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Jen Capone Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Rolling deep

Jen Capone, beautiful hot blooded and fiery Latina with the most amazing (rolling) eyes, had been trained about three years ago and she certainly was overdue for another visit. I ran into her at this year's fetish convention in Tampa and I immediately remembered her beautiful rolling eyes as well as the fact that she was an amazingly good subject. Most of our long time viewers will remember her and what a big hit her session was and I am certain that everybody who has not seen her first session, will definitely fall in lust with her, just like I did. Jen is really a wonderful girl and I am more than glad that we pumped into each other during the convention. Get ready for some hot, fiery and very sensual action as well as lots of white eyed entrancement.

It is nice and shiny

I had prepped Jen briefly during the convention to not remember the first session and to show up at the studio without exactly knowing what the shoot was all about. Sure enough though, our unsuspecting sweetie went under like a rock as soon as she saw the crystal (rapid induction) I made her remember how intensely arousing it felt the first time, to hand over control and to let go of inhibitions. Jen's sexy body reacts almost instantaneously to my suggestions by starting to quiver and shake. Her eyes roll back as she drops right back under my control. It gets intense quickly as soon as she feels fucked and mercilessly orgasmed at will. I can feel that she remembers the excitement that comes with being controlled without having a mind, thought or will of her own.

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Jen Capone Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just your helpless slave master

Jen has shown already that she is back under control and now it is time for her to feel that her body and mine are mine. I have her slowly remove her shoes (great close ups of her cute feet) before taking her deeper. Her repetitions of, all I want to do, is obey my master, are slow and monotone, her eyes roll back and she falls backwards on the couch (no worries, she landed softly and did not even notice it) Now it is time for her to proof and let me feel how much she wants to please and obey.

Ordered to masturbate, Jen goes nuts trying to make herself cum for me. She keeps screaming, Iam cuming for you master and every repetition makes her feel even more aroused until it makes her cum hard. I know that Jen likes ropes and the idea of being tied up turns her on. Suddenly her hands feel forced and tied up behind her back. Jen's sexy body quivers and squirms under the pressure. The repetitions of, I am your helpless slave master, become so intense and again, she is orgasmed on command. Now she has to learn that I can make her cum at any time. Unable to masturbate, she is made to feel the caressing strokes right on her pussy, just as if her hand was still there.

Jen almost falls down again when another orgasm hits her extremely hard. Still, there is more. Bend over the couch with her beautiful cherry ass pushed out at me, she is made to feel pounded and used from behind. She screams, I surrender to you master and....



Jen Capone Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Drained orgasm slave

Highlights: Crawling, kneeling, begging, slow and monotone reps of mantras, fucking machine ride, lots of rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasms on command, mental bondage, laser induced mind and will reduction, mindless stares and grateful surrender to her master.

Describing the intensity of Jen's session is quite impossible. Here we see her getting hot and sweaty while tears are running down her cheeks from all the stares. Jen of course does not notice any of this. I think I mentioned that she is an amazingly good subject who drops very, very deep at the snap of my fingers. Jen feels her arms and hands forcefully pulled behind her back as she stares mindlessly into the laser light. Suddenly she is made to feel the thrusting vibrator between her legs and before long, her body goes into lustful convulsions (indescribable intensity) She keeps repeating, thank you for allowing me to please you master and I am your orgasm slave. Of course there is a lot more to come, from slow and intense mind reduction, screaming hard orgasms, the invisible fucking machine to the crawling, sleep walker pose, rolling eyes and, and, and. Did I mention her juicy tits and...



Jen Capone Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless orgasm slave

Jen is placed on the couch and ordered to masturbate while pinching her nipples with the other hand. She screams, I am your mindless orgasm slave. Every repetition drives her closer to orgasm but she is not allowed to cum; after all, she has to feel who is in charge of her body and mind. Our little girl is starting to get really hot and now she starts begging me to allow her to cum for me. I mentioned it before but the intensity of her surrender is hard to describe. Placed in the zombie pose with her arms stretched out in front of her, she slowly repeats, I hear you and obey you master, over and over. Sure enough, her eyes roll back as she mindlessly stares into the laser light. All of a sudden she falls back on the couch without noticing it.

Jen really drops deep and her body responds by losing all strength. Let's have some fun with her feet, shall we? Jen is suddenly obsessed with her feet (power of suggestion) Her eyes are mindlessly dim, her body quivers and shakes while she is slowly showing off her feet. Aroused by the fact that she is pleasing her master, Jen can now easily be orgasmed by me touching the bottom of her feet. Mantra: I am your foot slave master. Lots of rolling eyes, mindless stares, foot worship, lustful screams and intense orgasms.



Jen Capone Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection

Jen is placed on her knees, her hands feel tied up behind her back and her feet are bound. Her body (as far as it can move) quiver and shakes as she feels the rope cutting into her skin. Great close ups of her feet, ass and face at the same time, btw. I pull her head back and her big eyes stare up at me. I can feel that she has surrendered but I want more. Suddenly she is made to feel the thrust of a vibrator on her pussy. The little girl goes nuts when she feels helplessly orgasmed at will. She keeps repeating, control me master which intensifies the orgasm even more. Now she is ready to be prepared for her final surrender. Her eyes stare up at the rotating light as she drops into mindless bliss while her eyes roll back.

Her hands are pulled between her legs without her having any control over it and she starts to pleasure herself. She is not allowed to breath which drives her absolutely crazy for lust. Jen eventually comes so hard that her exhausted body falls off the couch( I tell you, they love those breath controlled ones) Her repetitions of, I am your controlled puppet become slower and slower as all energy and strength is drained out of her. Jen literally orgasms herself to sleep while she releases all of her strength into her master. Of course we are not quite done yet. Sleepy orgasm while I am holding her eyes open, eye and limp body checks and...



Jen Capone Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are dismissed

Body lotion with side effects, please read warning label as it might cause slow loss of mind, loss of muscle control and brain freeze.

Jen, my beautiful yet not very understanding boss, seems quite upset that I missed my deadline to produce a new body lotion for our female customers. Being the boss of a major cosmetic company might be stressful but does she have to be so mean. Anyway, I mention that the lotion is almost ready but that there are still a couple of things I have to test before releasing it to the public. Needless to say, she believes that the lotion sample I gave her is just fine and ready to be sold. In fact, she really loves the smell and feel of it. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to warn her but that only leads to her throwing me out of the office. Jen really loves applying the lotion as it seems to make her feel soooo... still and mindless. Oops, I think I warned you honey. My little boss just sits there, dim and mindless and definitely ready to be played with. I make her breath in more of the scent of the lotion until her eyes slowly roll back. Let's have her strip, assume the zombie position and then mess with her a bit, shall we?



Jen Capone Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a fuck toy

I am a horny slut that likes to get fucked from behind

Body lotion with side effects, please read warning label as it might cause mindlessness, the need to get fucked from behind and to announce it to all the other employees via intercom, extreme arousal as well as extreme sleepiness upon awakening.

After putting my horny yet mindless boss through the above described, I decide to snap her out of it feeling like my tough boss again. I think she would have kicked my ass but unfortunately for her, she is way too tired to even get up of the chair, despite her struggle. Tears, rolling eyes, female training, zombie pose and lots of fun.



Jen Capone Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by muscle stiffness

I am a mindless bimbo, I am here to be fucked

Body lotion with side effects, please read warning label as it might cause mindlessness, muscle stiffness which can lead to being frozen, unforeseen and unwanted orgasms, begging the wrong people for help, embarrassing nakedness and being easily controlled by a male.

Jen comments, her way to explain all this, her determination not to orgasm for me, her bitching and here again, the way she explains in all seriousness what might have happened to her, is priceless.

First though, we have her wake up, not remembering what just happened. Needless to say, she gives me a hard time about not having the lotion on time. Again, my warnings go unheard and she dismisses me again. Watching her slowly freeze up is fun, trying to explain what might have happened, is even funnier. Jen is a wonderful freeze subject and this clip is hot and really fun to watch. Directors choice.



Jen Capone Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Where is Jen Capone

Jen, our not so friendly cop, is looking for a lost jogger ( see Jen's first visit and it will all make sense) who was last seen entering my house. Needless to say, she seems a bit disturbed by all the "weird" things in my place but she really gets upset when I tell her that I turn women into obedient robots and that Jen was one of my better victims who took very well to the transformation process. First she seems confused but then it hits her what I mean by all this. Unfortunately for her though, it is already too late to fight.

The chair she is sitting on, is activated and with that, her mind dims and the transformation begins. Her emotions and thoughts as well as mind and will are replaced by programs and the fun begins. Robot Jen is ordered to salute, pleasure herself and eventually orgasmed at level two setting of her orgasm program. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that; everything from programming, robo walk, arms out in front pose, repetitions of orders, yes masters, rolling eyes and, and...



Jen Capone Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the law

Officer Jen wakes up suffering from short term amnesia. The poor thing is not even aware of the fact that her tits are out but that is how we like it. This time she seems determined to find out what happened to the young jogger who got lost in the neighborhood. Imagine her shock when I tell her that Jen had been hypnotized and that she now works as a foot slave in some shady establishment. Well, she does not believe the story about the hypnosis, after all that does not work, but she still wants to take me in for further questioning. We cannot have that honey.

Jen goes down with rolling eyes as soon as the light hits her forehead and now, she herself is turned into an obedient slave who is obsessed with showing of her feet for her master. She slowly takes off her boots as she becomes more and more aroused. Now we get to see her sexy feet from every angle as the camera pans slowly over her legs, feet and mindless face. Of course we need to have a little more fun with our young cop. Aware yet helplessly frozen, she has no other choice than to let me introduce her to those very sensitive (orgasmic) spots under her feet.

We are still not done. After having been orgasmed by the lightsaber (not really what she had in mind) officer Jen is taken down again, into a more manageable state of mind.. Now she tells us about her feet, the little wrinkles, her high arch and so on. Lots of rolling eyes, foot worship with amazing close ups, yes/no orgasms, bitching and entrancement.




Jen Capone Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I have just about enough of thi.....

We shall see how much you are going to laugh behind bars, mister

Officer Jen seems to be helplessly stuck to the chair she is sitting on. Now, that would not be so bad if it weren't for me making fun of her and her funny ways of trying to arrest me. Jen goes off as she threatens me with all kinds of consequences and what have you. This is really funny and her comments are deeply felt and priceless. Things get worse when she suddenly feels tickled by the dam chair. Still unable to get off the chair, she keeps bitching and threatening me again. Time to send her back into mindless stillness, in mid sentence of course. I will have my crew ta... More tickling, bitching, rolling eyes and unwanted orgasms yet to cum. Why does she leave happy while being completely unaware of the fact that her tits are exposed. Go find out.



Jen Capone Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
America has many talents

Jen the show host of, "America has many talents" does not seem to believe that what I do, is much of a talent. After all, entrancing people does not work. Or does it? Well if it does not work, why the hell is she slowly going to sleep despite her futile attempts to stay awake and why does she take off her dress without even realizing it. I guess we will never know because when she wakes up from her brief slumber she goes out like a rock again, and again and... Of course she has to defend her point of view that all this does not work until the bitter end.



Jen Capone Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no talent

For this last segment of her session I decided to take our disbelieving show host on a bit of a roller coaster ride. First off though, she still insists that it all does not work as she blows her nose (after sneezing) with her panties. What makes it even funnier is the fact that the snap of my fingers makes her aware of what she just did. Watch her reaction, it is priceless. Still though, it all does not work. A view seconds after looking at my eyes while I am talking to her, she drops her into mindless trance, with rolling eyes that is. Of course there is a lot more to come. Our disbeliever is turned into an obedient slave, a well programmed robot and orgasmed while waking up. Needless to say she denies the orgasm. It all ends with her being fully aware yet stuck in a robot body which leaves her no choice than to salute me, play with her breasts and.. Will she finally believe in my talent?



Jen Capone Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Why am I not OK

I knew right away, when she came to the store, that she was lying about wanting to upgrade her old desk top with some of the parts she was looking for but I played along. The parts she was looking for were for an outlawed pleasure bot that had been taken of the market years ago for safety reasons. Well, what can I say, eventually they all come to see me to replace some of the faulty circuits and that is how I make some of my money. I know, selling them an even more screwed up chip and some circuits might not be all that ethical but turning them in after they malfunction, does make good money for somebody like me who cannot be too picky. Anyway, she walks off with her new parts and all I had to do, was to follow her home, wait until she puts it in and then take her in after she malfunctions. I have done it a dozen times but this time things got a little screwed up. I think giving in to her attempts to sway me by offering sex was my first mistake but as we all know, the flesh is weak. Lots of malfunctions, repairs, hot and steamy action, sound effects and, and...


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