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Jayda James Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


I am really more excited than anything else

Jayda James, absolutely stunning blond with the most beautiful, luscious natural breasts, was, unlike most of my girls, not the least bit nervous before the session. What makes this probably even more surprising is the fact that she had never done anything like this ever before. Not only was it her first time on video camera but it was also her first time to be put under and that made it very exciting for both of us.

Besides being very beautiful Jayda seemed very intelligent, well educated, quite independent and most importantly very sexual; which is an almost perfect combination for a great session. Not too easy, intense power play, lots of screaming, begging, some futile fights and complete and very sweet surrender. I could tell right away that she was very excited and extremely curious, with a hint of doubt that is, to find out what it would be like to completely let herself go and to experience her hidden fantasies without any inhibitions. Sounds good? Oh yes, it turned into another one of my, lets just say, memorable afternoons and I am sure you will agree after watching her clips.

We started off with the raising arms test and I had her arms float up in the air for several minutes. Jayda seemed quite surprised when I told her how long her arms had been up floating and I think it made her realize that there might be something to the whole going under thing. Anyway, trying to get her eyes to close took a bit longer and that is when I realized that Jayda was testing me. Once her eyes were closed her first futile power play was over and she dropped like a rock.

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Jayda James Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of the mind

Jayda is a perfect example of how powerful and amazing the mind is. Simply through my commanding suggestions and without even so much as being touched, she experiences the most intense love making. The distraction of the conscious mind is the key to what I do and what better way is there than to lead the subject into sexual bliss, thus making the programming much easier. Jayda's perfectly rounded body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions. Her hands move up to her breasts and she starts to squeeze her nipples while her legs begin to shiver. The more I suggest that she has to let go of her mind, thoughts and will, the more she seems to feel aroused. Her breathing gets deeper, her moaning and groaning louder and I know it is just a question of time for her to mindlessly surrender.



Jayda James Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please drain my mind, I have no choice

Drained and mindless The first open eyed mantra

Jayda seems deep enough to take her training even further. First I let her feel a forced orgasm. With her hands helplessly tied behind her head, Jayda squirms and wiggles but is unable to stop the orgasm from tearing through her body. Of course that is just the warm up; let's find out what the girl looks like underneath all that excess clothing shall we? Next comes the mind and will reduction. Her big eyes are wide open and focused on the fast moving light, I am holding. I can feel her being completely absorbed by the light while her mind is slowly draining out of her. Her body is starting to go into lustful convulsions while she is repeating the mantra: �Drained and mindless� and or �I have no choice�. Naturally, I keep intensifying her lust by not allowing her to orgasm without my permission. Jayda's eyes seem empty and kind of blank while her body seems to want more. As I always say, it is all about distracting the conscious mind and yet again it seems to work. Absorbed by her lust, Jayda surrenders. Very dramatic with lots of screaming, incredibly intense stares, a futile attempt to regain control, begging and some rolling eyes.



Jayda James Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, I need to be controlled

This next segment is just as intense as the last ones. Jayda learns that she loves to be controlled; in fact she learns to beg for it. After some more mind reduction with more amazing blank stares, Jayda is put on her knees. Bottomless and dripping wet, she now learns the beauty of being mindless and uninhibited. First though I can feel her conscious mind trying to stay in control but that only lasts for a very brief time. By the time I repeat my order, Jayda is back under control. Her quivering and sweaty body wants to be orgasmed but as we all know, she has to wait until I allow her to release some of the intensity into another orgasm. Jayda is ready to do whatever I want to do with her. �I am mindless and horny for you master�. More intense mindless stares, blank and or sleepy eyes...



Jayda James Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am cumming for you master.

Bend over with her ass pushed out at me, Jayda is orgasmed at will while repeating: �you are my master, you are all I need�. I like this quite uncomfortable position which certainly makes it harder for the female in training to orgasm but then again it shows how deeply trained they are already. Sure enough, Jayda's legs are shivering and shaking and it shows the intensity of her orgasm, once I let her cum that is. First she has to wait and beg for it: �Please master make me cum� ok, how about on the count of three. Watching Jayda's beautiful naked body quivering and shaking is an amazing turn on. Next, I put her back on the couch to get a closer look at her body and her sweet feet. Another intense round of training leaves her exhausted and blank.



Jayda James Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to be your slave

Jayda certainly has the most beautiful big and round breasts and I decide to let her feel those with intensity unlike anything she has ever felt before. This by the way often leads to the fact that the subject will feel her breast with heightened intensity for ever, thus making it so much more fun for any one who gets to play with them sometime down the road. Imagine getting a woman off simply by playing with her breasts. Jayda goes nuts and again her entire body goes into lustful convulsions while her hands are massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples. I have her stare at the light shaker again to drop her even deeper. The mindless repetition (mantra) of �I was born to be your slave� finishes her up and makes her let go completely. To watch her go from excessively horny and obedient to becoming empty and mindless is absolutely hot.



Jayda James Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen beautiful zombie in heat

Jayda seems exhausted yet still very aroused. Her hair is in a bit of a mess but she is way too far gone to notice any of this. I take her hand and the slight pressure of my thumb drains the rest of her will. Jayda's empty eyes stare into who knows where and I can feel her fully letting go. There is not so much as a blinking eyelid, her mouth is slightly open and her luscious body seems to be barely able to stand up. BTW this is one of the most intense mindless stares I have seen in a while. Once she is mindlessly blank, I decide to freeze her in place and orgasm her again with even more intensity than before. Unable to move her beautiful body shivers under her trembling nerves but is completely still and frozen at the same time. Now its time to put her out and play with her sleepy and limp body. I always like watching the girls' orgasm in their sleep while their limp bodies are helplessly flopping around.




Jayda James Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Babysitter needs some programming

Another one of our obedient robot segments. Jayda believes to be my babysitter for the night. Thinking that I am way too young for her, she is absolutely not interested in playing the kind of games with me that I would love to play. She does seem very interested in the necklace I just bought for my sister and although I warn her that it might turn her into my obedient and very horny robot, she just has to try it on. Do they ever listen? Of course not! It takes less than a couple of seconds, her body straightens out, her eyes seem empty and my new toy is ready to be programmed: "I am here to please you, I am your robot." You guys like to see some bend over ass out forced orgasms, jiggling tits and pinched nipples, or how about some standing at attention while saluting her master and lot's of yes masters? I thought so. Of course there is more, after all it takes some serious programming to turn my reluctant little babysitter into a pleasing robot.




Jayda James Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Babysitter programmed to perfection

I am just a programmed pleasure unit master.

Watching my little Robo-toy crawling on all four with her perfect tight ass pushed up in the air is more than hot. How about doing some cleaning on her knees with her ass and feet showing? I had a feeling you guys might like that. Of course that is all just warm up, there is still a lot more programming to come. Bottomless with her legs spread wide, robot Jayda is programmed to pleasure herself with the vibrator and she is not allowed to even move it even so much as an inch away from her clit. Does that drive her nuts? You bet ya. All of a sudden I decide to snap her out of it. You think that when she realizes what just happened, she would bitch and try to get out? You bet ya. Unfortunately, for her that is, she finds herself frozen and unable to move. Lots more fun to come, all the way to when I deactivate her. No use in keeping her up and turned on when she is not needed, right?



Jayda James Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Your eyes are so mesmerizing

Jayda believes to be auditioning for the lead role in a very serious, almost sad kind of a movie. Naturally, she is absolutely not interested in playing in any other kinds roles I direct as well. You know the kind of movies that show nudity and so on, too bad. What makes it even worse is the fact that she does not seem interested in me either and that of course hurts, lol. Anyway, all that seems to change quickly as soon as I have her read the script. I think the part where it says: "your eyes are so mesmerizing" is what did her in. Jayda's eyes seem out of focus and she is just staring into never - never land. Deeply entranced, she is now more than willing to show me her beautiful breasts, bend over and spank her own ass and of course call me master. "I am your slave master, I need training". It gets really hot though once I have her ride the couch. Forced to orgasm, my mindless and quite zombie like slave succumbs. Great transformation and mindless obedience.




Jayda James Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Unaware, frozen, orgasmed and more than confused little actress

I was born to be your slave master

First I have her ride the couch again, this time without the help of the vibrator. Orgasmed at my will, Jayda seems exhausted. Let's snap her out of it and make her apologize for being naked and in a somewhat compromising position. How do I get her to do that? Watch me. After feeling so awkward and weird about her situation, Jayda seems to want to leave and who could blame her for that but unfortunately right before she gets out her body suddenly freezes up. Girl can't win, I guess. Now the fun begins, being fully aware of her situation, my sexy little actress finally agrees to "even" go out with me. I think I changed my mind; I rather play with her right here and now. Why does she wear her dress on her head with her mouth being open? Will she lose her mind again and become all zombie like again?




Jayda James Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't know why I am like this!

Now my little sweetheart wakes up and it seems like she has the insurmountable, although quite unwanted, urge to take off her clothes and masturbate right there in front of me. Of course, being very confused and even more so uncomfortable about her own behavior, she keeps apologizing for her urges. I wonder what makes her do that in the first place? I can feel her trying very hard not to orgasm but that does not seem to work. Oh no, I am Cumming. Poor thing, don't you think? Anyway she gets close again and this time I decide to help her by putting her to sleep right before she can explode again. I have a feeling that being put to sleep was not the kind of help she expected. Oh well, let's wake her up again and see what happens. Looks like she is still not done with her masturbation and right before she has a chance to orgasm again, I decide to...




Jayda James Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The Toe ring of transformation

I hear and I obey

Jayda believes to be a bikini model for our new summer catalog. First I decide to let her pose for a bit and freeze her in place so that I can rearrange her bikini a bit. Of course she is quite mindless at that point and when she snaps out of it, my sexy yet very prudish model, has no clue that her top is down and her luscious tits are bouncing all over. When I mention that I also work as a h.notist, she laughs at me and gives me the, that would never work on me, kind of an attitude. No problem, let's take some pictures with the flashing (Toe) ring. Sure enough as soon as the ring starts to flash on her sexy little foot, Jayda is unable to take her eyes off of it: �I hear and I obey�. Entranced and mindless, my sexy model is ready to be played with. Very nice transformation and lots of action...



Jayda James Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a female and I need to be trained

There is again a lot going on in this one. First, I have my deeply entranced and mindless female masturbate while she is saying: "I am a female and I need to be trained". Jayda's eyes are wide open and absolutely dull and empty and her voice is slow and monotone, just the way we all like it. After some more intense training it is time to put her to sleep and when she wakes up again the tickle torture begins. Exhausted and confused, Jayda is now willing to do anything I want. Now is time for another deepening and then some dirty foot play which, by the way, drives her nuts again. You think I should let her cum? Oh well happens. For some reason, Jayda still does not seem to believe that what I do, works which makes me think that I should use the ring one more time on her. Again, amazing stares, dull eyes, slow voice and complete mindlessness: "I hear and I obey".


Jayda James Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots do not sweat

Would you like to fuck me or would you like to watch?

It seemed like a great idea to use a beautiful model like Jayda for our new "Hardhat" catalog. I mean who wants to look at a bunch of scruffy guys modeling something as boring as Hardhats. Naturally, I was thrilled to finally be able to do a photo shoot with a sexy girl instead of the usual bunch of guys. Luckily the girl seemed to be a pro and she dam well knows how to move and pose.

Of course I tried to hit on her but as usual it did not go anywhere. She gave me the standard lame excuses, like having a boyfriend and so on but hey I had to at least try, right? If nothing else, she was beautiful to look at and that was more than I could hope for. All of a sudden she started to complain about the heat in the studio and it seemed like she was very uncomfortable. Sorry but there is nothing I can do, besides letting her know that we would be done in less than an hour anyways.

At first I did not quite notice the little glitches, like wearing the hat the wrong way round or her funny remark about robots do not sweat but after a while her behavior became more than strange and it slowly dawned on me. My sexy little model was a fembot who was just about to malfunction. I still do not know why but the idea of doing a "little reprogramming" on her, once she was down, seemed extremely exciting. At first it looked as if I was right, she had an inactive sex program and all I had to do was activate it. Oh my god what a change, sexy and very horny, my fembot model is ready to do what ever I want. It gets hot and steamy and yes maybe a little bit too hot.




Jayda James Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a slave girl

Having watched my newly found promiscuous sex toy pleasure herself and orgasm for me made me think that there was no way to give up on her just because of another malfunction and I am sure glad I didn't. The new slave program seemed to work perfectly and all she seemed to want to do was to please me in anyway I liked. Who could ever say no to that? She gets herself wet and juicy for me and I am ready. Well OK, the program was not as perfect as I thought and she started to remember the heat in the studio and some other stuff I really did not need her to remember. Another malfunction, another repair and now my sex slave spreads her legs wide and... What went wrong and why am I shooting Hemorrhoid commercials now? Go find out.




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