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Jazmine Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I can explain

Feel your master

Jazmine, beautiful young seductress with long black hair had been in for her second session exactly one year ago and I am certain that you guys all remember her. Sexy, sensual, bubbly, definitely wild and very sexual.

Those were some of the words I used back then to describe her and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that our little girl is even more beautiful and vibrant ever. I am sure you remember Jazmine being an amazingly good subject and it might be hard to imagine that this session could be even better, more fun and more exciting than her last one but, believe me, it is. Remember the rolling eyes, the stares, her vivid and funny responses, her natural sensuality and, and, and. I could go on and on about how great this one came out but I think it is time for you to take a look.

Jazmine did not believe that she might still be under my control and that some of the post hypnotic triggers I had planted last time, might still work. Oops, there she is mindlessly frozen while I expose one of her breasts. What until you see how she explains that one when she snaps out of it. Problem is, a minute or so later, she is mindlessly frozen again while I am exposing her other breast. Let's see what she has to say now. After that it is time to put her fully back under control and to take her from being mindless and dim to being excessively aroused. (First rolling eyes while she stares at my finger on her way down into bliss) I am back under your control master. Jazmine gets horny quickly and I can feel that being helplessly under my control again, is what turns her on. She gets more excited with every word I say while her hands wander between her legs.

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Jazmine Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am longing for you

First rolling eyes, kneeling, denied orgasm training, crawling, slow repetitions (mantra) limp body posing, masturbation, intense stares, sleepwalker pose, screaming hard orgasms on command.

Jazmine's big dark eyes are focused on the mind sucking light in her face. She keeps repeating, I am your horny slave master, without me mentioning it. I guess she remembers from last time which is a good sign. Time for some orgasms on command without her having control over it, just to make it clear that she is back under my control. Jazmine's eyes start to roll back after I wave my hand across her face and she drops into mindless stillness which is the perfect time to pose her limp body.

Jazmine drops to her knees and suddenly she feels her hands and arms tied up on her back while she is helplessly fucked and used. Her sexy body goes into lustful convulsions with every thrust she is made to feel. She keeps screaming, I am your helpless slave master, while getting more and more aroused with every repetition. Time to drop her even deeper. Again, her eyes drift backwards as she sinks into you know what. Slow repetitions of, thank you for controlling me again master, take her all the way down. Looks like a long description again and I have not even mentioned the crawling while feeling fucked, the kneeling mantra and so much more.



Jazmine Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
My body is here for my masters enjoyment

This next segment is a combination of foot worship, mindless posing, freeze, orgasms on command and mind reduction.

First we get to enjoy Jazmine's cute little feet while she becomes more and more aroused. The idea of having to serve me turns her on. Suddenly she is helplessly frozen with her feet and legs up in the air. Again, the idea that I can have my way with her (and her feet) while her body is unable to move, turns her on. She is made to feel the laser stimulating those sensitive points under her feet and in her pussy until she helplessly orgasms. She keeps repeating, I am cuming for you master. This one is not easy to describe but it is really hot. Time to take the rest of her mind will and thoughts and to mess with her limp body (and neck) as she just lays there, helpless and weak. After hitting her limp body with an orgasm on command, we get to enjoy our little girl posing her sexy body for us. The "waving hand" and more freeze yet to come!



Jazmine Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to cum for you master

Thank you for controlling me master, I am nothing without you. In this we can all enjoy watching Jazmine being taken to intense sexual heights and then all the way back down into mindless bliss while being posed and manipulated. Needless to say that along the way, our horny young girl is frozen a few times, orgasmed at will rendered mindless, placed in the zombie pose, touched by the "magic sword", bend over the couch while made to feel fucked from behind and more. Rolling eyes, mantras, masturbation, lots of yes masters are also included. This is another really good guys.




Jazmine Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Good slaves obey

Nobody else has ever made me cum this hard

Jazmine's training continues with more mind reduction. Needless to say, her eyes roll backwards and her body seems to lose all strength as she drops into lala land. Her repetitions of, please use me master, become slower and slower. Jazmine is ready for the next step. Placed on all four on the couch she s hit by a series of orgasms on my command. Her beautiful little body goes into lustful convulsions while she screams, good slaves obey. As mentioned, Jazmine is a great subject and it shows that she is ready for the final unconditional surrender.

What really drives her over the edge are the breath controlled orgasms which, again, make her body go into intense lustful convulsions until there is no more strength left. The rest of her strength is slowly sucked out of her until she goes down and out. Her repetitions of, I surrender master, become slower and slower and finally stop. Still we are not done. After performing some eye checks, I decide to have her wake up a few times for a few seconds only and then go to sleep. Hot watching her come up and then slowly go back out as her eyes flicker and roll.




Jazmine Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Maybe you should go back to Europe

Why are my thoughts so slow

Slow bimbofication at its best

Jazmine, who believes to be looking for a roommate, seems quite surprised and even more so uncomfortable, when she finds out that "Jessie" is a man. OK, maybe the emails were not all that clear and maybe, I should have mentioned it but then again, what's the big deal. At least she invited me to see the place. To make a long story short, she politely lets me know that having a male roommate would make her feel uncomfortable. Besides all that, her boyfriend would not like it either. Being persuasive and nice as I am, I at least get her to consider it but what really breaks the deal is when I tell her what I do for a living. Now that is horrible, turning young and unsuspecting women into horny bimbos, no way no how.

 What can I say, after a few seconds of "accidentally" looking at the rotating light, our little girl slowly turns into a mindlessly horny bimbo who loves to get fucked. The last thing she says (very slowly that is) is, why are my thoughts so slow. Now that all IQ is gone, Jazmine poses her beautiful body while slowly repeating, horny bimbo, I am... Looks like all she wants is to get fucked by you know who. I do at some point freeze her with a vibrator stuck to her pussy and then.. Jazmine is not the giggly kind of bimbo, it is more like a mix of mindless and slow yet very horny and seductive.


Jazmine Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, sleepy and very horny

There are almost two parts to this segment. First Jazmine, who still does not want a male roommate, snaps out of it while her body is still frozen stiff. Needless to say, she keeps bitching and asks me whether this is part of the hypno mambo jumbo. Of course it is but she still does not seem to believe it. Again, she sends me back to Europe where these things seem to be normal. I cannot describe it all here but Jazmine's comments and her reactions (particularly when I mess with her frozen body) are priceless. Looks like it is time to turn her back into the much more friendly "horny bimbo." The transformation is instant and Jazmine goes right back to seducing me.

The second part starts when she wakes up again, not remembering what just happened nor noticing the fact that she is naked with a vibrator stuck between her legs. It is fun watching her talk about not wanting a male roommate and so on while being naked. The main focus of this second part of the clip though is the fact that I keep putting her to sleep over and over without her realizing what is going on. Needless to say, I have to mess with her sleepy body every time she is down. At the end she even asks me to please put her to sleep. How did I do that?




Jazmine Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Where is Ricardo?

Nobody is as important as you are to me master

Jazmine believes to be the spoiled wife of some rich guy who has just asked the owner of his pool service company, to send a different guy to clean his pool. Why did he do that, you might ask. Well, Ricardo, the guy who usually cleans the pool, is somewhat of a chick magnet and who wants that around his wife. Anyway, the second she sees me, the new guy, she seems to get upset and our little girl makes it perfectly clear that I am no replacement what so ever for her beloved Ricardo. She gets even more upset when I offer to render the same kind of services her boy toy Ricardo did. Now that hurts. Looks like our spoiled little cheater needs somewhat of an attitude adjustment. Of course my remark that I have somewhat of a reputation as female trainer who turns bitchy young wives like her into obedient robots, does not help to defuse the situation.

 In fact, it makes her even more furious. A few seconds later, she snaps at attention with her arms angled just like a robot. First we deactivate her brain ( and that pesky attitude of hers) completely and then program her into submission. Of course our spoiled little fembot has to learn that all she ever was is a voice and remote controlled fembot, here to serve and please. Programmed masturbation, denied orgasms due to the fact that her power level is set to zero, chores, slow robot speech, unblinking stares and so many more of your favorites. At some point we load the "super model" program so that we can enjoy watching her posing for us.




Jazmine Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Total Recall leads to...

Jazmine, our spoiled little wife, slowly becomes aware of the fact that she is still stuck and immobilized in her robot body. What do you know, she still bitches and asks for her boy toy Ricardo. As if that guy could really help her. The fact that she seems helplessly stuck does upset her but what really makes her mad is when I mention that her husband sent me to train her. After all, she needs to learn how to clean and even more importantly, how to please a man. To make a long story short, she is dropped into mindless bliss and her memory is replaced. I have always been
your slave master. Now let's watch her mop the floor while slowly repeating, I must clean the house for my master. Of course that is all just warm up. Lets enjoy her riding the mop which to her feels like a giant vibrator between her legs. I am your horny slave master. I decide to snap her out of it right before she orgasms which leaves her horny yet still bitchy. Jazmine ends up entranced, grateful and submissive. Thank you for making me a good slave master. Rolling eyes and plenty of yes masters.


Jazmine Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No more Ricardo

Looks like our spoiled wife needs one more round of programming and adjustment. This time she seems really upset as soon as she snaps out of it. The girl is fuming, particularly about the fact that she was just mopping the floor. Well, what can I say, the second she picks up the mop to throw it at me, she freezes up. Wait until you hear her comments when she snaps out of it and realizes what I just did (undress her and so on). The fact that I tell her that she will be mindless and dim in a few seconds, does not help to make her feel any better but despite her futile attempts to avoid it, it happens anyway. Time for our sexy cheater to learn that slaves walk with their arms stretched out in front of them while repeating a mantra. Kneeling masturbation and breasts play, yes masters, entrancement, waving hand and more. Jazmine ends up frozen on her knees while patiently waiting for the return of her husband.




Jazmine Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Not today honey

Jazmine, who believes to be my Valentines date, wants to, believe it or not, break up with me. Breaking up on Valentine day is kind of cruel, don't you think. Luckily though, I figured that something like that might happen which is why I bought her a special rose. Needless to say, she does not think that one rose in a little box is a great Valentines gift. Well honey, smell the roses. Jazmine's eyes go dim and roll backwards as soon as she smells the rose. Mindless and willing, she slowly turns into an obedient foot slave who has no other objective than to please her master with her feet. I want to obey master.

 Jazmine really does love feet and it shows. The way she slowly takes off those red high heel pumps, plays with her toes, offers her feet and worships them for me, is seriously hot. Of course there is more. Or little girl is driven out of her mind for lust as soon as she feels my hands slowly coming closer to her feet and she orgasms as soon as I lay my hand on her feet. Lets freeze her before letting her become aware of her situation. Now it gets even more exciting. Watch and find out why.





Jazmine Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This is serious

Jazmine, my ungrateful date wakes up not remembering what just happened (short term amnesia) Needless to say, she does not realize that she is butt naked. Believe it or not but she still talks about breaking up with me on Valentines. Being naked and all makes it very hard to take her seriously and the fact that she is laughing her ass off does not make this conversation anymore serious. Wonder why she keeps laughing like this. Could it be that she feels tickled by the laser hitting her. Oh well, things get even worse for her when she freezes up in the middle of those "laughing attacks." Poor thing cannot do anything about the fact that I am messing with her. Talking with her hand stuck in her mouth makes it hard for her to get her point across but it makes this even more fun for us to watch this. Jazmine ends up frozen stiff while I am heading out to meet my other date for tonight. You think that makes her scream and yell?




Jazmine Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking hot side effects

Who needs a mind with a body like this

You left me unsupervised Doc

Jazmine believes to be seeing a "therapist" to help her quit smoking. I cannot help but notice that she seems incredibly attracted to those cigarettes on the table next to her. Maybe it is not fair to have those right next to her but after all, those are only there to test how the "patient" reacts and or feels about them AFTER the session. Anyway, to make a long story short, Jazmine cannot resist and the second I leave the room to get my glasses, she lights up. I think we all know the nasty side effects of smoking. Like the Surgeons generals warning says: smoking may cause severe loss of mind and brain function, uninhibited desire for pleasure, oversexed and quite bimboish behavior in public, the need to get fucked, uncontrollable urges to masturbate, exhibitionism and in extreme cases even complete loss of mind.




Jazmine Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You must hear this

I will never find a husband that way

This week’s fembot story is about a beautiful young Fembot who believes to see her psychiatrist/counselor because of the weird mechanical noises she keeps hearing whenever she starts to feel aroused and or when she moves her body in certain ways. Of course the poor thing has no idea about the fact that she is a fembot and that those noises are simply mechanical parts/gears in her body which seem to be ill maintained. Well, the psychiatrist she believes to have visited is really a tech guy who works at Cyber Corp and believe it or not, he does have the best of intentions to help her (at first) which would have all been much easier if she had visited him at work instead of his home. You can not really blame the guy for not having the same high caliber computers he uses at work in his home but I think he might have been better of not touching her but then again, the flesh is weak. Doctor please help me, I want a man to own me. Hot strip dance, lots of glitches, malfunctions, silly repetitions and ditzy smiles and believe me, Jazmine is amazing in this one. Suggested by a long time supporter and viewer.


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