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Jen Capone & Vanelope Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

This one is kind of interesting because I had to put them back under for some more reprogramming after only a minute or so. The girls are programmed to believe that only one of them can stay and that they have to fight it out. Well, sure looks like Jen likes feeling Vanelope's finger in her pussy and almost gives up fighting but then she becomes her second win and it gets a lot more volatile.

Suddenly her hand goes up to Penelope's mouth and nose and she does not let up before her opponent is down. Of course there is a substance (we cannot name) in the palm of their hands which is what makes the other girl go to sleee... Jen is not done yet with her opponent and she decides to drive her helpless victim into a series of orgasms by giving her a.....



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
There can only be one

Jen and Vanelope believe to be the top contestants in our new family quiz show. The fact that they tied for top contestant and with that, winner of this season, does not seem to make them all that happy and now they want to proof that there can only be one. Needless to say, they both have no doubt in their minds that they are the one. Vanelope, who works as a OBEY nurse, is sure to win over the other contestant (Jen) who admits to being an exotic dancer. I don't want to get to deep into the story but it sure is a funny one. Anyway, both contestants are aware of the fact that they have to "hit the buzzer" in order to answer the question. In other words, whoever hits the buzzer first gets first shoot at answering the question. They are also aware of the fact that the buzzer removes (temporarily) a small portion of their IQ.

Enjoy watching the girls slowly but surely get dumber, more giggly and definitely more naked and interested in each other. You could actually say that they get more and more horny, uninhibited and stupid along the way. Of course they get a few answers right but that only leads them to believe that they actually have a chance. It actually looks like they enjoy hitting the buzzer even though they don't know the answer and or the answer is not only wrong but also quite stupid. Real fun clip, slow bimbofication



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
We play our own game

Frozen with pussy in her face

Looks like our two, by now very horny contestants, don't seem to give a shi... about playing the game anymore. In fact all they seem to be interested in is each other or, I should better say, each others pussies and tits. Yes there is some French kissing while they slowly undress each other. Jen works her way down to Vanelope's pussy and starts to drive her up the wall for lust. Suddenly though, I decide to freeze my two horny lovers in mid action.

You should hear their comments when I let them become aware of their predicament. Jen complaints about having pussy in her face while Vanelope reluctantly agrees that she actually enjoys Jen's finger in her wet pussy. There is too much going on but it all ends with Jen (mindlessly entranced) eats out Vanelope who cannot.... Really hot segment  



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Hypnotic Tits

The girls wake up and now they seem really confused about the situation they find themselves in. Needless to say, they sure don't want this to ever be shown on TV. Before long though, our beauties find themselves frozen and mindless while I remove all that "excess" clothing they are wearing. of course when I snap them out of it, they have no idea that they are almost naked. Now though, they make each other responsible for what just happened and it goes without saying that they are mad at each other.

Jen suddenly changes her tune and she slowly starts to hypno Vanelope using her soft voice and those beautiful big tits of hers. Vanelope has no chance and she becomes Jen's little toy. I decide to let Jen a some fun by posing and embarrassing her helpless toy before sending her into the same deep trance. It all ends with Jen finger fucking her victims very wet pussy (you can hear it) while holding her hand over her victims mouth and nose. Really hot ending showing Vanelope being unable to stop cuming while struggling to... Lots of rolling white eyes, hard orgasms, dim stares and more



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Again, there can only be one

Upon awakening, our two contestants seem to be really mad at each other. For some reason, they seem to believe that the other girl was playing dirty. I wonder what makes them believe that. Anyway, they get so mad that before long, the fight breaks out. Both girls still believe to have the magic potion in the palm of their hands and that placing their hand over the other girls mouth and nose is the trick to winning.

I have to say, the two are quite mad (really great subjects) Vanelope has the upper hand and she puts out Jen who struggles as hard as she can. I can tell that Vanelope is turned on by Jen's helplessness and she triumphs over her by making her helpless opponent orgasm at will.

Jen just lies there, helplessly quivering and trembling with her eyes rolled all the way back, while being forced to orgasm. Things turn around though when Jen's immobility wears off and she gets a chance to grab her opponent from behind and now it's her time to.... Both end up



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Virtual Time out

Our quiz-show candidates have finally figured out that I am behind all of those strange things that just happened to them and as expected, they seem a bit upset. Oh well. Here we get to enjoy them feeling tickled, frozen stiff and so much more. The fun part is that the girls don't know why they feel tickled and where it is coming from. At first they think that they are going out of their minds and accuse each other of being insincere (I make them feel tickled one at a time) Needless to say there is more.

All of a sudden they freeze up again and now they become aware of the fact that they are naked on TV. Time to pose our helpless little mannequins before letting them become aware again. Of course there is a lot of bitching going on but that problem is solved by freezing their fingers in their open .... That's what happens when you talk too much. Real fun clip with lots of twists and turns



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream weaver

I could not wait to use my new meditation device, a new Audio-strobe Light and Sound mind machine, during one of my sessions. Well here it goes. The device is designed to help meditating by changing the brainwave pattern. Needless to say it is completely safe to use and if you are interested in buying one, send me an email and I will let you know where to order it.

Anyway, it does help. The girls are made to believe that they are roommates and that they are getting ready to go to a party. Well, Jen, who always had a thing for her sexy little roommate, could not wait to try out her new, let's call it, "Dream Weaver" and it's mind-altering effects on Vanelope. Poor thing has no chance, once Jen talks her into trying it out, she gets slowly carried away into deeper and deeper states of consciousness.

Vanelope slowly becomes an easily controlled object of Jen's sexual desires. I have to say, the way Jen lures in her prey and then slowly starts to seductively seduce her, is seriously hot and cannot be described. As you can see in some of the pictures, Jen seems particularly fond of her roommates sexy and very well taken care of feet.



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Sixteen Members - Click here to view this clip
You know you want them

Vanelope is completely under Jen's control and now we get to enjoy watching her worship, suck, lick and kiss her new Mistresses feet while staring into nothingness. Of course Jen has a few surprises up her sleeves, so to speak, and she teaches her new servant how to be a good and obedient foot slave. Of course there is a lot more to cum.

After watching our two beauties going nuts over each other's feet, it is time to put them to sleeep for a bit so that I can take my time to mess with their bodies and feet. It gets seriously hot when I wake them up for more fun. Enjoy watching them crawl in circles while repeating... before masturbating each other to orgasm while offering me their feet. Very intense ending when the girls try to make each other cum like never before  



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Clip Seventeen Members - Click here to view this clip
Brainwave deactivation in progress

I this final segment, we get to enjoy watching the girls rather dramatic transformation into becoming a couple of voice controlled robots. Needless to say, in the beginning they don't seem to want to go along with my plan (really funny story) but then, as we all know, they don't really have a choice After some thorough brainwashing as well as deactivation of no longer needed believes/programs, they start to mindlessly masturbate each other's pussies while kneeling in front of me.

Of course there are some other programs we need to test, like for example the deep trance hypno program that makes them roll their eyes. One of my favorite highlights though is when Robot Vanelope sits on Robot Jen's face while making her eat her wet pussy.  



Jen Capone & Vanelope  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Door to Door sales pitch gone wrong

Jen, an attractive door to door saleswoman arrives at Franks door carrying a small brief case. She introduces herself as Jen and asks Frank for a moment of his time. He is hesitant at first, convinced that she is peddling cookware, makeup products, timeshares or some other nonsense that he has no interest in. She insists that she is selling a revolutionary new product that will change every aspect of his life for the better.

Again he is hesitant, but is curious as to what could be so fantastic about this mystery product. She then proceeds to place her brief case on the kitchen table. She opens the briefcase and produces what appears to be some sort of remote control/ tablet device along with what appears to be some sort of owner's manual for the device.

Frank is immediately disappointed and tries to quickly put an end to her pitch by announcing that he already has a universal remote for his entertainment system and tells her thanks, but no thanks. She smiles and replies, "oh I think you're going to like this" She presses a button on the device and an electronic female voice emanates from the device. The voice announces "Wireless Connection Established, Vanelope Unit Detected." Jen speaks into the device and commands "Vanelope come inside" Before long a beautiful young woman wearing a short low-cut dress enters the room. She has a serene smile on her face, and her wide-eyed stare seems to have no true focus. She walks across the room The malfunction Scenario begins when Frank, eager to inspect the remote for himself causes the Saleswoman to drop the device.

Vanelope announces "Sex Mode Activated. The Sales woman is clearly worried as the attractive android begins to flirt with her. Jen tries to finish her sales pitch in spite of Vanelope's advances. She appears very flustered by Vanelope's advances and begins to demonstrate some difficulties of her own in the form of minor glitches and tics. She finally blurts out "Stop it I I'm not Programmed for this activity……Must not be stimulated" She apologizes to Frank "I am very sorry this is highly un pro...pro...professional.

Vanelope over stimulates Jen, causing her to become a ravenous seductress. Jen then turns the tables on Vanelope and begins to over stimulates her circuits. Beginning to glitch and jerk, Vanelope decides she must shut Jen down before they both start to overload.

Of course that is all just the beginning of a very hot story. Go catch the rest!  



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