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Jade Madison Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Jade Madison, beautiful, sexy blond with an amazing hard body turned out to be one of the sweetest girls I have played with in a while. Beautiful girls like her are not always approachable (as we all know) but that was certainly not the case with Jade. Sweet, sexy and ready to explore the unknown, would definitely best describe her. I am sure you will agree with me that our little girl is just the kind of girl that can easily drive any red blooded man crazy and yes, she knows it. Being sweet and all does not mean though that she got any special treatment, in fact, just like many of my girls, Jade likes the idea of being rendered helpless and being overpowered. Well, looks like she came to the right place for that. Enjoy!

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Jade Madison Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her want to be your perfectly trained slave

Jade's beautiful body goes crazy when I make her feel the tongue between her quivering legs while I take my time to check out her feet. I make her understand that she is here to be played with which seems to drive her up the wall even more. Needless to say, she cannot wait to orgasm but she has to wait for my count to three. Time to "snap" her deeper and with that into an even more willing state of "mind". Let's enjoy her pleasuring herself for us while being programmed. Like I mentioned before, subjects who are in sexual bliss, can be trained and programmed easily. Repeating, I am cuming for you master, makes her cum even harder. Still, there is more to cum until she finally ends up with her arms stretched out in front of her body.



Jade Madison Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny slaves need to be trained

I am your entranced salve master

This next segment has a bit of everything, from slow repetitions of mantras, entranced mindless stares while being posed like a mannequin, orgasms on command, lot's of limp body, neck and foot play while the subject is fully aware yet too weak to move, sleepy orgasms, eye checks, intense masturbation without being allowed to orgasm and more. As you all know, these are just a few highlights of this training segment. Jade is taken from intense sexual heights to mindless stillness, rendered weak and unable to move while I take my time to take off her panties, check her feet, touch her long neck and orgasm her. I am cuming for you master.




Jade Madison Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced foot slave

Jade is still out from the last segment where she was sent to sleep in the middle of a powerful orgasm and now I take my time to mess with her limp body and of course with her feet while programming her. Of course that is all just the beginning of her foot slave training, after all, our little girl has to learn to please us with her bare feet, lick and suck them seductively, spread her toes and so on. Again, good foot slaves have to learn that it is a privilege to even be allowed to offer her services. Let's put her back to sleep so that we can play with her feet, move her around and program her some more.

There is more though. Did I mention the kneeling masturbation, the breath controlled orgasm training, the yes masters, the sleepy orgasms, the eye checks and...



Jade Madison Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves are used

Please master empty my mind

Here we get to enjoy our entranced beauty being made to crawl while feeling fucked hard, orgasmed at will, slowly repeating mantras, pass out and played with (limp and helpless) pinch and caress her nipples for us. Of course there is more than just the limp body, neck and mouth manipulation, we also get to enjoy watching her go through some intense mind reduction while repeating, please master empty my mind. Slow sleep, intense stares, slow repetition and, and, and...




Jade Madison Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I can hold my liquor

Jade, who believes to be a famous supermodel (one look at her and it is obvious why that's easy to believe) does not seem to be too impressed by the photographer who seems to be hitting on her during a photo shoot. Oh well, I am used to it. Anyway, she does look forward though to advertise and to promote one of those new soft drinks that have a very small amount of alcohol in them. I know, you guessed it, despite her big mouth (I can hold my liquor) she slowly but surely gets messed up and with that, sloppy, horny (oversexed) bimboish and in some way even seductive. Believe it or not, she ends up on the floor with her legs spread while waiting for the photographer to fuck her. Did I mention that she is frozen at that point.



Jade Madison Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Why am I like this

Here we have our super model, who seems to have come back to her senses, trying to explain to our horny photographer why she has changed her mind about getting fucked by him. Poor thing is still frozen and or at times too weak to move, which really makes her an easy and vulnerable target. Well, you guys know me by now and of course as expected, I am a gentleman about all this but I do have some fun helping her. You all know my kind of help, like pulling her up a bit and then dropping her, playing with her neck, checking her pussy, roll her around and so on. Looks like she is better off asleep, which gives me time to mess with her limp body.




Jade Madison Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Can you please not do this

Needless to say, our sexy supermodel is quite confused upon awakening. First off, we have her switch into a different bikini right there in front of us which makes her feel quite uncomfortable until I turn around (well, so she thinks) Anyway, her day gets progressively worse from here. Needless to say, she does not want to advertise the drink at any cost which makes us move on to the next item which is our new "beach massager" Massagers (even when they are vibrators) are designed to help people relax their muscles but in Jade's case the opposite happens. You guessed it, she freezes up. Time to play with her frozen body and enjoy her confusion when she becomes aware of it all. Things get worse when she seems to believe that using the vibrator, oops, I mean the massager all over her body and between her legs in particular. I wonder what makes her believe that using a vibrator in public is ok.

Things get even worse when... Trying to describe all that is happening to our young supermodel would take way to long but I tell you this much, there is a lot more freeze fun, forced and not so wanted orgasms (somehow the vibrator got wedged into her bathing suit and ended up on her clit) embarrassing moments whenever she becomes aware of her actions, sleepy orgasms and lot's of limp body, mouth and neck play. Of course it all ends well for her (sort of) as she now believes to be my girlfriend who wants to go home and fuck the hell out of me. Poor thing feels one last orgasm while slowly and despite her best efforts going to sleep.





Jade Madison Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Going down in smoke

Jade, our beautiful yet not so willing escort, finds out the hard way that turning down her customers wishes is not always a smart idea. Needless to say, her customer is swept away by her looks but her unwillingness to entice and please him with her well taken care of feet does not sit right with him. In other words, our sexy escort does not seem to be a foot slave or that is what she believes anyways for now. Things change quickly when she grabs one of her customers E-cigarettes and starts to smoke. The third drag does the trick.

Her face loses all expression, her eyes turn dim and blank and she is helplessly entranced. With no mind and or will of her own, she strips out of her clothes and is now ready to be programmed and used. Her entranced eyes stare straight through his hand before she is put to sleep. Now I can take my time to inspect her body, slowly remove her shoes and check out her feet in those hot stockings she is wearing. Of course that is all just warm up. Let's enjoy her crawling through the room towards the bed where she will learn to become an obedient foot slave.



Jade Madison Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection

First we get to enjoy her climbing up on the bed where her training to become an appreciative foot slave who knows that is a privilege to have a master who is even interested in her feet. We get to enjoy watching her on all four while her master takes his time to play with her feet while making her increasingly horny. Suddenly she and is then moved around while her body and inspected in detail. The next time she is allowed to wake up, she seems to have no other desire than to offer her feet and to mindlessly entice her master with them. Needless to say that there is a lot more going on here, like the vibrator induced orgasms, yes masters, more limp play and so on. Towards the end, we have her wake up with no strength in her body, meaning she is too weak to move yet incredibly horny and willing to serve. What do you think happens after that? Go check it out.




Jade Madison Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Always obey your boss

This next segment is all about the "RoboFication" of a beautiful yet lazy and unwilling to work secretary who does not believe she could be modified and end up a toy. Of course it all starts with her giving me a hard time for even criticizing and doubting her work ethics. Poor thing does not know what hits her but suddenly her brain seems to stop functioning as she stiffens up and assumes the proper position. Yes master, robot Jade is designed and programmed to please her owner. Kneeling masturbation (on desk) lot's of programming, repetitions of orders, yes masters, stiff walk and moves, dildo blowjob demo, motor skill testing, programmed orgasms and more. Towards the end, out secretary, who is not quite so full of herself anymore finds out that she will be a robot for e...



Jade Madison Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
That is not me

This week's robot story is about a sophisticated Android who has been tampered with by a (mad) scientist who, in order to fulfill his sexual fantasies, reduced her to a beautiful Rob doll.

Jade: Jade unit activated

Jade's serene expression turns to one of confusion as she looks down to see that she is clothed in unfamiliar attire.

Jade: What the heck…….What the hell am I wearing, where are my clothes?……….This can't be good

Jade runs her hands over her new dress and then up to her pigtails.

Jade: Oh my God what the hell…What's the deal with my hair…Hello is anybody there?

Franks walks into the room... Frank: Oh good your active. I was afraid I might have damaged you. Your circuitry was a little more complicate than I had anticipated.

Jade: You tampered with my circuitry? What did you do to me? I can tell something's not right. I feel really strange.

Frank: Oh I just made a few minor modifications.
Jade: Modifications? what kind of modifications. you are not authorized to tamper with my circuitry. And what's with this is ...ridiculous getup…... What the hell just hap…happened? Oh my god, I'm malfunctioning. I never malfunction. What have you done to me?

Frank: Oh sorry about that, I had to remove a few components to make room for the new hardware. I'm afraid your may be a little on the glitchy side from now on., but it was totally worth it.

Jade: On the glitchy side are you ..…kidding me…..I am a 3000 model, I am designed and programmed to function flawlessly. You fix me right know before I…I…I…I

Jade: .I..I I'm fun time Barbie, would you like to play with me?

Jade: Oh my God, what just happened? Did I call myself Fun time Barbie?……………, what the hell did you do to me?

Frank: Oh I just gave your pull-string a little tug, you see your going to be my little dolly from now on.

I think you are getting the idea and yes, there are plenty of malfunctions, glitches, repairs and more. The important question though is, will our (mad) scientist gets his wish and with that, will his fantasies finally become a reality?

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