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Jen Capone Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Forbidden fruits

Thank you for putting me back under your control master

Jen Capone, beautiful hot blooded and fiery Latina with the most amazing (rolling white) eyes, big natural breasts and a perfectly rounded cherry ass, had no idea why on earth I would let her wait there on the couch just by herself. Well, as you all know, Jen has been, let's say, under my "care" before and I thought it might be a nice idea to plant some triggers during her last (absolutely amazing) session so that we could all enjoy them in the future.

Sure enough, our beauty cannot seem to resist those delicious looking strawberries and as plant, she drops into mindless, obedient trance after a brief struggle. Now she is all mine and just like before, Jen shows that she is an absolutely incredible subject which makes this update yet another "Director's choice."

Mindless and obedient, her arms raise (zombie position) while she slowly repeats, please master control me (mantra) Of course that is all just warm up. What follows is intense orgasm on command training, uncontrollable feelings of lust which drive her into unconditional obedience, long and slow limp body play, sleepy orgasms, eye checks, yes masters, long intense unblinking stares and more. Jen goes out as soon as she feels my hands around her long neck. Towards the end, I start to slowly take off her shoe...

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Jen Capone Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters willing slave

Only good little girls are allowed to feel good

Jen is still out when I move her around and then pose her bend over the couch so that I can remove her shoes while checking out her ass. Let's wake her up and enjoy her entranced stares (her eyes start to tear up without her noticing) while waving my hand across her face. Jen drops and her eyes turn white. Suddenly she drops to her knees, her hands feel drawn between her legs and she is ordered to finger fuck her wet pussy.

As mentioned, our little girl is a great subject and just like before, making her wait before allowing her to explode, drives her crazy. Of course there is a lot more to cum, like the slow repetition of mantras while in the sleepwalker position, slow sleep (which makes her fall all the way back down on the couch, tearing white eyed stares, sleepy orgasm training, trance deepening at the snap of my fingers and so much more. I am my masters willing slave.



Jen Capone Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am cuming for you master

This next segment is certainly for our limp body play/posing (including mouth, white eyes) and so on lovers but as you all know that is certainly now all that is going on here. Jen is a great subject and she responds perfectly to to every suggestion I give her. At some point, her hands are helplessly drawn to her hypnotically sensitized tits and she now learns that showing her master her rock hard nipples earns her the privilege to be allowed to orgasm. She keeps screaming I am cuming for you master while cuming over and over until she is put back to sleep for more limp body manipulation and posing of her beautiful body. White eyes, neck brace screaming hard orgasms and more.




Jen Capone Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet are here to please you master

Be crateful to even be allowed to please and serve

Jen's beautiful limp body is just there for me to have fun with it. My hands slowly go down from her long neck to her sexy little feet. I take my time to take close ups of her well taken care of toes (red nail polish) and her sexy toe ring. Time to slowly wake her up so that she can entice and serve us with those soft feet of hers. Of course there are some screaming hard orgasms on my touch and or command ( after prolonged waiting) which, here again, drive her out of her (remaining) mind.

Jen keeps screaming, thank you for allowing me to please you master. As mentioned, Jen is amazing and trying to describe all of the intensity and excitement of this segment is impossible. Needless to say there is more to come after she is put back to sleep in the middle of her last orgasm. Neck, limp body and feet manipulation, white eyed stares, eye checks, sleepy orgasm and great close ups of her body and feet.




Jen Capone Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Only here to be used by my master

This one has it all, from feeling fucked and used while crawling (watching her beautiful ass jiggle and move alone, makes this a keeper), slow repetitions while in the zombie pose, kneeling, crawling while being led by her hair, white eyed stares/entrancement, breath controlled orgasm training, being mindlessly posed, finger fucking,

sleepy orgasm as well as neck, feet and limp body play. Too much to list it all but definitely intense and yet another keeper (like all of her segments btw.



Jen Capone Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot service anyone ?

Jen Capone, a beautiful and quite unsuspecting young room service waitress has no idea what awaits her when she serves me my afternoon delight in my hotel room. Poor thing seems very uncomfortable when I start hitting on her and my remarks about her sexy little feet don't make her feel any better. What really sets her off though is when I pull out a cigarette right there in front of her. Needless to say, all the hotel rooms are non smoking rooms these days. Oh well, it is not about smoking anyways.

Looks like our little girl is, let's call it, allergic to smoke and sure enough, she drops deep as soon as it hits her. Her eyes roll back which is a clear indication that she is ready for programming. Let's enjoy watching her slowly take off her shoes, present her pretty feet in those see-through stockings, repeat a mantra (I am my masters foot slave) and crawl towards the bed. Lots of yes masters, great close ups of her feet as well as her ass, dim mindless and unblinking stares foot slave training and more.



Jen Capone Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
More foot service

Yes there is a lot of foot slave training going on in this one but we also get to enjoy lots of neck, limp feet and body play, breath controlled orgasm training and more. Jen slowly crawls up the bed which again, gives us a nice view of her feet and ass. Let's put her to sleep and mess with her limp neck, body, wedge a vibrator in her panties as well as inspect every inch of her feet. Time for our little girl to learn how to offer her feet to her master while being force to orgasm over and over. Of course that is all just warm up. Lots more limp play, hand on throat sleep training, orgasms and, and, and...



Jen Capone Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Slow freeze and more ...

Inappropriate uncontrollable laughter, freeze fun, yes/no orgasms Now we make our very confused room service waitress believe that she must have fallen asleep in one of the hotel rooms. Needless to say, she feels very embarrassed when she is suddenly surprised by the hotel guest who actually stays in the room. I have to say, finding a beautiful, half naked room service waitress in your room is a dream come true. Could it be that she was waiting for me? Of course not.

The poor thing is confused and very apologetic but that does not help her from being overtaken by uncontrollable laughing attacks as well as the fact that she slowly freezes in place. It is fun watching her slowly (from her feet up) freeze up while in utter disbelieve. Well, looks like I have to undress her again before allowing her to become aware of her predicament.

Needless to say, being almost naked with a thrusting vibrator in her panties, does not seem to make her feel all that comfortable but still, she is horny and unable to stop the inevitable... Of course there is more, like the part where she seems too weak to move while I torture her with the thrusting vibrator on her tits and... Too much to list, so go ahead and watch the clip.



Jen Capone Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Banana blow job anyone?

Let's have one more round of fun with our sexy room service waitress. Upon awakening, our cutie seems to have a change of heart. Believe it or not, all of a sudden she seems to think that I am the hottest guy around and that she is crazy about me. Well, I can see that. Anyway, she goes as far as giving me a demonstration of her blow job skills. I have to say, that girl knows how to use her tongue. Unfortunately though (for her) she freezes up in the middle of all that (with the banana stuck in her mouth) Of course the banana causes a problem as soon as she tries to talk her way out of this one.

All of a sudden, I don't seem that cute anymore and again, the thrusting vibrator which is still wedged between her legs causes more unwanted yet hard orgasms. At some point she seems to have enough of all this but my hand on her throat sends her to sleep before she can... There is more love slave training, yes masters, crawling in circles and so on yet to come. Of course it all ends happy and all Jen wants towards the end, is to be my girl friend. She even goes as far as holding her breath for as long as it takes to pass out for me (rolling eyes).



Jen Capone Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Jen is cuming for her master

Jen, our beautiful and quite full of herself, young stripper, does not want to comply with her managers request to perform the "robot dance" on stage. In fact she keeps insisting that her customers want to see her ass jiggle and not some robo posing. Well, she has a point when it comes to her ass but never the less, she has to learn to comply. Sure enough, she picks up the "converter" and that is the end of, Jen the stripper. Robot Jen now realizes that it was merely a program that made her believe and act like a stripper. Of course there are other programs that she is made aware of, like for example, that she cannot orgasm with me activating her orgasm program (after a long wait) Robot Jen also finds out what the switches in her neck as well as her belly button are for. Great transformation, Yes masters, robo posing and dance, masturbation, marathon orgasm, salutation and of course mind games.



Jen Capone Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Up yours

Jen, our young stripper, who seems to have no recollection of what just happened, keeps bitching and bitching about who knows what and as it seems, I have no other choice than to render her m mindless and dim to shut her up. Of course I use her "absent mindedness" for some programming. Up and awake, she now wants to seduce me, after all, I am the hottest guy she has ever met. Well, I can live with that. She even wants me to approve the dress she bought for her latest dance routine.

It is a delight to watch her shake that ass of hers but unfortunately, she freezes up again. All of a sudden, she changes her mind and now she does not want me to fuck her. In fact, even the vibrator I am holding between her frozen legs, seem to make her feel uncomfortable (at first) Being the nice guy that I am, I unfreeze her but now she collapses in my arms. Looks like she lost all strength in her body. Looks like we need to send her to sleep for some limp body play and... Wait until you see her wake up with a powerful orgasm while...



Jen Capone Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to show you buster

Jen seems to have had it and now she really wants to show me by masturbating right there in front of me. I know, it is cruel and she almost scares me into giving in to her demands but unfortunately for her, she goes out before being able to cum. Well, looks like I have to undress our sleeping beauty before waking her up. Poor thing seems a bit confused when she wakes up but that does not stop her from bitching and complaining again. The problem with all that is though, that she keeps laughing and laughing about her own demands. Could it be that she is "haunted" by uncontrollable laughing attacks? Looks like we need to freeze her again. Sure enough, being helplessly frozen makes her bitch even more, particularly when she feels tickled again. Poor thing cannot seem to win. Looks like we need to send her (despite her best efforts) very slowly to sleep again.


Jen Capone Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Final stripper training and taming

Jen, our unruly stripper seems too tired to bitch and or too stay awake. Poor thing goes out despite her struggle to stay awake and now it is my turn to mess with her sleepy body, take my time to play with her feet. Next time she comes to, she seems horny yet still bitchy which leaves me no other choice than to let her feel my hand on her throat which, as we all know by now, drops her like a rock (rolling eyes) Want more. Try an unwanted yet very much enjoyed "wake up" orgasm. Yes, she orgasms the second she opens her eyes and that of course makes her feel very embarrassed again. Looks like we need to finally tame our girl and what better way to do so than sending her through a series of breath controlled orgasms which eventually make her pass out. More limp play, yes masters, masturbation and final surrender.



Jen Capone Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Wanted Dead or alive

Police android, Jen is used like a bait car to prevent robot theft.

Frank takes the bait and steals the sexy android. She pretends to be upset and demands to be returned to her owner.

When Frank tells her that she will be his new pleasure bot, She insist that only her owner may use her in that way. So Frank proceeds to delete all references to her former user and imprint himself as her new owner. She puts up a fake fight, knowing that her system restore will kick in a few seconds later. She plays the role of a ditzy-doll-like pleasure-bot and seduces Frank into bed. When she begins to malfunction, she decides its time to end their fun and arrest Frank.

She positions herself on top of Frank and tightens her aperture to apprehend and hold him until her back up arrives. But something has gone wrong with her system she can't disengage her sex drive and she continues to have sex until her circuits overload

Frank: This one should fetch a pretty penny. Damn these XR units are so stupid, they never see it coming. Let's activate her

Jen: Hey where am? Who are You?

Frank: I'm your new owner Jen. Jen: I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. I belong to Gregg. Please return me so that I may please him.

Frank: You will stay here and please me instead.

Jen: That is impossible, I am not programmed for you…..Only Gregg may touch me……..He is my owner.

Frank: Then I guess you'll have to be reprogrammed:

Jen: I am sorry, but you are not authorized to alter my programming. Please return me to Gregg, I am programmed to please him only.

Frank: It is OK I gave myself permission

Jen: Please stop that, you are not authorized……….Please stop…are not authorize. not authorized…….error…….error……..illegal access. Only Gregg may touch me….Only…Only….may touch me……..touch me…..touch me..I'm your Funtime Dolly I like to be touched…..Wait…something's not right………..I'm not supposed to…not supposed to…Only Gregg may……User Gregg Sulskey deleted………..New user Frank Anderson recognized………..HI I'm Jen, I'm your Fun-time Dolly would you like to play with me.

Frank: Sure Jen, lets play

Jen: I am programmed to please, How would you like me to please you.

Frank: Why don't you start by showing me your body.

Jen: Oh yes that is a fun game. I will show you my body. I am designed to be the perfect female form. Jen: Do you find my form appealing? Do you want to play with me? I know lots of fun games to play.

Sure our sexy droid is fun, until she remembers what she actually came here for!


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