hot girl/girl sex.





Jada & Nicole Grant Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The third girl

Time travel and first orgasms

Oh, that feels nice.

The girls are taken back to a time in their lives where they were even younger than they are now; all the way back to a time when they started to explore their changing young bodies. Thinking that they are at a slumber party with a third girl, guess who the third girl is? The two are learning all about their newly developed breasts and of course until then, their untouched little pussies. The two are just too cute, the way they start to innocently play with each other.

The giggling and laughing soon turns to lust and soon there after into surprise. Naturally, by having me as their teacher, the girls are learning a bit more than they might have back then. The girls think the entire time that I am just another girl who happens to know a bit more about these things. It seems like the vibrator game is their new favorite game and the way Nicole gets her little friend to cum is just too hot. Jada's legs are still shaking long after the orgasm.




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
The third boy

Oh no you are a boy.

The girls still believe to be at my slumber party and that I am just another girl. First we have Jada take care of her little friend Nicole and it is very hot to watch how these two are starting to experiment with each other bodies again. They even find more comfortable positions and Nicole comes deep and hard under Jada's care. Just too hot, seriously. On my count of three my two young and horny beauties, all of a sudden realize that I am a boy. Now the screaming starts and naturally the girls are trying to get out. All that changes when I mention their names, one at a time that is. Yes master. Forced to masturbate and finger fuck themselves the girls are now learning what it feels like to go from having their first orgasms to becoming a love slave.




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Fucked and used by her doc

Doctor Nicole seems to have her own agenda and as soon as she feels her patient trying to get away from her, she simply entrances her victim. Helplessly entranced and mindless, Jada has no choice but to serve her new mistress. Nicole penetrates her by now willing patient and fucks her to orgasm. Interesting what happens when you put a dick on a girl, it certainly changes their entire behavior. After having been used, Jada is being put to sleep. Nicole decides to keep playing with her limp and sleepy toy and even orgasms her again.




Jada & Nicole Grant Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
How do you think you are going to do that

The girls wake up feeling quite surprised about the fact that they are all of a sudden dressed in bikinis only. They are giving me this, how the hell did we get into these bikinis, kind of an attitude. They seem even more ready to leave when I tell them that I will now freeze them in place and that there is nothing they can do about that. I think the last thing they might remember is their futile attempt to leave which by the way leaves them frozen and mindless, just as I predicted. First of course, I have to rearrange their cloth a bit, meaning I have to take those unnecessary bikini tops off and then helplessly orgasm them on command. Although I lost some of the clip due to the camera problems I mentioned, there is still a whole lot of stuff going on in this segment.

The girls are frozen while fully aware and bitchy as well as mindless and obedient. Of course there is the part where they just can not seem to be able to keep their hands off the other girl and for some reason my two sweeties freeze up again right before they can bring each other to orgasm. Did I mention the part where they are trying to make love to each other and are disturbed when yet again something unexpected happens. Lots of twists, denied orgasms, fun freezes, frozen orgasms and complaining.



Jada & Nicole Grant Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
A dream come true

It has always been my dream to watch two girls make love to each other and then fuck'em both. I know I share this dream with probably 99% of the worlds male population but I am also one of the few lucky ones who gets to actually do it! Well, almost that is. It all started when I came up with the great idea to book two escorts, each from a different service. Why from different services, you might ask. The answer is quite simple, they each had one girl which I particularly liked and I thought the two together would make a great match. Who could have ever known that my dream girls turned out to be fembots who were not programmed to make love to another woman. I know it sounds strange but that is exactly what happened. At first my dream girls seemed to be shocked when they heard my proposal but then they tried to accommodate me and play along. That unfortunately turned into a disaster and I ended up fixing both of them. You know what I mean by fixing them. Exactly, I just added a bit of extra programming and what do you know, all of a sudden the girls seem to like the idea of going down on each other! There is some hot strip dancing going on in this one and watching the girls, I mean bots, together is hot




Jada & Nicole Grant Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
A dream goes down the drain

I kind of, sort of did get my dream to watch the girls make out and even orgasm each other but it was a lot harder than I thought. I still don't know what exactly happened but I am pretty sure that having Jada help me fix Nicole was not the best idea. Of course it could have been the orgasm that set off some of the problems but what ever it was, it was certainly not good, despite the fact that it was dam hot to watch the repairs, love making, malfunctions and more.




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