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Jennifer Bliss Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Corridor into the inner world

Jennifer Bliss, cute, adorable and very sexy four-foot something little "spinner" just had to find out for herself what my sessions are all about. Having heard about it from some of the girls, she could not wait to schedule her "appointment." Oh well, what can I say, I could not wait for her to show up and to try some new "stuff" on her, which btw, worked very well.

Needless to say (one look at her pictures says it all) our little girl can be spunky at times which made this another fun one. I like it when the girls have a vivid imagination as it is a sign of an, let's call it, active subconscious. Remember what I do can only bring out what is (sometimes hidden) already in the subconscious as a reference. I hope most of you know what I mean by all this. Enough of the talking, let's get right to the fun part. Enjoy another hot and fun one.

I chose a different induction and wording which seemed to work very well on her. Towards the end, I make her feel limp and helpless like a ragdoll.

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Jennifer Bliss Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
First Bliss

Trained to be the perfect orgasm slave

Some highlights are the entranced unblinking stares, her trembling voice, the intense open eyed orgasms, her obvious desire to please while making herself cum for her master and more.

Jennifer experiences her first blissful moments in my arms. Her ragdoll like body wobbles as I manipulate her while driving her up the wall for lust. The idea of being helplessly limp and unable to move while being played with, obviously turns her on and not being allowed to orgasm, takes her over the edge. It is important to make it clear right of the bat who is in charge and Jennifer certainly likes that. Finally her hands claw into the couch and her body quivers and shakes when she is allowed to climax.

Remember, rewarding the subject is important. Jennifer's sexy little body just stands there, quivering and shaking like a leave, while her "open eyed" masturbation/orgasm training continues. Time to drop her back into mindless trance and to enjoy those dim stares.



Jennifer Bliss Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No blinking no thinking

Here we get to enjoy several slow and monotone repetitions of mantras (Jennifer went so deep that she had a hard time speaking, really hot to watch) while in the sleepwalker/zombie pose, unblinking stares, the waving hand, zombie walk through the room, completely mindless masturbation, slow mind-reduction, forced orgasm training while her hands and arms are immobilized, yes masters, orgasms on command and more. Jennifer finally goes out when she feels my hand on her throat and falls back on the couch.




Jennifer Bliss Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
You are mine

Highlights of this one are the long limp body play while I not only remover her sneakers and those sexy little socks to get a better look at her feet but also the intense foot-slave training. Jennifer told me afterwards that she never played that much attention to her feet and that she was more than surprised when she found out how much it actually turns her on to not only play with her feet but to also offer them. Needless to say, she is introduced to "THE SPOT" under her feet that makes orgasm as soon as her master touches it. Jennifer mindlessly (unblinking stares) yet very aroused runs her fingers through her toes, shoes of her tiny feet and so on until she climaxed hard and intense. More limp play, eye checks, sleeepy orgasm and more.




Jennifer Bliss Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Sexy little Kitten in heat

The orgasm machine

When all thinking stops

This one starts with Jennifer being made to feel like a kitten. Needless to say, our sexy little kitten meows, crawls, licks her paws and whiskers, rolls around and does other tricks. Finally though, she is made to feel fucked hard kitten-style and orgasmed. Oh, it shows she likes that.

Of course there is more to this segment. What follows next is more mindless masturbation (again, great stares) breath controlled orgasm training that takes her over the edge, slow mind-reduction leaves her empty and dim, yes masters and her final unconditional surrender.




Jennifer Bliss Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I must obey

Jennifer, sneaks into her teachers office in the middle of the night to change her, what she thinks, undeserved low grades, to something more appropriate. What she does not know though is the fact that she walked right into the "professor's" trap. Imagine her surprise when she turns around and feels my hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widen and she says something like, "I am not feeling so good" before passing out. Time to lift and carry her on the desk, undress her limp little body, check her feet and then place a vibrator between her legs.

As expected, Jennifer is out and even the thrusting vibrator does not make her come back. In fact, the snap of my fingers eventually makes her come to but it also drops her into mindlessness. Our little girl just sits there with her dim eyes wide open and she keeps slowly repeating, "I must obey, I am programmed to obey"(mantra) Of course there is more mindless masturbation and screaming hard orgasms yet to come before I put her back to sleeep and then lift and carry her over to the chair.  




Jennifer Bliss Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I was not expecting this

Definitely not what I had in mind

This next one is quite amazing as it shows how far our little girl will go to get her way. Believe it or not, she even offers me her tits (which she calls her Backup plan) and lets me place a vibrator on her clit without screaming and bitching about it. Really though, great reactions as well as comments and certainly real. Some girls like it kinky and she is one of them. Anyway, first we have her wake up with no recollection and sure enough, she goes ahead trying to change her grades but suddenly she freezes up. Looks like she is a helpless target now. Of course she tries to explain herself by coming up with all kinds of reasons why she is here at this time of the night. Finally she admits to be "a little stuck" and that leads me to mess with her. After all, what can she do about all this. There is a lot more to come, like the vibrator induced yes/no orgasms, sleeepy limp body play, eye checks, more excuses, freeze fun and...  




Jennifer Bliss Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I swear it's not a sex-thing

I must obey my...

Jennifer, our "out of line" student wakes up not remembering what has happened so far, which means, the fun can continue. Needless to say, she tries to explain herself and again, she complains about her lousy grades. What makes this so much fun is that she orgasms every time I snap my fingers without knowing why this is happening to her. Could it be that she is trying to get me to change her grades by offering sexual favors? She vehemently rejects that idea but then she orgasms again. What am I supposed to think about all this? Things get even more exciting when she starts to pull out her perky tits while telling me how sensitive they are.

Things go back and forth until she finds herself frozen stiff again and believe it or not, now she tries to take it (her sexual advances) all back. Just like before though, she kind of leaves it open how far she would go for those grades. Oh well, I think she is ready for some mind-sucking. Jennifer ends up dim and mindless in the sleepwalker position (despite her futile fight) while repeating, "I must obey my master" over and over (long mantra)  





Jennifer Bliss Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Cat Burglar in trouble

This next segment is a bit longer as it shows Jennifer, who believes to be a burglar, getting caught in the action, put to sleeep (harmless smoke) messed with while limp and out, having her mind sucked, being frozen and eventually infected by nano-bots which turn her into an obedient robot. I decided to offer a split version for those who are only interested in the robot part of the segment but I do recommend to watch it all together.

As mentioned, Jennifer is caught with her hands in the cookie jar so to speak and she passes-out before she knows what hits her (harmless smoke) and then messed with while unaware (includes sleeepy orgasm) When she awakes her mind is gone and all she can say (over and over while in the sleepwalker pose) is," I must obey." To enhance the fun, I decide to freeze her before making her aware of the fact that all her excuses are irrelevant and that she will end up being my obedient robot.

Finally and despite her struggle, the nano-bots hit and she slowly transforms. Needless to say, what follows is a lot of programming, repetition of orders, robot speech and motion, orgasms and so much more fun. Of course Robot Jennifer ends up stealing for....  




Jennifer Bliss Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not that kind of prostitute

Jennifer, our sexy thief, wakes up not remembering what just happened and again, she gets caught by the owner of the mansion she just broke into. I have to say, our little girl has quite the imagination and her excuses are hilarious. My idea that, if she is not a burglar, than she must be a prostitute who has been sent by my buddies (for my birthday) seems to sound ridiculous to her but wait until you hear her explanation. What makes it strange though is the fact that she keeps laughing like crazy about who knows what. Could she feel tickled silly? Too much going on to describe it all but it all ends with her breathing in the smoke again which makes her go down just like before. Limp body play, eye checks and so on before I carry her out.




Jennifer Bliss Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Over the edge

This next segment really shows how the slow and mindless repetition of mantras while showing her feet, drive her over the edge. Jennifer ends up with a dripping wet pussy before being put back to sleeep for some limp body/foot play.

Jennifer is made to believe that the session has just started and that she is auditioning for the session. Turns out she does not seem to be interested in working for a foot fetish site which of course changes quickly once she is entranced. She slowly repeats, I must obey, over and over while slowly exposing her feet. Suddenly she goes out like a light and when she comes back, all she wants is to show her feet. It gets really hot and steamy quickly. What follows are more repetitions of mantras (I am your horny foot slave) intense masturbation, introduction to "the spot" that makes her cum and a dripping wet pussy. You are going to love this one.



Jennifer Bliss Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream girlfriend

Here she was, minutes away from being activated for the first time, my new girlfriend/companion droid. I have to say, I was proud as can be and the best part about all this is that I built and programmed her without my parents having a clue as to what I was up to for the last few month. Anyway, all seemed good, my parents were gone for the day and she was ready to be turned on. Sure enough, she boots right up, opens her eyes and starts talking in that adorable voice I gave her.

I have to say, she was exactly what I dreamed off, cute, sexy, a bit different looking thanks to the glasses I gave her (I am wearing those myself and I thought it was cool to make her look the same) and most importantly very subservient. It was amazing how she went on and on about my great looks, my muscles and what a great owner and protector I am. I don't get to hear that all that often which is probably why I built her in the first place. As mentioned everything worked well, all I had to do was tweak her settings and the fun could begin. OK, there were some glitches particularly after activating various programs like the sex program and yes she did malfunction but at the end....


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