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Jazmine Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Lesson #1 Enjoy the long way down

Jazmine, beautiful young seductress with long black hair is best described as bubbly, outgoing and very horny. I don't know about you but I like girls who have, how should I say this, a wild side to them that makes you want to tame and train them, the second they walk in. Jazmine is definitely wild and, believe me, she does love to be conquered, if you know what I mean. Besides being wild and, as mentioned, naturally horny, Jazmine is an amazingly good subject and the fact that she is submissive and eager to please, makes her the perfect candidate for what I do. Of course, our little girl was not so sure about being all that submissive but after some, let's call it probing, it just poured out of her and she experienced something so dramatic and wild during our session that it made her a believer and fan. I could go on and on about how intense the session was but I think it is better if you go and see for yourself.

Jazmine's update is unfortunately missing sound from really good freeze and tickle clips due to the fact that I was experimenting with new external microphones which turned out to be one of my not so smart moves.

The first part of her session is a bit longer because I included a lot more tests like raising hands towards the end to show the depth of her trance and to take her even further from there. I also included questions and answers towards the end. Jazmine's facial expressions throughout the segment show her response to my suggestions. I knew when her eyes kept going back and forth in disbelief during the balloon test, which BTW, left her completely relaxed and sort of out of it already, that this would be another gooooood one.

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Jazmine Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson #2 Feel that all resistance is futile

I always like to use the beginning of the session to take control of the girls and to make them know and feel how much they want to please me. Lust and the feeling of being stripped of all inhibitions while being helplessly played with, is what often drives them into blissful submission, particularly after they try to resist. Most of the girls I train like the feeling of being helplessly taken and put into submission.

Jazmine's sexy young body starts to quiver and I notice the intense hip action as soon as she gets horny. (you will know what I mean once you watch her in action). The more she feels helplessly taken the more her body goes into convulsions and her screams become louder. I want her to feel and know that I have taken control of her body and mind and that she is horny and ready to orgasm just because I say so. Jazmine starts to answer my suggestions by repeating them and or agreeing with them which is always a sign of deep trance. This is a very intense segment with lots of interaction and I knew right then and there that this would be another amazing session.



Jazmine Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 3 Always show respect and obedience

I am a mindless puppet master

This next segment is definitely for our rolling eyes (lots of it) yes master, slow repetitions, even slower mind reduction, unblinking stares, hands free orgasms and unconditional surrender lovers. Jazmine is still intensely excited from the last segment and I have her now open her eyes while taking her deeper. Her beautiful dark eyes role back almost instantly as soon as I suggest that she is drifting deeper even yet. She starts calling me master without me even mentioning it which, as we all know, is always a sign of surrender. Jazmine's body goes into lustful convulsions, her eyes keep rolling back and her next orgasms take her into even deeper trance. I have her stand up and she just stares into nothingness while I program her even further. I can feel her being in blissfully oblivious and zombie like state and it is time to make her feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed. Her young body shivers and shakes so hard that it almost makes her fall over. More orgasms at the snap of my fingers and slow repetitions of "I am a mindless puppet" and "I am your obedient, horny slave". I mentioned in the first clip description that her session was intense and absolutely hot and this segment definitely shows it.



Jazmine Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson #4 Understand the importance of mindless surrender

More absolutely amazing stares, rolling eyes, mantras, screaming hard orgasms and a lot of begging.

Jazmine learns how wonderful it feels to be trained and tamed by her new master, Her eyes are wide open as she stares at the watch in my hand. She starts begging me to train her and to make her an obedient little girl "I am a mindless slave, please tame me master". Her big eyes seem hazy and her long unblinking stare shows that she is very deep already but I decide to take her even further. Her eyes start to role back again as she drifts into the abyss as she lets herself go completely. I take my time and enjoy this very quiet moment as she drifts even further under my control.

Now it is time to let her feel that her body is mine and that I can make her orgasm or not to whenever I feel like it. Intensely horny and ready to cum, my little girl stops masturbating as soon as I tell her to, which shows how obedient she is by now. Mantras like, "please make me your slave" and "please train me" drive her over the edge. To describe her quivering and shaking body, her need to please and her absolute devotion to becoming an obedient slave, is almost impossible. Of course we are not done yet. It gets even more intense when I send her into completely mindless stillness "I am a mindless horny zombie".



Jazmine Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 5 Understand that you are here to be used

I am here to be used master

This segment starts off with Jazmine just mindlessly standing there. Her eyes are rolling back, her mouth is open and it is obvious that she has no more strength, will or mind left. After a while of enjoying her blissful oblivion, I decide to freeze her body in place just to let her know that she is completely under my control. Put on her knees and ordered to masturbate while squeezing her nipples, Jazmine is now learning the importance of pleasing her master. The slow repetition of the mantra "use me" sends her into lustful bliss and her masturbation becomes even more intense. Still not good enough. I take even further control of her quivering and shaking body by disallowing her to breathe during her next orgasm. I don't know how to describe this but the intensity of her first breath controlled orgasms almost . Lots of mindless moments, intense, screaming hard orgasms, slow and monotone mantras, rolling eyes, unblinking stares and a final orgasms that take it all out of her quivering and shaking little body. Eye checks and more. These first five clips are a sequence of training steps which lead to Jazmine's blissful surrender. Watch clip six and you know what I mean by this.



Jazmine Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 6 Tell us how you feel

This segment shows Jazmine waking up and then telling us how she feels and what she experienced throughout some of the session. It is obvious that it takes her a while to fully wake up and that she was very deep. Did she think it was amazing and nothing like she expected it to be? Will she be a believer from now on?



Jazmine Clips Seven & Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson# 7 and 8 What I do is no mambo jumbo

Mrs. J, my son's teacher, seems very concerned and a bit upset about my boy's behavior at school. Apparently he not only hits on the girls in school (particularly her daughter) but he also chases them with his pendulum while talking about putting them under his spell. I wonder where the boy got that from? You should see the look on her face when I mention that I think it is actually cool and that I don't mind him doing that. Oh boy, now she goes off on me and it gets even worse when I mention the fact that I am a hypnotist. I understand when people are not into it but did she have to call it "MAMBO JUMBO" I mean that hurts and who could blame me for wanting to teach her a lesson. How do I get her to look at the watch which is dangling from the ceiling and how do I get her to drop into deep, obedient trance? Will our "oh so" prudish Mrs. J strip for me down to her pantyhose, masturbate, orgasm on command and or stop masturbating right before she orgasms? In other words will she turn into an obedient love slave?

Put on her knees, Mrs. J finds out that obedient slaves have to learn to be excessively horny without being allowed to orgasm and to crawl for their master while feeling helplessly fucked. Watching her bend over the couch with her ass pushed out at me while being orgasmed at will and then seeing her drop into deep trance is really hot but then again, there is so much more still to come. Towards the end, Mrs. J snaps out of it and it seems like she is trying to leave but as we all know, she does not get too far. Really hot clip and better watched together. rolling eyes, very intense flickering eyelids, yes masters and very powerful obedience training.





Jazmine Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson#9 Don not believe is over even if it looks like it

Jazmine is programmed to believe that the session is over and that she is on her way out. I had Lana turn on the camera while I was saying good by to our little girl. What can I say, the session was not over by any means. Jazmine walks down to her car and as soon as she touches the door handle, her eyes straighten out and she drops into deep trance. We see her slowly walking back and then coming up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, she drops her bag and snaps at attention "Your Robot is back master". I have her walk over to the couch with her hands and arms stretched out in front of her and her obedience training, I mean programming begins. Denied and forced orgasms, system programming, disrupted masturbation, orgasms on command and so much more are only the beginning.



Jazmine Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 10 Never think that you got the power

Jazmine seriously believes to be a Superheroin who can easily kick my ass because after all, she has all the power. The only problem with all that is that she seem very tired. Not right away of course, it is more like she suddenly feels the effects of a sedative and despite her quite ambitious fight against the overwhelming tiredness, she slowly starts to feel. What can I say, our sexy Superheroin goes out in the middle of telling me that she has all the powers. Fun clip showing her triumphant confidence all the way to her sleepy demise. Of course by the time she is out, she does not even realize that I expose her breasts and do some eye checks.



Jazmine Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 11 Never be full of yourself

This one is funny and sensual. Superheroin Jazmine, snaps out of it and she seems, despite being confused and maybe a little embarrassed, still quite full of herself. Believe it or not but this time she demands to be programmed and to be turned into a mindless, horny love slave. Of course I have to mess with her by telling her that I do not do the hypnosis stuff anymore. Oh boy, that really gets her upset and she threatens to use her powers on me if I don't hypnotize her into becoming my mindless slave. It is really hilarious to watch her being dead serious about being turned into a slave. At some point, being the nice guy that I am, I do follow her orders and turn her into a mindlessly masturbating, yes master saying, love slave. Great eye roles as she goes down even during her masturbation and obedience training.



Jazmine Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 12 Always believe the first man you see

Jazmine snaps out of it again and after overcoming her initial shock about being naked, she seems to remember that she is a Superheroin. Now that is a good thing, I guess, the problem though is that now does not have the slightest idea as to what Superheroin do. That's where I come in. Being the first man she sees, she pretty much believes everything I tell her. Poor thing really has no clue and of course she is grateful for all my help, after all, she wants to behave like a Superheroine. Well, as we all know, Superheroines always show proper respect to men, take off there skirts and panties when meeting a stranger and what makes them really powerful is, using a vibrator and orgasm when being watched. I tell you, her orgasm must have felt incredibly good and it took me a while to get her to stop cumming. More of the rolling eyes, embarrassment and believe me her comments are priceless. I am so glad you are telling me all these things, master.



Jazmine Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson # 13 Never be too serious

Our sexy Superheroin seems to feel very embarrassed about her sticky fingers (from the masturbation in the last segment) and of course the fact that she is not wearing all that much. Naturally, she accuses me of having tricked her and that it is her turn now to get back at me. I keep telling her that she takes it all too serious and that she needs to laugh more. Of course that upsets her even more and again, she threatens to use her powers on me. Luckily, pushing the little button on the monkey keychain makes feel so much happier. Well, it looks like that anyways. Jazmine all of a sudden feels tickled all over her body and even orgasmed here and there but believe it or not, she does not really agree with me that this is funny. Oh well, it is fun for me to watch my powerless Superheroin jump around, beg and plead until she goes out like a light. Poor thing goes out just when the tickling stops and the orgasm starts.


Jazmine Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson #14 Never say Never

Upon awakening, our slightly confused Superheroin seem to still be convinced that her powers are superior to mine after all, "let's not forget who she is." Well, I do get her to admit that this might not be her day and that the last round went to me but that sure does not mean it can happen again. I can not help but mentioning that I would love to watch her play with her feet which seems to really turn her off even more. Never is that going to happen, right. Never say never, honey particularly not if you can not handle the powerful blue light in my hand. Jazmine's eyes straighten out, a dim yet blissful expression appears on her face as she drifts into oblivion. Fascinated by her sexy feet, our oh so powerful Superheroin can not help but to play with her feet. Turned on by showing off her foot job abilities, she drives herself into lustful bliss. Of course at some point, I just have to snap her out of it, just so I can listen to her bitching and even more importantly her silly excuses as to why this might have happened to her yet again. It gets even better when I mention that she is way too sleepy to leave just yet. What are you talking about, I am not slee....Oops.



Jazmine Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
They call me the blower

As you might know, finding a good caterer for your big party at home can be a challenge, to say the least. This time though everything seemed to be perfect. After checking the kitchen, I decided to stop by the bar for some last minute checks, just to make sure that everything was the way I wanted it to be. Needless to say, I was stunned by the beautiful and very entertaining young lady behind the bar. Not only was she beautiful and funny, she also seemed to know what she was doing. In fact, she seemed very eager to show that she could make not only the best drinks but that there was no cocktail recipe she did not know about. I usually don't drink and I really don't know why I agreed to have her make me her favorite drink which she called "Jazy-Cosmo" but I think it was her beauty and charm that made me give in. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but, no, I had to tell her that there was something missing in her drink and that I've had better. All hell broke lose shortly after that.

She started to talk about drinks and blowjobs. Where did the blowjobs come from? I have no idea but she seemed dead set to give me one. Don't get me wrong, I love blowjobs and god knows I don't get too many of those but not with the wife being upstairs and the guests arriving any minute. Of course, she did not just talk about that, in fact I don't really know what she was talking about but it all seemed strange. In any case, she caught herself and it all seemed fine for a little while.

What really bugs me is that she kept denying to be a fembot who is dam close to malfunction. Eventually, she went down and I decided to fix her which was maybe not such a good idea. Back up and running, so to speak, she really started to hit on me and all of a sudden the clothes started to came off and it seemed like all she could think of was to give me a blowjob again. It is a long story and I think you should just go ahead and watch the rest of it.




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