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Jen Capone Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Right back under control

Thank you for putting me back under your control master

Jen Capone, beautiful hot blooded and fiery Latina with the most amazing (rolling) eyes, beautiful natural breasts and a perfectly rounded cherry ass, had no idea what the shoot was all about when she first entered the studio. Why, would that be, wasn't she in here just six month ago for an unforgettable session? Yes of course she was and I am sure you all remember her from her last (amazing) session but Jen did not seem to remember a thing.

OK, you guessed it, she was prepped towards the end of her last session to not only forget but to also show up here at a certain date. Needless to say, it gets hot and heavy the second she goes back under my control. Jen's eyes roll all the way back as she drops, her body becomes limp as she just stands there. I decide to pose her, open her mouth and wave my hand across those beautiful (white) eyes. She slowly repeats, thank you for putting me back under your control master (mantra) while her arms slowly raise up in front of her body (slow motion) Of course that is all just warm up.

 Jen's hands slowly wander between her legs and start caressing her clit without her having any control over it. Jen goes crazy as soon as she feels my control over her and her body goes into intense lustful convulsions when she feels her arms pulled up in the air while she feels deeply penetrated and fucked hard. Watching her big tits bouncing all over her chest, the intensely rolling eyes and her quivering orgasmic body is seriously hot. I am cuming for you master. Our little girl goes back under at the snap of my fingers and drops on the couch. Yes masters, mantras, rolling eyes, slow repetition of mantras and so much more.

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Jen Capone Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sinking into Deep Trance

I am sinking into deep trance for you master

I missed being your slave master

Lots more rolling eyes, yes masters, mantras, entranced stares, kneeling with her arms straight out, crawling while made to feel fucked and used like never before, close ups of her beautiful ass and feet, screaming hard orgasms, breast play and nipple torture and slow entrancement.

First we take her down deep as she just stands there while slowly repeating, I am sinking into deep trance for you master. Needless to say, her eyes start to roll all the way back again as sinks into bliss. Of course we want to see her finger fuck her wet pussy until she is finally allowed to cum on my count of three. Again, I drop her right back under and start playing with her "wobbly" body. It gets really hot when I take her hand slowly up to her breasts to caress her nipples with the tips of her fingers. Touching her breast becomes as stimulating as playing with her clit. Don't you love the power of suggestions. Anyway, Jen goes nuts again when I make her caress her breast while increasing the sensitivity of her nipples. There is a lot more to come but I think it is time for you to just go ahead and watch the clip.



Jen Capone Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your willing slave master

I have no more control, I am your willing slave master

This next one is just as intense and it shows Jen being placed on the "fucking machine" chair while her arms feel helplessly pulled up in the air. Needless to say, her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions, her tits bounce while her eyes roll back when I set the "fucking machine" to its highest setting. She keeps screaming, I am your willing slave master, while being orgasmed on command. Time to drop her deeper again. Jen's eyes roll back at the snap of my fingers and now it is time to slowly pose her limp body, open her mouth while she stares into nothingness. Great close ups of her face, empty eyes, breasts and limp body. Let's watch her orgasm very slowly and intense, shall we?. Wait I have not even mentioned the bend over, ass out masturbation
yet. Jen pulls her ass cheeks apart to feel the penetration (I suggest her to feel) with even more intensity.




Jen Capone Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your foot and orgasm slave

This next segment is all about bondage while feeling helplessly fucked, and intense foot worship while being programmed. Of course there is a lot of begging, yes masters, rolling eyes, intense orgasms on command as well as repetitions going on as well. In other words, this one is just as intense as the last ones. Jen's entire body, including her big tits feel tied up with ropes, leaving her helpless and weak. Her beautiful body starts to quiver and shake under the intense penetration she is made to feel. Needless to say, she has to wait and beg before she is allowed to orgasm for us.

She keeps screaming, it feels good to have no control master. Now comes the part where she has to learn that pleasing her master with her feet by offering them to him, is intensely stimulating. Watching her show off her feet from every angle while caressing her pussy at the same time is hot. Again, she goes nuts and starts to beg me to allow her to cum. (Great close ups of her ass and feet at the same time btw.) Again, to describe every detail would take too long, besides nobody would read it anyways. I take my time, after putting her to sleep to take another very close look at her feet, body and eyes.




Jen Capone Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced slave training

I am your hypnotized slave master

This one starts off with Jen slowly waking up, a couple of times, for about 5 seconds and then slowly go back under with rolling eyes, of course. It is hot watching her come up and before she even knows what hits her, go back under. I decide to keep her asleep for her next orgasm (while holding her eyes open) After that one, I have her get up, entranced and zombie like and make walk back and forth through the room with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Her repetitions of, I am you hypnotized slave master, become slower and slower. Of course that is all just warm up.

Let's get to the absolutely intense "breath controlled" orgasm training. Jen goes nuts as she gasps for air while being hit by yet another orgasm. I have no control master. Watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions while only seeing the white in her eyes, is a thing of beauty. Finally she gives up all strength and energy and collapses into the couch. Time to take another close look at her body, do some eye checks, open her legs for a better view of her you know what, play with her neck and....




Jen Capone Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip

I am wonder woman, I fuck the universe

I can slap you with those

This next one is a bit different as it shows Jen, our sexy Wonder-woman, go from being a righteous crime fighter who tries to arrest me, to being a completely oversexed and somewhat stupid little bimbo who wants nothing more than to get fucked by me and everybody else in the universe. Really amazing segment. Needless to say that I warned her about using the "stun- " on me due to the fact that I had previously tinkered with it but of course she does not believe me. After a couple of "mindlessly dim moments" Jen has no other intentions than to slap me with her tits, get fucked by me, masturbate and what have you.

Te second part of this segment shows her waking up after a brief deepening and now she seems to have completely forgotten what wonder-women do. Am I glad I have a manual that explains all the things wonder-women do, like squeeze their breasts, masturbate while spreading their legs wide and drop into mindless bliss (with rolling eyes of course). What makes this even funnier is the fact that she believes to be very intimidating yet grateful for my help.



Jen Capone Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
W.T. F. are you doing to me

Unfreeze me so I can arrest you

Jen, our fierce Wonder-woman comes back after a brief deepening and now she is really pissed off. No more shenanigans, that is enough. Why does she try to use the "stun-" on me again? I guess, we will never know but it sure works like a charm again, except that this time, it turns her into a mindless foot slave who cannot get enough of showing me her feet and ass. Of course at some point we have to make her aware of her predicament but luckily by then, she is frozen solid and all she can do is bitch and threaten.

 I know, being frozen solid while threatening people is not very impressive but Jen does not seem to care about that. I have to say though, she does slow down when I place (and freeze) her hand over her mouth and nose, which we all know can lead to a lack of oxygen, but as soon as I remove the hand, she takes it all back and... No wonder she finds herself frozen again with her legs sticking up in the air while I am playing with her feet and make her cum of course. Too much to list. The waving hand renders her mindless and still for a while. The segment ends really funny as she just stands there, frozen yet fully aware, while I am leaving for lunch.




Jen Capone Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
It's not all about the big dick

Jen believes to be my ex-girlfriend who ran away right before the wedding just so she could be with her new boy-toy, you know, the one with the big dick. Besides all that, she was tired of having to look sexy and feminine for me. All that has changed because now she can live in a dump while wearing her sneakers and sweats. Oh well, suite yourself honey. Needless to say, I cannot just let her go without having at least one more round of fun with her. Sure enough, she does seem to want the wedding ring I had bought for her.

At first she bitches about the ring being fake but then, as soon as it flashes, none of that seem to matter anymore. Jen transforms (with a little help of my programming) into my personal robot/pleasure toy. Of course she learns to stand at attention, masturbate, salute, clean up her room, call me master and obey and acknowledge each order I give her by saying "yes master." At some point I decide to take her home so she can change into a cute and very sexy little outfit, after all, robots have to be pretty for their masters. Needless to say, by the time I am done with her, there is no other guy, big dick or not, even remotely interesting to her any more.




Jen Capone Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
It never felt this good

Nobody else can make me cum like this. This next segment shows Jen, who still believes to be my ex-girl friend, go through rigorous slave and obedience training which makes her a "good little girl" for her master. Of course at first, she wakes up bitching and complaining about the fact that she is back at my place.

Needless to say, the "ring" gets rid of her pesky personality and she is ready for training as she goes under with rolling eyes. Jen gets incredibly aroused as soon as she feels under my control again. She is ordered to masturbate without being allowed to cum which drives her up the wall. Time to suck out the rest of her mind and will. Her beautiful eyes are glued to the "flashing light" while her eyes slowly drift back into her head.

Jen's sexy body goes into lustful convulsions and almost falls to the floor when she is finally allowed to explode. Placed on all four, she now learns that nobody can make her feel helplessly fucked and taken like this, except for her master. Our little girl keeps begging for more while screaming, nobody else can make me feel like this. Finally obedient, she is put back into mindless bliss while standing frozen in the sleepwalker position.



Jen Capone Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't have a name

I cannot control this

Jen is still frozen in the sleepwalker position when I decide to wave my hand in front of her eyes (just to make sure that there is nobody home) and then program her a bit for more fun. The second my still somewhat reluctant ex-girlfriend snaps out of it, she complaints about the fact that she cannot seem to move. She does admit though, that she enjoyed some of my training and the fact that she feels
completely powerless seems to really turn her on. Her sexy little (frozen) body quivers and shakes under the intense orgasm I give her, which makes it perfectly clear to her that she does whatever I want. It is really hot to watch her putting up a futile fight until she realizes that she has absolutely no control over any of this. Hearing her admitting it makes it even better.

 The waving hand does exactly what I told her it would do, it renders her mindless and obedient. The only thing she remembers now is that she is an obedient love slave with no name. Looks like the description is getting lengthy again and I have not even gotten to the mind and power games, her surrender, more freeze fun, unexpected orgasms and so much more. It gets really intense towards the end where she begs to be with me and only me. Lets watch her walk to the bedroom, mindlessly dim and with her arms stretched out in front of her.




Jen Capone Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I have spunk

Jen who believes to be the spokes model for a new lotion called 'Entrancement" thinks that the idea that a lotion can actually entrance women and with that, make them more compliant with their husbands needs and desires, seem a bit too farfetched. Well, let's see what happens when she breathes it in. There we go, just as I thought, she drops into mindless bliss. Let's try this again and again and... At some point I make her remove her top and lift her skirt but whenever I snap her out of it, she seems to not notice the changes. Oh well, I some point I do make her aware of the fact that her tits are out which makes her feel very embarrassed and apologetic.

Poor thing, still has no clue. She even mentions that she would not be the type who can be entranced easily which gives me the idea to ask her whether she would mind an experiment. Of course she does not, I mean, what can be so dangerous about looking at my eyes. Oops, there she goes again. It is really a lot of fun watching her go under over and over in the middle of telling me how strong, energetic and focused she is. Eye checks, limp body play and...




Jen Capone Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Another itchy finger

Of course I have high moral standards

This next one not only shows Jen having a really hard time with her "itchy finger" but also with severe concentration problems (falling asleep for no reason), the need to masturbate without realizing it, exposing her breasts and pussy in public and so much more. Jen really tries to impress me in this one but then all those strange things I mentioned above seem to happen to her which leaves her terribly confused and embarrassed at times. BTW, in case you are not familiar with the "itching finger" here is the explanation for the strange phenomenon. Jen's finger is terribly itchy and every time she tries to scratch it, she feels penetrated while her pussy is being licked hard. Imagine what that can do to a normally not oversexed young girl.



Jen Capone Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
No sleeping problem here.

This next one is short and sweet. Jen, who still tries to impress me with her work ethic and high moral standards, gets progressively tiered and unresponsive during our interview. Could it be that I am boring her to sleep or is she under some hypnotic spell that makes her slowly but surely (lots of yawning) and despite her struggle and fight to overcome her sleepiness, go out. Well, this being the last clip for Jen, I decide to take my time playing with her limp body, neck and so on.





Jen Capone Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

"Jen unit will comply". "Human emulation chip activated". "Initiating sexual subroutines now".

 Hi I'm Jen, I have been reconfigured as a Pleasurebot. I am designed and programmed to fulfill your every sexual desire.

 Thank you for reprogramming me master… You may command me now.

Jen: I guess I'm just a little nervous, I'll still be me won't I? Frank: Once the procedure is complete, all of your memories, experiences and brainwave patterns will be transferred directly into the android body that we've prepared. Your consciousness will exist within the mechanical construct, so in regards to your question, you'll still be you. Jen looks over to see a body beneath a sheet next to her, she then lays back and closes her eyes as she braces for the device to transfer her consciousness into her new robot body.

 Jen wakes up after the surgery and begins to sate: "Initiating program Jen one... loading, loading…Hi! I'm Jen".  Suddenly Jen's expression changes to one of serious concern...What might have happened? Did Dr. Frank Goldbaum not only transfer but also change her personality and would that explain why she reluctantly feels like a sex object? Can she trust the doc or will he play with her and turn her into his sex slave?! Surprise ending.


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