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Jen Capone Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


It feels so good to let go of inhibitions

Jen Capone, hot Cuban girl with a body to dream of, had heard about my sessions from her playmates, Megan and Nikki. Who would ever be able to forget those two, right? On the first glance Jen seems quite, almost shy but once you look into her eyes and start talking to her you can see and feel the fire that's burning deep down inside. The second I saw her, I just knew I had to put her under and unleash her wild side. The fact that Jen has the most beautiful natural D cup breast (wait until you see them jiggle and sway) and an ass to go nuts over, certainly made it even more fun to play with her. Did I mention her sweet and pleasing attitude or her soft and gentle demeanor? After having said all this it seems a bit strange that Jen believes to be more dominant than submissive, doesn't it? Well, I guess there is only one way to find out. Let's take her under and see what happens.

The first part of her session starts with the balloon test, the swinging watch and a whole lot of flickering eyelids. In other words, Jen could not stop her hands from rising and then when down like a rock.



Jen Capone Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Stripped of all inhibitions and will

Helplessly stripped of her inhibitions, Jen is kept at the brink of a very powerful orgasm until she surrenders her will. The desire to cum for me and the need to prove that she is a good little girl slowly but surely makes her give up and she begs me to allow her to orgasm. Make me a good little girl, master. Jen's sexy young body is quivering and shaking and her moaning and groaning seems to get louder with every word I say. When I finally allow her to surrender and give it up, Jen is We will be adding her clip series over the next few days. Due to the nature of our stories we always update towards the bottom in order to keep the story line in tact.. Check for up dates!!!


Jen Capone Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly follow and obey

First use of mantras and mind removal

The first orgasm in the session is always the most exciting one for me. Now that we got that out of the way (see clip two) it is time for the open eyed and mindless orgasm. Why open eyed? Just because I like it and it is so very unnatural to cum like this, which in turn shows how deep and suggestible the subject really is. Of course there is a lot more going on than just open eyed orgasms. Jen's mind and thoughts are slowly drained out, leaving her a horny, begging and very emotional sex toy. Jen is incredibly horny and her young body is seemingly out of control which makes it impossible for her to stop Cumming. Mantras like "I mindlessly follow and obey� or �I have no choice and take my thoughts and mind", take her into an amazingly deep state of bliss.


Jen Capone Clip IV Click here to view this clip
I was born to be your slave

Intense eye rolling and complete surrender

I can feel how much Jen wants to show me what a good little girl she is and how much she wants to serve me. It is amazing what can happen once you bring out the deepest hidden fantasies in people. In Jen's case, it is the desire to submit, which by the way is something she never knew about herself. On her knees, with her beautiful big brown eyes wide open, Jen goes even deeper. Her eyes start to roll into the back of her head and her voice is slow and monotone when she repeats: "I was born to be your slave." By the time I orgasm her on the count of three, my hot Cuban beauty is already in never never land. Very intense and it shows again her complete surrender.



Jen Capone Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I have surrendered to you

My mind and body is yours

Another hot one with lots of action. First Jen is frozen and helplessly orgasmed on my command. Her body is shivering under the orgasm, her eyes are wide open and I can feel her letting go completely. Of course that is just the warm up. Ordered to masturbate and finger fuck herself, Jen drifts even further into the abyss. Her eyes are rolling back again, leaving only the white in her eyes and driven by her own lust, my sexy Cuban surrenders the rest of her mind. There is only one master, looks like my horny girl needs a break after all this. The eye check at the end of the clip shows how far down she is and all you see is the white in her big eyes. I just love the way her big tits bounce and jiggle.


Jen Capone Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
This stuff just does not work

Jen, who believes to be on national TV, simply can not imagine that what I do could possibly work. We are here today to find out how suggestible our show candidates are and as I mentioned, Jen is in the group of our non-believers. Why does she freeze up in mid sentence when I mention the color blue or why does she start to pleasure herself with a vibrator when I mention the color yellow? I guess I will never know the answer to those questions.

The fun part is that whenever I snap her out of it, my doubtful test candidate keeps apologizing for whatever strange situation she finds herself in. Looks like she does not remember what just happened. Naturally, Jen feels very embarrassed when she suddenly realizes that her tits are hanging out. Wait until you see what happens when she snaps out of it, realizing that there is a thrusting vibrator in her pussy. You think she is going to admit that one on national TV? The way Jen tries to hide what's going on and her desperate attempt to stop the orgasm from happening is just hilarious.


Jen Capone Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
No way I was awake the whole time

Eyes rolled in the back of her head and still a non believer.

Jen still does not seem to get it. After more embarrassment about what just happened, she starts to strip after I mention the color red, I wonder why? Anyway, snapped out of that one, Jen is suddenly aware of the fact that she is butt naked on national TV and believe it or not, she still does not believe that she was just under. No way, I was awake the whole time. Ok let's try something else. How about looking at my finger and losing your mind. Jen's eyes seem to roll into the back of her head while she drops and my young girl is gone before she even knows it. No way, I was awake the whole time. No shit.




Jen Capone Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The other woman in the sauna

Jen believes to be in a sauna with another woman. Why she thinks I am a woman, I will never know but it is a good thing because it makes her feel so much more relaxed. Jen, just like the other woman feels a lot safer to be in a women's only sauna. The two are talking about these terrible coed saunas where the men seem to have nothing better to do than to stare at all the women. All of a sudden the other woman starts to hit on Jen, making her feel very uncomfortable. The other woman does not give Jen a chance to leave and before Jen even knows what hits her, she is slowly rendered mindless by her. Yes mistress, I will follow and obey. Jen after being drained of her thoughts and will, is forced to masturbate and then orgasmed at will. Mindless and willing, Jen obeys her new owner.

Snapped out of it again, Jen feels just as comfortable as before and naturally she does not mind to run around naked in front of her. Her freedom does not last for too long and all of a sudden she is rendered mindless again. Her training continues until she is so exhausted that she does not even feel the vibrator between her legs or the eye checks for that matter. Very hot, lots of action and only a short part of the rather lengthy inductions... Did I mention the bouncing and jiggling tits?


Jen Capone Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Jogger

This next one is a great example for how being at the wrong place at the wrong time and of course being too nosy can get a young girl in trouble. Believing that she has lost her way during her morning jog in the new neighborhood, Jen stops by the wrong house to ask for directions. Naturally, I am trying my best to get her back on her way but I do need to get my map and a pen to write down the directions. The second I leave the room, Jens starts to test my new experimental fragrances, right there on the table in front of her. Was she warned not to touch anything? Did I mention that those are experimental fragrances and that they should not been tested on humans yet, due to some bad experiences in the past.

Absolutely, Jen is warned but maybe, being a woman and all, that is exactly why she can not seem to stay away from them. I was even nice enough to mention that breathing in the above mentioned fragrances could cause a severe loss of brain activity combined with an overly stimulated libido. In other words the fragrances could cause her to become a mindless, oversexed love slave. Sure enough, after a few deep breaths, Jen's little mind is gone and my new love slave is ready to be trained. What follows is a lot of yes masters, bend over ass out finger fucking, forced and denied orgasms, the lipstick vibrator masturbation with a mindless ending as well as lots of jiggling and bouncing tits. Thank you master for training me so well.


Jen Capone Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless slave

I decided to split this segment into two parts for all of our viewers with a slower Internet connection. In part two our mindless oversexed Jogger is again brought to the brink of a very powerful orgasm and I decide to mute her and then stop her breathing. Finally allowed to orgasm with her eyes wide open, Jen has no choice but to let the energy of this deep, hard orgasm, circulate through her entire body, over and over that is. Breath controlled orgasms are very powerful and show the ultimate surrender. Breathing releases a lot of energy, which when kept in can intensify the orgasm. Sure enough, her young body is quivering and shaking and she just can not stop Cumming. It is very hot to see her total surrender in her wide open (rolled back) eyes. Next comes the slave walk with her arms stretched out in front of her, Jen walks in a circle while repeating, very slow and monotone: "I am your slave."


Jen Capone Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Flower with a side effect

Smelling the flowers makes a girl freeze up

Jen is our new model for the Hawaiian Bikini line. Excited to be at her first photo shoot, Jen tries her best to impress me, the director. I just wish she would go out to dinner with me but it seems like she does not want to go quite that far. Jen gives me the I have a boyfriend line and something about my wife might not like it. OK then, let's go on with the shoot. Of course, what is a Hawaiian Bikini line without flowers. Problem is our flowers seem to have a very interesting side effect, at least on Jen.

The second she takes a nice deep breath to smell them, her sexy body freezes up and her little mind goes away. Sorry, I can not tell you where I bought them nor can I tell you the name of the flowers. Anyway, now it is time to play with her. Snapped out of it, Jen seems to suffer from short term amnesia. Not remembering a thing, she does not even realize that her top is, let's say, rearranged. Believe it or not she smells the flowers again and ends up just as frozen but this time aware of what is going on. The poor thing is now orgasmed by those tricky flowers and for some reason goes blank again, after some complaining of course. There is a lot more happening but this description is getting way too long. Go watch it.

Jen Capone Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmic feet

Tickled and orgasmed

After her zombie walk to the bedroom, my sweet Hawaiian model is now tickled senseless. Her curvy little body is quivering and shaking all over the bed. Please stop, not my feet. The strange think about all this is that I have not even touched her. All of a sudden things change and now it seems like the entire bed has turned into a giant vibrator. Jen slowly changes from feeling tickled to feeling highly orgasmic. Strange but this time she does not beg me to stop. Forced to orgasm, Jen seems very exhausted already but it is too early to put her back to sleep. After another suggestion of mine, Jen all of a sudden seems to be unable to stay away from her feet, it seems like touching them makes her feel aroused. Have you ever seen a girl have an orgasm in her feet. Go check it out.

Jen Capone Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not think I would like that

Too bad but it is going to happen anyway

Jen believes to be an actress who is playing a hooker in my newest movie. Unfortunately, the idea of going out with me does not seem to appeal to her at all. My preference for well programmed robot like women seems to be even stranger to her than my funny idea of going out with her. Now that is sad and luckily there is the magic wand which by the way, Jen believes to be a new lighter. Yes you guessed it, using the lighter is part of her role in the movie and yes you are right again, the second she tries to light it, my sexy little hooker turns ROBOT. Too bad, but remember I told you so. Jen is ready for her training and strips right away.

Jen Capone Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I still do not think I like that

After being taken to the bedroom, robot Jen learns what it means to be a programmed and otherwise mindless robot. Her responses and repetitions are slow, monotone and robotic. Her masturbation is intense and her orgasms on command only. Jen's eyes are dim and it is obvious that she has turned into a mindless machine with only one main program and that is to please me in any way possible. Rolling eyes, robot programming and monotone repetitions...


Jen Capone Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I was never good at math

I do not really know what they were thinking when they programmed her but, to me, it does not seem to make any sense to create a fembot who just can not seem to do math in her head, I mean in her mother board. At first, I did not even know that my new cook was a fembot but it became painstakingly clear to me right that first day when she started working for me. Maybe I should not have hired her for that particular night in the first place; after all, I was expecting a few very important business partners.

Who could have known? At first, my new and I have to say, very sexy cook, seemed very efficient and confident but that changed quickly when I mentioned that we are expecting six instead of four guests. She tried for a while to make me believe that she could handle it but I just had a feeling that she was in way over her head. Sure enough, after plenty of minor glitches, she finally malfunctions. I always thought that I knew something about fembot programming but I was not prepared for what happened when she came back on, all she seemed to want was sex.




Jen Capone Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I was always good at sex

At this point I was pretty sure that dinner was pretty much out and I had to come up with some excuse for my important business associates. On the bright side though, my horny fembot seemed to have an insatiable appetite for sex. I will never forget the way she put whipped cream all over her luscious body and her orgasms were so dam real that I if I had not known better, she sure could have fooled me into believing that she is human. I am still not quite sure what happened and why things went wrong the way they did but it was most likely the most stressful yet most intense sexual experience. Many glitches, malfunctions and orgasms later, I decided to look for a new cook.





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