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Jen Capone Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There are no long term effects of...

You seem very friendly

Tits and ass, and cats

Jen Capone, beautiful, exotic, kinky, naturally horny and certainly a great subject, seemed more than eager to come back for another session and who am I to say. I don't think there is anything I have not mentioned about her and or anything you guys don't already know about her so I think we can go right into the action here. Enjoy fantastic eye rolling moments, intense orgasms, lots of mind games and lots of new and interesting twist.

I took some time to program her over the phone when we scheduled the "appointment" and it worked beautifully. Jen came into the studio believing that she was seeing a new hypnotist who was just starting his website and had no experience what so ever.

The fun begins when we start talking as if we had never met and Jen was proud to tell me that she had a bit of experience with hypnosis and that she could help me (the inexperienced guy) with the whole thing. I know it is funny but what makes it even funnier is the fact that she is under post hypnotic triggers.

To make a long story short, the click of the camera makes her pull out her big natural breasts while talking about them. Do you like hard nipples? I sure do. She even wants me to touch them. Suddenly though she snaps out of it and yes, she seems quite baffled. Next trigger makes her flash that beautiful ass of hers. Oops.

My question whether she is a OR CAT person turns her into a meowing, paw licking, laser chasing, prancing, horny and eventually fucked little kitten.

It gets even better when she suddenly feels like herself again but now she can only meow (instead of talking) Poor thing gets all frustrated trying to express herself.

Limp body play and sleeepy orgasm, eye checks and more...

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Jen Capone Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't drink much

Here we get to enjoy watching Jen getting slowly but surely drunk, sloppy, horny, giggly and so on until she eventually passes-out on the floor. Just like before, Jen does not remember much at all and she keeps explaining why she does not believe in the long-term effects of hypnosis while getting more and more fu...up with every snap of my fingers. Of course she gets horny and uninhibited which makes her talk about her wet fingers. Guess why her fingers might be wet. Really great segment, lots of stumbling, rolling around, silly sloppy talk and so much more.

After she goes down, I take my time to mess with our limp beauty.




Jen Capone Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Dancing shoes

Jen slowly comes to and again she has no clue as to what happened. Our girl does not even notice that her big tits are out. Anyway, she puts on her shoes and that is when it happens. Looks like no matter how hard I try, she just cannot stop dancing and moving around which can be disturbing, particularly given the fact that I want to take some "still" shots of her. You should hear how she tries to explain herself and or try to change my mind about the "still" pictures I was trying to take.

At some point, I decide to have mercy with her and to use the "slow sleeep" trigger which makes her go out in mid-sentence while telling me that she does not feel anything. More limp play and eye checks.




Jen Capone Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
The Ring of transformation

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Rolling white eyes are just the beginning

Jen still has no clue as to what is going on when she wakes up while still shaking her tits for us. Now it is time to let her feel who her master is. Jen, who is naturally curios, picks up the flashing ring and, sure enough, drops into deep trance. You are my master. Her big eyes stare off into nothingness while she is programmed to mindlessly show off her feet. Her hands slowly and seductively move down her legs, she removes her shoes and pantyhose and then she offers us her feet. What follows next is a whole lot of rolling white eyes, intense screaming hard orgasms, foot talk and seductive play, orgasm on my touch and more.

Of course there is more. Next she put on all four so that we get a full view of her great ass and feet while she is ordered to pleasure herself for us. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you master until my hand on her throat puts her to sleep. More limp body play, mouth, neck, eye checks and of course feet are yet to come.




Jen Capone Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Zombiefied slave

Let's start with some Highlights : Lots of rolling while eyed entrancement, slow and mindless repetition of mantras, screaming hard orgasms after begging for it, mindless blank masturbation, jiggling tits, being mindlessly posed and moved while repeating, "I am you Mannequin master" as well as long and seductive limp body play.

Now, before all the above happens, we have her wake up thinking that I am the "new hypnotist" who had invited her for a shoot. Jen wakes up confused and too weak to move her limp body while I am messing with her. Her big eyes look around, trying to make sense of all this while she is unable to speak. Needless to say, she is brought to orgasm, despite her thoughts about all this and eventually put back to sleep by my hand on her throat. Really hot to watch




Jen Capone Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no control master

Short and sweet. Here we get to enjoy watching her crawl, beg and being made to feel fucked from behind. I tell you guys, that girl has a great ass, you will see. She keeps screaming, I have no control master while her big breast jiggle all over her chest. Suddenly, she is put to sleep by the "invisible hand over her mouth and nose. Long slow and seductive limp play including her well taken care of feet.



Jen Capone Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
A chair does not make people cum

Jen, who now believes to be at a photo shoot with a photographer she has worked with before, does not seem to believe that Robot/space movies are all that serious. In fact she thinks they are a bit hooky. No, this is not a robot clip but it leads into the next one. Here we actually get to enjoy watching our, quite full of herself, young model being brought to orgasm, every time she sits down on the chair. Somehow she seems to feel the chair as being a giant vibrator that makes her cum. Needless to say, she denies all that but when she tries it again, the same thing happens, despite her trying to prevent it. Jen even goes as far as to explain her "spastic behavior" with cramps. Maybe it is just a little G




Jen Capone Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo space and the pesky nano-bots

Slow release of "nano-bots" into the system

Your time as human is coming to an end

Finally we get to turn Jen into an obedient robot thanks to the help of the Nano-bot injecting space . Of course there is nothing injected but it never the less does the trick thanks to the power of the mind. Jen at first cocky and certain that the idea of turning women into robots is absurd, stands at attention and is now ready for programming.

First we test her by placing a thrusting vibrator on her pussy without activating her arousal program and as expected, she does not seem to feel it. Of course that is all just warm up. There is a lot of programming, activation as well as deactivation of programs, hard orgasms, stiff moves, mechanical talk (monotone robotic) and so much more yet to come. At some point, Jen's memory of being human comes back while she is stuck in her (set to minimum Power) robot body while still feeling the thrusting vibrator on her clit. OH yes, it gets really hot from here.




Jen Capone Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Side effects of Mind Munchies may...

I take my job serious

Jen believes to work for one of the major airlines and it is her job to test the new "candy snack" that has been developed by my food company. Of course she has to make sure that the new snacks are suitable for the airline passengers, after all, the airlines reputation is at stake. What follows is really absolutely mind-blowing. Jen, who makes it very clear how serious she takes her job, thoroughly inspects the candy, munches on them and eventually becomes hooked. Her transformation from being the serious airline employee to becoming a horny, oversexed, giggly fuck bunny who even deteriorates into a mindless empty shell of herself, is absolutely amazing to watch. Our little girl seems to lose all inhibition while begging to get fucked. I am a firkin horny bimbo. More ROLLING WHITE EYES  




Jen Capone Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Sugar may cause stiffness

Jen, our sexy airline employee, has no idea that our newly developed candy can have side effects, like sudden stiffness and loss of mind. Of course she finds all that out as soon as she starts munching on those candies again. First she does not seem to feel anything but then it hits her in mid sentence. Needless to say, my time to mess with her (freeze one of those candies in her mouth, bring her to orgasm, forget to remove the vibrator I just wedged into her panties and so much more) has finally come.




Jen Capone Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Want to see a touch dominatrix being frozen, spanked while stiffly bent over, being turned into a sexy, laser chasing pussy-cat, put to sleep a few times for more spankings and limp body play and orgasmed at will? Well go ahead and enjoy this one. Jen who now believes to be a dominatrix, here to train me, finds out the hard way that the Candy, she so loves to eat, has yet another side effect. I have to say, Jen can be quite dominant and bitchy if she wants to but it does not help her at all. In the midst of her bitching (and chewing the candy) she turns into a yes master babbling slave.

All that changes quickly when I let her become aware again. Unfortunately for her though, she is now frozen while bend over the chair. Time to let her taste some of her own medicine (whip her ass) There is way too much going on to describe it all but at some point we get to enjoy her meowing and prancing like a little kitten. Of course she is made to feel fucked and used by..... Wait until you see what happens when she becomes aware again and finds out that she can only meow instead speaking.




Jen Capone Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Go back into your cage

In this last segment we get to enjoy our by now fuming dominatrix being made to feel tickled whenever she wants to appear real tough, which makes it really not easy to take her serious. Of course that does not improve her mood one bit. Looks like it is time to take her back under into deep trance (great white rolling eyes) and to make it clear to her that she is merely a slave who is trained to masturbate and orgasm on my command.

Jen drops to her knees and I can feel she is close to orgasm which makes me decide to put her to sleep, just so she can feel my power once more. Now it is time to play with her limp body, sit her up, make her cum while holding her eyes open and so much more.

Our touch dominatrix ends up begging me to hypnotize her!




Jen Capone Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh yes, the Glitchy 1,000 series, please have a seat

Jen sits down on a stool in the center of the room. Next to the stool is a stand with a laptop, various cables, tools and misc circuitry. FRANK So what seems to be the problem darling.

JEN I.…seem to be….mal…. malfunctioning. As you can see, it’s getting harder for me to pass as human…. I’m a dancer at Cheetah's and I almost short circuited on stage last night, luckily everybody thought I was trying out some new dance moves. If my boss finds out that I’m android, He’ll reprogram me for sure. I don’t want to be turned into a mindless Pleasurebot, a mindless Pleasurebot. Pleasurebot.. Pleasurebot.. …..Oh I’m getting worse! Can you help me?

FRANK Sure thing Darling, but it’ll cost you. Sounds like you need a major overhaul, how exactly do you plan to pay?

JEN I only have $500.00 right now, I can pay you more next week, once I’ve been repaired.

FRANK Sorry Darling, I don’t do next week, and $500.00 just isn’t going to cut it.
JEN I am designed to function as a human female, designed to function as human a human female, to function as human a human female…… Once I am fully functional I will please you FRANK I like the way you think Darling, it’s a deal.

Frank walks behind Jen and partially lifts her top her to reach her primary access panel. He instructs her to stand, inserts several tool into her back and begins to make adjustment to and test her responses.

FRANK Wow you 3000 series are a lot more complicated than the robots I normally work on. I’ve never seen so many foreign components. Oh well we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

JEN What? You said that you had repaired dozens of units like me before.

FRANK I meant other pleasure units, mostly 1900 & 2000 series models, don’t you worry robots are robots, I’ll figure it out.

JEN I don’t think this is such a good Idea…..I think I better find someone else to fix me, find someone else to fix me, fix me…..Error……Error….misaligned chipset…….Hey what are you doing to me?......Malfunction.....Malfunction…….Stop that!...You’re making it worse.


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