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Jazmine Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Self entrancement

Jazmine, beautiful young seductress with long black hair had been in for her first session exactly one year ago and I am certain that you guys all remember her. Sexy, sensual, bubbly, definitely wild and very sexual. Those were some of the words I used back then to describe her and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that our little girl is even more beautiful and vibrant than a year ago. Jazmine was a very good subject the first time around which made me decide to program her with a post hypnotic suggestion that would make her show up a year later for another round of fun. Boy, am I glad I did. The session should turn out to be even more fun, more intense and exciting than the first one. I know, that is hard to believe. Go and see for yourself.

Jazmine session started off a bit different than usual. Programmed to come back, our little girl does not really seem to know where she is when she first enters the studio. All she seems to know is that she has been booked for a photo shoot. Now comes the interesting part. Our little girl entrances herself by looking at the fluorescent
light in front of the mirror. It is interesting to watch how she gazes at the light and then slowly sinks into trance. Her arms rise straight out in front of her body and as soon as she hears my voice, she addresses me as master. Yes masters as well as a long slow and monotone mantra (you are my master) intense stares, zombie pose, waving hand and deepening of her trance.

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Jazmine Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need a mind now, I am with you master

Remember the intensely rolling eyes, mindless stares, tears rolling down her face, loud and hard orgasms, slow repetitions and so on. Well, here we go again

Jazmine is deeply entranced as she stares into nothingness. Her short walk to the bed is slow and as soon as she sits in front of me, she is made to feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed. I want her first orgasm to just hit her without her being allowed to touch herself. That way she feels right away who is back in control over her body and mind. After being orgasmed on my count of three, she is now ordered to masturbate while repeating, I missed being under your control master. Boy, just saying it over and over seems to drive her up the wall again. I had a feeling that our last session, a year ago, went deep but even I was surprised how deeply she went right back to being controlled. Let's take a closer look at her sexy young body while she takes off that unnecessary dress she is wearing.

A good subject like her can never be deep enough which is why I decide to let her mind drift into the light in my hand. Jazmine turns into a horny mindless shell. Her eyes roll all the way back into her head and her repetitions of the words, mindless slave, become even slower and more monotone. This segment ends with our little girl, after being orgasmed hard a few times, just sitting there with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating the words, mindless slave. Watch the watery eyes.



Jazmine Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel you power over me master

Want more of the rolling eyes, the intense orgasms, long and monotone repetitions, intense mind reduction, tears, masturbation, slow camera panning over her quivering and or mindlessly entranced little body? Well, looks like this one is for you.

"I am a hypnotized slave, you have complete control over me master".

Jazmine is still just sitting there with her arms stretched out in front as she stares into the abyss. In fact her stares are so intense that tears are starting to run down her face but she does not dare close her eyes. Time to continue the training. Placed on her back, our little girl has to undergo more mind sucking while being distracted by her intense masturbation.

Jazmine's eyes roll back during the orgasm and even more so when she stares into the red light in front of her eyes as her mind drifts. She keeps screaming, I am your mindless slave which seems to drive her up the wall for lust. All of a sudden I decide to remove all strength from her body, thus making her feel immobilized and helpless. Of course the above described is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more slow repetitions of mantras like, I feel your power over me, I am a hypnotized slave, rolling eyes, intense forced orgasms, standing up vibrator masturbation and, and, and to come "I am a mindless slave".



Jazmine Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Slave training and taming

Jazmine slowly repeats the words, mindless slave, while the camera slowly glides over every inch of her body and face. Her big eyes are wide open, her arms are stretched out in front of her young body. Again, her eyes roll back as she sinks again into an even deeper trance. She keeps repeating "mindless slave", over and over without me even mentioning it. Well, let's see what she remembers from last time when it comes to the sensitivity of her breast. Sure enough, the second she is ordered to squeeze them, she becomes orgasmic and I decide to orgasm her on command. Of course that is all just warm up. Jazmine beautiful body sinks down and she lands face down on the bed. Her feet are frozen in the air and she is orgasmed while being unable to move. Of course the camera slowly glides over her body and feet while she screams for lust. Very intense, mantras, rolling eyes, stares and more.



Jazmine Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Total control

This next one is hot and definitely not for the weak. Jazmine loves the feeling of having no choice and her surrender is unconditional and it really shows that whatever I do with her and or make her do turns her on unlike anything she has experienced. Watching her beautiful body go into ecstasy whenever I make her cum and or watching her roll her eyes whenever I send her deeper is seriously hot. Placed on her knees with her cherry ass pushed out at me while being ordered to masturbate makes her feel completely exposed and vulnerable. Yes, I did zoom in on her feet, ass and face and then let the camera glide over her entire body. I can feel her growing arousal and it is time to take her into a quick series of orgasms before sending her down again with rolling eyes. Looks like it is time to send her to sleep and to play with her limp body and of course her long neck. Just touching her neck makes her cum in her sleep. I actually take my time towards the end of the clip to show every inch of her sexy young body while she is in la-la land.



Jazmine Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
When it sounds too good to be true, it usually...
Can you stop touching that?!

Jazmine is just about to find out the hard way that the rent controlled apartment, she is looking at, is far from being perfect. For one, the place has quite the history which makes it, at least in some peoples opinion, kind of like haunted. The fact that the last person who lived there was a famous hypnotist who liked to play with young girls, seems more disgusting than scary to her and besides, who believes in that mambo jumbo anyways. To make a long story short, Jazmine looks at a very cheap yet spacious rent controlled apartment and no matter what the super tells her about the place, seems to bother her. Guess who the super is. Anyway, the second I leave to get the rental application, our young lady walks around and that is when it happens. The second she touches the statue on the table, her entire body freezes up while her mind drifts.



Jazmine Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
This is Bull Shit!

More freeze fun, rolling eyes, mindless undressing, forbidden fruits, stares and tears and, and, and

Jazmine, who suddenly snaps out of it again without remembering what just happened, seems a bit confused but still interested in renting the apartment. What can I say, she all of a sudden freezes up again. After opening her mouth and then placing her little fingers into it, she is finally unfrozen yet still mindless. Let's have her strip and take a nice slow look at her sexy young body, shall we? Of course her first though after being allowed to think again, is to get out of the dam place. Can you blame her.

The second she sees the delicious fruits on the table, she just has to have some. Yes, I did try to warn her but unfortunately for her, my warning comes too late. Mindless yet again, our little girl just stares into nothingness until tears are running down her face. Let's take off the unnecessary clothes again and orgasm. All she can say at this point is, you are my master. Jazmine goes out with intensely rolling eyes while I am having fun with her neck and....




Jazmine Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is really bad!

Looks like our little girl has changed her mind and it seems like she is definitely not interested in renting the dam apartment, rent controlled or not. I guess, I cannot really blame her. She does not even want to try the delicious looking fruits I offer her. I wonder why? I think she is taking all this way to serious and I have a feeling that a good laugh might help her to see it all in perspective. All of a sudden, Jazmine goes off as if she was tickled all over her body. Strange, don't you think? I told her all along that the place is believed to be haunted but did she believe me/ Of course not.

Anyway, things get even worse when she finds herself frozen, orgasmed and tickled all at the same time. That really sucks. Can it get worse for her from here? Try being rendered mindless, ordered to strip naked, forced to masturbate and suddenly made aware, yet unable to stop, of what you are doing. Yes she tries to stop herself from doing what she is doing right there in front of me but that sure does not go too far. Of course the fact that she is put to sleep before having a chance to orgasm, might sound cruel but how else could I have helped her? Still we are not done. The camera still has to slowly inspect her entire body while I am rolling her head around and ....



Jazmine Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Why are my thoughts slowing down?

That makes me want to roll my lunch!

despite her "sweet appearance" Jazmine has,  quite a bitchy side to her which makes her a perfect subject for this next segment.

Jazmine, who believes to be interviewing me on national TV, does not seem to believe that what I do would ever work on her. She keeps going on about the weak minded and how only they could be manipulated into doing what I want them to do and so on. In other words, she does not think much of it at all and no way would this ever work on somebody like her. I cannot tell you all the stuff she throws at me but believe me, it is hilarious and it really shows her bitchy side. Somehow, I do get her to agree to volunteer for a quick demonstration of what I do.

Now it gets really hot. The second I turn on the florescent lamp she first makes fun of it, then tries to look away before she drops into deep trance. Really great transformation. Why are my thoughts slowing down, is the last thing she is able to say. Unable to resist my voice, our TV anchor turns into a very seductive yet mindless foot slave who wants to show her feet to the entire world. What follows is very hot foot worship, plenty of slow and monotone yes masters and....



Jazmine Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Interviewing you is career suicide

Jazmine, our sexy TV anchor, wakes up frozen stiff yet fully aware that all her friends and family are watching her on TV. I guess you can imagine how that makes her feel. Anyway, she still does not really think that what I do works. OK, some people might be sensitive to certain light frequencies but that does not proof anything. Maybe the waving hand can convince her. No, I guess not. That only renders her mindless while rolling her eyes. Snapped out again, our little girl suddenly feels very apologetic and embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in but still, she does not seem convinced about my power. Why does she freeze up the second she touches the pen on her desk. I don't think it matters much but what really matters is that she strips for us while repeating, I am a mindless slave. Zombie/ sleepwalker pose and walk towards the end.



Jazmine Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I could punch the little bitches in the throat right now!

I will now be programmed to my master's specifications so that I will be and obedient thing

Our little girl is made to believe that she is complaining to the owner of the night club she is working for, about the fact that she has not been chosen to be part of the new dance squad. I mean, how could this have happened, after all she is the star of the strip club and all. Looks like my explanation that the other girls don't like her because of her attitude, does not go over well at all. Of course, me telling her that she needs an attitude adjustment before even being considered to dance in the new "Robo girls dance squad" seems atrocious. Anyway, there are too many fun details to describe them all. Jazmine, who agrees to pick up the light shaker for a short dance demonstration, is turned into an obedient robot who has only one agenda, which is to please her master. Slow robot walk, masturbation, salutations, bend over ass out obedience training, deactivation and many slow and robotic yes masters.



Jazmine Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
A penny for your thoughts!

Our long term viewers might remember the unforgettable Kitty in a segment with the same title. I was dying since than to try it again with a slightly different story of course. The idea is that as soon as the girl picks up the penny (thinking it brings luck) she goes mindless and dim. Jazmine, our sexy yet very bitchy stripper wakes up just as bitchy and mean as she started off in the last segment. Of course she does not like to be called a money grabbing bitch but then again, as soon as she spots the penny on the floor, she picks it up and the rest is history. Of course now that she is manageable and under control, we have to have her strip, dance before making her slowly take off her boots and....



Jazmine Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Dancing boots

I know you are looking at my tits, they are bouncing all over the place!

Jazmine, our sexy stripper wakes up suffering from short term amnesia, meaning she does not remember what just happened. The first thing she does, while complaining of course, is to put on her boots. Big mistake. The second the boots are on her feet, she cannot seem to stop dancing (really hot BTW) Of course she is more than embarrassed and she keeps assuring me that she is not hitting on me and or trying to be sexy in front of me. Surprisingly though, she seems to be concerned about her bouncing tits. Lots of fun and mind games. Towards the end, she is briefly turned into a robot and then love slave. Did I mention the rolling eyes as she goes out for the last time in her absolutely amazing session?



Jazmine Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Are we ready for this?

I had a feeling that publishing a book about secret government experiments could get me in trouble. As we all know, the government would never do anything behind our backs, particularly not when it comes to creating robots which eventually can and might replace humans. Sure the idea of having a robot nanny, cleaning lady and so on, is tempting but where does it all end. Anyway, I was thrilled when they called me from the local newspaper to let me know that they would send one of their reporters to write an article about me and my controversial book.

At first she seemed interested in what I had to say but then she became almost too interested, if you know what I mean. She kept asking me to reveal some of my sources and to give her some names to proof my story. Of course I would never do that and that was exactly what threw her of. It got really bad when she tried to pull the "sex card", if you know what I mean. Sorry honey, but go back and tell whoever sent you that I am impervious to that kind of thing. OK, I have to be honest here, almost impervious. Yes, I did mess with her a bit after she malfunctioned and yes, I did try to change her programming but in the end I was....

Something must have been wrong with the tape and although hardly noticeable there is about a minute or so where the picture seems slightly off. It is a great clip though and Jazmine is absolutely sensational.



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