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Jenna & Loni Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Back under my control

Believe it or not, we managed to have Jenna and Loni in one session together and not only that, we managed to turn them into a couple of hot and horny lovers for a long time to come. Do I have to say anything more here? I am sure you guys remember the two of them from their amazing solo sessions and I can just imagine how thrilled you are to be able to watch them together in action. I certainly was beside myself and believe me; I could not wait to start the session.

What made it even more exciting was the fact that the girls were thrilled to finally meet each other; after all, they were eye balling each other or as Loni said it, clawing each other for quite some time. I could just go on and on about how intensely exciting it was to get the two under my control, how arousing it felt to watch their beautiful, lustful bodies shiver and shake and their wet pussies squirt but I am sure that most of you know already that this one is another winner for all of us.

First of course, I had to get them back under control and reminding them of how amazing it felt the first time certainly made it easier. The challenge with a two girl session is always to make them forget that there is someone else there next to them and that the relaxation part is all about them. Slow close ups of each and every part of the girls’ faces and bodies (together and separately) Guess who closed her eyes first and who?...

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Jenna & Loni Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to obey

Enough relaxation and pre-programming. I know you guys want to see the two in action just as badly as I do and sure enough, their sexy young bodies start to twitch as soon as they start feeling each other's hands between their legs. What starts off as a suggestion becomes very real very soon. Loni's hand, as if she could not wait to touch Jenna's wet pussy, starts to wander over to her crotch. Jenna's body shivers and shakes with excitement and before long, she starts to masturbate her new toy. I can feel their excitement growing and it is time to take complete control.

The girls feel each other's hands with an intensity they have never experienced before. The more the girls feel that I have taken all control away from them, the more their horny bodies seem to respond to my suggestions. Their lustful moaning and groaning turns into blissful screams as their bodies go into convulsions which, as we all know, is the perfect time for programming. Every sexual stimulation the girls feel in their bodies is enhanced in deep trance. Of course there is no orgasm without my permission and that sure drives them even more up the wall. Intense start of the session and it shows how much the girls want to be controlled again.



Jenna & Loni Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Who is your master?

The girls are not allowed to touch each other or themselves for that matter. The intensity of the thrusting Hitachi they feel between their legs is starting to drive them crazy. With every snap of my fingers, the intensity of the vibrator increases and before long the girls are screaming for lust. Again it is time to test the power of "the orgasm control." I want them to know and feel that it is not up to them when and how hard they are allowed to orgasm. I can feel that all they want to do is to orgasm for me. Believe me, to watch them cum, once they are finally allowed to explode is very intense. Of course that is all just the warm up.

The girls have to show me how much they want to please their master and how hard they can make themselves orgasm for me. What comes next is not easy to describe. My two horny lovers finger fuck and masturbate for me like there is no tomorrow. Watching their beautiful bodies quiver and shake as they scream over and over, "I have no control" is intense but still not good enough for me. I keep driving them up the wall for lust. The repetition of, "I am a good little girl" takes them over the edge. Both girls orgasm with an amazing intensity and squirt all over the couch. ( Jenna in particular)



Jenna & Loni Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I obey you master

After taking off their (unnecessary) clothes, the girls are ordered to masturbate each other’s wet pussies. Their eyes are wide open as they stare at the watch in my hand and I can feel their minds drifting out of them. The slow and monotone repetition of the word, “mindless” sends them into exactly that, mindless bliss "You are my master and I obey". Their orgasm intensifies with every repetition of the word “master” until they both end up exhausted and orgasmed out. The girls are just staring into who knows where and it is time to take it up a notch.

Loni is placed on the edge of the couch (still staring into lala land) and Jenna is placed between her legs. Loni's body slowly freezes up, making it impossible for her to move as Jenna's tongue is driving her into intense sexual bliss. Loni keeps saying “I am a mindless horny shell”. I wave my hand a few times in front of her face just to make sure that she is where she belongs, which would be in mindless bliss. On my command, both girls orgasm at the same time "I am mindless for you”. Absolutely amazing stares, slow repetitions, intense wet orgasms and believe me, very intense.



Jenna & Loni Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
swayed and mindlessly eaten out!

Jenna's beautifully rounded body quivers and shakes under Loni's intense tongue lashing. Her eyes are wide open as her mind is slowly removed. Distracted by the extreme lust she is feeling, Jenna has no control over her slipping mind. Her eyes are wide open and glazed over as her body goes into lustful convulsions. Repeating the word "obedience" slow and monotone drives her further into bliss but she is not allowed to orgasm yet. We all know how important orgasm control is, right? Finally allowed to explode on my count of three, Jenna cums all over her little friends face. Let's see how my horny trainees react to the touch-free orgasm. The two are standing in front of me with their arms straight out in front of them and I make them feel each other’s tongues with an amazing intensity until both orgasm so hard that they almost fall over. Still there is more. The girls are frozen, swayed and carried while experiencing multiple orgasms on my command. Too many details, intense mindless stares, even more intense and controlled orgasms to describe it all.



Jenna & Loni Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless love making

Jenna Presley and Loni Evans clip Six Mindless love making

I think it is time to watch my two beautiful girls make love, mindless love that is. It is not easy to describe how my two horny girls are staring at each other with empty eyes as the kiss and masturbate each other’s wet pussies. I keep increasing the intensity with which they feel each others hands and tongues and their bodies start to quiver and shake. The girls are programmed to feel intense passion for each other and that in the future a French kiss alone will bring them to orgasm. You will know what I mean by this once you watch this segment. Of course there is more.

After having orgasmed each other, the girls now have to show me who is the better slave and who cums faster and harder for their master. It gets intense quickly. I can hear their wet pussies and I just know that my horny love slaves will squirt very soon but I decide to intensify the situation even more. Not being allowed to breathe for as long as I say so drives them crazy for lust and feeling of being completely under my control makes them orgasm so hard that it eventually puts them out. To impress the girl next door is easy but to teach these two beauties something they have never felt and experienced before is a whole different ball game all together. Seriously, the girls were so overwhelmed after the session that they can not wait for the next time.



Jenna & Loni Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of the apple

Throughout history the apple has proven to be a tricky and often dangerous fruit; starting with Adam and Eve all the way to the fair girl who fell into a long sleep after biting into one of them, the forbidden fruit has caused problems. Pretending that she wants to apologize for not having gotten along with her step daughter, Jenna offers our unsuspecting young girl Loni a fruit basket filled with all kinds of goodies. Poor Loni, if she had just known. The second she bites into the apple, her mind ceases to function, leaving her helplessly dim and obedient. Triumphantly, Jenna starts to have her way with her, fondling her luscious body, having her tits sucked by her mindless slave until she finally makes her orgasm on the count of three. Of course Loni has to learn to please her mistress along the way as well. The girls really got into this one and to watch Jenna play with her mindless slave, wave her hand in front of her dim eyes, or the way the two finger fuck each other is really hot.




Jenna & Loni Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The takeover

Jenna is certainly not done training her slave to become completely obedient and willing. She puts her mindless toy on her back and rides her face until she almost orgasms but then she decides to finger herself to a squirting hard and wet orgasm all over Loni's breasts and continues to lick it all off. Loni is still just mindlessly staring into space and she does not even realize that I am taking over both of them. Jenna triumphantly smiles at me as soon as she hears my voice. Waving my hand in front of her eyes, renders her just as mindless as her sexy young victim and now it is time to train them both. I just love watching the two of them squirt for me as soon as I order them to cum over and over. Who is the better slave, who orgasms harder?



Jenna & Loni Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen Half-sisters

Jenna is quite pissed when she finds out that her half-sister Loni is fucking around with her boyfriend and decides to confront her about it in the gym. Loni, who should really be careful, starts to make fun of Jenna and tries to brush the whole thing off by mentioning that the boys always go for the younger and better looking girls. Wow, now that was the wrong thing to say. Jenna comes across sweet and innocent but that should turn out to be just her way of getting her little sis under her spell. Loni stares at the vibrator in Jenna's hand and although she tries to make fun of it at first, she finds herself unable to look away.

The monotone humming of the toy and Jenna's silky, soft voice, slowly but surely get to her and her sexy young body freezes up. Unable to move yet fully aware, Loni has no choice but to endure her half sister's revenge. Jenna's hands keep teasing her skin while her lips kiss and suck those big breasts of hers. Of course, at first, Loni tries not to get too excited but who could resist Jenna. All of a sudden, the two are surprised by their step father. Guess who that might be. Anyway, now it is time to play with both of them. One of my favorite moments in this segment is when Jenna, who is in the middle of telling me that Loni deserves to be punished, all of a sudden and under protest, goes blank. (priceless transformation and stare) Loni, who also tries to avoid looking at the waving hand, soon follows her sis into mindless obedience.

Now we put Jenna on the workout bench, freeze her and let Loni have her way with her. Actually not quite. Loni is ordered to hold the vibrator directly on Jenna's clit before she freezes up herself yet again. By the time Jenna becomes aware of what is being done to her, it is already too late to stop it and quite frankly, she does not even want to stop it because it feels just too goooood. I could go on and on about the girls being frozen, rendered mindless and then becoming aware of what's happening, there funny remarks and what ever else is going on in this segment but the I would be sitting her for another hour, trying to describe it all.



Jenna & Loni Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless lap dance

How old are you anyways?

Jenna and Loni believe to be at a photo shoot for the new toy slash lingerie edition of or famous catalog. It does not seem like our super models are quite aware of the fact that their costumes are more than revealing and I think that is the way I want it, for now at least. Anyway, my hitting on them makes them laugh and my idea of having a threesome causes them to make fun of me. It gets even funnier when I mention that I would love to hypnotize them. Now that is just ridicules. Now that hurts. Things heat up even more when I mention that I would love to see a lab dance. Completely out of the question and what do you mean by, "mindless lab dance," Well, I guess, I have to use some of my magic here. All of a sudden, at the snap of my fingers, My reluctant little models, sink into mindless oblivion and Jenna starts to give Loni a very sensual lab dance. For your eyes only. Wait until you see and hear what happens, the second I snap them out of it again. Priceless, sure made me laugh.



Jenna & Loni Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
What orgasm?!

There is a lot going on in this one. The girls seem just as snooty and full of themselves as they were at the beginning of the last segment. The reason for that could certainly be the fact that they do not quite remember what happened in the last segment. Again, my idea of them strip dancing for my next series of pictures, comes as a shock to both of them and there is no way they would do that. Looks like more of my magic is required to get our little prudes to cooperate.

Triggered by hearing their names, my sexy little models start to willingly and very hot BTW, dance and strip for me. Snapped out of it again, the girls scramble to explain why they are in the position they are in and believe me, non of it makes sense. Jenna seems to suspect me having done something that might have caused them to, how can I say this, lose time. Now we come to the main part of the clip in which the girls are mindlessly frozen and played with. Of course while they are frozen and in a state of, let's say, reduced awareness, it seem logical to rearrange and or take off some of their warm clothes. Waking up with a very powerful orgasm, does certainly make them more than embarrassed and definitely confused.

The girls really try to stop the orgasm that seems to hit them the second they snap out of it and believe it or not, they even try to deny having orgasmed in the first place. Who is to blame for all this? The photographer, of course.



Jenna & Loni Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Smile into the camera

For this next segment, I ask the girls to smile into the camera while their minds are slowly sucked out. Of course the girls don't really believe me when I mention the fact about their minds being sucked out and at first it seems like nothing is happening but then all of a sudden, their faces drop, so to speak, and their big eyes glaze over. Snapped out of it again, the girls seem to suspect that I might have something to do with the fact that they not only lost time but also have their breast exposed.

They are giving me the, we do not work with this photographer again, kind of attitude. Ok then, let's just take a few more pictures and by the way, the toy I am holding in my hand will put you to sleep. Of course that sounds just too weird and again, my two super models do not believe a word I am saying. Oops, there goes Loni with rolling eyes that is, into deep sleep. You think, Jenna might be confused and surprised about what just happened to her friend. Oh yes but then again, she drops just like Loni before she can ask too many questions. Now that was fun and I think we should try this again.

The girls are back up and what do you know, they do not quite remember what just happened which is probably why it comes as no surprise that my idea of one of them being asleep while the other one is making love to her, comes not only as a surprise but also seems impossible. Sure enough, Loni goes down and Jenna can not stop playing with her limp little friend's body until she orgasms.



Jenna & Loni Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
We do not do feet

This next segment is all about feet, some mindlessness and very intense orgasms. Our two, somewhat reluctant, models seem to have no interest in licking, sucking and massaging each others feet and again, it takes some of my magic to bring out their deeply hidden love for girls feet. After making it clear what they think about my idea, they suddenly change their minds (I am using the word mind loosely here) and it looks like they can not stop using the other girls feet to bring themselves to orgasm. Of course there is a lot of foot talk going on and some mindless foot love towards the end as well as the inevitable sleep trigger and a last mindless orgasm...



Jenna & Loni Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your Superheroine slut!

We are going to get you this time!

Jenna and Loni believe to be a couple of Superheroine who caught up with me yet again. Having poorly failed the last time they tried to apprehend me, the two are now determined to show me that their powers are superior to mine. Despite my warnings, they seem determined to bring me under their control. Self assured and triumphant, they pull out their luscious breast and almost force me to stare at them. To be honest, I don't need to be forced to stare at those beautiful hooters but, never the less, their plan to hypnotize me with them fails bitterly. Before my seductive Superheroine know what hits them, they are already gone. Deeply entranced and willing less, they are now ready to be trained.

Let's see who is the better slave, who massages and squeezes their tits and nipples harder and who orgasms with more intensity for their new master. Of course that is just the warm up. Butt naked, my sexy Superheroine are now using vibrators on each others clit and force each other to orgasm. It is really exciting to watch the girls trying to please and comply with each and every order I give them. Lot's of yes masters, repetitions, mindless moments and very aware and intense open eyed orgasms.



Jenna & Loni Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip

My two sexy and not so self assured super are still going on and on about how they will get me the next time and that, what ever just happened will never happen again, when I mention that I will now turn them into a couple of obedient robots. Oh boy, that really seems to set them off and both are very convinced that this is not going to happen. Well, I wait until they are almost all the way dressed again and ready to leave before using the P H trigger. Less than a second later, my clueless and by then mindless Superheroine are standing at attention, robot style that is. All they are programmed to say is, I am a mindless robot, you are my master and of course, yes master. Put on their knees, my horny robots not only learn to salute but also to bow to their master. Robot Loni is placed on her back and eaten out by robot Jenna before both of them go through more intense programming.




Jenna & Loni Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
There can only be one

I had a feeling that it might be a tough day but nothing could have prepared me for what actually happened. Having to choose between the two absolutely beautiful finalists who would become our new spokes model, sounded like a nightmare and I had a feeling that there might be blood shed by the end of the day. Naturally, both of our contenders believe to be the right girl for the job and I have to say, the choice was not easy. I think, favoring Loni in front of Jenna might have been my first mistake but who could have known that she would react quite so aggressively. I did not even catch it at first when she stepped closer to Loni to help her fix something that was supposedly wrong with her bikini.

Soon after, Loni seemed as if she had lost her spark, so to speak. Turned out the little had actually severely damaged her opponent without actually realizing what she just did. Needless to say, it did not take me a whole lot longer to figure out that Loni was actually a fembot and that Jenna was either playing dumb or she was one herself. Of course, she denied that part but the way she helped me get Loni back on track made me suspicious. At first, Jenna kept making fun of Loni while she was trying to make me believe that her opponent was taking too many diet pills but as soon as she saw the wires and switches in Loni's rear panel, seemed to spark something in her own mind and that’s when she flipped as well.

Now, I had two broken Fembots and basically no photo shoot on my hands. Well, I figured that I can always find new super models but the chance to program these two into a couple of horny, pussy and cock sucking, promiscuous, bi sexual and willing porn stars only comes once in a lifetime. Was it smart? Very sexual, squirting hard orgasms, sensual girl/girl sex and glitches as well as malfunctions galore...



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