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Jazmine Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Out of the blue

Remember your Master

Good little girls cum fast and hard

Jazmine, beautiful young seductress with long black hair had been in for her last session exactly one year ago and I am certain that you guys all remember her. Sexy, sensual, bubbly, definitely wild and sexual. Those were some of the words I used back then to describe her and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that our little girl is even more beautiful and vibrant . I am sure you remember Jazmine being an amazingly good subject and it might be hard to imagine that this session could be even better, more fun and more exciting than her last one but, I think it is.

Remember those eyes, the stares, her vivid and funny responses, her natural sensuality and, and, and. I think it is time for you to take a look already. Jazmine has no idea what hits her when she suddenly goes down like a rock while texting on her phone. I have to say, I could not wait to get my hands on her sleepy body, take off her high heel shoes, take a closer look at her feet, take of some of her (unnecessary) clothes and move her wobbly body around while slowly making her feel aroused again.

Jazmine subconsciously remembers and her body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions and just like before, she orgasms when I touch "the spot" under her feet. Her hands feel helplessly pulled between her legs and she has no other choice than to pleasure herself for us. Jazmine knows that she will be put to sleep soon and that her only chance to orgasm is by cuming hard and fast. Eye checks, yes masters.


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Jazmine Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Talk about your feet

Like the title says, this next segment is mainly about feet but of course there is some limp/sleepy body and feet manipulation, yes masters, eye checks, intense orgasms on command (I am cuming for you master) and last but not least, mind control/ entranced stares and more going on. We get to enjoy Jazmine seductively offering her feet while enticingly talking about them, dangle her shoes from her toes and slowly run her fingers through her toes. Of course there is that time where I slowly remove her stockings while she is in lala land and.... I think you get the idea, this is another hot one. I am just your horny foot slave master.



Jazmine Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip

Neck to toe Like the title says, this segment is in part about entrancement/zombiefication, mindlessly being posed, kneeling masturbation, intensified orgasm training, waving hand and more. Of course that is not all. First we have her masturbate herself to orgasm for us while on all four with her feet up in the air. Time to put her to sleep and to explore her neck, expo her tits and to move her helplessly limp body. Of course that is all just for-play. Jazmine's eyes stare dimly into nothingness while I keep taking her deeper down into the abyss. She is gone by the time I start posing her like a mannequin (sleepwalker pose) and her empty eyes stare straight through my waving hand. Let's out her on her knees for some forced orgasm training. Jazmine's sexy young body quivers and shakes until she feels my hand on her throat. All energy seems to be drained out of her body and she goes back into... Let's look at her feet, play with her neck as well as her limp body. Yes master, eye checks.




Jazmine Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Perfectly trained slave

Looks like the clip descriptions are getting a bit long again. Let's just mention some high lights because I think you guys have noticed by now that all her clips are hot and heavy

Jazmine's perfect slave training includes, besides programming while entranced, crawling in circles, intensified orgasm control and training (including breath controlled), slow and monotone repetition of mantras, being made to feel fucked and used from behind, being made to seductively dance for her master, being frozen while dim and mindless and more. Towards the end, our entranced beauty is being bend over at the waist while her hands are placed on her ass. Yes masters




Jazmine Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

time for Jazmine to give it all up. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes as she is made to feel tied up while she is forced to orgasmed by a very powerful Hitachi. Of course that is all just warm up. Next she has to learn that her tits (nipples) are just as sensitive as her clit and that squeezing her nipples for her master, makes her cum. She keeps screaming, I am my masters orgasm slave while her body goes again, into lustful convulsions. Looks like our girl is ready to be "snapped" back into deep trance which leaves her helpless and ready to slowly repeat another mantra. Thank you for training me so well master. I cannot resist to mess with her neck, wobble her head and to check her entranced eyes while she is just standing there in front of me. Jazmine is done and I can feel that her surrender is unconditional. More sleepy limp neck body and foot play yet to cum.



Jazmine Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Real life Superheroines don't freeze

Mind control does not work on Superheroines

Jazmine, who believes to be a "real life Superheroine at a photo shoot, has no idea what she is in for. Needless to say, the photo shoot is all about promoting her cause to save the world from evil. As you might remember, Jazmine has a vivid fantasy and tapping into her subconscious always brings about a lot of fun, hilarious comments and replies. If you don't know what I am talking about just go ahead and watch this clip and you will know. Anyway, she does not seem impressed by what I do and my comment that Superheroines are not real, really makes her feel combative. To make a long story short, our tough girl finds herself frozen and mindless, played with while helpless yet aware and eventually being render mindless again by the waving hand. Great posing, freezes, dim stares, bitching, confusion and, and...



Jazmine Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
No peep show here

From reluctant to promiscuous

How do you get a Superheroine who really does not seem to like you much at all to wanting to be your horny slut who has no other objective than to seduce you? By taking control of her mind, by make her orgasm on command despite her futile attempts to prevent it, by tricking her into using the smallest camera in the world, by freezing her and... I know some of what I mentioned does not make sense until you watch this segment. Poor Jazmine goes from being embarrassed and confused to being mindless and dim to being stupidly horny until put to sleep



Jazmine Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Married shmarried

This next segment is a continuation of the last one. Superheroine Jazmine had started to hit on me before she was put to sleep. I had to change the camera battery. Now that she is down, I might as well take some time to mess with her limp Superheroine body before making her wake up. Now we really get to enjoy our, let's call it, Bimbofied Superheroine hit on me. She even goes so far as offering me her ass.

Let me tell you guys, that was not easy to resist. Oh well, as soon as she freezes up and her mind comes back, she changes her story completely. All of a sudden she back paddles on her offer to get fucked in the you know what. Poor thing is struggling with all this and the fact that she cannot move makes it only harder. What must make this even harder for her must be the fact that I take her nice long black hair, twist it around her neck until she... Unwanted orgasms, bitching, and lot's of twists and turns.




Jazmine Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a girl

I feel sorry for you buster

Jazmine, our super tough Superheroine, feel offended when I mention that she catches like a girl. Long story, you will see why she responds this way once you watch the clip. Anyway, she does agree to a wrestling match between her and the photographer. Of course she warns me and tries to stop me from even trying to mess with a Superheroine. Thank you honey but I can take care of myself. Needless to say, our Superheroine goes down over and over and every time she comes back to, she seems more and more confused and or upset. At some point the poor thing is weak and helpless which leaves her wide open for me to mess with her wobbly limp body despite her struggle. Needless to say, I strip her clothes off, a little bit at a time, whenever she is down and out. What eventually knocks her Yet again) is my hand on her throat.




Jazmine Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Superheroines are just like robots

Sorry master for making a mess

Superheroine or not, Jazmine has no defenses for what is going to happen next. Needless to say, she does not agree with me when I mention that Superheroine are just like Robots which are just as powerful. OK, messing with her "power wand" might not have been fair but it does the trick. Of course being the nice guy that I am, I did warn her but do they ever listen? Of course not. Enjoy watching her being transformed into an obedient, well adjusted and perfectly programmed robot. Of course there is more than just the transformation which is only the beginning. Programming, cleaning, orgasm/masturbation training, motor skill tests, programming, deleting of memory and so much more.




Jazmine Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Our still very tough (talking) Superheroine, has no clue that she is wearing a sexy little Maid's number which makes her comments about her Superheroine power outfit even funnier. What makes this even more amusing is the fact that she seems to be plagued by unusual and unprovoked outburst of laughter which occur at the oddest and most inappropriate times. Of course that is not all. Poor thing finds herself frozen and messed with again which really seems to annoy her. Finally she can move but instead of kicking my ass, she puts herself to sleep by placing her hand over her mouth and nose. Wait until you see what happens when she wakes up again. Ready to kick my you know what she... puts herself to sleep again. Fun clip, lots of fun, limp body and neck play and something for all of you who enjoy watching hot pink shoes dangling off a sleepy girls toes




Jazmine Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
These boots are made for walking

Jazmine, who believes to be an undercover cop, disguised as a Biker chick, waits for me to leave the room to get some drinks before going through my . As it turns out, she is investigating the disappearance of some girls who have been seen last in my neighborhood. My explanation that they were actually at my place while attending a "foot party" only makes her more suspicious. Looks like I have no other choice than to "blow smoke" at her. Jazmine struggles a bit but then she slowly goes out as soon as ... Looks like she is all mine now. After inspecting her body I decide to lift her limp body up on the bed so that I can take my time to take off those sexy boots, cut her pantyhose and take a close look at those soft and well taken care of feet. Of course we need to see her sleepy body quiver and shake while she is programmed to....




Jazmine Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Will you play with my feet

This segment is a continuation of the last one and here we get to enjoy watching our cop being turned into an obedient foot slave who loves to offer her feet. Jazmine slowly runs her fingers through her toes while seductively talking about her feet and what they can do for me. Of course there is a lot more to cum. After driving her to orgasm, she is being put back to sleep for more programming. Up and aware again, our tough cop is now too weak to move which does not prevent her from bitching though. Looks like we need to "blow more smoke" so that she, despite some struggle, goes back to lala land. You guys all know mw by now and I am sure you already know that it all ends happy, which means, Jazmine ends up being a happy, submissive foot slave.




Jazmine Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Just like a toaster oven

Frank is upset to learn that new android assistant has been promoted to Office Manger after two weeks on the job. With his hopes of promotion crushed he turns his hostility on the ditzy secretary-bot.

Frank: So how's little miss perfect today.

Hannah: I'm sorry "I don't believe I've met her is she in accounting?"

Frank: Damn its like talking to a freaking toaster oven

Hannah: Why would anyone talk to a toaster oven?

Frank: Maybe because it's horny boss promoted it to office Manager.

Hannah: That would be illogical, a toaster oven is incapable of that function.

Frank: My point exactly, but good ole Mr. Douglas promoted one to office manager just last week

Hannah: But I am the new office manager……….Mr. Douglas told me so…..Your statement is inaccurate… I am the new office manager. He reprogrammed me and everything

Frank: Oh I can tell, I noticed your skirts have gotten shorter and your sweaters tighter ever since he started tinkering with your settings. That was some programming indeed, anymore and we could charge admission.

Hannah: Admission? Why would we charge admission? How much would we charge? You're not making any sense.

Frank: I'm saying that you're not qualified and the only reason you got promoted is because he likes the way you fill out a sweater.

Hannah: I am too qualified…….I was programmed to be qualified………I am the new office manager….. I am your boss, which makes me more qualified than you.

Frank: Screw this, I quit.

Hannah: Quit What?

Frank: Like I said screw this

Hannah: Screw this?………….Screw this does not compute

Frank: How about screw you, does that compute for you darlin

Hannah: Screw you, does not compute.

Frank: How about go fuck yourself?

Hannah: Go fuck yourself computes…….Command accepted…………Hannah Unit will comply Fuck myself……..I must muck my self……….

Frank: Damn where did you learn to do that?

Hannah: Mr. Douglas Programmed me………I am programmed to obey…………I must fuck myself…….fuck myself….fuck self

Frank: Holy smokes look at her go…………I just know I'm going to get blamed for this…damn I think I broke her……Fuck me!

Hannah: "Fuck me"….. computes…….Command accepted…………Hannah Unit will comply…………..

Frank: What, oh no that's not what I meant , its just a figure of speech

Hannah: Figure of speech does not compute……….fuck me computes……..Hannah unit will comply

Frank: Oh no you don't have to comply I was just

Hannah: I am programmed to obey………I must fuck you……….I must obey………must fuck you……….must obey……….come closer……Fuck me Frank …

Frank: Are you Ok?

Hannah: No, but I will be…once I've complied………once I've obeyed …………..Come closer……..I must fuck …fuck…fuck you…..Is Hurry Frank…I am not permitted to disobey………I must fuck you now……….. I'm ready for you

Frank: oh What the hell I'm quitting anyway might as well have a little fun with this.

See how much fun it was and how it all ends:)


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