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Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Loss of control leads to...

Jen and Venelope, two beautiful, horny and very exciting young women in one session. How much more can we ask for. What makes this even more fantastic is the fact that it was not planed that way, in fact, Venelope just wanted to "take a look" and see what would happen. Well, well, well, here is what happened. She went under during Jens induction and as soon as I saw that beautiful body of hers quiver and shake under my suggestions, it decided to make her part of the action.

I am glad I did, the girls had amazing chemistry and by the looks of it, they became lovers right then and there. This one is hot one with lots of rolling eyes, stares, mindless pussy eating and the list goes on. Enjoy another real and very intense one!

Induction showing both girls going under. Both of their beautiful bodies goes limp as soon as I suggest that they would lose all control over their muscles (including eye lids which makes for nice stares)

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Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and brought to orgasm

As mentioned, Venelope had gone under in clip one and just like Jen, she has no more control over her muscles which leaves both of our beauties limp and helpless. Time to make the feel caressed all over their bodies. Watching them slowly become more and more aroused while their helplessly played with bodies start to quiver and shake. Both start to roll their eyes in ecstasy while being brought to orgasm. Of course there is a lot more to all this but you will see that once you catch this one. Jen is order to stand up, taken deeper into trance and programmed to..... Waving hand, rolling eyes, dim stares, yes masters and more.




Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
First Tongue lashing

The girls first experience with each other starts of incredibly hot. Jen, who is instructed to make Venelope and obedient horny slave for her master, gently works her way down to Venelope's already wet pussy. Venelope's still limp body (no control over her muscles) starts to quiver like crazy and I can feel that all she wants to do is cum for me, but that would be a bit early. First she has to learn that it all depends on her master's mood.

I could go on and on about how intense Venelope's orgasms were and how crazy Jen went between her friends legs but you will see all that. After being orgasmed out, both girls end up standing (still trembling and weak) in the zombie pose with their arms up while their eyes are rolling... Fantastic stares, rolling eyes, wet pussies, yes masters, very intense uncontrollable orgasms after I sensitize their bodies, and so much more.




Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
She is so lifelike

Just as hot with lots of great stares, slow and monotone repetitions of mantras (while in the sleepwalker position, posing and more.

Jen is made to believe that she is a "mannequin sales lady" who is trying to sell her newest product to a department store manager. I have to say, Jen is quite inventive when it comes to demonstrating her newest product. Not only does she pose her lifelike mannequin while squeezing her butt (to show how lifelike it is) but also does she give her a remote for better control. She keeps posing and moving Penelope around while talking about her features and so on.

Of course that is only part of it. Both girls end up being posing battery operated mannequins who stare into nothingness. Great sexy yet stiff movement, stares. It gets even better when they are turned off and now it is my time to move and pose my new toys. Deeply entranced stares and moves.



Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Drooling lovers

There is so much going on in this one that I don't even know where to start. If you enjoy watching a couple of beautiful girls make passionate love, being frozen (and drooling) while staring into nothingness, slowly repeat mantras, masturbate each other while both are trying to proof that they are the better slave, orgasm so hard that it almost knocks them of their feet, being put to sleeep by their masters hand, than this one is for you.

First we get to enjoy them making love for the first time. Suddenly though, they find themselves frozen and mindless. This time Venelope is made aware of her situation (being frozen for the first time in her life) which leaves her very confused yet excited. What makes her feel even more excited is when she is ordered to go down on the (still) frozen and helpless Jen (who is actually drooling by now) and to make her an obedient sex slave. It is not easy to explain but these girls are fantastic subjects and once deep they are not aware of anything, except my orders.

Standing masturbation (each other) lot's of wet pussy eating, yes masters, repetitions,, ROLLING white eyes, drooling, intense orgasm, sensual love making and the list goes on.




Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and wet and brought to orgasm

Needless to say, I enjoyed this next one and so will you. Both of our beauties are out and I can take my time to move, pose and place them in all kinds of positions. Of course we get to see nice close ups of their wet wide open pussies while watching them orgasm in their sleeep and so much more.

Want more action? Enjoy watching Venelope take advantage of her sleeepy little friend by driving her up the wall for lust with a thrusting vibrator. Rolling white eyes, intense orgasms, slow limp body play, eye checks and, and, and.... As mentioned, the two have absolutely incredible chemistry and everything they do to each other drives them up the wall.



Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to feel your feet

Yes this one is about feet and it sure is another hot one. The girls are crazy about each other's feet. Enjoy them sucking and licking each other's feet as well as use their sexy little feet to bring each other to orgasm. Of course they use those feet on the other girls tits and.... As mentioned, really hot. Needless to say, there is more. At some point I have the girls crawl with their feet up (for our viewing pleasure) while slowly repeating, I am your well trained foot slave master. Rolling eyes and more  



Jen Capone & Venelope  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Cats and

Wanna see a couple of sexy little kitten on catnip (too much of it) while trying to get their owners attention, or are you more into watching a couple of playful doggy who love to pick up toys (vibrators) and or mess with each other. Whichever one you prefer, it's all here. Real fun clip and it shows how trainable our young g ladies are




Jen Capone & Venelope  Robot Movie Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Door to Door sales pitch gone wrong

Jen, an attractive door to door saleswoman arrives at Franks door carrying a small brief case. She introduces herself as Jen and asks Frank for a moment of his time. He is hesitant at first, convinced that she is peddling cookware, makeup products, timeshares or some other nonsense that he has no interest in. She insists that she is selling a revolutionary new product that will change every aspect of his life for the better.

Again he is hesitant, but is curious as to what could be so fantastic about this mystery product. She then proceeds to place her brief case on the kitchen table. She opens the briefcase and produces what appears to be some sort of remote control/ tablet device along with what appears to be some sort of owner's manual for the device.

Frank is immediately disappointed and tries to quickly put an end to her pitch by announcing that he already has a universal remote for his entertainment system and tells her thanks, but no thanks. She smiles and replies, "oh I think you're going to like this" She presses a button on the device and an electronic female voice emanates from the device. The voice announces "Wireless Connection Established, Venelope Unit Detected." Jen speaks into the device and commands "Venelope come inside" Before long a beautiful young woman wearing a short low-cut dress enters the room. She has a serene smile on her face, and her wide-eyed stare seems to have no true focus. She walks across the room The malfunction Scenario begins when Frank, eager to inspect the remote for himself causes the Saleswoman to drop the device.

Venelope announces "Sex Mode Activated. The Sales woman is clearly worried as the attractive android begins to flirt with her. Jen tries to finish her sales pitch in spite of Venelope's advances. She appears very flustered by Venelope's advances and begins to demonstrate some difficulties of her own in the form of minor glitches and tics. She finally blurts out "Stop it I I'm not Programmed for this activity……Must not be stimulated" She apologizes to Frank "I am very sorry this is highly un pro...pro...professional.

Venelope over stimulates Jen, causing her to become a ravenous seductress. Jen then turns the tables on Venelope and begins to over stimulates her circuits. Beginning to glitch and jerk, Venelope decides she must shut Jen down before they both start to overload.

Of course that is all just the beginning of a very hot story. Go catch the rest!  


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