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Jazmine Star Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Jazmine Star, has pretty much all the attributes I like in a woman. Besides having a voluptuous body with an ass to dream of, perky tits and long black hair, Jazmine is also bi-sexual, outgoing, extremely sexual and can be quite rebellious when it comes to men or I should say when it comes to submitting to a man. How much more can you ask for, horny, great body, not too easy and open minded, all that sounds like a winner to me. Jazmine had heard about what I do through some of her play toys like Eden and Jaelyn, to name just a few. Was she excited yet skeptical? Absolutely, but the idea of experiencing something like the other girls had described to her was more than a good enough reason to give it a try. Did I mention that Jazmine is extremely sexual and sensual which makes it quite understandable that men usually do pretty much anything she wants them to do. Well, we all know by now that in my sessions it goes the other way round and the girls do what I want. Should be interesting to find out how someone as spoiled as Jazmine deals with her submission to a man.

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Jazmine Star Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
I started her off with the locking hands, crystal fixation and eye closure, (some struggle) and the countdown from 100 into you know where. Jazmine tried to stay in control here and there but it did not work too well for her and she drifted down.




Jazmine Star Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
The more you hold on to control the more you lose it.

Jazmine responds right away to my suggestions. Using her natural lust for women, I make her feel the gentle touch of a beautiful girl. The girl is slowly working her way down between Jazmine's legs and her tongue is starting to drive her wild. I keep suggesting that the more she tries to stay in control the more she would loose it and the more she fights it the better it would feel. Jazmine falls for it and her conscious resistance diminishes by the second. That is the nice thing about naturally horny girls, you eventually always get them through their own lust.

Jazmine is starting to scream for lust and the longer I let her wait the more she gives herself up. Screaming and begging she now repeats what ever want her to say." Being denied to orgasm and then ordered to cum on demand is certainly a brand new experience for Jazmine and her out of control shivering and shaking body shows how much she loves it.





Jazmine Star Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless, frozen and orgasmed at will

Jazmine is slowly starting to understand the importance of letting go. With her big dark eyes wide open and distracted by her increasingly mindless masturbation, she slowly starts letting go of her thoughts, mind and will. "It feels so good to have no mind, please take it all." The more mindless she gets the more aroused she seems to feel. Her body is going into lustful convulsion but she is not allowed to cum yet. I decide to freeze her body with her finger still deep inside of her wet little pussy. More mind reduction and finally a forced orgasm leaves her empty, exhausted and certainly surrendered. Lot's of repetitions and begging in this one.






Jazmine Star Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Bend over, frozen, mindless bliss

Thank you for making me mindless master.

Jazmine's blissful surrender continues. I have her stand up now and freeze her again. Swayed and then orgasmed, she continues to let go. Finally able to move again, I have her bend over and finger fuck herself. We all know that masturbating while standing up is not very comfortable but that is exactly the point of this exercise. Jazmine has to learn to do what ever I want her to do and to feel fell what I tell her to feel no matter what. Her voluptuous body is trembling under the orgasms and the more she repeats, thank you for making me mindless or thank you for training me, the more intense she seems to feel it.







Jazmine Star Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
The orgasm that puts her out

On her knees, with her finger deep inside of her tight pussy, Jazmine learns about the intensity of the wide open eyed, muted and breath controlled orgasm. I can feel how she gets more and more into her own submissive side and the idea of having to be a good little girl is a real turn on for her. I keep driving her up the wall for lust. Jazmine is getting increasingly hot and I can feel she is ready to explode. I order her to make herself cum so hard that it will put her out and boy she does. In the middle of her orgasm, my little girl goes down and out like a light. It certainly is hot to watch a girl cum so hard that it makes her pass out and to play with her sleepy body and to do some eye checks on her is just as hot.





Jazmine Star Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
It does not work but can you pleaaaase help me get out of these clothes.

Jazmine has no recollection of what has happened so far in her session. In fact she believes to be a terrible subject and that what I do is just some magic show which would certainly not work on her. Why do her clothes suddenly feel terrible itchy and uncomfortable, I don't really know. Why does she seem to have forgotten how to undress, I don't really know that one either.

Why does she have the need to get out of her uncomfortable clothes in the first place, I don't know. Why does she beg me to help her to take off her clothes, who knows. Does she feel a bit weird and awkward? Absolutely but then again it is so much fun to watch her struggling.






Jazmine Star Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to show you

Still my little sweetheart does not believe anything I do works on her. The strange thing about all this is that when I ask her to take off her clothes, she gets all upset and tells me says: "no absolutely not." What makes this even funnier is that she takes off one piece of clothing at a time and throws it at me in anger, thinking that it is the meanest punishment for my inappropriate request. Completely unaware of what she is doing, Jazmine believes to really show me her anger by throwing her clothes at me.

Now that is absolutely cruel and mean of her to do, don't you think? Naked and still clueless, Jazmine all of a sudden orgasms out of the blue. You think to orgasm in front of a stranger makes her feel humiliated?




Jazmine Star Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Please look at my ass everybody wants to touch it.

I am so sorry, I did not mean to cum.

Did I mention that Jazmine has an ass to dream of? Let's have a closer look, shall we? After a brief deepening, my sexy (still) non-believer wakes up and all she seems to want to do now is to show me her ass from every angle. I keep telling her that it is way too early in the session but that seems to make her even more determined to shake her ass in front of my face. Bending over and jiggling and wiggling her sexy tight ass is just the beginning. Slapping her own ass seems to make her excited but I don't think she saw the surprise orgasms coming. Why else would she start to apologize for cumming?





Jazmine Star Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The orgasm gun is a joke, right?

Jazmine believes, besides being fully dressed, that we also just got started with her session. Naturally, when I tell her that I will orgasm her now in various ways, she laughs and when I mention the orgasm gun, she really cracks up. That is just silly, oh my god no. That is pretty much what she says when it hits her the first time. You think she keeps cumming on command for the rest of this segment and even apologizes for it over and over? Go find out!






Jazmine Star Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Altar of transformation

Jazmine believes to be at a very exotic and mysterious place. Of course she does not believe me when I tell her that this place and particularly the altar in the center of the room was used to turn women into oversexed, always horny fuck toys. She keeps laughing and joking until I excuse myself and leave for a few minutes. Sure enough the second I leave, Jazmine despite my warnings, jumps on the table and makes herself comfortable. It does not take long and she starts touching herself.

Naturally, being the nice guy that I am, I try to get her off the altar, which by the way she referred to as just a table. Too late, Jazmine is starting to very slowly lose her mind and become more and more aroused. The situation goes from her trying to come up with reasons to stay on the table to blatantly finger fucking herself. I can feel her mind softening and it becomes obvious that her body is taking over. Lustful and hot, Jazmine gives in to the pleasure thus letting go of her mind.



Jazmine Star Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Too late to leave the altar of transformation.

It is already too late for my horny girl to get off the altar. All she can think of is sex and she fucks herself very hard. I can see her getting hot and sweaty and when I hand her the vibrator, she completely loses it. Of course I can not make it too easy for her and when her mind is almost gone the real training starts. Repeating: "I am just an empty fuck toy" or "please take my mind" seems to come absolutely natural to her. Hot and sweaty, Jazmine surrenders after being forced to orgasm in different ways, giving me not only her mind but also all strength in her body. Empty and weak, she is paraded around in a circle, bent over with her ass out, orgasmed like never before and put to sleep when not needed anymore. I start playing with her, do some eye checks, open her mouth and have a little fun with her sleepy body.



Jazmine Star Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Side effects may include: IQ REDUCTION, EXTREME AROUSAL, WETNESS OF THE GENITALS, talk to your ...

Jazmine, our test candidate is forewarned that the new Popsicles she is about to test might have some side effects. Some of those effects might include, but are not limited to, severe IQ reduction, extreme arousal and wetness of the genitals, the desire to get fucked and in some rare cases even amnesia. Our test subject does not seem impressed, nor does she believe that the above mentioned side effects could possibly happen to her which might be directly related to the amount of money she will receive after the experiment.

The test subject chooses to try the green popsicle first. After sucking on the popsicle for only a short amount of time the test subject seems to become very talkative and she keeps telling us how much she likes to read and study. So far she seems to show no effects. Shortly there after though the subject starts to run her hands over her body and complains about being hot which leads her to take off one layer of her clothing. The subject still denies to feel anything and states her IQ is still very high. It is noted however that the subject seems to become more giggly and quite aroused. The subject now exposes her breasts and runs the popsicle over her nipples while giggling. She explains the licking of her breasts with the need to clean them. Still no signs of IQ reduction, except that the subject is not as coherent as just a few minutes ago and studying does not seem important any longer.

The subject now, blatantly plays with herself and does not seem to see the need to hide any of her actions. It is also noted that the subject now keeps talking about sex and she seems to be unable to answer even easy questions, in fact overall she seems quite silly and bimboish by now.





Jazmine Star Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Side effects may include LOSS OF IQ , EXTREME AROUSAL, SUDDEN URGES TO FUCK, talk to your ...

It is noted that the subject seems to get increasingly aroused and she starts to offer her body to anyone around her. Still she states that, "Popsicles don't make you horny and stupid, Silly." end Quote. By now the subject is incapable of answering even the simplest math questions and it seems like she tries to reduce any conversation to sex. At some point the subject tries to insert the popsicle into her vagina and the cold sticky popsicle between her legs seems to arouse her even further.

The subject now blatantly begs for sex and its obvious by the way she communicates that her IQ is reduced to very little. It seems to be time, at this point of the experiment, to free the subject from her last remaining and inhibiting IQ. A series of denied and ordered orgasms leave the subject begging for more. "I am just a horny little fuck bunny." The subject is bimbofied and ready for the final step of the experiment.






Jazmine Star Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Jazmine is here to obey

Jazmine wakes up feeling quite awkward and surprised about the situation she is in and of course about the outfit she is wearing. It gets even more awkward when I tell her that I will soon turn her into my personal pleasure bot. She seems quite disinterested and does not seem to think that being turned into a fembot, let alone a pleasure bot is even close to realistic! Does she have much of a choice? Of course not, only minutes later, she finds herself standing stiff at attention, her eyes are empty and all she seems to know how to say is: "I am here to obey and "yes master."

Her moves are mechanical and robotic and her speech emotionless. I have her undress, turn around, bend over and spank her own ass which is, as we all know, just the warm up. Perfectly programmed, Jazmine learns to respond to the remote, orgasms on command and do pretty much everything I want when I want it. I snap her out of it just long enough to see the complete disbelief and surprise in her face. This segment starts with only a brief part of the lengthy induction and then goes right into the robot training action.




Jazmine Star Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Jazmine deactivated

Robot Jazmine is orgasmed, deactivated by using the remote, bent over, paraded around and programmed to obey even better. Whenever I snap her out of it, she still can not quite believe what has happened, which does not really matter because before she knows what hit her, she is back to being my obedient and well programmed robot. Standing at attention, crawling and spending time on her knees while masturbating are now part of her programming. Do I enjoy her empty stares when she is deactivated? You bet ya and as you all know there is a lot more robot training going on in this one as well.




Jazmine Star Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny Fembot Nurse with a few flaws

As the coroner at the local hospital, I always seem to have a hard time finding good help. Let's face it most people are not into cutting up dead bodies. No wonder, I was more than happy when the hospital administration assigned the new nurse to my department. I was even happier when I first saw her, what a cute and sexy little thing she was.

The fact that she was hired by the big boss himself was a bit concerning but hey, as I mentioned I am not spoiled. It did not take me long to figure out though that she had absolutely no idea about what she was supposed to do or why she was in a hospital in the first place. The girl did not even know where some of the body parts are, not to mention how to get to them.

OK, I got it, the big guy hired her for his own "entertainment" and I was stuck with her when he did not need her. I could have dealt with all that and play along but when I started asking her too many questions, the poor thing got all flustered and nervous. Her body started tensing up and before I even knew what was going on she started to breakdown. What a mess, not only is she the big guy's girlfriend, she is also a fembot and the worst part about all this is that I am responsible for her. Luckily I know something about fembot programming and sure enough she is back up in no time. I am still not sure what happened but all of a sudden she was real sexual and seductive.

I know I should not have done it but when she tells me how she likes to get fucked, while her fingers are running over her almost naked body and between her legs, I simply lost it. What can I say, I mean look at her. Great repairs, malfunctions and sexual play.





Jazmine Star Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny Fembot Nurse with too many flaws

I think I mentioned that I should have stayed away from her but when she started hitting on me in the last segment and play with herself in a very sexy way, I got weak. Although things did not work out the way I had hoped for and I am now working somewhere else, it was sure worth it. The way she threw herself at me, her devoted obedience and her sensuality certainly made up for the nasty malfunctions. Her sex program was so perfect that she even orgasmed through some of those malfunctions. Let's face it, what kind of girl would spread em for me and try to please me like she did? Very sensual masturbation with amazing climax.






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